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Forest Management and Planning

Author : Peter Bettinger
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Forest Management and Planning, Second Edition, addresses contemporary forest management planning issues, providing a concise, focused resource for those in forest management. The book is intermixed with chapters that concentrate on quantitative subjects, such as economics and linear programming, and qualitative chapters that provide discussions of important aspects of natural resource management, such as sustainability. Expanded coverage includes a case study of a closed canopy, uneven-aged forest, new forest plans from South America and Oceania, and a new chapter on scenario planning and climate change adaptation. Helps students and early career forest managers understand the problems facing professionals in the field today Designed to support land managers as they make complex decisions on the ecological, economic, and social impacts of forest and natural resources Presents updated, real-life examples that are illustrated both mathematically and graphically Includes a new chapter on scenario planning and climate change adaptation Incorporates the newest research and forest certification standards Offers access to a companion website with updated solutions, geographic databases, and illustrations

Operational Forest Management Planning Methods

Author : Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station (Berkeley, Calif.)
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Sustainable Forest Management

Author : Klaus von Gadow
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Special about this book, compared to other books published in the same field, is the holistic approach which includes ecological, socio-political and timber supply issues."--BOOK JACKET.

Planning for Forest Resources and Biodiversity Management

Author : Kailash Chandra Bebarta
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Investment Theory and Forest Management Planning

Author : Barney Dowdle
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Optimal Whole Forest Management Planning

Author : Peter Tarp
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Considering Communities in Forest Management Planning in Western Oregon

Author : Ellen Mary Donoghue
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A recurrent theme in the development of U.S. forest policies has been the assertion of strong positive relations among communities, economies, and natural resource management. Now as a new round of federal land management planning is getting underway, questions are being raised about the strength of that assertion and how to view communities following a decade of reduced federal harvests. This report examines these questions considering the 433 communities in six Bureau of Land Management districts in western Oregon. It discusses the ways that forest-based communities have been considered in the context of federal forest management planning, and it summarizes information on socioeconomic conditions and trends for communities in western Oregon.

A Forestry Management Planning Strategy for Remote Communities

Author : G. David Puttock
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This forest management framework provides Aboriginal communities with the necessary information and format to develop a long-term and integrated resource management plan. It is designed to be adapted as part of small-scale forestry operations to supply wood chips for burning in biomass heating facilities. The framework allows individual communities to modify the format to suit their needs. The report includes information with respect to the importance of planning, definitions of terms, and plan component parts such as land description, community objectives, traditional knowledge, inventory data, sustainable harvest levels, and plan monitoring. A model forest is described as a reference example based on clearly identified community goals and holistic land & resource management objectives. Sample data & information tables are provided along with a process to assist with developing a training strategy for community members. Planning costs are estimated and formulas are presented to allow preparation of cost estimates & budgets to suit community needs.

National Forest Management Planning Regulations

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture
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Forest Management Planning in Congo Basin Rainforests

Author : Sicco Dany Dogmo Pokem
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Custer National Forest

Author :
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Planning and Decision making for Forest Management in the Market Economy

Author : N. A. Moiseev
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Forest Management Plan

Author : Big Creek Lumber Company
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Forest Plans of North America

Author : Jacek P. Siry
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Forest Plans of North America presents case studies of contemporary forest management plans developed for forests owned by federal, state, county, and municipal governments, communities, families, individuals, industry, investment organizations, conservation organizations, and others in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The book provides excellent real-life examples of contemporary forest planning processes, the various methods used, and the diversity of objectives and constraints faced by forest owners. Chapters are written by those who have developed the plans, with each contribution following a unified format and allowing a common, clear presentation of the material, along with consistent treatment of various aspects of the plans. This work complements other books published by members of the same editorial team (Forest Management and Planning, Introduction to Forestry and Natural Resource Management), which describe the planning process and the various methods one might use to develop a plan, but in general do not, as this work does, illustrate what has specifically been developed by landowners and land managers. This is an in-depth compilation of case studies on the development of forest management plans by the different landowner groups in North America. The book offers students, practitioners, policy makers, and the general public an opportunity to greatly improve their appreciation of forest management and, more importantly, foster an understanding of why our forests today are what they are and what forces and tools may shape their tomorrow. Forest Plans of North America provides a solid supplement to those texts that are used as learning tools for forest management courses. In addition, the work functions as a reference for the types of processes used and issues addressed in the early 21st century for managing land resources. Presents 40-50 case studies of forest plans developed for a wide variety of organizations, groups, and landowners in North America Illustrates plans that have specifically been developed by landowners and land managers Features engaging, clearly written content that is accessible rather than highly technical, while demonstrating the issues and methods involved in the development of the plans Each chapter contains color photographs, maps, and figures

New Perspectives in Forest Management Planning

Author : H. Gyde Lund
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Forest Management Planning

Author :
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Max million a Computerized Forest Management Planning System

Author : University of Georgia. School of Forest Resources. Biometrics-Operations Research Section
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Hierarchical Forest Management Planning

Author : Gregory Paradis
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The hierarchical forest management (HFM) planning process on public land may currently be failing on two levels. At the top level, HFM may not be providing credible assurance of long-term sustainability of timber supply and forest ecosystem integrity. At a lower level, HFM may be failing to fully realise the value-creation potential from timber-harvesting activities by over-constraining the harvest planning problem. These failures can be traced back to unrealistic assumptions implicitly embedded into long-term wood supply optimisation models, which may explain why this problem has received little attention in the literature. We model the hierarchical forest management planning process as a two-phase rolling-horizon iterative principal-agent problem, illustrate failure scenarios of the status quo planning process, and propose an improved wood supply model formulation. The classic wood supply optimisation model formulation (i.e. conventional even-flow wood supply maximisation model) does not explicitly consider the profit-maximising behaviour of the industrial fibre consumer, but instead implicitly assumes the complete consumption of the wood supply in every planning period, regardless of fibre type or value creation potential. We extend the status quo wood supply model to explicitly anticipate industrial fibre consumption behaviour, thereby improving the likelihood of the wood supply being entirely consumed in the first planning period, thus restoring the validity of the total-consumption assumption that is embedded in the long-term model formulation. We model the principal-agent relationship as a bilevel optimisation problem, where the top level (leader) represents the government wood supply planning process, and the lower level (follower) represents the timber consumption process (i.e. value creation network, or VCN). We show that the bilevel model formulation mitigates the risk of long-term wood supply failure and improves the credibility of the wood supply planning process. The bilevel wood supply model and solution methodology presented here constitute a technically feasible alternative to the methods currently used. Our bilevel model and iterative simulation framework represent a step forward in terms of value-driven forest management planning. Explicit integration of industrial objectives and constraints early on in the wood supply planning process could facilitate government-industry collaboration to realise the full value-creation potential of the public forest resource.

Computer Applications in Sustainable Forest Management

Author : Guofan Shao
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This book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of computer applications in forestry. It is the first text on software for forest management to emphasize integration of computer applications. It also offers important new insights on how to continue advancing computational technologies in forest management. The authors are internationally-recognized authorities in the subjects presented.

Building Wildfire Resilience Into Forest Management Planning

Author : Great Britain. Forestry Commission
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