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Check List of the Freshwater Fishes of South and Central America

Author : Roberto E. Reis
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Freshwater Fishes of North Eastern Australia

Author : Brad Pusey
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Freshwater Fishes of North-Eastern Australia provides details of the ecology, systematics, biogeography and management of 79 species of native fish present in the region. It includes detailed information on their identification, evolutionary history, breeding biology, feeding ecology, movement patterns, macro-, meso- and micro-habitat use, water quality tolerances, conservation status and current threats, as well as environmental flow and management needs. Based on the results of extensive field surveys and a comprehensive review of existing literature, it is designed to assist environmental practitioners and managers to make informed decisions about future management strategies. It will also encourage a greater research effort into the region’s aquatic fauna by providing a comprehensive resource that enables other researchers to adopt a more quantitative and strategic framework for their research. Joint winner of the 2005 Whitley Medal.

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California

Author : Samuel M. McGinnis
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This popular book is the only field guide to all of California's 130 freshwater fish species, both native and introduced. Revised and updated throughout, the guide now features the only complete collection of color illustrations of California freshwater fishes available anywhere. These color illustrations, coupled with a set of highly detailed black-and-white drawings, provide a quick and easy method for identifying fish in the field. Detailed natural history accounts for each species give a wealth of information, including the current endangered or threatened status of many native species. * Includes angling tips for each sport fish species * Features an expanded section on cooking freshwater fish

Patterns in Freshwater Fish Ecology

Author : William J. Matthews
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Nearly a decade ago I began planning this book with the goal of summarizing the existing body of knowledge on ecology of freshwater fishes in a way similar to that of H. B. N. Hynes' comprehensive treatise Ecology of Running Waters for streams. The time seemed appropriate, as there had been several recent volumes that synthesized much information on a range of topics important in fish ecology, from biogeographic to local scales. For example, the "Fish Atlas" (Lee et aI. , 1980) had provided range maps and basic entry to the original literature for all freshwater fishes in North America, and in 1986 Hocutt and Wiley's Zoogeography of North American Fishes provided a detailed synthesis of virtually everything known about distributional ecology of fishes on that continent. Tim Berra (1981) had summarized in convenient map form the worldwide distribution of all freshwater fish families, and Joe Nelson's 1976 and 1984 editions of Fishes of the World had appeared. To complement these "big picture" views of fish distributions, the volume on Community and Evolutionary Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes, edited by David Heins and myself (Matthews and Heins, 1987), had provided an opportunity for more than 30 individuals or groups to summarize their work on stream fishes (albeit mostly for warmwater systems).

Ecology of Australian Freshwater Fishes

Author : Keith Walker
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This edited volume reviews our past and present understanding of the ecology of Australian freshwater fishes. It compares patterns and processes in Australia with those on other continents, discusses the local relevance of ecological models from the northern hemisphere and considers how best to manage our species and their habitats in the face of current and future threats. In view of these challenges, the need for redress is urgent. The chapters are written by some of our foremost researchers and managers, developing themes that underpin our knowledge of the ecology, conservation and management of fish and fish habitats. For each theme, the authors formulate a synthesis of what is known, consider the need for new perspectives and identify gaps and opportunities for research, monitoring and management. The themes have an Australian context but draw upon ideas and principles developed by fish biologists in other parts of the world. The science of freshwater fish ecology in Australia has grown rapidly from its roots in natural history and taxonomy. This book offers an introduction for students, researchers and managers, one that the authors hope will carry Australian fish biology and resource management to new levels of understanding.

Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes

Author : Stephen T. Ross Ph. D.
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The North American freshwater fish fauna is the most diverse and thoroughly researched temperate fish fauna in the world. Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes is the only textbook to provide advanced undergraduate and graduate students and researchers with an up-to-date and integrated view of the ecological and evolutionary concepts, principles, and processes involved in the formation and maintenance of this fauna. Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes provides readers with a broad understanding of why specific species and assemblages occur in particular places. Additionally, the text explores how individuals and species interact with each other and with their environments, how such interactions have been altered by anthropogenic impacts, and the relative success of efforts to restore damaged ecosystems. This book is designed for use in courses related to aquatic and fish ecology, fish biology, ichthyology, and related advanced ecology and conservation courses, and is divided into five sections for ease of use. Chapter summaries, supplemental reading lists, online sources, extensive figures, and color photography are included to guide readers through the material and facilitate student learning. Part 1: Faunal origins, evolution, and diversity Presents a broad picture—both spatially and temporally—of the derivation of the fauna, including global and regional geological and climatological processes and their effects on North American fishes. Part 2: Formation, maintenance, and persistence of local populations and assemblages Focuses on how local fish populations and assemblages are formed and how they persist, or not, through time. Part 3: Form and function Deals with the relationship of body form and life history patterns as they are related to ecological functions. Part 4: Interactions among individuals and species Discusses the numerous interactions among individuals and species through communication, competition, predation, mutualism, and facilitation. Part 5: Issues in conservation Focuses on several primary conservation issues such as flow alterations and the increasing biotic homogenization of faunas.

Conservation of Freshwater Fishes

Author :
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The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname

Author : Jan H.A. Mol
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Suriname is undoubtedly the site of origin of the oldest extant preserved specimens of South American fishes and 19 Surinamese fish species were described and figured by Linnaeus. This book offers the first comprehensive introduction to the 480 currently known fresh- and brackish-water fishes of Suriname, including identification keys, short descriptions and photographs of the species and descriptions of their habitats.

Freshwater Fishes of the Northeastern United States

Author : Robert G. Werner
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At least 162 species of fish are known to live or spawn in the freshwaters of the Northeast, representing twenty-eight families and sixteen orders. This diversity springs from an enormous variety of freshwater habitats, including some of the largest lakes in the world; vast and complex river systems; deep, clear lakes in Maine and the Adirondack Mountains; and myriad small lakes, bogs, marshes, and streams that dot the northeast. In the most comprehensive book of its kind, Robert G. Werner offers a thorough survey and analysis, in accessible field guide form, of the region’s abundant freshwater fishes. Werner’s discussion of the geological history of the region serves as a critical background for understanding not only the fascinating habitats of fishes but also the extensive watersheds and drainages of the region. A reference list provides up-to-date sources, and the species descriptions contain the latest relevant data and research on specific fish. In addition, vivid color plates and extensive line drawings illustrate fish morphology and the distinctive natural colors of numerous species. As a standard resource, this guide will attract a wide audience. This book will be useful to biologists, ecologists, and zoologists and will have an indispensable appeal among anglers, environmentalists, and fisheries professionals.

Freshwater Fishes of Australia

Author : Gerald R. Allen
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The Freshwater Fishes of the Indian Region

Author : K. C. Jayaram
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This book is an up to date compendium of all information available up to 1997 in respect of the freshwater fish fauna of this region . The classification adopted is generally after Nelson's Fishes of the World (1994), Howes (1991) with inputs from Eschmeyer's Genera of Fishes (1990). For Cyprinine genera the order of an arrangement proposed by Rainborth (1991) has been adhered to. In respect of nemacheilines the arrangement proposed by Banarescu and Nalbant (1995), Kottelat (1990) have been followed. As indicated in the title the Indian region as conceived here includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mayanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka within their political boundaries. Afghanistan and other border areas excluded. All primary freshwater fishes are definitely listed and many secondary and peripheral species that visit freshwater are also included. A uniform pattern of citation is adopted. Brief salient features of all the taxa up to orders are given. Descriptive details in respect of families and genera are provided more elaborately. Synonymies include the latest valid name, first reference, type-designations and more important pertinent references to that taxa. All citations have been checked, and cross-checked with the aid of Eschmeyer's work. Species are not described but listed alphabetically with their known range of distribution, but genera are described and arranged according to their known phylogenetic and intergeneric affinities. Keys are provided and simple drawings illustrating characters where needed are given. Synonyms, notes on species, genera, nomenclatural clarifications are given as foot-notes against relevant species marked with an asterisk, but in the foot-note the same serial number alone is cited and not the full species name. Figures depicting a representative of most genera can be seen; for many genera the more common species are illustrated as plate figures. A total of 272 genera with 852 species falling under 71 families and 16 orders are dealt with in this book. A glossary of 218 technical terms with adequate illustrations and a bibliography of 649 references are given. 241 figures and 18 plates are in the book. An addenda made up to date carries brief information of one new genus, 11 new species and one new subspecies.

Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba

Author : Kenneth Stewart
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Manitoba's ninety-three species of fish give the province the third most diverse fish population in Canada. The provinceís variety of geological features, with its major lakes, rivers, tributaries, and watersheds, is due in large part to its history as the basin for Glacial Lake Agassiz. This, combined with its access to the waters of Hudson Bay and large American river systems, has provided habitat for a wide diversity of freshwater fish. Species from lampreys to goldeye, catfish to perch, bigmouth bass to slimy sculpin swim in waters from arctic rivers in the north to Red River tributaries and down to the Mississippi in the south.Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide. Each species is accurately depicted in detailed colour photographs and accompanying map, with descriptions of physical characteristics, spawning and feeding habits, distribution, habitat, ecological role, and economic importance. The guide also includes an extensive glossary, keys to identifying the families, species, and subspecies, and information on documentation and preservation of specimens. Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba is not only the definitive guide to these fishes of Manitoba, it is also accessible and reliable for a range of users from general fishers to professional fish biologists.

Freshwater Fishes of North America

Author : Melvin L. Warren (Jr.)
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Certain to stand among the reference books of choice for anyone interested in the continent’s aquatic ecosystems, Freshwater Fishes of North America covers the ecology, morphology, reproduction, distribution, behavior, taxonomy, conservation, and fossil record of each North American fish family. Volume 1 (of three) covers the following North American families of fishes: Petromyzontidae (Lampreys) Dasyatidae (Whiptail Stingrays) Acipenseridae (Sturgeons) Polyodontidae (Paddlefishes) Lepisosteidae (Gars) Amiidae (Bowfins) Hiodontidae (Mooneyes) Anguillidae (Freshwater Eels) Engraulidae (Anchovies) Cyprinidae (Carps and Minnows) Catostomidae (Suckers) The encyclopedic review of each fish family is accompanied by color photographs, maps, and original artwork created by noted fish illustrator Joseph R. Tomelleri. The result is a rich textual and visual experience. Widely anticipated, this monumental reference is the result of decades of analysis and synthesis by leading fish experts from a variety of universities, research laboratories, museums, and aquariums. The chapter authors of Volume 1 are: William E. Bemis Micah G. Bennett Michael D. Burns Brooks M. Burr Anthony L. Echelle Nicholas J. Gidmark Carter R. Gilbert Howard S. Gill Lance Grande Alex Haro Phillip M. Harris Eric J. Hilton Lisa J. Hopman Gregory Hubbard Bernard R. Kuhajda William J. Matthews Deborah A. McLennan Ian C. Potter Claude B. Renaud Stephen T. Ross Michael Sandel Andrew M. Simons Melvin L. Warren, Jr.

Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America North of Mexico

Author : Lawrence M. Page
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In the 20 years since publication of the first edition, the number of freshwater fish species has risen by almost 150. This second edition incorporates all of these new species, plus all-new maps and a collection of new and revised plates.

Migration of Freshwater Fishes

Author : Martyn Lucas
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Recent studies have increasingly demonstrated the widespread existence of spatio-temporal variations in the abundance and distribution of species of freshwater fishes, previously assumed not to move between habitats. These movements are often on a seasonal or ontogenetic basis, for spawning, feeding and refuge, and in many cases are fundamental for the successful completion of lifecycles. This important book provides a single source for a range of previously widely dispersed information on these movements of fish in fresh waters, covering potamodromous fishes as well as the more familiar diadromous species, worldwide. Contents include full descriptions of types of migration and spatial behaviour, the stimulus and capacity for fish to migrate, the effects of climate on patterns of migratory behaviour, a taxonomic analysis (mostly by family) of freshwater fish migration, methods for studying migration, and details of the impacts of man's activities on freshwater fish migration. Migration of Freshwater Fishes provides an excellent and comprehensive reference to which the river manager, biologist or student can now refer to obtain information, advice and current opinion on the migratory behaviour of most taxonomic groups of fishes occurring in fresh water. University libraries and aquatic research stations should also have copies of this essential reference book on their shelves. Well-known international authors. Of great commercial importance to fisheries and professional angling bodies. Draws together much new information in one place. Detailed review of world wide migratory behaviour for most groups of freshwater fishes. Pure and applied relevance, for academics, fisheries scientists, river managers and conservationists. This comprehensive book includes 67 tables and figures and over 1,400 references.

Freshwater Fishes of Texas

Author : Chad Thomas
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Containing habitat information, physical descriptions, photographs, and range maps for more than 150 species of freshwater fishes that can be found in Texas, this field guide is an indispensable reference and research tool for ichthyologists, professional fisheries biologists, amateur naturalists, and anglers alike.

Freshwater Fishes of South eastern Australia

Author : Robert Montgomery McDowall
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This edition of a field guide first published in 1980, has been revised and updated to take account of taxonomical changes and new knowledge of fish biology. Provides information on native and introduced freshwater fish species in Victoria, Tasmania, the south east region of Queensland, eastern South Australia and New South Wales. Descriptions of the fish are accompanied by line drawings, colour photographs and distribution maps. Includes an illustrated key to families of fishes in the region, references and an index. The editor is a scientist with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in Christchurch, NZ.

Freshwater Fishes

Author : Lionel Cavin
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With more than 15,000 species, nearly a quarter of the total number of vertebrate species on Earth, freshwater fishes are extremely varied. They include the largest fish species, the beluga at over 7 meters long, and the smallest, the Paedocypris at just 8 millimeters, as well as the carnivorous, such as the piranha, and the calm, such as the Chinese algae eater. Certain species evolve rapidly, cichlids for example, while others transform very slowly, like lungfish. The fossils of these animals are very diverse in nature, sometimes just small scattered bones where sites correspond to ancient river beds or magnificent fossils of entire fish where there was once a lake. This book covers the history of these fishes over the last 250 million years by exploring the links between their biological evolution and the paleogeographic and environmental transformations of our planet, whether these be gradual or sudden. Gathers and synthetizes data from a vast number of publications regarding past freshwater assemblages and several fish lineages that invaded freshwaters Describes the work of the author's own team, concerning fauna from the Cretaceous of France, Morocco, and Thailand Presents the recent results of the tempo of diversification in freshwater environments and the evolutionary histories of clades and gar lineages

Fish Watching

Author : C. Lavett Smith
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Smith presents habitat selection, food and feeding habits, defense adaptations, and reproductive mechanisms of freshwater fishes and tips on where, when, and how to find and watch fishes in their natural habitats.

Parasites of North American Freshwater Fishes

Author : Glenn L. Hoffman
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This thoroughly revised and updated edition of a classic reference work is the definitive guide to the identification of the parasites of freshwater fishes of North America. The book provides information on public health concerns about fish parasites, the methods used to examine fish for parasites, and those parasites found only in very selective organs or tissues. It lists the known species of each genus, along with reference citations that enable readers to find literature pertinent to species identification, life cycles, and in some cases, control.