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The Idea of Anglo Saxon England in Middle English Romance

Author : Robert Rouse
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Investigation into the importance of the Anglo-Saxon past in medieval literature.

Orality and Literacy in Early Middle English

Author : Herbert Pilch
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Intensives and Reflexives in Anglo Saxon and Early Middle English

Author : James Marion Farr
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The Sea and Englishness in the Middle Ages

Author : Sebastian I. Sobecki
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Focuses on the literary origins of insular identity from local communities to the entire archipelago.

A Companion to Old and Middle English Literature

Author : Laura C. Lambdin
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Presents nineteen chapters, each discussing a different genre, including riddles, balladry, romance, epic poetry, and beast fables.

Early Medieval English Life Courses

Author :
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This volume captures the complexity and diversity of ideas surrounding the life course in early medieval English culture, with chapters ranging across the interconnected realms of language, culture, medicine, onomastics, literature and the material world.

Anglo Saxon England Volume 24

Author : Michael Lapidge
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This volume contains studies of texts that have come down to us from pre-Conquest times, thus enhancing our knowledge of Anglo-Saxon England.

How the Anglo Saxons Read Their Poems

Author : Daniel Donoghue
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Daniel Donoghue shows how the earliest readers of Old English poems deployed a unique set of skills that enabled them to navigate a daunting task with apparent ease.

Medical Texts in Anglo Saxon Literary Culture

Author : Emily Kesling
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Winner of the Best First Monograph from the International Society for the Study of Early Medieval England (ISSEME) 2021. An examination of the Old English medical collections, arguing that these texts are products of a learned intellectual culture.

Vernacular Verse Histories in Early Medieval England and Francia

Author : Catalin Taranu
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In a provocative take on Germanic heroic poetry, Taranu reads texts like Beowulf, Maldon, and the Waltharius as participating in alternative modes of history-writing that functioned in a larger ecology of narrative forms, including Latinate Christian history and the biblical epic. These modes employed the conceit of their participating in a tradition of oral verse for a variety of purposes: from political propaganda to constructing origin myths for early medieval nationhood or heroic masculinity, and sometimes for challenging these paradigms. The more complex of these historical visions actively meditated on their own relationship to truthfulness and fictionality while also performing sophisticated (and often subversive) cultural and socio-emotional work for its audiences. By rethinking canonical categories of historiographical discourse from within medieval textual productions, Vernacular Verse Histories in Early Medieval England and Francia: The Bard and the Rag-Picker aims to recover a part of the wide array of narrative poetic forms through which medieval communities made sense of their past and structured their socio-emotional experience.