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Friends Central Perk Light Up Sign

Author : Michelle Morgan
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Bring the warmth and fun of Central Perk to your home or office with this special light-up version of the iconic coffee shop sign from Friends. Set includes: 3-1/2 x 3" light-up Central Perk sign mounted on a base 48-page book filled with essential information on Central Perk, a guide to great moments set at the café, and more, featuring full-color photos from the show throughout

Michigan Ensian

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Friends The Complete Backstory Concept to Epilogue

Author : Toshiba-User
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Written by an authoritative expert, Friends Complete Backstory: Concept to Epilogue is the most in-depth book ever written about the series. It provides a unique insider perspective and dishes the dirt on never-before-revealed secrets, such as outing the cast member who was nearly fired from the series—TWICE! Friends Complete Backstory commences with the showrunners’ backstory and a comprehensive recounting of the series’ concept, the pitch presented to NBC, and the network’s objections. Fans get a confidant’s look into the TV industry and the trio’s struggle to protect their pilot concept and creative vision. The journey also uncovers early script drafts with jaw-dropping disclosures about the main characters—there was a highly promiscuous female, an arrogant, self-centered jerk from Chicago, and a homosexual. The next chapters immerse the sitcom enthusiast into the laborious casting process with amazing revelations, such as the two costars who turned down guaranteed roles and a once-rejected cast member who was only hired because NBC insisted. The likelihood of all six actors being chosen for the pilot was astronomically minuscule, especially since two of the costars were committed to other projects and a handful of famous actors were offered costarring roles in the series. Friends Complete Backstory unravels the mysteries behind shooting the pilot, how a test audience’s negative report nearly capsized the series, and what finally convinced NBC to gamble on adding the show to its fall schedule. The following pages methodically outline the showrunners’ diligent efforts to assemble an incomparable creative team and hire brilliant wardrobe, hair, and makeup specialists who redefined 1990s fashion. Of course, TV junkies cannot forget the memorable title sequence with all the fountain frivolity and the mind-numbing theme song that captivated the world. Astonishingly, the original intro was completely different with an up-tempo singalong by a famous rock band that refused to license the track because the lead singer despised the hit single. Avid enthusiasts will discover how The Rembrandts were eventually hired and why they did not want their name attached to the bubblegum pop ditty. Readers are transported backstage to witness how episodes were produced and how guest stars were chosen, with dazzling insight into the ones that got away, including a famous pop singer, three iconic movie stars, and a rock legend. In addition, tome-travelers will get an insider scoop into the world of stand-ins, body doubles, and famous extras who appeared on the show, and marvel at the history of sets, how they were designed and decorated, and even the story behind famous props and set dressings like the peephole picture frame and burnt-orange sofa. Further interviews unearth the private salary negotiations that eventually made the cast the highest-paid actors on television. Actors’ confessions shed light on how success impacted their lives, and what made the sextet decide to call it quits after ten seasons. Friends disciples will be privy to the soundstage hysteria during the final days of shooting and the epochal send-off by NBC, while sitcom purists will be enraptured by the historical overview of the show’s evolution from struggling newbie to ratings giant en route to its unprecedented success in syndication and streaming. Finally, the remaining chapters detail the societal impact of Friends, and offer numerous trivia tidbits that have evaded most Friends aficionados for decades.


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Friends Fun Facts 3000 Little Known Facts About the Show

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Friends Fun Facts: 3000 Little-Known Facts About the Show is written by an authoritative expert who penned the most comprehensive reference book ever written on the series—Friends: The Complete Story from Concept to Epilogue. The follow-up effort, Friends Secrets, is the best source for insider facts and never-before-revealed tidbits about the sitcom that industry experts have voted the Greatest TV Series of All Time. This type of thoroughness cannot be found anywhere else in the entire Friends Universe. The first section provides insider information about the creators, cast regulars, supporting actors, and guest actors as well as cast stand-ins, crew members, scene extras, and even famous actors who auditioned for roles in the immensely popular show. The second section discusses little-known facts about the series, including behind-the-scenes activities, casting decisions, notable directors, secrets behind writing episodes, and so much more. The final section recounts numerous secrets behind the making of Friends. Every episode has a history and many contain a few skeletons in the closet. The little-known facts encompass the inspirations for episode plots, how personal experiences influenced storylines, when actors ad-libbed lines, how scenes developed and evolved, the way actors and guest stars impacted the creative process, and even the “lost” episode that was written but never filmed. There are over 3000 fun facts about the show that are sure to amaze and mystify the most die-hard and inquisitive Friends fan. Friends Secrets is an essential book for every fan of the show. It is a great conversation starter and readers are guaranteed to impress friends and family with nuggets of insider information that most Friends fans do not know. Photos included, 299 pages paperback.

Focus On 100 Most Popular Television Shows Set in New York City

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Focus On 100 Most Popular Television Series by Warner Bros Television

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Nick McLean Behind the Camera

Author : Wayne Byrne
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Nick McLean was one of the most acclaimed camera operators in American cinema of the 1970s, during which time he shot many classics of the New Hollywood movement including McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Heaven Can Wait, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter, Marathon Man, and Being There. As a cinematographer throughout the 1980s, McLean would film blockbusters such as Cannonball Run II, City Heat, The Goonies, and Short Circuit before being lured into television to photograph some of the biggest shows in town, including Evening Shade, Cybill, and the pop culture phenomenon Friends, for which he was thrice Emmy-nominated.

Friends Holiday Armadillo

Author : Warner Bros. Consumer Products Inc.
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Merry Christmas . . . and Happy Hannukah! Celebrate the season with the Friends Holiday Armadillo, Santa's representative for all the southern states . . . and Mexico. Collectible Figurine: This one-of-a-kind 3" replica of the Holiday Armadillo brings festive flair to your desktop, office, or dorm room Includes Mini Book: Kit also includes a 48-page mini book on Friends holiday traditions, episodes, and the story of the Holiday Armadillo Perfect Stocking Stuffer and White Elephant Gift: Must-have gift sure to delight any Friends fan Officially Licensed: Authentic Friends collectible Copyright © 2022 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Friends Sticker Art Puzzles

Author : Editors of Thunder Bay Press
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Add a spark to your day with these 15 stickering puzzles featuring classic scenes from the popular TV series Friends. Revisit your favorite scenes from the hit sitcom Friends, which aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004 and is still beloved by fans today. Each of the fifteen puzzles in this book represent an iconic Friends theme—such as coffee, roommates, weddings, and more—and contain more than 100 sticker shapes to be placed in a tessellated grid. When you’re done, you’ll be left with a full-color glossy art poster that you can display on your wall. The pages are also packed with additional memorable moments and fun facts about the TV series.