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Free to a Good Home

Author : David F. Lambert
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Free to a Good Home is about small farms and big dogs; farmers, their families and friends; bird feeders and feeders of birds; dust and rust; stone walls and other fences; New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation-Primary and other entertainment; a few laughs and a few tears. (excerpt) “...Janet, Maggie, and I lay between the rows of blueberries, listening to the slight rustling of the corn and the soft, endless chirp of peepers from the trees, enjoying the sweet, familiar smell of the ripe berries, mesmerized by the grandeur of the Perseid meteor shower. Fresh from chasing frogs in the swamp, Maggie fitted herself between us, her muddy feet and fur still dripping of swamp water, soiling and soaking our clothes ... (excerpt) Free to a Good Home. The cynic in me believes that nothing is free but I’m enough of a romantic to believe at times that everything is free. Maggie was named because of Margaret Thatcher. We already had a dog named Thatcher and Janet couldn’t resist naming the six-month-old, sixty-five pound ‘Free to a good home’ female puppy of indeterminate breeding, Margaret. We called her Maggie and sometimes Margaret S. Dog. She would respond to any of these names if she considered it to be in her best interest and respond to none of them if not.”

Free to a Good Home

Author : Catherine Deveny
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Take two reality pills and call me in the morning. Swine Flu. Financial meltdown. It's been a bad year for pigs and pigs in suits. The only thing for it is a good dose of Catherine Deveny, who each week in the Age puts everything into perspective with her trademark iconoclastic wit. Free to a Good Home includes her thoughts on gifted children and breakfast television, sexy billboards and the bill of rights. She reflects on her youngest child's first day at school, and on how to be happy in hard times. Fearlessly funny and always provocative, Deveny is the perfect antidote to the modern world's ills. Can anyone explain why I did this? I went to the chemist and bought this crap I put on my face to make me look younger. I put the jar on the counter. The chemist girl said, 'Is this stuff any good?' I said, 'Yeah.' She said, 'Really?' I said, 'I'm sixty.' Eyes like saucers, mouth agape, she gasped, 'OH MY GOD! Sixty! Toula! Fatima! Kelly! Come and check out this old lady. She's sixty!' So the other chemist girls scurried over and after a bit of oohing and aahing one said, 'Oh my God! Sixty? You look like you're forty-five!' I'm forty. Chemist girls, one. Smart-arse, zero.

Free to a Good Home

Author : Eve Marie Mont
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A delightful debut novel about a woman coming to terms with past disappointments and forging a bright new future-man and dog included. Noelle Ryan works as a veterinary technician at a New England animal shelter, helping pets find homes. If only it were as easy to find one for herself. After discovering she can't have children-and watching her marriage fall apart after a shocking revelation by her husband-she feels as sad and lost as the strays she rescues. She can't seem to get over her ex, Jay. Unfortunately, all Jay wants from her is a huge favor: serving as caretaker for his elderly mother, who blames Noelle for the breakup. While Jay heads off to Atlanta to live the life of a bachelor, Noelle is left only with her Great Dane, Zeke, to comfort her. But when a carefree musician named Jasper tugs at her heartstrings, giving her a second chance at life- and at love- Noelle comes to realize that home is truly where the heart is.

Free Mother to Good Home

Author : Kay Taylor
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Have you heard the words, “I never dared to treat my parents the way kids do today”? If you are a baby boomer or the parent of a tween, teen, or adult child, not only have you heard those words, you may have uttered them yourself. If, in this new age of child–parent relations, you’ve ever felt like a helpless puppy or kitten inside a box marked “Free to Good Home,”—if, in spite of all your love and the care with which you embraced parenting, your child has grown into an entitled and thoughtless power broker in your relationship—read on. Author Kay Taylor has studied sociology, parenting, blended families and personal growth for years; in this bold, groundbreaking book she explores the changes in our culture that she believes have given birth to what she describes as the E-generation—a generation of teens and young adults that feel so empowered and entitled that they often clash with their parents, creating a palpable power struggle within the family. This often leaves good parents alone, depressed, and completely befuddled as to what they did wrong. Free Mother to Good Home comes from the heart and experiences of an everyday parent in the trenches. Taylor offers a mother’s perspective, as well as a remedy for parental blues, helping parents know what they can do to get their houses and their lives back in order.

Five Fat Hens

Author : Tim Halket
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A foodie turned poultry farmer offers a practical guide to raising chickens in this part memoir, part chicken and egg cookbook. A love of eating and using quality ingredients led Tim Halket to build a hen house in the corner of his garden for a daily harvest of fresh eggs. Five Fat Hens is his insightful, often humorous, take on just what it’s like to raise chickens at home. More than a DIY guide to keeping a few free-range birds, this cookbook is part memoir and part lifestyle manual. Halket takes readers through an entire year, skillfully combining meditations on his passion for cooking with original recipes, all starting with the premise that even the smallest garden can include a supply of delicious, fresh eggs. Neither a trained chef nor an experienced farmer, Tim’s tips and recipes draw on his learning experiences and love for culinary experimentation. With recipes ranging from the highly original Duelos y Quebrantos and Persian Chicken Supper to variations on everyday Italian or French classics, to simple comfort food, this timely book is an engaging account of one man’s appealing lifestyle that will inspire food lovers everywhere—whether they intend to keep chickens or not. “Good recipes, engagingly told.” —The Spectator

The Photographic Journal

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Vols. for 1853- include the transactions of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain.

The Gluten Free Good Health Cookbook

Author : Annalise G. Roberts
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From Annalise Roberts, author of the celebrated Gluten-Free Baking Classics, and Claudia Pillow, PhD, comes this new full-scale gluten-free cookbook--a breakthrough in healthier eating, featuring 140 great new recipes. The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook is a true departure from other diet cookbooks--learn how you can make daily decisions that will strengthen your immune system, prevent disease, and help you lose weight by eating real food. The book includes compelling food choice explanations, guidance, and cooking advice, plus 140 field-tested recipes, including gluten-free roux for Macaroni and Cheese; traditional pan sauce gravies; innovative low-fat sauces and creamy soups; and a comprehensive chapter on the art and science of cooking great-tasting vegetables. Readers will enjoy a wide selection of flavorful and diverse recipes like Buffalo Meatballs, Roasted Poblano Asiago Soup, Kale with Puttanesca Sauce, Chicken Noodle Gratin, Moroccan Lamb Stew, and more.

Popular Science

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Slavery in Alabama

Author : James Benson Sellers
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Examines the social and economic aspects of slavery in Alabama. After a discussion of slavery under the imperial rulers of the colonial and territorial periods, Sellers focuses on the transplantation of the slavery system from the Atlantic seaboard states to Alabama.

The Housemate

Author : C. L. Pattison
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YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET HER IN. A gripping and twisting psychological thriller with an ending you'll never forget, THE HOUSEMATE is perfect for fans of Louise Jensen, Jane Corry, Shari Lapena and Louse Candlish. 'Kept me on the edge of my toes...I never saw the ending coming. A fantastic read.' ***** Goodreads reviewer YOU LET A STRANGER INTO YOUR HOME Best friends Megan and Chloe have finally found the perfect house. And when they meet Samantha, she seems like the perfect housemate. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE'S HIDING But Megan thinks there might be more to Samantha than meets the eye. Why is she so secretive? Where are her friends and family? And why is she desperate to get close to Chloe? YOU'RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT When strange things start happening in the house, Megan and Chloe grow more and more alarmed. They soon realise that letting a stranger into their home - and their lives - might be the worst idea they've ever had... READERS ARE HOOKED ON THE HOUSEMATE: 'I really enjoyed this twisty page-turner...I was convinced I had it all worked out, but I got it sooo wrong!' ***** Goodreads reviewer 'A fab and fast read that will spook anyone who's ever shared a house with strangers.' ***** Goodreads reviewer 'I can so recommend this book....very gripping' ***** Goodreads reviewer