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Freshwater Management

Author : M. Kumagai
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The globalization of trade, monetary and fiscal policies, capital markets, and investment patterns is reshaping the world economy and is leading to new financial, commercial, and marketing structures as well as unprecedented economies of scale. Simultaneously, national and international awareness and to strengthen. There is consensus among responses to accelerating environmental degradation continue most developed countries that the rapidly evolving new economic order needs to be well integrated with policies to maintain or restore environmental quality. Many challenges remain, however, in evaluating the geo-ecological implications of economic globalization, and in formulating the appropriate management responses. In lakes and rivers, the management of water supply and quality has largely proceeded on the basis of local considerations rather than at the global scale that has been more typical of environmental management of the atmosphere and ocean. It is increasingly apparent, however, that high-quality water resources are now in critically short supply not only because of local problems such as over-irrigation and eutrophication, but also as a result of larger-scale climate effects on the hydrosphere. This magnitude of impact will increasingly require the integrated monitoring and management of water resources on a planetary scale, with world criteria for environmental assessment, restoration, and conservation strategies. The increasing extent of world trade in potable freshwater heightens the urgency for establishing international approaches, criteria, and regulations.

Global Blue Economy

Author : Md. Nazrul Islam
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A global blue economy is an economic arena that depends on the benefits and values realized from the coastal and marine environments. This book explains the "sustainable blue economy" as a marine-based economy that provides social and economic benefits for current and future generations. It restores, protects, and maintains the diversity, productivity, and resilience of marine ecosystems, and is based on clean technologies, renewable energy, and circular material flows.

Freshwater Management

Author : M. Kumagai
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The management of water supply and quality in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs has proceeded largely on the basis of local rather than global considerations. High-quality freshwater resources are now in critically short supply, not only because of local problems such as over-irrigation and eutrophication, but also as a result of large-scale impacts such as climate effects on the hydrosphere. This book explores the dichotomy of global strategies (international and generic) versus local strategies (site-specific) for lake, river, and reservoir management, and presents a series of contrasting perspectives on topics that include monitoring, modeling, water treatment, eutrophication, and restoration. The final chapter integrates these perspectives and identifies strengths, weaknesses, and complementary aspects of the two approaches to help refine future strategies for the sustainable use of the world's freshwater resources.

Lake Restoration Handbook

Author : David P. Hamilton
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Lakes across the globe require help. The Lake Restoration Handbook: A New Zealand Perspective addresses this need through a series of chapters that draw on recent advances in modelling and monitoring tools, citizen science and First Peoples’ roles, catchment and lake-focused restoration techniques, and policy implementation. New Zealand lakes, like lakes across the globe, are subject to multiple pressures that have increased in severity and scale as land use has intensified, invasive species have spread and global climate change becomes manifest. This books builds on the popular Lake Managers Handbook (1987), which provided guidance on undertaking investigations into, and understanding lake ecosystems in New Zealand. The Lake Restoration Handbook: A New Zealand Perspective synthesises contemporary issues related to lake restoration and rehabilitation, integrated with social science and cultural viewpoints, and complemented by authoritative topic-area summaries by renowned scientists and practitioners from across the globe. The book examines the progress of lake restoration and the new and emerging tools available to managers for predicting and effecting change. The book will be a valuable resource for natural and social scientists, policy writers, lake managers, and anyone interested in the health of lake ecosystems.

Water Resources Systems water Availability and Global Change

Author : Stewart W. Franks
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Climatic Change and Global Warming of Inland Waters

Author : Charles R. Goldman
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Effects of global warming on the physical, chemical, ecologicalstructure and function and biodiversity of freshwater ecosystemsare not well understood and there are many opinions on how to adaptaquatic environments to global warming in order to minimize thenegative effects of climate change. Climatic Change andGlobal Warming of Inland Waters presents a synthesis of the latestresearch on a whole range of inland water habitats – lakes,running water, wetlands – and offers novel and timelysuggestions for future research, monitoring and adaptationstrategies. A global approach, offered in this book, encompasses systemsfrom the arctic to the Antarctic, including warm-water systems inthe tropics and subtropics and presents a unique and useful sourcefor all those looking for contemporary case studies andpresentation of the latest research findings and discussion ofmitigation and adaptation throughout the world. Edited by three of the leading limnologists in the field thisbook represents the latest developments with a focus not only onthe impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems but alsooffers a framework and suggestions for future management strategiesand how these can be implemented in the future. Limnologists, Climate change biologists, fresh water ecologists,palaeoclimatologists and students taking relevant courses withinthe earth and environmental sciences will find this bookinvaluable. The book will also be of interest to planners,catchment managers and engineers looking for solutions to broaderenvironmental problems but who need to consider freshwater ecology.

Restoration and Management of Tropical Eutrophic Lakes

Author : M V Reddy
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This book is an essential knowledge base for both ecological restoration and management. Although tropical lakes are not identical, and therefore require individually developed and restoration and management practices; there are general principles in both restoration and management that can be derived from the case histories in this book and the li

Handbook of Inland Aquatic Ecosystem Management

Author : Sven Jorgensen
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Combining background knowledge and practical tools, Handbook of Inland Aquatic Ecosystem Management gives you an overview of how to manage inland waters in a holistic manner. It examines the problems that threaten aquatic inland water ecosystems and presents a set of toolboxes for solving them. The book focuses on lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers,


Author : Jose Galizia Tundisi
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Limnology provides an in-depth and current overview of the field of limnology. The result of a major tour de force by two renowned and experienced experts, this unique and richly illustrated reference presents a wealth of data on limnology history, water as a substrate, lakes' origins and aquatic biota. Besides a general part, it gives special focu

Shallow Lakes in a Changing World

Author : Ramesh D. Gulati
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This volume comprises the proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Shallow Lakes, held at Dalfsen, The Netherlands, in June 2005. The theme of the symposium was Shallow Lakes in a Changing World, and it dealt with water-quality issues, such as changes in lake limnology, especially those driven by eutrophication and pollution, increased nutrient loading and productivity, perennial blooms of cyanobacteria and loss of biodiversity.