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Four Puppet Plays

Author : Federico García Lorca
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From Lorca's prologue to a puppet play: 'This is not the first time that I, the drunken puppet who marries Dona Rosita, leaves the hand of Federico Garcia Lorca on the stage, where I live and never die. The first time was in the house of this poet- remember that, Federico? It was spring in Granada, and the drawing room of your house was full of children who were saying: ' the puppets are flesh and bone, so how come they remain children and never grow up?' The famous Manuel de Falla was at the piano and there performed for the first time in Spain Stravinsky's Histoire d'un soldat . . .' Collected for the first time in a single volume, Federico Garcia Lorca's Four Puppet Plays, Divan Poems and Other Poems, Prose Poems and Dramatic Pieces, A Play Without a Title represent the purest examples of the poet's genius and range.

One person Puppet Plays

Author : Denise Anton Wright
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Discusses puppets, puppet stages, props, scenery, and performance techniques, and shares plays with folklore, holiday, and library themes

Sock Puppet Theater Presents The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Author : Christopher L. Harbo
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Sock Puppet Theater Presents The Three Billy Goats Gruff! Now it's a snap to make simple, adorable puppets, key props, and the perfect stage for bringing this classic fairy tale to life. But that's not all! As an added bonus, this book also includes a fun starter script, helpful acting and performance tips, and clever suggestions for making your play truly unique. With Sock Puppet Theater, you hold in your hands everything needed to get your puppeteer career started on the right foot!

One Person Puppetry Streamlined and Simplified

Author : Yvonne Amar Frey
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Presents a comprehensive guide to puppetry designed to enhance story times and other library events and provides techniques to creating inexpensive props along with thirty-eight folktale scripts.

Thinking Through the Arts

Author : Wendy Schiller
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Thinking Through the Arts draws together a number of different approaches to teaching young children that combine the experience of thinking with the act of expression through art. Developed as an inclusive, broad-ranging and user-friendly text, Thinking Through the Arts presents the unique insight of teachers as researchers, and counters the view that art is emotionally-based and therefore irrelevant to thinking and learning. The areas covered include drama, dance, music, arts environments, technologies, museums and galleries, literacy, cognition, international influences, curriculum development, research and practice. Early childhood and primary teachers and students alike will find this book is an invaluable source of new insights for their own teaching.

Catalogue of Copyright Entries

Author :
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Early Childhood Experiences in Language Arts Early Literacy

Author : Jeanne M. Machado
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EARLY CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES IN LANGUAGE ARTS: EARLY LITERACY, Eleventh Edition responds to national legislation, professional standards, and public concern about the development of young children's language and foundational literacy skills by providing current research-based instructional strategies in early language development. Activities throughout emphasize the relationship between listening, speaking, reading, writing (print), and viewing in language arts areas. This text addresses the cultural and ethnic diversity of children and provides techniques and tips for adapting curricula. Theory is followed by how-to suggestions and plentiful examples of classic books and stories, poems, finger plays, flannel board and alphabet experiences, puppetry, language games, drama, and phonemic and phonetic awareness activities. Students will also learn how, as teachers, they can best interact with children to promote appropriate language development, and how they can create a print-rich environment in the classroom. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Western Drama Through the Ages Four great eras of western drama

Author : Kimball King
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With a focus on Western countries, the history of theater from 500 B.C. to the present is recounted, as are the contributions of different countries, specific plays, and theatrical techniques. Covers movements and issues such as African American, biblical, outdoor, and contemporary drama that addresses spiritual belief, gay theater, gender, and musical theater. Genres and styles are discussed, as well as theater in practice, with descriptions of directing, acting, voice coaching, dramaturgy, costume design, and stages.

A complete verbal index to the plays of Shakspeare adapted to all the editions

Author : Francis Twiss
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The Writing Desk Or Youth in Danger A Play in Four Acts and in Prose Literally Translated from the German of A Von Kotzebue

Author : August Friedrich Ferdinand von KOTZEBUE
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Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons

Author : Haruo Shirane
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Elegant representations of nature and the four seasons populate a wide range of Japanese genres and media—from poetry and screen painting to tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, and annual observances. In Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons, Haruo Shirane shows how, when, and why this practice developed and explicates the richly encoded social, religious, and political meanings of this imagery. Refuting the belief that this tradition reflects Japan's agrarian origins and supposedly mild climate, Shirane traces the establishment of seasonal topics to the poetry composed by the urban nobility in the eighth century. After becoming highly codified and influencing visual arts in the tenth and eleventh centuries, the seasonal topics and their cultural associations evolved and spread to other genres, eventually settling in the popular culture of the early modern period. Contrasted with the elegant images of nature derived from court poetry was the agrarian view of nature based on rural life. The two landscapes began to intersect in the medieval period, creating a complex, layered web of competing associations. Shirane discusses a wide array of representations of nature and the four seasons in many genres, originating in both the urban and rural perspective: textual (poetry, chronicles, tales), cultivated (gardens, flower arrangement), material (kimonos, screens), performative (noh, festivals), and gastronomic (tea ceremony, food rituals). He reveals how this kind of "secondary nature," which flourished in Japan's urban architecture and gardens, fostered and idealized a sense of harmony with the natural world just at the moment it was disappearing. Illuminating the deeper meaning behind Japanese aesthetics and artifacts, Shirane clarifies the use of natural images and seasonal topics and the changes in their cultural associations and function across history, genre, and community over more than a millennium. In this fascinating book, the four seasons are revealed to be as much a cultural construction as a reflection of the physical world.

Godber Plays 4

Author : John Godber
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Godber Plays: 4 brings together four recent plays by one of Britain's most prolific, popular playwrights. The author is the artistic director of Hull Truck Theatre and the publication is timed to coincide with the opening of Hull Truck's new theatre building in the heart of Hull. In Our House May, a widow, mother and grandmother, is packing up her home of 45 years and heads for a life in the sun. However, trading neighbourhood hell for the Costa del Calm is no easy task as memories are harder to let go than possessions. First produced in 2007, the play was revived and toured the UK in 2008. In Crown Prince (2007) Godber finds comedy in a bowls club, and against the backdrop of the advancing years of its members, issues of redundancy, bereavement and guilt emerge. Sold is the author's most politically charged play to date, exposing the misery of people-trafficking and women sold into the sex-trade in Britain. Christmas Crackers follows overworked A&E nurses Holly and Kath on a shopping and booze trip to Prague where things take an unexpected turn. 'John Godber's work is unique; he is able to speak to a very broad audience in a way that is thought-provoking, exciting and always very funny.' Hilary Strong, Executive Director of Greenwich Theatre

Fine Motor Projects Ages 4 8

Author : Sherrill B. Flora
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Foster fine-motor development with special-education students in grades PK–1 using Fine-Motor Projects. This 96-page, interactive resource contains 60 art recipes, 50 art activities, and 48 reproducible student art pages that improve fine-motor skills in young students. It also includes special tips and ideas for teaching motor skills, material lists, and projects, such as molding play dough, stamping and printing, stringing, manipulating puppets, gluing and making collages, cutting with scissors, painting, and drawing with chalk and crayons.

Garc a Lorca at the Edge of Surrealism

Author : David F. Richter
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García Lorca at the Edge of Surrealism: The Aesthetics of Anguish examines the variations of surrealism and surrealist theories in the Spanish context, studied through the poetry, drama, and drawings of Federico García Lorca.

Masterpieces of Chikamatsu

Author : Robert Nichols
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This is a selection of the best plays of Chikamatsu, one of the greatest Japanese dramatists. Master of the marionette and popular dramas, he had, until the publication of this book, remained unknown to western readers owing to the difficulty of translating the work into English. The introduction provides a comprehensive survey of the history of Japanese drama which will assist the reader in better understanding the plays.

Instant Puppet Skits

Author : Mikal Keefer
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Use 20 Stories From People Who Met Jesus to enliven favorite Bible stories and to introduce children to puppeteering! Lead kids to discover more about Jesus from the people who knew him best--those he one of the shepherds, Zacchaeus, a Roman soldier, and more! You will get: 2 compact discs with audio for each script. You and your puppeteer friends don't have to worry about digging up sound effects or reading the lines as you perform. It's already done for you! Scripture reference in Table of Contents, Directions for creating a stage, Simple Bible costumes for puppets, Reproducible patterns for props, Reproducible scripts with staging instructions, And a Puppet Primer with tips for powerful and imaginative productions. The twenty scripts you'll find in Instant Puppet Skits have something in common: each features a Bible character who met Jesus and shares a personal insight. John the Baptist tells his would-be, disgusted director that he is not the star attraction, that his purpose was to prepare people to follow Jesus, and while Lazarus tries to collect a refund on his burial, he explains eternal life for those who believe. And you'll find that the scripts have other things in common too: Scripts have no more than four puppets on stage at any one time, and you can re-use the same four "actors" with different costumes to limit the costs of the puppets! Four or less puppets per script makes it easy for you to recruit enough puppeteers! Yet the audience is involved. In "Fish and Loaves", the audience acts the part of the crowd, each of them stuffed with food. After each script you'll find group discussion points in the "For Deeper Learning" section.

Indian Puppets

Author : Sampa Ghosh
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Puppetry Originated In India And Travelled Across The Seven Seas To The Eastern And Western World As Vouched By Many Scholars. Puppets Dated Back To A Period Well Before Bharata S Natya Shastra And Have Continued Unabated Throughout The Centuries In Almost All Indian States. Puppetry Is One Enduring Form, Which Has Entertained Masses And Educated People. The Famous Puppeteers Of Rajasthan Are Really Acrobats, Who Only Put On Puppet Shows When They Move Out Of Villages. These And A Thousand Other Scintillating Facts Come Out Of This Exciting Book For The Reader S Entertainment And Elucidation. Puppets Are By No Means For Only Children, -- As The Puppeteers Of Orissa Sing And Dance About The Romantic Love Of Radha And Krishna, And Keralan Puppets Narrate Kathakali Stories In The Same Make-Up And Costumes.The Book Aims At Giving A Connected Account Of The Indian Puppets: Their Variety, Their Multiple Functions, Their Craft, Their Animation And Their Connections With Other Related Arts In Five Separate Parts. The Book Also Contains For The First Time In Any Book On Puppetry -- Four Important Appendices: Museums In India Containing Puppets, Directory Of Indian Puppeteers, Global Bibliography On Puppets And A Relevant Glossary. The World Of Indian Puppets Is Seen In Vivid Colours With Scores Of Coloured Photographs And Many Line-Drawings And Half-Tone Pictures --- In Their Many-Sided Splendour: Variety Of The Glove, Rod, String, Shadow, And Human Puppets And A Myriad Background Stories Of The Puppet-Masters And Their Imaginative Landscape Of Free Creativity.

Faust through Four Centuries Vierhundert Jahre Faust

Author : Peter Boerner
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Ben Jonson Four Plays

Author : Ben Jonson
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Bringing together four of the most popular and widely studied of Ben Jonson's plays, this anthology focuses on the city comedies for which Jonson is best known today: The Alchemist (edited by Elizabeth Cook), Volpone (edited by Robert N. Watson), Bartholmew Fair (edited by G.R. Hibbard) and Epicoene or The Silent Woman (edited by Roger Holdsworth). Today Jonson's works are widely considered to be amongst the best produced in his period. The new introduction by Robert N. Watson explores the plays in the context of early modern theatre, culture and politics, as well as providing a guide to the language, characters and themes. On-page commentary notes gloss the text in greater detail, making this the ideal edition for study and classroom use.

Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu

Author : Monzaemon Chikamatsu
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Chikamatsu's domestic dramas are accurate reflections of Japanese society at the time: his characters are samurai, farmers, merchants, and prostitutes who speak colloquially, and who people the shops, streets, teahouses, and brothels that constituted their daily environment.