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Intensives and Reflexives in Anglo Saxon and Early Middle English

Author : James Marion Farr
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Orality and Literacy in Early Middle English

Author : Herbert Pilch
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A Companion to Old and Middle English Literature

Author : Laura C. Lambdin
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Presents nineteen chapters, each discussing a different genre, including riddles, balladry, romance, epic poetry, and beast fables.

The Idea of Anglo Saxon England in Middle English Romance

Author : Robert Rouse
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Investigation into the importance of the Anglo-Saxon past in medieval literature.

Old English and Middle English Poetry

Author : Derek Pearsall
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Originally published in 1977, Old English and Middle English Poetry provides a historical approach to English poetry. The book examines the conditions out of which poetry grew and argues that the functions that it was assigned are historically integral to an informed understanding of the nature of poetry. The book aims to relate poems to the intellectual and formal traditions by which they are shaped and given their being. This book will be of interest to students and academics studying or working in the fields of literature and history alike.

The Invention of Middle English

Author : David Matthews
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At a time when medieval studies is increasingly concerned with historicizing and theorizing its own origins and history, the development of the study of Middle English has been relatively neglected. The Invention of Middle English collects for the first time the principal sources through which this history can be traced. The documents presented here highlight the uncertain and haphazard way in which ideas about Middle English language and literature were shaped by antiquarians in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is a valuable sourcebook for medieval studies, for study of the reception of the Middle Ages, and, more generally, for the history of the rise of English. The anthology is divided into two sections. The first section traces the development of ideas about the Middle English language in the work of thirteen writers, including George Hickes, Thomas Warton, Jacob Grimm, Henry Sweet, and James Murray. The second section represents literary criticism and commentary by nineteen authors, including Warton, Thomas Percy, Joseph Ritson, Walter Scott, Thomas Wright, and Walter Skeat. Each of the extracts is annotated and introduced with a note presenting historical, biographical, and bibliographical information along with a guide to further reading. A general introduction provides an overview of the state of Middle English study and a brief history of the formation of the discipline.

Early Medieval English Life Courses

Author :
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This volume captures the complexity and diversity of ideas surrounding the life course in early medieval English culture, with chapters ranging across the interconnected realms of language, culture, medicine, onomastics, literature and the material world.

From OV to VO in Early Middle English

Author : Carola Trips
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This monograph answers the question of why English changed from an OV to a VO language on the assumption that this change is due to intensive language contact with Scandinavian. It shows for the first time that the English language was much more heavily influenced by Scandinavian than assumed before, i.e., northern Early Middle English texts clearly show Scandinavian syntactic patterns like stylistic fronting that can only be found today in the Modern Scandinavian languages. Thus, it sheds new light on the force of language contact in that it shows that a language can be heavily influenced through contact with another language in such a way that it affects deeper levels of language. It further gives an introduction to working with the Penn-Helsinki-Parsed Corpus of Middle English II (PPCMEII). It discusses the texts included in the corpus, it describes the format of the texts, and it explains how to search the corpus with the tool called Corpus Search. The book targets researchers in diachronic syntax, comparative syntax and in general linguists working in the field of generative syntax. It can further be used as an introduction to working with the PPCMEII.

Readings in Medieval Texts

Author : Director of the Interdisciplinary Programme in the Humanities David F Johnson
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This text offers a thorough and accessible introduction to the interpretation and criticism of a broad range of Old and Middle English canonical texts from the 9th to the 15th centuries. It outlines current debates and theories and also explores the major themes and literary issues of texts such as 'Beowulf' and 'The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'.

Anglo Saxon England Volume 24

Author : Michael Lapidge
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This volume contains studies of texts that have come down to us from pre-Conquest times, thus enhancing our knowledge of Anglo-Saxon England.