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Formation and the Person

Author : Alessandro Manenti
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This book gathers the foundational concepts which characterise the approach to the person, as human and as Christian, which has been developed at the Institute of Psychology of the Pontifical Gregorian University during its more than 35 years of activity. The book directs these concepts towards further paths for investigation and puts them in dialogue with sister schools of depth psychology and with other areas of scholarship (in particular philosophy and theology) which are equally interested in exploring the human mystery. Hence the variety of authors - psychologists, philosophers and theologians - brought together by a common interest in understanding and forming the human person in better ways. The reflections contained in this book gain concrete expression in an educative-therapeutic practice, and they review the nodal points which are part of every journey of growth and of psychotherapy: personal identity, interaction with the external world and the attainment of personal truth, inner imagination, desires and affections, conflicts. Instruments are offered to enable the formator and the psychotherapist to make the best possible use of the great energies which are made available by their application: how to identify the real problem, where to concentrate one's attention, what to listen to, how to handle the relationship, on what element to act in order to promote improvement/cure, what kind of change to propose. While accompaniment and psychotherapy are different procedures, they nevertheless have many similarities and points of contact. The dynamic relations and the factors involved in growth which this book describes are valid for both modalities of intervention and will be of interest to anyone who wishes to help others in a more enlightened educative dialogue.

Problems of Communication

Author : Maria Teresa Marcelino Levy Martins
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A Cognitive Process Model of Person Evaluation and Impression Formation Based on a Computer Simulation of Natural Language Processing

Author : Rainer von Königslöw
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Investigations of the Formation of the First Impression of a Person in Foreign Psychology

Author : A. A. Bodalev
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Coalition Formation in a Five person Market Game

Author : Amnon Rapoport
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The Formation of Reason

Author : David Bakhurst
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In The Formation of Reason, philosophy professor David Bakhurst utilizes ideas from philosopher John McDowell to develop and defend a socio-historical account of the human mind. Provides the first detailed examination of the relevance of John McDowell's work to the Philosophy of Education Draws on a wide-range of philosophical sources, including the work of 'analytic' philosophers Donald Davidson, Ian Hacking, Peter Strawson, David Wiggins, and Ludwig Wittgenstein Considers non-traditional ideas from Russian philosophy and psychology, represented by Ilyenkov and Vygotsky Discusses foundational philosophical ideas in a way that reveals their relevance to educational theory and practice

On The Formation Of Unions in eta Person Games

Author : A. Charnes
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Three person Bargaining for Coalition Formation

Author : M.. Toda
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Genetic Personology The Formation Functioning and Development of the Person Personality a Humanistic Ontological Approach

Author : Petru Stefaroi
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This new paper of the author focuses on the factors and the processes that determine, conditionate and favour, ontogenetically, the formation and consolidation of, what has been consecrated in the literature - as personological concept and theory - Plenary and Accomplished Person. For this purpose, he operates with a theoretical-psychological and conceptual apparatus with important philosophical valences, proposing an ontological-humanistic model of interpretation and research of the factors, processes, stages, and mechanisms that lead to the formation of the Personality and, especially, of the Person as a Whole. The work is carried out - after a technical introduction referring to the situation and the presence of the subject in the context of the contemporary literature - throughout 10 chapters, passing gradually, from an introductory theoretical exposition opener of operational analysis frameworks to applied and detailed approaches relating to the formation and development of the person/ personality (the humanistic approach and the humanistic-ontological approach), basic sources, factors and conditions, basic characteristics, laws, and principles of the process of formation and development of the person/ personality, the holistic process of personalization. A particular attention is paid in the book to the great subprocesses of the holistic processes of personalization, of formation of mature, fully functioning and humane person/ personality, to the formation of the psychological-social/ relational sphere of the person, and, finally, of formation of the person as a whole. Other aspects approached by the author are the beingness, the functioning and the development/ fulfillment of the person/ personality, the education and the therapy/ counseling (in relation to the core theme of the paper). Regarding the destination of this paper, its design, content and bibliography are made in such a way that to be useful both to the academic community, to students and teachers, and also to the professional community, to psychotherapists, educators, managers, social workers, artists, etc.

On the Formation of Unions in Person Games

Author : A. Charnes
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Capital Formation Per Occupied Person in the European Union

Author :
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Attitude Formation and Change

Author : James Dermot Halloran
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This psychological study explores the nature and formation of attitudes in an individual, and how attitudes are changed by outside forces.

Coalition Formation in Three Person Games

Author : Michael Bruce Walker
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Proverbs and the Formation of Character

Author : Dave L. Bland
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This book seeks to press the wisdom of Proverbs into active duty in the trenches of everyday life and put the principles of character formation in working clothes. The wisdom Proverbs describes is not designed to master life's challenges but to learn to manage them and adapt. In learning to adapt, individuals grow and mature spiritually. Relying on solid biblical scholarship, this book brings to the fore the neglected sentence literature in Proverbs 10-29 and the vital resources they contribute to the process of character formation. Contrary to popular opinion, the book of Proverbs, even though addressed to youth, is not a book solely for the young, but for those of all ages who desire to continue to grow personally and in their relationship with others and God. The wise in the book of Proverbs employ a plethora of resources to help train up young and old alike to grow into the character of God. Among others, these resources include the value of interacting with others, a healthy understanding of conflict, an appropriate perspective on wealth, a new appreciation for and reliance on the role of the neglected proverb in the education process, and the vital role of family and the faith community. Ultimately the whole process of character formation is founded upon one's relationship with God and the fear of the Lord.

Some Causes and Correlates of Norm Formation in Two person Discussion Groups

Author : Stefan Chapman Christopher
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Neuroscience and Christian Formation

Author : Mark A. Maddix
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Why a text on neuroscience and Christian formation? Simply put, we need one that represents the range of possible intersections for today and into the future. In recent years, neuroscience’s various fields of study have influenced our understanding of the person, memory, learning, development, communal interaction, and the practice of education. The book serves as an introductory textbook for Christian education/formation professors to use in Christian education or Christian formation courses at the College or Seminary level. The book is designed to provide an overview of how current research in neuroscience is impacting how we view Christian education and formation with particular attention given to faith formation, teaching, development, and worship The first four chapters discuss how neuroscience broadly influences Christian education and formation. Chapters five through eight explore how neuroscience informs specific formational practices, from personal meditation, to intercultural encounter, to congregational formation and worship. The last four chapters explore various aspects of neuroscience along developmental lines, The book also moves from conceptual overviews to more empirical studies late in the text. Each chapter of this book can also be read and discussed individually. Each author has provided both discussion topics, suggestions for future reading within neuroscience, and discussion questions at the end of the chapter.

Identity Formation Youth and Development

Author : James E. Cote
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The concept of identity is one of the most important ideas the social sciences have investigated in recent years, yet no introductory textbooks are available to those who want to gain a sense of this burgeoning field. The first of its kind, this text provides an introduction to the scientific study of identity formation, with a focus on youth development. The analyses of the problems and prospects faced by contemporary young people in forming identities are placed in the context of societies that themselves are in transition, further complicating identity formation and the interrelated processes of self development and moral-ethical reasoning. In order to sort through what is now a vast literature on the various aspects of human identity, this book introduces the Simplified Identity Formation Theory. This theory cuts through much of the academic jargon that limits the accessibility of this promising field, and builds an understanding of human identity from first principles. This book is optimized for students and instructors, featuring several useful pedagogical tools and a robust series of online resources: Primer format: the text synthesizes the vast and disparate literature that has characterized the field of Identity Studies, with a focus on identity formation during the transition to adulthood; theory and research is discussed in plain, non-technical language, using the author’s new Simplified Identity Formation Theory. In-text pedagogy: to enhance student engagement, box insert and in-text examples from current events, popular culture, and social media are incorporated throughout the text; key terms are in bold in each chapter and combined in a glossary at the end of the text. Online resources for instructors: A robust set of resources that, when combined with the text, provides a complete blueprint for designing an identity course; resources include PowerPoint Presentations, test bank, sample syllabi, and instructor manuals for both face-to-face and online courses that include weekly written assignment questions and discussion-forum questions along with essay topic ideas and grading rubrics. Online resources for students: a student manual, flashcards, practice quizzes, and exercises with video links.

Solving Major World Problems Through the Formation of a One World Government

Author : John Adair Carroll
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Book Delisted

The Role of Person Camparison in Impression Formation

Author : Max Paul Kohn
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Studies in Formative Spirituality

Author :
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