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Forming a Priestly Identity

Author : Timothy Costello
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This work seeks to identify and evaluate the anthropology implicit in the documents of the VIII Synod of Bishops and the post-synodal apostolic exhortation, "Pastores dabo vabis." The theory of self-transcendent consistency is used as a framework for exploring the kind of maturity required for priestly identity.

Forming a Priestly Identity

Author : Timothy Costello (s.m.)
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Poor Formation as a Principal Factor to the Crisis in Priesthood Today

Author : Paul Uche Nwobi
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This book is on the spirituality of life crisis and formation. When this spirituality is denied or neglected, life is in crisis. The Church with its priesthood is losing its face and meaning in today’s world due to the evading crisis. How to define and contain this crisis in today’s world and cultures is what this book is all about. Without a well-grounded spirituality of formation, life is a bundle of crisis with a limited vision, meaning and purpose. This book is a-must-read for everyone, especially school teachers, college professors, seminary formators, bishops, priests, religious men and women, students/seminarians, and aspirants to religious life.

Models of Priestly Formation

Author : Declan Marmion
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The preparation of new priests for ministry currently faces closer scrutiny than at any time since the Reformation, and the importance of effective priestly formation has perhaps never been clearer in the entire history of the Church. In Models of Priestly Formation, some of the world’s leading experts on the topic consider priestly formation since Vatican II, explore current best practices internationally, and imagine what the future of such formation might look like. The book promises to become an essential reference for every person involved in priestly formation and for anyone interested in understanding better how it is carried out and how those who do it think about their task. The eBook edition includes four additional essays.

Priestly Identity

Author : Thomas J. McGovern
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It is generally accepted that since the end of Vatican II there has been a crisis in the Catholic priesthood. This is reflected in two areas in particular--defections from the priesthood and a serious decline in vocations, primarily in the developed countries of the West. John Paul II has addressed this situation many times during his pontificate, especially in Pastores dabo vobis where he offers a clear theological vision and a program of formation to overcome the current crisis of priestly identity. In his new book McGovern offers a deep analysis of the Pope's theology of priesthood, drawing not only from Pastores dabo vobis, but also from his Holy Thursday Letters and other important writings on this topic. In this study the author deals with core aspects of priestly identity under three main headings--theological, spiritual, and pastoral--in the context of service to the lay faithful and the evangelization required of the Church in the new millennium.

Formation and the Person

Author : Alessandro Manenti
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This book gathers the foundational concepts which characterise the approach to the person, as human and as Christian, which has been developed at the Institute of Psychology of the Pontifical Gregorian University during its more than 35 years of activity. The book directs these concepts towards further paths for investigation and puts them in dialogue with sister schools of depth psychology and with other areas of scholarship (in particular philosophy and theology) which are equally interested in exploring the human mystery. Hence the variety of authors - psychologists, philosophers and theologians - brought together by a common interest in understanding and forming the human person in better ways. The reflections contained in this book gain concrete expression in an educative-therapeutic practice, and they review the nodal points which are part of every journey of growth and of psychotherapy: personal identity, interaction with the external world and the attainment of personal truth, inner imagination, desires and affections, conflicts. Instruments are offered to enable the formator and the psychotherapist to make the best possible use of the great energies which are made available by their application: how to identify the real problem, where to concentrate one's attention, what to listen to, how to handle the relationship, on what element to act in order to promote improvement/cure, what kind of change to propose. While accompaniment and psychotherapy are different procedures, they nevertheless have many similarities and points of contact. The dynamic relations and the factors involved in growth which this book describes are valid for both modalities of intervention and will be of interest to anyone who wishes to help others in a more enlightened educative dialogue.

Spirituality in Ministerial Formation

Author : Andrew Mayes
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This is a ground-breaking study into a crucial area of theological education. It traces the origin and evolution of the formation model of training and identifies what difference this paradigm makes to present practice. It uncovers significant and surprising functions of prayer in the formational and learning process as discovered in empirical research (informed by theological and psychological perspectives on prayer) among a sample of newly ordained clergy and tutors. The practical implications of the research are identified, offering creative ideas for a renewed understanding and praxis of the role of prayer in learning. This is essential reading for theological students and teachers alike, and calls for a clearer articulation of a spirituality of education as needed by our present culture and context.

The Priesthood of All Believers in the Twenty First Century

Author : Robert A. Muthiah
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Robert Muthiah believes a deepened theology of the priesthood of all believers is essential for answering the crucial questions of what shape the church should take in the twenty-first century, and how this theological query relates to the lived experiences of congregations. Emerging churches, which tend to develop vibrant practices of the priesthood of all believers, need to develop more fully their ecclesiological underpinnings, while historic churches, with a well-developed theology of the priesthood of all believers, need a renewed vigor to allow this theology to shape their congregational lives. With recourse to relevant New Testament texts and theological conversations, The Priesthood of All Believers in the Twenty-First Cenutry argues for a fresh understanding and embodiment of the priesthood of all believers by setting ecclesiology, postmodern culture, and congregational practices in dialogue. Elements of the discussion include ecumenical and Free church perspectives, Trinitarian correspondence, postmodern social structures, the relevance of Alasdair McIntyre's social practices for congregations, and forms of congregational leadership.

Ministers and Ministries in the Local Church

Author : Sebastian S. Karambai
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Seminaries Theologates and the Future of Church Ministry

Author : Katarina Schuth
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"Seminaries, Theologates, and the Future of Church Ministry considers the context of ministry on the eve of the twenty-first century and focuses on how Roman Catholic seminaries and schools of theology are preparing men and women for service in the Church. The study is based on a first-hand view of how human and spiritual formation, as well as intellectual and pastoral programs, are designed in these theologates." "Anyone interested in how people in ministry will transmit the faith to the next generation, particularly people involved with seminary life and work - faculty, students, administrators, bishops, vocation directors, and trustees - will find this book valuable."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Why Celibacy Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest

Author : Fr. Carter Griffin
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“The Church today demands a profound renewal of celibate priesthood and the fatherhood to which it is ordered.” Priestly celibacy, some say, is an outdated relic from another age. Others see it as a lonely way of life. But as Fr. Carter Griffin argues in Why Celibacy?: Reclaiming the Fatherhood of the Priest, the ancient practice of celibacy, when lived well, helps a priest exercise his spiritual fatherhood joyfully and fruitfully. Along the way, Griffin explores: the question of optional celibacy some pitfalls of celibate paternity the selection and formation of candidates for celibate priesthood why biological fathers are also called to spiritual fatherhood the powerful impact of celibacy on the Church and the wider culture In a critical moment for the Catholic priesthood, Fr. Griffin brings light and hope with a new perspective on the Church’s perennial wisdom on celibacy.

Vatican II

Author : Matthew L Lamb
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From 1962 to 1965, in perhaps the most important religious event of the twentieth century, the Second Vatican Council met to plot a course for the future of the Roman Catholic Church. After thousands of speeches, resolutions, and votes, the Council issued sixteen official documents on topics ranging from divine revelation to relations with non-Christians. In many ways, though, the real challenges began after the council was over and Catholics began to argue over the interpretation of the documents. Many analysts perceived the Council's far-reaching changes as breaks with Church tradition, and soon this became the dominant bias in the American and other media, which lacked the theological background to approach the documents on their own terms. In Vatican II: Renewal Within Tradition, an international team of theologians offers a different reading of the documents from Vatican II. The Council was indeed putting forth a vision for the future of the Church, but that vision was grounded in two millennia of tradition. Taken together, these essays demonstrate that Vatican II's documents are a development from an established antecedent in the Roman Catholic Church. Each chapter contextualizes Vatican II teachings within that rich tradition. The resulting book is an indispensable and accessible companion to the Council's developments, one that focuses on theology and transcends the mass-media storyline of "liberal" versus "conservative."

Religious Life and Priesthood

Author : Maryanne Confoy
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"Religious Life and Priesthood reclaims the vision of Vatican II for contemporary priests, religious, and ecclesial ministers." "The book examines the historical context, the key players, and the implementation of Vatican II documents on the priesthood, the training of priests, and the religious life."--BOOK JACKET.

Forming Priests for the Modern World

Author : Patrick M. Maliti
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Le monde est une peinture

Author : Elisabeth Oy-Marra
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Die Autoren des Bandes fragen nach der Rolle der Bilder bei der Herausbildung einer Identitat des Jesuitenordens. Die Schaffung einer "jesuitischen Identitat" wird in den verschiedenen Beitragen als ein Ideal des Ordens verstanden, das uber alle ordensinternen Heterogenitaten hinweg zu vermitteln versucht wurde. Charakteristisch fur die Jesuiten war eine Kultur des Wandels in einer sich wandelnden Welt, einer permanenten individuellen Akkommodation und Neuerfindung, die mit einer Vielzahl von Identitaten verbunden war. Vor allem die enorme Mobilitat der Ordensmitglieder im Raum und in ihren Aufgaben und Handlungen ging mit Spannungen einher, die eine Neu- oder Umordnung tradierter Wissens- und Wissenschaftshierarchien erforderlich machte. Unter diesem Gesichtspunkt erscheinen gerade die vom Orden und seinen Mitgliedern aufgenommenen visuellen Strategien als formgebende Prozesse, die sowohl in den Orden hinein als auch uber ihn hinaus wirken sollten. Die Beitrage beschaftigen sich daher sowohl mit Bildtheorien, die im Jesuitenorden eine grosse Rolle spielten, als auch mit fur den Orden besonders bedeutsamen Bildern sowie mit der Frage nach der Rolle des Wissens und der Visualisierung der Ordensidentitat."

God and Eros

Author : Colin Patterson
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What can God and eros have to do with each other? Against Nietzsche's claim that Christianity poisoned eros, God and Eros rereads the mystery of human love as an ecstatic sharing in the mystery of the triune God who is Love. Body, sex, and affectivity, far from being locked in a lower order called "nature," instead belong to a sacramental order that is permeated by the call to love. In presentations designed to appeal to a general audience, the faculty of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Melbourne, approach this mystery through the lens of St. John Paul II's "theology of the body," with the goal to both introduce and more clearly illumine its major features. In particular, emphasis is placed on how a theology of the body is not just about "sex." Rather, it is above all about how each and every person--no matter what her state of life--is stamped by the watermark of being-from and being-for. Working within this broader perspective, God and Eros offers the reader a lively, engaging, and at times challenging tour of the full "ethos of the nuptial mystery."

Be Transformed

Author : Bob Schuchts
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Winner of a 2018 Catholic Press Association Award: Sacraments. (First Place). How can Christians grow spiritually in the midst of our sinfulness? How can we transform our lives in a way that allows us to share in the resurrection of Jesus? God has already given us the perfect solution—the sacraments. Whether it is the wound of past hurts, the strain in our relationships, or the stress of daily life, we all need to be comforted and made whole by Christ. In this follow-up to his bestselling Be Healed, Bob Schuchts explains how the sacraments can fuel your emotional and spiritual healing and bring you closer to God. Based on more than thirty-five years of experience as a therapist and decades spent in parish ministry, Schuchts demonstrates how each of the seven sacraments can be a life-changing encounter with Christ, communicated through the power of the Holy Spirit. He pairs each healing sacrament with one of the seven deadly wounds that emanated from original sin in the Garden of Eden. We perpetuate and deepen those wounds each time we sin, but the sacraments are God’s remedy for sin. They give us a way to restore us to wholeness in Christ. In Be Transformed, You’ll discover how each sacrament can help you heal from wounds that can impede your relationships and sense of self-worth. With Schuchts’s help, you’ll learn how: Baptism makes us beloved children of God, healing our wounds of rejection Holy Communion heals our wounds of abandonment by inviting us to share in Jesus’ abiding presence Confirmation overcomes our powerlessness through the power of the Holy Spirit Holy Orders heals wounds of confusion and disorder by re-establishing God’s authority in our lives In marriage, God’s faithful love heals wounds of fear and mistrust Reconciliation restores purity and releases us from shame Anointing of the Sick provides enduring hope to overcome our hopelessness Be Transformed offers all of the tools you need for a fresh understanding of the sacraments, including reflection questions, scripture meditations, prayers, and inspiring stories. You’ll come away hungry for the sacraments in a way you never knew possible.

In Your Eyes I See My Words

Author : Pope Francis
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In Your Eyes I See My Words, Volume 3 brings together the homilies and speeches of Archbishop Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from 2009 through his election as Pope Francis on March 13, 2013. These writings provide an intimate glimpse into the theological, philosophical, scientific, and cultural-educational currents that forged the steady, loving, and nurturing leadership style with which Bergoglio guided the Church in Buenos Aires. That style has now done the same for the Church from Rome, a Church rocked by financial and moral scandals, and a world shaken by the first global pandemic in a century. These writings were kneaded—a word he uses when talking about the work of molding the souls and character of youth and seminarians—in the relationships he formed in his bus rides to work and in his intense contact with all segments of the population. Because of that careful and prayerful process of kneading they have found their full development in Bergoglio’s writing as Pope Francis, especially in Evangelii gaudium (November 2013); Gaudete et exsultate, On the call to sanctity (March 2018); and his encyclical Laudato si’ (May 2015). In this final volume of Bergoglio’s homilies and papers we meet European theologians and thinkers such as Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac, and Bergoglio’s Uruguayan philosopher and friend, Methol Ferré, the literary figure Miguel Ángel Asturias, and Enrique Santos Discépolo, a singer and composer of tangos that decry corruption. In a prophetic conclusion, the last homily of this volume is an outline of the roadmap Pope Francis has followed throughout his papacy: one defined by ongoing love and care for God’s people and that seeks to spread God’s merciful anointing to those living on the margins of life.

Seminary Formation

Author : Katarina Schuth
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The past thirty years have witnessed tremendous societal and ecclesial changes that continue to inform ministry education in the 21st century. In Seminary Formation, Katarina Schuth, OSF, examines the many aspects of theologate-level schools including their structures and missions, organization and leadership, student enrollment, backgrounds of both seminarians and lay students, and the evolution and development of degree programs, including human and spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation. Seminary Formation also helpfully includes substantial commentaries on Schuth’s research by Ronald Rolheiser, Thomas Walters, Leon M. Hutton, Barbara Reid, and Peter Vaccari. An exploration of the changes in seminaries and schools of theology, with statistical analysis, from 1985 to the present, Seminary Formation anticipates the challenges ahead and considers new directions for the future.

Letters to My Brother Priests

Author : St. John Paul II
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This single-volume collector's edition contains the complete collection of Pope John Paul II's Holy Thursday letters to priests. "On this holy day, the liturgy takes us inside the Upper Room." Thus wrote Pope John Paul II in 1979 in his first Holy Thursday letter, a tradition he continued until his passing in 2005. The Upper Room is the essence of his annual letters: coming to a deeper understanding of the theology of the priesthood, instituted that first Holy Thursday almost two millennia ago. Letters to My Brother Priests will help every priest understand the theology behind his ministry. This book will help every seminarian understand the august status he pursues. This book will help every one understand why priests are so essential to every Christian’s faith and vocation within the Church.