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The Foul and the Fragrant

Author : Alain Corbin
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At once encyclopedic and impressionistic, The Foul and the Fragrant is a masterful exposition of odors and the perception of odors from 1750 to the 'Pasteurian revolution' of the late nineteenth century. It is an important and, at times, fascinating voyage... Exploring with imagination and audacity the changing role of smell in the anxieties and antagonisms of the modern world, Corbin reminds us that social history, too long sanitized and too often abstract, must make room for the senses.


Author : Paul Hoblin
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Rhino is one of Bridgewater's best basketball players—except when it comes to making free throws. It's not a big deal, until he begins receiving strange threats. If Rhino can't make his shots at the free throw line, someone will start hurting the people around him. Everyone's a suspect: a college recruiter, Rhino's jealous best friend, and the father Rhino never knew—who recently escaped from prison.

Foul Means

Author : Anthony S. Parent
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Challenging the generally accepted belief that the introduction of racial slavery to America was an unplanned consequence of a scarce labor market, Anthony Parent, Jr., contends that during a brief period spanning the late seventeenth and early eighteenth

Fair and Foul

Author : D. Stanley Eitzen
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"With revisions and updates throughout, the fifth edition of "Fair and Foul" explores America's love of sport and also it's darker side. Updates include further attention to how race, class, and gender relate to the uneven playing field in sports; a new discussion of sexuality as a divisive factor in sport; and numerous new case studies and examples"--

Murder Most Foul

Author : Karen HALTTUNEN
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Karen Halttunen explores the changing view of murder from early New England sermons read at the public execution of murderers, through the nineteenth century, when secular and sensational accounts replaced the sacred treatment of the crime, to today's true crime literature and tabloid reports.

Foul Perfection

Author : Mike Kelley
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Critical writings and commentary by the Los Angeles based artist Mike Kelley.

Foul Fair Play

Author : Marty Roth
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Foul and Fair Play is an examination of classic detective fiction as a genre--an attempt to read a wide variety of texts by different authors as variations on a common and relatively tight set of conventions. Marty Roth covers the period from the "prehistory" of detective fiction in Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Robert Louis Stevenson, and H. G. Wells up to the 1960s, which marked the end, he says, of the classical period--"the end of an extremely conservative paradigm." The detective fiction genre, as Roth defines it, includes analytic detective fiction, hard-boiled detective fiction, and the spy thriller. Roth insists on the structural common ground of these three types of writing and places them in the larger system of mystery fiction that preceded and surrounds them. The first part of the book consists of a reading of conventions: conventions of character (the detective, the criminal), of gender and sexuality, of narrative style, of settings, and of the curious rules of exchange and coincidence that operate in the realm where detective stories take place. The second section deals with the convoluted epistemology of mystery and detective fiction, depending as it does on other major intellectual developments of the late nineteenth century, such as psychoanalysis. An extremely original study, Foul and Fair Play offers many insights into the literary and cultural history of a popular genre.

Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Guildford

Author : Caroline Maxton
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Foul Deeds and Suscipcious Deaths in Guildford - True Crime BooksThe twin fascinations of death and villainy will always hold us in their grim but thrilling grip. In Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Guildford the chill is brought close to home as each chapter investigates the darker side of humanity in cases of murder

Foul Deeds Suspicious Deaths in Manchester

Author : Martin Baggoley
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Martin Baggoley was born in Eccles . He spent several years working in London and Salford as a civil servant, before qualifying as a probation officer in 1976. Since then, he has worked in the Greater Manchester area, and during this period gained a masters degree in criminology. He has written for a number of UK and American professional journals on criminal justice issues. His main interest is the history of crime and punishment and for this book, he has combind his professional experience and academic expertise with his interest in local history.

Clinical and Psychological Perspectives on Foul Play

Author : Stephen J. Morewitz
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Clinical and Psychological Perspectives on Foul Play examines a wide range of factors that can influence how police determine foul play in possible homicide cases and in other possible crimes. It develops a new theory of uncertainty at micro, meso, and macro levels to explain how law professionals arrive at this decision. Specifically, it examines the extent to which uncertainty in these situations can be influenced by media coverage, family and community pressures, socioeconomic factors, demographic elements of victims, as well as police knowledge and resources. Written for forensic practitioners, this book describes how these professionals can consult with law enforcement on such issues as the staging of crime scenes to mask intent, the initiation of community strategies to find missing persons, and the reliability of behavioral profiles. The latest research from the Foul Play Project and the Missing Persons Project are employed to support the recommendations in this book and to point the way toward further research in this area.