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Four Byzantine Novels

Author : Elizabeth Jeffreys
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Constantinople in the mid-twelfth century saw the composition of the first sustained fictional narratives in the European world - novels - since late antiquity. Four members of the Byzantine intelligentsia produced for the entertainment of their colleagues, their aristocratic patrons, and not least themselves, pastiches in verse and prose of the romantic tales of Achilles Tatius and Heliodorus. These novels are perhaps the most attractive, as well as the most unexpected, literary products of the Byzantine millennium. More than one of the four novels translated here was well known in Renaissance Europe, but all have been largely neglected by later generations of readers and scholars as insipid and derivative eroticism. This is regrettable since they antedate by several decades the works of Chrétien de Troyes, the French father of the European novel. This Byzantine phase in the history of the genre, though not part of its central development, deserves exploration. Building on recent work which has begun to rehabilitate these texts, this book marks the first English translation of all four texts in one volume, placing them and their writers in their literary and historical contexts and opening up their world to all those interested in the novel and in European medieval literature. LUP gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Dr Costas Kaplanis, alumnus of King's College London, who suggested the idea of the series to Professor Herrin and has underwritten the initial expenses.

Drosilla and Charikles

Author : Nikaetas
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Known for its sensitive representation of the enduring love of a young man and woman, Drosilla and Charikles is one of four existing Byzantine Greek novels, and the first one to be translated into English. This Bilingual edition features: Introduction Aids to reading comprehension: Alphabetical list of characters, List of characters by relationship, List of gods and legendary figures, Select places and people Greek text with facing English translation Explanatory notes on the English translation Bibliography.

A Companion to Byzantine Poetry

Author :
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This book offers the first complete survey of the Byzantine poetic production (4th to 15th centuries). It examines the use of poetry in various sociocultural settings in Constantinople and various other centres of the Byzantine empire.

Reading in the Byzantine Empire and Beyond

Author : Teresa Shawcross
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Offering a comprehensive introduction to the history of books, readers and reading in the Byzantine Empire and its sphere of influence, this volume addresses a paradox. Advanced literacy was rare among imperial citizens, being restricted by gender and class. Yet the state's economic, religious and political institutions insisted on the fundamental importance of the written record. Starting from the materiality of codices, documents and inscriptions, the volume's contributors draw attention to the evidence for a range of interactions with texts. They examine the role of authors, compilers and scribes. They look at practices such as the close perusal of texts in order to produce excerpts, notes, commentaries and editions. But they also analyse the social implications of the constant intersection of writing with both image and speech. Showcasing current methodological approaches, this collection of essays aims to place a discussion of Byzantium within the mainstream of medieval textual studies.

Pangs of Love and Longing

Author : Anders Cullhed
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The complex relationship between psychic structures, social norms, and aesthetic representations is a challenge for every analysis of the historical manifestations of human desire. Pangs of Love and Longing: Configurations of Desire in Premodern Literature sets out to provide a deeper understanding of this relation by an assessment of linguistic and artistic configurations of desire in European literature from Antiquity to the Early Modern period. The aim is to explore historic continuities and ruptures in attitudes towards sexuality, pleasures and bodies, as these are represented in a variety of cultural forms, in order to demonstrate the plurality of premodern desire – and, ultimately, to offer fresh perspectives on our present reality. The seventeen scholars participating in the anthology bring together theories and assessments from different areas of the Humanities – German, French, Italian, Spanish, English, and Comparative Literature, History of Ideas and of Art, Theology, Philosophy and Gender Studies. They are all engaged in cross-disciplinary activities at universities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and they all participate in the Scandinavian network “Configurations of Desire in Premodern Literature” initiated in 2010.

Emotions and Gender in Byzantine Culture

Author : Stavroula Constantinou
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This book examines the gendered dimensions of emotions and the emotional aspects of gender within Byzantine culture and suggests possible readings of such instances. In so doing, the volume celebrates the current breadth of Byzantine gender studies while at the same time contributing to the emerging field of Byzantine emotion studies. It offers the reader an array of perspectives encompassing various sources and media, including historiography, hagiography, theological writings, epistolography, erotic literature, art objects, and illuminated manuscripts. The ten chapters cover a time span ranging from the early to the late Byzantine periods. This diversity is secured by an expanded and enriched exploration of the collection’s unifying theme of gendered emotions. The scope and breadth of the chapters also reflect the ways in which Byzantine gender and emotion have been studied thus far, while at the same time offering novel approaches that challenge established opinions in Byzantine studies.


Author : Vilhelm Lundström
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Erotic Pathos Rhetorical Pleasure

Author : Ingela Nilsson
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Brill s Companion to Greek and Latin Pastoral

Author : Marco Fantuzzi
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The twenty-three contributions collected in this volume on Greek and Latin Pastoral focus mainly on the historical genesis, the stylistic and narrative features, the literary self-definition, and the fortunes of pastoral from its Theocritean origins to the Byzantine age.

Masters Abstracts

Author :
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The Author in Middle Byzantine Literature

Author : Aglae M. V. Pizzone
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Author and authorship have become increasingly important concepts in Byzantine literary studies. This volume provides the first comprehensive survey on strategies of authorship in Middle Byzantine literature and investigates the interaction between self-presentation and cultural production in a wide array of genres, providing new insights into how Byzantine intellectuals conceived of their own work and pursuits.

Critical Survey of Long Fiction Essays Index

Author : Carl Edmund Rollyson
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Entries cover biographical information, a bibliography of writings, and a critical analysis of each author's longer works of fiction, and address long fiction written in various time periods, countries, and genres.

Byzantine Jewry from Justinian to the Fourth Crusade

Author : Andrew Sharf
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University of California Publications in Modern Philology

Author : University of California, Berkeley
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Matias de Los Reyes and the Craft of Fiction

Author : Carroll B. Johnson
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Critical Survey of Long Fiction

Author : Frank Northen Magill
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The New Yorker

Author :
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Byzantine Narrative

Author : Australian Association for Byzantine Studies
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"Byzantine Narrative: Papers in Honour of Roger Scott"--"Copyright"--"Dedication" -- "Contents" -- "Introduction" -- "Roger Scott" -- "List of Illustrations" -- "KEYNOTE PAPERS" -- "Novelisation in Byzantium: Narrative after the Revival of Fiction" -- "Narrating Justinian: From Malalas to Manasses" -- "NARRATIVE IN HISTORIANS, CHRONICLES & FICTION" -- "To Narrate the Events of the Past: On Byzantine Historians, and Historians on Byzantium" -- "Tradition and Originality in Photius' Historical Reading" -- "Narrating the Trials and Death in Exile of Pope Martin I and Maximus the Confessor" -- "The Use of Metaphor in Michael Psellos' Chronographia" -- "War and Peace in the Alexiad" -- "Moralising History: the Synopsis Historiarum of John Skylitzes" -- "The Representation of Augustae in John Skylitzes' Synopsis Historiarum" -- "The Madrid Skylitzes as an Audio-Visual Experiment" -- "The Goths and the Bees in Jordanes: A Narrative of No Return" -- "From 'Fallen Woman' to Theotokos: Music, Women's Voices and Byzantine Narratives of Gender Identity" -- "How the Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds became a Tale: Grafting Narrative" -- "Lamenting the Fall or Disguising a Manifesto? The Poem Conquest of Constantinople" -- "A Probable Solution to the Problem of the Chronicle of the Turkish Sultans" -- "NARRATIVE IN BYZANTINE ART" -- "The Narration of Christ' s Passion in Early Christian Art" -- "Observations on the Paintings of the Exodus Chapel, Bagawat Necropolis, Kharga Oasis, Egypt" -- "The Column of Arcadius: Retlections of a Roman Narrative Tradition" -- "Biblical Narrative in the Mosaics of Bishop Theodore's Cathedral, Aquileia" -- "Plato, Plutarch and the Sibyl in the Fresco Decoration of the Episcopal Church of the Virgin Ljeviška in Prizren" -- "Narrativity in Armenian Manuscript Illustration

Two Studies in Later Roman and Byzantine Administration

Author : Arthur Edward Romilly Boak
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Vital D Audiguier and the Early Seventeenth century French Novel

Author : Frederick Wright Vogler
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