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French Bleu

Author : Caroline Clemens
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French Bleu, titled after a vintage nightclub in Paris, is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism amidst death, illness and captivity. Olivier, a pilot rescues stranded and desperate souls from famine and war torn areas of Africa. Daniela seeks that which is amiss in her own life, while Brie, a strong woman must find a destiny that awaits her own ambition. A vineyard in the picturesque, garden-like Loire Valley unites these characters while Paris captures their hearts desire.

The Wordsworth Dictionary of Culinary Menu Terms

Author :
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The Wordsworth Dictionary of Culinary & Menu Terms contains over 12,000 entries and should prove useful to budding chefs and gourmands, fascinating to browsers and crossword enthusiasts, and a handy companion for hungry travellers or those wishing to avoid the potential pitfalls of self-catering and ordering meals in restaurants in foreign lands. In short, this book is essential reading for those who want to know the difference between chiorro, chiozzo, choko and chorizo, or who cannot tell a kaboucha from a kabanosi. Rodney Dale has assembled and arranged a rich diet of terms used for ingredients and recipes which are encountered in cuisine world-wide. This pabular vocabulary will be eagerly embraced by all those interested in and engaged in food and its preparation from whatever culture and tradition they may come.

Twentieth Century Borrowings from French to English

Author : Julia Schultz
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French has long been the donor language par excellence in the history of English. French has contributed to the English vocabulary in the form of new words since before the Norman Conquest. The French influence on the English lexicon represents the focus of linguistic concern in a considerable number of investigations of the language and its development. Yet French borrowings which have recently been adopted into English have as yet figured little if at all in such studies. The present study sets out to shed light on the French impact on English in the recent past. The results presented in this book are based on a corpus of 1677 twentieth-century French borrowings collected from the Oxford English Dictionary Online. On the basis of their meanings, the words under consideration have been assigned to different subject fields in order to give a tour d’horizon of the manifold areas and spheres of life enriched by French in recent times. The first part of the present investigation concentrates on the phonological and orthographical reception of the various borrowings. The focus of this study is on the semantic development of the French borrowings in comparison to their sources in the donor language. Emphasis has been placed upon analysing whether a particular meaning a borrowing assumes after its first attested use is taken over from French, or whether it represents an independent semantic change within English.

More French You Use Without Knowing It

Author : Saul H. Rosenthal
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If you have read the first book in this series, "All the French You Use Without Knowing It," you already know that this is not a book with useful facts to memorize. In fact it's probably not useful at all. It's interesting. It's fun to read. It will stretch your mind and introduce you to things you never imagined. Think of reading these fascinating stories just as a pleasure you grant yourself when you just feel like reading something interesting.

Exclusive Territorial Franchise Act

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Subcommittee on Commerce and Finance
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Exclusive Territorial Franchise Act Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Commerce and Finance of 93 2 June 27 28 July 1 and 2 1974

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
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Progress in Colour Studies

Author : Lindsay W. MacDonald
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This volume presents authoritative and up-to-date research in colour studies by specialists across a wide range of academic disciplines, including vision science, psychology, psycholinguistics, linguistics, anthropology, onomastics, philosophy, archaeology and design. The chapters have been developed from papers and posters presented at the Progress in Colour Studies (PICS2016) conference held at University College London in September 2016. The book continues the series from the earlier PICS conferences, which have become renowned for their insights into colour in language and cognition. In the present book all chapters have been rigorously peer-reviewed and revised to ensure the highest standards throughout. The chapters are grouped into three sections: Colour Perception and Cognition; The Language of Colour; and The Diversity of Colour. Each section is preceded by a short introduction drawing together the themes of its chapters. There are over 120 colour illustrations.

Discovering French

Author : Jean Paul Valette
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Colour and colour naming crosslinguistic approaches

Author : João Paulo Silvestre
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The Colour and Colour Naming conference, held in 2015 at the University of Lisbon, offered a chance to explore colour naming processes from a cross-linguistic approach. The conference was an initiative of the working group Lexicography And Lexicology from a Pan-European Perspective, itself part of the COST action European Network of Lexicography. The working group investigates the various ways by which vocabularies of European languages can be represented in dictionaries and how existing information from single language dictionaries can be displayed and interlinked to better communicate their common European heritage. The proceedings gather together a selection of studies originally presented at the conference. The first section of the volume outlines a Pan-European perspective of colour names; the second section is devoted to the categorisation and lexicographic description of colour terms.

Into the Vines

Author : Kim Troike
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Into the Vines is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism. French Bleu, a vintage-jazz nightclub in Paris offers a reprieve to its inhabitants from death, illness and captivity. Olivier is a pilot who rescues stranded and desperate souls from famine and war torn areas of Africa, while Daniela, a young nurse, seeks that which is amiss in her own life. Brie, a strong woman, must find a destiny which awaits her own ambition. She celebrates a milestone birthday after encountering an illness, bringing grace and experience in her search for something more. Daniela dreamed. I want to be as confident as Brie on a sunny day in Savannah in the summertime. From the vineyard cooking school in the garden-like Loire Valley, where these three lives meet, to the streets of Paris, where fate brings blessings from angst and longing. This story revels in realism. This sanctuary seemingly held an inspirational deity as they witnessed a spiritual unity on the Ceremonial Cliffs. Hawa dreams of flying a plane someday, while Francis possesses natural talents of the musical kind. Together they keep a secret for fear of retribution. I heard LOVE lasts forever and my mom says there are all kinds of love. So maybe you should find another kind of love, since your first love lasted forever, said Francis.

The French Foreign Legion

Author : Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage
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This book gives the reader a straightforward and continuous survey of the history of the French Foreign Legion. By outlining the Legion’s vicissitudes, victorious campaigns, epic marches, heroic and sometimes hopeless stands, dirtiest combats and dramatic defeats, but also by briefly placing the Legion back in the historical background of France, and by describing its development, organization, uniforms, equipments and weapons, the author hopes to dispel myths, and try to give a true and accurate picture of what the French Foreign Legion has been from 1831 until today. There are well-researched, detailed line drawings throughout.

From Bonbon to Cha cha

Author : Andrew Delahunty
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Provides definitions and information on the origins, history, and usage of terms of foreign origin in English, including words commonly used and scientific vocabulary.

Hexagonie Part 1

Author : Maria Rice-Jones
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Hexagonie, Part 1 is a unique scheme for introducing Key Stage 2 pupils to French. Language elements are introduced in a logical, easy-to-understand way, so that children quickly communicate with confidence. Language is broken down into chunks and presented to pupils in a methodical manner, enabling them feel that they can converse in French.

Hexagonie Year 7

Author : Maria Rice-Jones
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Advances in Physical Ergonomics and Human Factors

Author : Ravindra Goonetilleke
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This book reports on the state of the art in physical ergonomics and is concerned with the design of products, process, services, and work systems to assure their productive, safe, and satisfying use by people. With focus on the human body's responses to physical and physiological work demands, repetitive strain injuries from repetition, vibration, force, and posture are the most common types of issues examined, along with their design implications. The book explores a wide range of topics in physical ergonomics, which includes the consequences of repetitive motion, materials handling, workplace safety, and usability in the use of portable devices, design, working postures, and the work environment. Mastering physical ergonomics and safety engineering concepts is fundamental to the creation of products and systems that people are able to use, as well as the avoidance of stresses and minimization of the risk of accidents. Based on the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Physical Ergonomics & Human Factors, held on July 27-31, 2016 in Walt Disney World®, Florida, USA, the book provides readers with a comprehensive view of the current challenges in Physical Ergonomics, which are a critical aspect in the design of any human-centered technological system, and factors influencing human performance.

Language Diversity and Cognitive Representations

Author : Catherine Fuchs
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Significant new developments in brain activity research have revived the debate on the universality of language and its neural basis. Within this debate, the question of language diversity and its implications for cognition remains central and controversial. It is here investigated in an original multimodal approach, covering various aspects of cross-linguistic variation, differences between spoken, signed and drum languages, between normal speech and pathological speech, and also between language and music, as revealed in electric brain activity associated with language processing. The various contributions (linguistic, anthropological, psychological and neurophysical) on the nature and status of variation and invariants in language provides evidence for complex interactions between language-specific processes and general cognitive faculties. This overview of some recent trends in cognitive linguistics opens up a promising new research area in the humanities as well as in the cognitive sciences.

Soccer Diplomacy

Author : Heather L. Dichter
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Although the game of soccer is known by many names around the world -- football, fútbol, Fußball, voetbal -- the sport is a universal language. Throughout the past century, governments have used soccer to further their diplomatic aims through a range of actions including boycotts, carefully orchestrated displays at matches, and more. In turn, soccer organizations have leveraged their power over membership and tournament decisions to play a role in international relations. In Soccer Diplomacy, an international group of experts analyzes the relationship between soccer and diplomacy. Together, they investigate topics such as the use of soccer as a tool of nation-state--based diplomacy, soccer as a non-state actor, and the relationship between soccer and diplomatic actors in subnational, national, and transnational contexts. They also examine the sport as a conduit for representation, communication, and negotiation. Drawing on a wealth of historical examples, the contributors demonstrate that governments must frequently address soccer as part of their diplomatic affairs. They argue that this single sport -- more than the Olympics, other regional multisport competitions, or even any other sport -- reveals much about international relations, how states attempt to influence foreign views, and regional power dynamics.

Restaurant Recipes of the Ozarks Arkansas

Author : JE Cornwell
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Format : PDF, ePub
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We are proud to present our new release, Restaurant Recipes of the Ozarks, Arkansas Edition. This is the second of a three-cookbook series; Missouri and Oklahoma are also available. These cookbooks retail for $10.95 and are now available at participating restaurants and area Bass Pro Shops, Barnes & Noble, Waldenbooks, Hastings, Books-A-Million and Borders bookstores. Restaurant Recipes of the Ozarks, Arkansas is a beautiful 152-page spiral-bound cookbook you can use to prepare and enjoy the colorful tastes of the Ozarks in your own kitchen. Featuring over 160 delicious recipes from the best restaurants in the Arkansas Ozarks!

Buffalo Everything A Guide to Eating in The Nickel City

Author : Arthur Bovino
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Explore the classic and modern food traditions of Buffalo Buffalo isn’t just a city full of great wings. There is a great hot dog tradition, from Greek- originated “Texas red hots” to year-round charcoal-grilling at Ted’s that puts Manhattan’s dirty water dogs to shame. This is also a city of great sandwiches. It’s a place where capicola gets layered on grilled sausage, where sautéed dandelions traditionally make up the greens in a comestible called steak- in-the-grass, and chicken fingers pack into soft Costanzo’s sub rolls with Provolone, tomato, lettuce, blue cheese dressing, and Frank’s RedHot Sauce to become something truly naughty. Food and travel writer Arthur Bovino ate his research, taking the reader to the bars, the old-school Polish and Italian-American eateries, the Burmese restaurants, and the new-school restaurants tapping into the region’s rich agricultural bounty. With all this experience under his belt (and stretching it), Bovino has created the essential guide to food in Buffalo.

Discovering French

Author : Jean-Paul Valette
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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