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Foreign Language Education in America

Author : Steven Berbeco
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Foreign language teaching in America today falls into three distinct fields of influence and interest: public and private schools, college and other post-secondary programs, and courses for adult learners. At a time when academics and instructors in each of these fields seek to answer similar questions, too few published resources recognize and address the parallels among them. In response, Foreign Language Education in America is an edited book with contributions that represent the diversity in foreign language education today, including perspectives from elementary, middle schools, high schools, university-level courses, summer programs, federal government, and international learning. This is a practical guide to the state of the field that fills a much-needed gap for scholars, researchers, administrators, and practitioners who are looking for a resource that describes effective practices across the field.

Lasting Change in Foreign Language Education

Author : John L. Watzke
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This book serves as a summative history and a resource for the continued study, discussion, and development of K-12 foreign language education policy. The author includes a comprehensive database of historical education statistics and national and state education law, and suggests concise policy implications to address historical precedence and the greater mission of general education.

Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language

Author : Young-mee Yu Cho
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Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language: Theories and Practices is designed for prospective or in-service Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL) teachers. With contributions from leading experts in the field, readers will gain an understanding of the theoretical framework and practical applications of KFL education in the context of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). The eight chapters explore the history of and current issues in language education, the practicalities of being a classroom teacher, and teaching and evaluation techniques for developing language and cultural proficiency. This comprehensive volume also includes an annotated bibliography which lists over 500 of the most recent and pertinent research articles and doctoral dissertations in the area. This bibliography will be of great service to students, teachers, and any researchers in applied linguistics and second language acquisition interested in Korean language education.

Content Based Instruction in Foreign Language Education

Author : Stephen B. Stryker
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This book offers concrete and practical ideas for implementing content-based instruction—using subject matter rather than grammar—through eleven case studies of cutting-edge models in a broad variety of languages, academic settings, and levels of proficiency. The highly innovative models illustrate content-based instruction programs for both commonly and less-commonly taught languages—Arabic, Croatian, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Serbian, and Spanish—and for proficiency levels ranging from beginners to fluent speakers. They include single-teacher and multi-teacher contexts and such settings as typical language department classrooms, specialty schools, intensive language programs, and university programs in foreign languages across the curriculum. All of the contributors are pioneers and practitioners of content-based instruction, and the methods they present are based on actual classroom experiences. Each describes the rationale, curriculum design, materials, and evaluation procedures used in an actual curriculum and discusses the implications of the approach for adult language acquisition.

Chinese Language Education in the United States

Author : Jiening Ruan
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This book offers historical, philosophical, and sociocultural perspectives on Chinese language education for speakers of other languages with a special focus on Chinese language education in the United States. It provides a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary look at changes in CFL/CSL education over time in China and the U.S. and the philosophical, political and sociocultural influences that led to these changes. The essays address a wide array of topics related to Chinese language education, including: A historical overview of the field Theories that apply to CFL/CSL learning Policies and initiatives for CFL/CSL by the Chinese and U.S. governments Medium of instruction Curriculum and instruction for CFL/CSL learners at K-12 and college levels Technology for CFL/CSL education Chinese language learning for heritage learners CFL in study abroad contexts CFL teacher education and training This work is essential reading for scholars and students interested in gaining a greater understanding of Chinese language education in the two countries and around the world.

Foreign Language Teaching and the Environment

Author : Charlotte Ann Melin
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International Education and Foreign Languages

Author : National Research Council
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International Education and Foreign Languages reviews the Department of Education’s Title VI and Fulbright-Hays Programs, which provide higher education funding for international education and foreign language programs. This book offers a timely look at issues that are increasingly important in an interconnected world. It discusses the effect of the nation’s lack of expertise in foreign languages and cultural knowledge on national security and global competitiveness and it describes the challenges faced by the U.S. educational system and the federal government in trying to address those needs. The book also examines the federal government’s recent proposal to create a new National Security Language Initiative, the role of the Department of Education, and current efforts to hold higher education programs accountable. This book provides information and recommendations that can help universities, educators, and policy makers establish a system of foreign language and international education that is ready to respond to new and unanticipated challenges around the world.

Bringing the Standards for Foreign Language Learning to Life

Author : Deborah Blaz
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What does a student-centered social studies classroom really look like? Renowned educator Bil Johnson reveals how to teach social studies so that your students become engaged, active, and responsible learners. This book demonstrates how student-centered strategies can be applied in your classroom. It shows you how to make students’ work the focus of what occurs in your classroom, prepare lesson plans based on what students should know and be able to do, and create a classroom environment revolving around rigorous and creative student activity. Also included are classroom examples of socratic seminars and other forms of group work such as simulations and role playing, performances and exhibitions, projects and portfolios, and other demonstrations of student learning.

Britannica Review of Foreign Language Education

Author : Emma Marie Birkmaier
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Revolutionizing Education in America

Author : Doris Leclerc Ball, PhD
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The TOTIL method of education will help your child learn twice as much from kindergarten through high school. It’s easy to understand and even easier to implement. TOT stands for “time on task,” and IL stands for “independent learning.” By focusing on these two key areas, your child can be home-schooled to become better at math, English, and advanced subjects. He or she will be able to write, research, and think better when it’s time to enter college. Dr. Doris Leclerc Ball, a retired teacher and psychologist, spent more than forty years perfecting the TOTIL method. In this guidebook, you’ll discover • the critical importance of learner-centered education; • the obsolete nature of most teachers and how to replace them; • the simple curriculum and materials your child needs to succeed; • many other insights on how to help your child learn. Your child can master the knowledge and skills necessary to compete at the highest levels for grades, jobs, and more. It begins with a roadmap for Revolutionizing Education in America.

Transforming Postsecondary Foreign Language Teaching in the United States

Author : Janet Swaffar
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This volume addresses critical challenges and issues facing foreign language departments in colleges and universities across the U.S. It presents the insights of individuals who have built or are in the process of building foreign language curricula during a major transition period in postsecondary institutions. The authors of this volume come from various language departments and institutional experience from across the U. S., including private and public postsecondary foreign language teachers, researchers and administrators. The chapters address issues and provide templates for curricular change at all learning levels. The five sections of this book explore: Changing Perceptions about Foreign Language Learning; The Case for a Multi-literacy FL Curriculum in Concept and Assessment Praxis; Curricular Transformations: Historical Hurdles and Faculty Heuristics; Rethinking the Graduate Curriculum; Foreign Languages' Integration into the Interdisciplinary University. “This thought-provoking and timely volume addresses the question of how historic and current disciplinary, institutional and political conditions affect curricular transformation in collegiate foreign language programs. Responding to the issues raised in the 2007 MLA Report, this collection of nine essays presents a diversity of curricular models and approaches from different theoretical perspectives focusing on the integration of language and content. The book will undoubtedly be of great interest to a broad audience, such as foreign language educators, curriculum designers, administrators, graduate students and researchers.” Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, Yale College, CT, USA.

Education for Global Leadership

Author : Committee for Economic Development. Research and Policy Committee
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As we begin the twenty-first century, technological, economic, political, and social forces have created a new era. Technological advancements and lower trade barriers have paved the way for the globalization of markets, bringing intense competition to the U.S. economy. Political systems and movements around the world are having a profound impact on our national security, as well as on our human security. The increasing diversity of our workplaces, schools, and communities is changing the face of our society. To confront the twenty-first century challenges to our economy and national security, our education system must be strengthened to increase the foreign language skills and cultural awareness of our students. America's continued global leadership will depend on our students' abilities to interact with the world community both inside and outside our borders. In this executive summary, the Committee for Economic Development recommends that (1) international content should be taught across the curriculum and at all levels of learning, to expand American students' knowledge of other countries and cultures; (2) expand the training pipeline at every level of education to address the paucity of Americans fluent in foreign languages, especially critical, less commonly taught languages; and (3) national leaders--political leaders, as well as the business and philanthropic communities, and the media--should inform the public about the importance of improving education in foreign languages and international studies. [For the full report, see ED502294.].

Social Identities and Multiple Selves in Foreign Language Education

Author : Damian J. Rivers
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Within foreign language education contexts across the globe, inadequate attention has been paid to documenting the dynamics of identity development, negotiation and management. This book looks at these dynamics in specific relation to otherness, in addition to attitudinal and behavioural overtones created through use of the term 'foreign' (despite its position as an integral marker in language acquisition discourse). This book argues that individual identities are multidimensional constructs that gravitate around a hub of intricate social networks of multimodal intergroup interaction. The chapters pursue a collective desire to move the notion of identity away from theoretical abstraction and toward the lived experiences of foreign language teachers and students. While the identities entangled with these interactions owe a significant measure of their existence to the immediate social context, they can also be actively developed by their holders. The collection of chapters within this book demonstrate how foreign language education environments (traditional and non-traditional) are ideal locations for the development of a sophisticated repertoire of discursive strategies used in the formulation, navigation, expression and management of social identities and multiple selves.

Foreign Language Education

Author : Emma M. Birkmaier
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The ACTFL Foreign Language Education Series

Author :
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The Korean Language

Author : Ho-Min Sohn
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A comprehensive and user-friendly overview of the linguistic features of Korean.

From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship

Author : Michael Byram
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This collection of essays analyses the evolution of theory of intercultural competence and its relationship to education for citizenship. It does so by analysing the concepts of intercultural competence, including the notion of the intercultural speaker, by discussing the ways in which language education policy develops and by comparing the theories and purposes of foreign language education and education for citizenship.

Bilingual Education

Author : Rosa Castro Feinberg
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Provides an introduction to bilingual education, covering such issues as its evolution in the United States and relation to educational and civil rights reform, and comparing international bilingual education programs.

Foreign Language Education in Multilingual Classrooms

Author : Andreas Bonnet
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This volume challenges traditional approaches to foreign language education and proposes to redefine them in our age of international migration and globalization. Foreign language classrooms are no longer populated by monolingual students, but increasingly by multilingual students with highly diverse language backgrounds. This necessitates a new understanding of foreign language learning and teaching. The volume brings together an international group of researchers of high caliber who specialize in third language acquisition, teaching English as an additional language, and multilingual education. In addition to topical overview articles on the multilingual policies pursued in Europe, Africa, North America, and Asia, as well as several contributions dealing with theoretical issues regarding multilingualism and plurilingualism, the volume also offers cutting edge case studies from multilingual acquisition research and foreign language classroom practice. Throughout the volume, multilingualism is interpreted as a valuable resource that can facilitate language education provided it is harnessed in appropriate conditions.

Russian Language Studies in North America

Author : Veronika Makarova
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This collection provides a comprehensive overview of Russian language research in Canada and Russia, with a focus on elements of structure, as well as on language dynamics and change.