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Freud on a Precipice

Author : Robert Langs
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Freud on a Precipice is an exploration of eight likely early-life traumas experienced by Sigmund Freud and an effort to show how their unconscious processing adversely affected the psychoanalytic theory he forged beginning in the late 1890's. Using a new method to decode key narratives in Freud's opus, Langs makes a compelling argument for the probability that Freud was never sure of the identity of his biological father. The book also offers a fresh study of paradigms, paradigm shifts, and archetypes.

Freud and his discontents

Author : Derek Dey
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Freud is not so well considered today. Critiques started early with Melanie Klein declaring an earlier date for infant trauma than Freud's Oedipal theory did. Of late, work by Daniel Stern, John Bowlby, Margaret Mahler and Lawrence Kohlberg, all offer different accounts. Such research moved psychology beyond the Oedipal framework. Freud also left confusion over the feminine, of which he likened it to an obfuscated, "Dark Continent." Moreover, Freud left us with identity confusion related to two mothers and two fathers, broadly recorded and also encoded in his last book, 'Moses and Monotheism'. Some of his sexual theories can be traced to Albert Moll, one of a number involved in such studies at the time. Nevertheless, a number of Freudians meeting at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in his own home on Wednesdays to discuss Freudian notions had some such as, C.G. Jung and Alfred Adler, leaving as 'discontents' and forging separate psychological disciplines. Paradoxically they supported Freud's idea that psychoanalysis / psychology should become an international affair as their ideas also spread. Therefore, Freud, arguably, remains as a father of modern psychology and is still worthy of further thought.


Author : Mark Andrew Holowchak
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Freud: From Individual Psychology to Group Psychology, by M. Andrew Holowchak, explores Freudian psychoanalysis as a full-fledged science, as it relates psychoanalytically to issues of individual psychology (Individualpsychologie) and group psychology (Massenpsychologie). Holowchak analyzes Freud s shift in focus in his mature years away from psychoanalysis as a curative method for treating individual neurosis, to psychoanalysis as a full-fledged science of the human psyche that essays to shed light on group issues, such as religiosity and war."

On Freud s Analysis Terminable and Interminable

Author : Joseph Sandler
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A discussion by several analysts on the length of treatment, based upon Freud's paper, which is also included. Contributors include Andre Green, Arnold Cooper and David Rosenfeld.


Author : Frederick Crews
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From the master of Freud debunkers, the book that definitively puts an end to the myth of psychoanalysis and its creator Since the 1970s, Sigmund Freud’s scientific reputation has been in an accelerating tailspin—but nonetheless the idea persists that some of his contributions were visionary discoveries of lasting value. Now, drawing on rarely consulted archives, Frederick Crews has assembled a great volume of evidence that reveals a surprising new Freud: a man who blundered tragicomically in his dealings with patients, who in fact never cured anyone, who promoted cocaine as a miracle drug capable of curing a wide range of diseases, and who advanced his career through falsifying case histories and betraying the mentors who had helped him to rise. The legend has persisted, Crews shows, thanks to Freud’s fictive self-invention as a master detective of the psyche, and later through a campaign of censorship and falsification conducted by his followers. A monumental biographical study and a slashing critique, Freud: The Making of an Illusion will stand as the last word on one of the most significant and contested figures of the twentieth century.

Deadly Dr Freud

Author : Paul Scagnelli
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With undeniable passion and apparent seriousness of purpose, clinical psychologist Scagnelli goes beyond theorizing that Freud harbored powerful death wishes towards various people, to suggest the possibility (likelihood?) that Freud occasionally actualized those impulses.

Freud s Sister

Author : Goce Smilevski
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The award-winning international sensation that poses the question: Was Sigmund Freud responsible for the death of his sister in a Nazi concentration camp? The boy in her memories who strokes her with the apple, who whispers to her the fairy tale, who gives her the knife, is her brother Sigmund. Vienna, 1938: With the Nazis closing in, Sigmund Freud is granted an exit visa and allowed to list the names of people to take with him. He lists his doctor and maids, his dog, and his wife's sister, but not any of his own sisters. The four Freud sisters are shuttled to the Terezín concentration camp, while their brother lives out his last days in London. Based on a true story, this searing novel gives haunting voice to Freud's sister Adolfina—“the sweetest and best of my sisters”—a gifted, sensitive woman who was spurned by her mother and never married. A witness to her brother's genius and to the cultural and artistic splendor of Vienna in the early twentieth century, she aspired to a life few women of her time could attain. From Adolfina's closeness with her brother in childhood, to her love for a fellow student, to her time with Gustav Klimt's sister in a Vienna psychiatric hospital, to her dream of one day living in Venice and having a family, Freud's Sister imagines with astonishing insight and deep feeling the life of a woman lost to the shadows of history.

Freud and Education

Author : Deborah P. Britzman
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The concept of education—its dangers and promises and its illusions and revelations—threads throughout Sigmund Freud’s body of work. This introductory volume by psychoanalytic authority, Deborah P. Britzman, explores key controversies of education through a Freudian approach. It defines how fundamental Freudian concepts such as the psychical apparatus, the drives, the unconscious, the development of morality, and transference have changed throughout Freud’s oeuvre. An ideal text for courses in education studies, human development, and curriculum studies, Freud and Education concludes with new Freudian-influenced approaches to the old dilemmas of educational research, theory, and practice.

The Practice of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Author : Raul Moncayo
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The Practice of Lacanian Psychoanalysis lays out an Aristotelian framework to account for the different types of knowing and not-knowing operative in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. The book proposes a new model for diagnosis, giving preference to fewer over more diagnoses, and seeks to better organize them by distinguishing between structure and surface symptoms. It examines many principles of Lacanian clinical practice, including different types of frames and evidence, the practice of citation and listening, the resistance and desire of the analyst, transference love as a metaphor, the role of negative transference at the end of analysis, and the identification with the sinthome as Lacan's last formulation regarding the end of analysis. The text also suggests that there are three forms of love and hate based on the works of Lacan and Winnicott. Underpinned by extensive practical knowledge of the clinic and case examples for clinicians, analysts, and practicing Lacanian analysts, this book should be of interest to academics, scholars, and clinicians alike.

Talking of Love on the Edge of a Precipice

Author : Boris Cyrulnik
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Talking About Love on the Edge of a Precipiceis a book filled with hope. All of us suffer from trauma in our lives, whether it be a difficult childhood, the end of a love affair, or a violent experience. Yet rather than be controlled by our pain, it is possible for us to grow in the face of our problems and create a new life for ourselves. In his groundbreaking work on the healing power of resilience, Boris Cyrulnik has created a new way for us to understand ourselves and our pasts. He shows how we are all changed by trauma, but that we can choose either to submit to it as if it were our destiny, or break free and come back to life. The answer lies in making use of our pain and giving it meaning. Whether it occurs during adolescence, meeting a partner or having children ourselves, resilience comes from modifying our personal histories and how we see ourselves inside - literally remaking our life story. By translating trauma into words, we choose to live again. Ultimately, this book is a celebration of the healing, transforming power of love.


Author : TC Joseph
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“This rollicking book weaves together the stories of a handful of characters whose seemingly normal lives become marked by unexpected, bizarre and apocalyptic events.” —Kirkus Reviews “Dan Brown’s religious thrillers collide with the horror and sci-fi of Alien in this spellbinding book.” —Foreword Clarion It is 1969 as teenaged heiress, Kimberly Martin, enters a seedy Georgia bar, desperate to end her haunting dreams of alien abduction. But, she instinctively knows they are more than just dreams. Aliens are preparing her womb for an implanted hybrid and she has a plan she hopes will stop them in their tracks. But Kim has no idea that her act of defiance is about to unleash a stream of events that will catapult her, her family, and her friends to the precipice of a plot to overtake the world. After hearing confessions at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Kimberly’s brother, Benny, learns in a vision that Kimberly is a candidate for insemination and that it is his job to shepherd Earth’s people into a new dawn. Meanwhile, Sarah Matheson, Texas Bible college student, is visited by what she thinks is an angel who performs a strange procedure on her. In Illinois, Chris Altenbrook has just walked away from a potentially lucrative athletic career to enter the priesthood without any idea of what lies ahead. As three families are rocked by alien abduction, attempted murder, and Vatican intrigue, a turbulent world begins to spiral out of control and nothing seems certain. Precipice is a fast-paced adventure of world domination and cosmic conspiracies as three families uncover the powerful truths that await this generation.

Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Author : Jeffrey Hecker
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This introductory textbook gives students an appreciation of the field of clinical psychology as an applied science by teaching them the history and future of the field as well as ethical dilemmas facing psychologists today. It is organized around four key themes: • Science: the text analyzes and critiques research and practice in clinical psychology from a scientific perspective. • Controversies: the text examines the conflict and controversies that continue to shape the discipline of Psychology. • Currency: the text surveys the field of contemporary clinical psychology. • Ethics: the text discusses ethical dilemmas faced by clinical psychologists in every chapter.

H D and Bryher

Author : Susan McCabe
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H.D and Bryher: An Untold Love Story of Modernism explores the lives of two queer women, one a poet and the other a historical novelist, living from the late 19th century through the 20th century. Seeking invisibility to shield their deviance, they quested ancient cultures and gnostic wisdom to find a more egalitarian creative process like electricity to anchor their lives together. As innovators of the power of two, their writing knit their psychestogether.

Precipice or Crossroads

Author : Daniel Mark Fogel
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Comprehensive treatment of the challenges faced by America’s public research universities, and of what those challenges may mean for the nation.

To the Precipice

Author : Judith Rossner
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Looking for Mr. Goodbar comes an enthralling tale of money, love, and one woman’s quest to have both in a world that wants her to have neither. Young, beautiful Ruth Kossoff is drawn dangerously by two equal desires—the love of her best friend David Landau, and wealth enough to take her from her family’s tenement home. When she sacrifices one to marry the wealthy Walter Stamm, she finds herself still greedy for life and love and willing to risk everything she has worked towards for a chance to be with David again.

The Edge of the Precipice

Author : Paul Socken
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Can a case be made for reading literature in the digital age? Does literature still matter in this era of instant information? Is it even possible to advocate for serious, sustained reading with all manner of social media distracting us, fragmenting our concentration, and demanding short, rapid communication? In The Edge of the Precipice, Paul Socken brings together a thoughtful group of writers, editors, philosophers, librarians, archivists, and literary critics from Canada, the US, France, England, South Africa, and Australia to contemplate the state of literature in the twenty-first century. Including essays by outstanding contributors such as Alberto Manguel, Mark Kingwell, Lori Saint-Martin, Sven Birkerts, Katia Grubisic, Drew Nelles, and J. Hillis Miller, this collection presents a range of perspectives about the importance of reading literature today. The Edge of the Precipice is a passionate, articulate, and entertaining collection that reflects on the role of literature in our society and asks if it is now under siege. Contributors include Michael Austin (Newman University), Sven Birkerts (author), Stephen Brockmann (Carnegie-Mellon University), Vincent Giroud (University of Franche-Comté), Katia Grubisic (poet), Mark Kingwell (University of Toronto), Alberto Manguel (author), J. Hillis Miller (University of California, Irvine), Drew Nelles (editor-in-chief, Maisonneuve), Keith Oatley (University of Toronto), Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia (British Library), Leonard Rosmarin (Brock University), Lori Saint-Martin (translator, Université du Québec à Montréal), Paul Socken (University of Waterloo), and Gerhard van der Linde (University of South Africa).

The Wolf Man and Sigmund Freud

Author : Muriel Gardiner
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It is a well known that the Wolf-Man was the subject of what James Strachey described as 'the most elaborate and no doubt the most important of all Freud's case histories'. It is less well known that he was still living in Vienna more than half a century since his analysis with Freud. In this remarkable biographical account, the Wolf-Man comes alive not only through Freud's case history, which is reprinted in full, and Ruth Mack Brunswick's account of the follow-up analysis which she conducted, but also through his own autobiographical memoirs covering his childhood in Russia, his recollections of Freud, his marriage, and the circumstances of his life in Vienna after the First World War. The story of the Wolf-Man's later years is told by the editor of this volume, the author, who kept in close touch with him following the shattering suicide of his wife in 1938.

Freud Legende

Author : Samuel Weber
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"Psychoanalysis is dead!" Again and again this obituary is pronounced, with ever-increasing conviction in newspapers and scholarly journals alike. But the ghost of Freud and his thought continues to haunt those who would seal the grave. The Legend of Freud shows why psychoanalysis has remained uncanny, not just for its enemies but for its advocates and practitioners as well—and why it continues to fascinate us. For psychoanalysis is not just a theory of psychic conflict: it is a thought in conflict with itself. Often violent, the conflicts of psychoanalysis are most productive where they remain unresolved, thus producing a text that must be read: deciphered, interpreted, rewritten. Psychoanalysis: legenda est. Review "The Legend of Freud is a fine example of what can be done with Freud's texts when philosophical and literary approaches converge, and you leave the couch in the other room. . . . Like Lacan and Derrida, Weber doesn't so much explain or interpret Freud as engage him, performing what Freud would have called an Auseinandersetzung, a discussion or argument that's also a taking apart, a deconstruction. . . . Deconstruction has picked up a bad name, especially in the minds of those who don't understand it; but this wouldn't be the case if there were more books like Weber's. The Legend of Freud is the best deconstructive work I've seen lately, and the best response to Freud; it merits close attention from anyone who wants a challenge, not merely a guide to what's right and wrong. . . . Weber is brilliantly imaginative, respectful of his subject and his readers, and productive of new ideas." —Village Voice Literary Supplement

Erotic Attunement

Author : Cristina L. H. Traina
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Heightened awareness of the problem of sexual abuse has led to deep anxiety over adults touching children in nearly any context. This book probes the disquieting issue of how we can draw a clear line between natural affection towards children and perverse exploitation of them.

Death and the Mother from Dickens to Freud

Author : Carolyn Dever
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The cultural ideal of motherhood in Victorian Britain seems to be undermined by Victorian novels, which almost always represent mothers as incapacitated, abandoning or dead. Carolyn Dever argues that the phenomenon of the dead or missing mother in Victorian narrative is central to the construction of the good mother as a cultural ideal. Maternal loss is the prerequisite for Victorian representations of domestic life, a fact which has especially complex implications for women. When Freud constructs psychoanalytical models of family, gender and desire, he too assumes that domesticity begins with the death of the mother. Analysing texts by Dickens, Collins, Eliot, Darwin and Woolf, as well as Freud, Klein and Winnicott, Dever argues that fictional and theoretical narratives alike use maternal absence to articulate concerns about gender and representation. Psychoanalysis has long been used to analyse Victorian fiction; Dever contends that Victorian fiction has much to teach us about psychoanalysis.