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Easy Learning German Vocabulary Trusted support for learning Collins Easy Learning

Author : Collins Dictionaries
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The quickest way to study the essential German words and the perfect companion to titles in the ever-popular Easy Learning German range.

Easy Learning Complete French Grammar Verbs and Vocabulary 3 Books in 1

Author : Collins Dictionaries
File Size : 29.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The grammar section provides easily accessible information, with key grammatical points highlighted throughout, hundreds of examples of real French, and a full glossary of grammatical terminology. The verbs section offers 112 fully conjugated regular and irregular verbs. Major constructions and idiomatic phrases are given for all verb models. The handy vocabulary section covers 50 topics (such as family, free time, careers, computing, education, food and drink, health, and shopping).

Easy Learning French Complete Grammar Verbs and Vocabulary 3 books in 1 Trusted support for learning Collins Easy Learning

Author : Collins Dictionaries
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Format : PDF, ePub
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A handy 3-in-1 French study book: grammar, verbs and vocabulary in one volume, ideal for beginners who need a clear and easy-to-understand French reference and revision guide.

French Grammar Drills Third Edition

Author : Eliane Kurbegov
File Size : 88.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Get on the Fast Track to Mastering the French Grammar System! Confident use of grammar is an essential foundation for learning French. French Grammar Drills will help you lay this foundation through clear explanations and rigorous practice. Your language skills will be strengthened as you become more fluent in your use of the correct tenses and verb forms. Inside you will find: ● More than 175 exercises, covering all aspects of the French grammar system● Numerous examples that demonstrate correct grammar usage ● Review exercises to reinforce your understanding ● An answer key to give you clear explanations of every concept French Grammar Drills is the bestselling source of practical advance that you can use either in conjunction with a course or as a self-learning tool. You’ll become less intimidated by all aspects of grammar and, instead, more confident in your French writing and speaking skills. Topics include: Indefinite and definite articles ● Demonstrative adjectives ● Possessive pronouns ● Conjunctions ● Imparfait and passé composé ● Verbal expressions and idioms ● and more

Learn French

Author : Dupont Language Institute
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THIS BOOK INCLUDES: Learn French for beginners Learn French for Intermediate Users Learn French for Advanced Users French Short Stories for Beginners French Short Stories Speak French If you've had a strong desire to learn French but have never found that one comprehensive beginner-friendly guide that can teach you everything you need to know as regards to the fundamentals of French- within the shortest time possible, then keep reading! You Are About To Discover The Best Way To Learn French And Sharpen Your Skills In The Language With The Best Set Of Resources In Existence! Boasting an estimate of 235 million speakers, 85 million of them being native speakers, French is the official language in 29 countries and an important business language in Europe, North Africa, Canada and many rapidly emerging markets. Therefore, it makes sense to want to learn it to use it for both business and personal interactions. So where do you start? Is there a less irking way to learn the language? Is it possible to learn the language in less than two weeks? What if you don't want to sound like a beginner but still have a good grasp of the language in no time? If you have these and other related questions, this 6 in 1 book is for you so keep reading, as it will teach you everything you need to know about learning French from complete basics to the advanced stuff! More precisely, this 6 in 1 book will teach you: How to construct proper sentences in French How you should use articles, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, tenses, numbers and other elements of speech the right way in French How to put it all together with words and phrases that you can use in everyday places Awesome French stories, including practical words and phrases that are sure to help you handle different situations like a native The English versions of the stories A breakdown of common French vocabulary and grammar used in the different stories to help you put these words in everyday use, including quizzes to test your grasp of the language How to create everyday conversations in French, ask and answer questions, use French syntax, speak about sports, music, culture, clothes, foods, drinks and other topics in French How to master the use of stress and accents in French and do comparisons proficiently How to identify and fix your own mistakes as you continue learning French What you need to learn to understand French fully, including powerful tips for success How to master the critical parts of advanced French grammar and sentences to assist you gain fluency The rules of grammar and important concepts you need to know How to use different words, phrases and grammar rules right while reading, writing and speaking French How to navigate in a new country by speaking proper French ...And MUCH MORE! Detailed as it is, this book has topics ranging from beginner level to advanced level, so you can expect to join the millions around the world in learning one of the most popular languages and enjoy the endless benefits of learning French sooner than you think. Question is... Is your desire to learn the language strong enough to get you to do the only thing that separates you from the knowledge? If it is, Scroll up and click Buy Now to get started!

Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate French Grammar

Author : Eliane Kurbegov
File Size : 22.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Master French grammar through hands-on exercises and practice, practice, practice! Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate French Grammar helps you take your grammar skills to a higher level and gives you the confidence to speak and write in your new language. This workbook leads you through French grammar using concise, easy-to-understand language, keeping you focused on achieving your goal of total fluency. Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate French Grammar is packed with: Example sentences that illustrate and clarify each grammatical point Hundreds of exercises in formats suited to your learning style Practical and high-frequency French vocabulary Master these tricky subjects: Prepositions and prepositional phrases * Idiomatic uses of irregular verbs * Negative and interrogative structures * Imparfait and passe compose * The subjunctive mood * Relative pronouns

French Grammar 11 14 Pupil Book

Author : Rosi McNab
File Size : 27.75 MB
Format : PDF
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French Grammar 11-14 helps Key Stage 3 pupils gain an understanding of grammar from the beginning of their course. The explanations are simple and there are lots of practice exercises to allow for progression. The book uses familiar vocabulary to minimise the barriers to understanding.

Schaum s Easy Outline French

Author : Mary E. Coffman Crocker
File Size : 52.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Authoritative. Concise. Easy-to-Use. Schaum's Easy Outlines are streamlined versions of best-selling Schaum's titles. We've shortened the text, broadened the visual appeal, and introduced study techniques to make mastering any subject easier. The results are reader-friendly study guides with all the impressive academic authority of the originals. Schaum's Easy Outlines feature: Concise text that focuses on the essentials of the course Quick-study sidebars, icons, and other instructional aids Sample problems and exercises for review Expert advice from authorities in the field

French Language Learning for Beginner s Vocabulary Book

Author : Excel Language Lessons
File Size : 24.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Did you know that over 275 million people around the world speak a form of the French language? If you are someone who has always wanted to learn the basics to French in as short as one sitting, then keep reading... Martin really wanted to learn French, but he discovered that it was almost impossible for him to find the time to do so . He tried everything from one-on-one lessons to attending local French themed parties in hopes of finding French speaking friends. Nothing seemed like it was going to work and if it did, it was going to take too much time for Martin to commit to with his busy schedule. With no positive results coming from any of these language learning attempts, Martin began to believe that learning a new language was going to be an impossible task. Luckily for people like Martin with busy and frantic lives, learning the basics to the French language has never been easier... Thanks to the language lessons contained within this book, people like Martin now have the ability to learn the basics to French with ease. In French Language Learning for Beginners, you'll get: 5+ hours of authentic French language learning The powerful knowledge of how to say and pronounce 1000+ French words like a pro Sentences putting each and every French word into context to better your understanding Professionally organized page layouts designed to reduce confusion while increasing learning clarity and productivity 23 different categories ranging from basic words to household items for you to learn from And so much more... Fortunately, you no longer need a huge amount of money or months of time to learn a new language. Everything you need to get to know about the basics to French can be found right here. So if you want to save time and learn the French language in the most beginner friendly way, then click the "Add to Cart" button now!

How to Get Really Good at French

Author : Polyglot Language Learning
File Size : 82.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Millions of people learn French but only a very small percentage of learners can actually speak it fluently. Why is that? People in general are quick to point out that some are naturally built more than others to learn French and other languages. This is not necessarily true, however, since we have all come to learn and speak our native language fluently. If you find yourself overwhelmed trying to memorize thousands of French vocabulary words or grammar rules or are struggling to speak French with native speakers, try this book! This is not a basic French for beginners textbook designed to teach French but a book that will teach you how to learn French the smart way and get you to fluency faster using highly effective language learning methods and techniques. There exists hundreds of French language coursebooks, French phrase books, and basic French for beginners textbooks, but without smart language learning techniques and strategies, you are likely to forget what you have studied and reviewed and especially during a conversation. There exists an easier and more fun way to build your overall French language ability. In How to Get Really Good at French, discover how you can easily conquer French language learning using highly effective methods and strategies used by polyglots (language learning experts). These methods and techniques can even be used to learn French vocabulary, grammar, and phrases from TV shows, videos, music, and video games. Learn French smarter and faster starting today!