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The Friend

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Interpersonal Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships

Author : Anne Maydan Nicotera
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A concentration on communication processes is essential to sorting out fundamental problems in interpersonal relationships. This book provides a general theory of the role of communication in interpersonal relationships that is grounded in the rules perspective and focuses on self-concept and interaction as the generative mechanisms of relationship formation and growth. The authors explore the kind of information that is exchanged in the process of initiating, developing, and maintaining friend and mate relationships. Both types of relationships are explored in numerous cultural settings--including America and American subcultures as well as Korea, Nigeria, Japan, and China. The inclusion of Nigerian culture is particularly significant because the research literature in interpersonal communication is lacking any information from the continent of Africa. Implications are then considered for communication exchange across three categories of interpersonal communication--culture, conflict, and quality.

What Do I Say to a Friend Who s Gay

Author : Emily Parke Chase
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With real-life stories and answers from a Christian perspective, this text teaches young adults how to openly minister to gay friends and deal with personal questions regarding the social ambiguities of homosexuality.


Author : Henny A. J. van Lanen
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Fourth international conference on FRIEND, Cape Town, March 2002.

The Friend

Author : Alan Bray
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And perhaps most notably, he evaluates how the ethics of friendship have evolved over the centuries, from traditional emphases on loyalty, to the Kantian idea of moral benevolence, to the more private and sexualized idea of friendship that emerged during the modern era."--BOOK JACKET.

The Health Care Professional as Friend and Healer

Author : David C. Thomasma
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This book illuminates issues in medical ethics revolving around the complex bond between healer and patient, focusing on friendship and other important values in the healing relationship. Embracing medicine, philosophy, theology, and bioethics, it considers whether bioethical issues in medicine, nursing, and dentistry can be examined from the perspective of the healing relationship rather than external moral principles. Distinguished contributors explore the role of the health professional, the moral basis of health care, greater emphasis on the humanities in medical education, and some of the current challenges facing healers today.

The Friend

Author : Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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How to Help a Heartbroken Friend

Author : David B. Biebel
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Biebel helps readers understand the emotional and spiritual trauma that hurting friends are experiencing and suggests practical ways in which they can be comforted. A great tool for church leaders, laypersons, or others in leadership who want to reach out to hurting people, but don't know how. Targeted mailings.

The Friend of India

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The Art of Conjecturing Together with Letter to a Friend on Sets in Court Tennis

Author : Jacques Bernoulli
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"Part I reprints and reworks Huygens's On Reckoning in Games of Chance. Part II offers a thorough treatment of the mathematics of combinations and permutations, including the numbers since known as "Bernoulli numbers." In Part III, Bernoulli solves more complicated problems of games of chance using that mathematics. In the final part, Bernoulli's crowning achievement in mathematical probability becomes manifest he applies the mathematics of games of chance to the problems of epistemic probability in civil, moral, and economic matters, proving what we now know as the weak law of large numbers."

The Friend of Keats

Author : Eric Hall McCormick
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Your Best Friend Is You

Author : Medicine Woman
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Did you know your intuition is part of your higher self, the part unpolluted by human interaction - the one thing you can trust 100%. By understanding the ways in which you are receiving messages, and this will be individual to you, you can tap into a personal dialogue which will guide you towards self actualisation with complete honesty. The perhaps dull or unfulfilling life you lead at this moment is the culmination of your thoughts, beliefs and past responses. All the answers you seek are within you; you just have to ask the right questions of your higher self to get the clarification you require. This book will show you how: to see the bigger picture to abandon negativity increase your self confidence protect your personal energy develop your inner communication obtain the life you always wanted. Other people can only ever support you; this book will provide you with all the tools you need to take personal responsibility for direction in life, from within yourself.

My Last Best Friend

Author : Julie Bowe
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As Ida May begins fourth grade, she is determined never to make another best friend--because her last best friend moved away. This is a doable plan at first. Thanks to bratty, bossy Jenna Drews, who hates Ida, no one in class has ever really noticed her before. It's when the sparkly Stacey Merriweather comes to her school that Ida's plan goes awry. Ida reaches out despite her fear but doesn't say hello--instead she writes Stacey anonymous notes. Soon their friendship develops without Ida ever having to reveal her real identity . . . until she has no choice. And that's when the true friendship begins.


Author : Alan Gustard
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Wet Friend

Author : Tony DiTerlizzi
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When his friend Yamagoo the jelly fish is sad, Meno the space alien calls Wishi, who grants wishes, to find a friend that can live in the water with Yamagoo.

Who goes there friend or foe

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My Best Friend

Author : John D. Cook
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"Want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans" was on a church's sign, I recently saw. Typically, we go through our lives with dreams and goals for our family, which we are working to achieve. Then one unforeseen event can dramatically change all of these plans. Four children lose their mother, and a husband loses his loving wife. In My Best Friend, is a personal account of a remarkable woman, military wife and a commitment to marriage, as seen through the memories of family and friends. This book also contains a section for couples to examine their own marriage from questions based on a broad range of experiences. JOHN D. COOK, a veteran of over 22 years of naval service and more than 17 years as a government contractor, a devoted husband and father of four wonderful children. John resides on beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington.

Growing Up a Friend of Jesus

Author : Jean-Paul Bérubé
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Offers children ongoing initiation into a life of prayer in a variety of creative ways. It gives parents a practical tool to help them initiate conversations with their children about their faith, their problems, their values and concerns.

A Letter from a Friend in America to Luke Howard of Tottenham Near London

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My Sister My Friend

Author : Joan Walsh Anglund
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* A sister is like a mirror in which you can see a part of yourself reflected. She is a kindred spirit ¿ a twin soul ¿ a second self. * We are sisters by birth but friends by choice. * A sister makes your life happier ¿ just because she's in it. She's a part of everything you've ever known or loved. * A sister is someone who believes in you ¿ sometimes more than you do yourself. A colorful ribbon bookmark provides the finishing touch to this 5 x 5 hardcover gift book. Sisters everywhere will be thrilled to give and to receive this beautiful and thoughtful keepsake.