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The love of cooking comes from being there at 4 am when Dad would be putting bread in the oven , and the smell of the bread baking and the potatoes frying, the bacon and eggs , and in the middle of it all was Dad, and Mom weaving as you will a dance as they cooked breakfast for 80 hungry campers. The memories of those times I know are what started me on my journey for the love of cooking.

For the Love of Baking

Author : Sarah Dall
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For the Love of Baking is food stylist extraordinaire Sarah Dall’s début offering. Never one to merely follow, she always looks for a fresh angle, so instead of red velvet cupcakes, she’ll make red velvet macaroons. The book covers a wide variety of baking recipes and has everything from cakes, cupcakes and desserts to biscuits, tray bakes and even a whole chapter devoted to those recipes that children love, for instance good old crunchies. Sarah also takes usually daunting recipes such as macaroons and not only makes the method easy to follow, but also provides a new take on it like using macaroons in a festive wreath for a memorable Christmas affair! For the Love of Baking is a beautiful book that will not only warm the hearts and tummies of your family but will also make an avid baker out of anyone.

Simple Dessert Recipes For The Love of Sweets

Author : Chris Cooker
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*** Special Discount - Buy 1, Get 2 *** Do you love desserts? I mean, really, do you consider yourself as a dessert MANIAC? If so, there's nothing wrong about it because you'll love the variety of desserts here. Some of them are unique and not published elsewhere with easy to follow step by step process. Even if you are a lousy cook, you'll get a complete breakdown of how to do the ingredients for each recipe. Do not fake it, because you'll make it. Grab your copy now!

A Culinary Journey for the Love of Biryani

Author : Tanuj Singh
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"A Culinary Journey for the love of biryani: Over 100 Tantalizing Recipes Biryani is the one special dish that certainly speaks to our taste buds from a platter with flavors gathered from different parts of the Indian subcontinent and the world outside. Even the name can be spelled in various ways: biryani, buriyani, biriani, breyani, etc. These remind us of the different shades it comes in, which are unique to the different regions, cultures, traditions and styles of cooking. In this book, the authors have laid out over 100 tantalizing Biryani recipes from in and around India (Awadhi to Hyderabadi biryani) as well as the globe (Iranian to Durban biryani). They all hold in their core, traditional values, ingredients and varied styles, which make each one of them unique. To top it all the book has tips that include information on meat cuts, rice variations (tehri, pulao, and pilaf), Indian pot-style cooking (Degchi, or handi), side accompaniments including wine pairings and many more things supporting both Indian and International styles of cooking. Follow these Recipes, Keep Calm and add some Dum to your Biryani!"

Love In The Time of Corona

Author : Kalyani Sandrapragas
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Love in the Time of Corona - Covid Chronicles is an inspirational anthology of stories from around the world, coming through the voices of ordinary people, sharing their experiences and reflections of the pandemic.From when lockdown was first declared in the spring of 2020, people struggled to make sense of the devastating effects of the pandemic; these stories give us a glimpse into their lives, of how they managed to transform some of the negative impacts of lockdown into something positive.This collection is unique, in that it focuses on love; love in all its breadth of meaning - love, of course, for another, whether it be new love or old love; love of nature, seen perhaps with fresh eyes as the wild world re-enters spaces in our towns and cities during the human lockdown; love of friends and family, love of home and garden, love of art and music, love drawn from the expanse and depths of our being, all coming together here in Love in the Time of Corona.

For the Love of Garlic

Author : Victoria Renoux
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For the Love of Garlic takes a look at the history, lore, and many uses of this culinary treasure. It also provides over eighty tempting kitchen-tested garlic recipes that are designed to entice not only garlic aficionados, but all lovers of great cuisine. Beautifully designed and illustrated, For the Love of Garlic makes both a great gift and an informative guide.

For the Love of Food and R B and Soul Music Vegan Cookbook Quick and Easy Recipes

Author : Santonia Johnson
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This vegan cookbook (with easy to follow instructions) was designed for beginner and intermediate vegans and for those that are curious about the lifestyle. The cookbook includes a total of 45 recipes, 32 food recipes, and 13 smoothie and juice recipes. Santonia is a native of Alabama. However she currently resides in Texas, with her 7 year old daughter. She is a military veteran and is currently employed as a Resource Specialist for an IT company . She enjoys spending time with her daughter, listening to music, boxing and thrift shopping. Santonia is dedicated to learning and teaching others about health and wellness.

For the Love of Books

Author : Thatcher Wine
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A celebration of the meaning and comfort printed books bring to our homes and lives, from the curation and design experts at Juniper Books. Explore the significance of the home library, embellished with alluring photography and illustrations, in a keepsake worthy of any bibliophile’s collection. For the Love of Books shares the vision of Juniper Books, a business that embraces the roles that books fulfill in our lives and their staying power. It recounts the history of books and private libraries, and champions the resilience of books in the digital era. Dive into the nuances that define books for reading, books for decoration, and books for inspiration. Instructive chapters provide useful details for creating and curating one’s own home library, whether it be a single shelf or multiple rooms each with their own collection. You will never look at your bookshelves the same way again. For the Love of Books is about storytelling beyond the pages of our favorite books. Our books—the ones we choose to keep—tell the story of who we are. They remind us who we once were and who we aspire to be. Thatcher Wine founded Juniper Books in 2001. The company creates custom libraries and has perfected the art of turning books inside out to allow for books to tell stories not just to us, but about us. Working with booklovers, homeowners, and designers, Juniper Books has provided the world with a fresh new approach to the printed book. Thatcher grew up in New York City where his parents owned and operated The Quilted Giraffe, one of the most innovative restaurants in America. Thatcher graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in history and art history and lives in Boulder, Colorado. Elizabeth Lane is the founder of Quarterlane, a quarterly subscription book service which merged with Juniper Books in 2018. She is also the book buyer for her local independent bookstore, Partners Village Store and Kitchen in Westport, Massachusetts. Prior to working in books, Elizabeth worked in contemporary visual art—in galleries, nonprofit initiatives and museums in New York, Austin, and Chicago. Elizabeth graduated from Davidson College with a degree in art history and received her masters degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

For the Love of Pie

Author : Felipa Lopez
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Join the owners of Brooklyn’s Pie Corps to create the finest-quality, handmade, soul-satisfying, savory and sweet pies. Cheryl Perry and Felipa Lopez, owners of Brooklyn’s Pie Corps, share their pie-making expertise and delicious recipes in their first cookbook. For the Love of Pie boasts sophisticated and contemporary flavors in pies made using traditional techniques. Perry and Lopez explain the science and art behind baking a perfect piecrust while offering a variety of crust recipes, from all butter to chocolate crumb. Paired with the crusts are recipes for dessert pies, pot pies, hand pies, meat pies, and tarts. Several of the Pie Corps’ signature recipes, such as Apple Crumb Pie with Rosemary-Caramel Sauce and Buttermilk-Fried Chicken Pie with Buttermilk Gravy and Sautéed Greens, are in the cookbook along with other mouth-watering options like Lemon Thyme Blackberry Mini Tartlets, Picadillo Hand Pies, and Honey-Lavender Custard Pie. Why pie? It’s the essence of handmade. Once you learn the basics of making crusts and fillings, you’re there—anything locally available to you is potentially pie. What could be better than that?

For the Love of Portuguese Food

Author : Milena Rodrigues
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Milena Rodrigues grew up in a Portuguese household where eating hearty homemade meals prepared with love was a daily occurrence. In her collection of traditional recipes, Milena shares simple dishes for anyone who enjoys Portuguese food, especially Luso descendants interested in recreating the food that their mothers, grandmothers and even fathers once cooked. Within beloved recipes, which include the common ingredient of love, Milena provides anecdotes about her family, as well as easy-to-follow instructions to create delicious appetizers, soups, main dishes, desserts and breads. From littleneck clams with garlic and wine sauce to salted cod (“bacalhau”) with onions to pork cutlet sandwiches to fava bean stew and finally, sweet goodies that include sweet rice and meringue soufflé. Milena leads home cooks down a tantalizing path of comforting foods infused with bold flavors...