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From Blackface to Black Twitter

Author : Jannette Lake Dates
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From Blackface to Black Twitter: Reflections on Black Humor, Race, Politics, & Gender traces the roots and fruits of comedy over the centuries to analyze and offer insights into the intersections of race, gender, and politics in humor that is by, for, and/or about black people.

Blackface to Black Twitter

Author : Jannette Lake Dates
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"From Blackface to BlackTwitter: Reflections on Black Humor, Race, Politics and Gender, traces the roots and fruits of comedy over the centuries to analyze and offer insights into the intersections of race, gender and politics in humor that is by, for and/or about black people" --

Misogyny and Media in the Age of Trump

Author : Maria B. Marron
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Misogyny and Media in the Age of Trump argues that misogyny has increased in the United States under President Trump and that although women’s experiences under misogyny are by no means universal, patriarchal social and institutional systems facilitate gender-based hostility. Systemic misogyny and power inequities are at the root of male-on-female bullying, the bullying and harassment of non-hegemonic males and other minorities as well as sexual harassment, rape, and even murder. Given the prevalence of misogyny, and its deep rootedness in religion, it is argued that the social contract needs to be rewritten in order to have a just, gender- and race-equitable society. Misogyny creates a clash of cultures between men and women, hegemonic and non-hegemonic males, feminists and INCELS, the powerful and the oppressed, natives and marginalized minorities, the conservative and the liberal/progressive. This book explores misogyny across media ranging from political and editorial cartoons to news, sport, film, television, social media (especially Twitter), and journalistic organizations that address gender inequities. The authors argue that the current era of conservative populism ushered in by President Donald Trump and the Republicans constitute the social-cultural and political environment that have given rise to the #MeToo Movement and Fourth Wave Feminism.

Testing Tolerance

Author : The Aejmc Commission on the Status of Women
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This book responds to the question, "In what ways can we create a campus atmosphere where academics engage with controversial material and have civil conversations about differing perspectives?" Chapters include tips for how to navigate issues that may impact media professionals and instructors teaching these developing professionals.--Tim P. Vos, director, School of Journalism, Michigan State University

Narratives of Storytelling across Cultures

Author : Tony R. DeMars
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This book digs deeply into the meanings systems that make up social groups, addressing contemporary and historical cases both in the U.S. and internationally. Drawing from traditional and social media along with interpersonal communication situations, contributors provide an engaging multicultural narrative.

The Dark Fantastic

Author : Ebony Elizabeth Thomas
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Reveals the diversity crisis in children's and young adult media as not only a lack of representation, but a lack of imagination Stories provide portals into other worlds, both real and imagined. The promise of escape draws people from all backgrounds to speculative fiction, but when people of color seek passageways into the fantastic, the doors are often barred. This problem lies not only with children’s publishing, but also with the television and film executives tasked with adapting these stories into a visual world. When characters of color do appear, they are often marginalized or subjected to violence, reinforcing for audiences that not all lives matter. The Dark Fantastic is an engaging and provocative exploration of race in popular youth and young adult speculative fiction. Grounded in her experiences as YA novelist, fanfiction writer, and scholar of education, Thomas considers four black girl protagonists from some of the most popular stories of the early 21st century: Bonnie Bennett from the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, Rue from Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, Gwen from the BBC’s Merlin, and Angelina Johnson from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Analyzing their narratives and audience reactions to them reveals how these characters mirror the violence against black and brown people in our own world. In response, Thomas uncovers and builds upon a tradition of fantasy and radical imagination in Black feminism and Afrofuturism to reveal new possibilities. Through fanfiction and other modes of counter-storytelling, young people of color have reinvisioned fantastic worlds that reflect their own experiences, their own lives. As Thomas powerfully asserts, “we dark girls deserve more, because we are more.”


Author : Ayanna Thompson
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A New Statesman essential non-fiction book of 2021 Why are there so many examples of public figures, entertainers, and normal, everyday people in blackface? And why aren't there as many examples of people of color in whiteface? This book explains what blackface is, why it occurred, and what its legacies are in the 21st century. There is a filthy and vile thread-sometimes it's tied into a noose-that connects the first performances of blackness on English stages, the birth of blackface minstrelsy, contemporary performances of blackness, and anti-black racism. Blackface examines that history and provides hope for a future with new performance paradigms. Object Lessons is published in partnership with an essay series in The Atlantic.

Spirit of Nova Scotia

Author : Richard Henning Field
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Guide to the Turf

Author : Ruff William
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The California Wool Grower

Author :
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The compact Scottish national dictionary containing all the Scottish words known to be in use or to have been in use since c 1700 arranged partly on regional lines and partly on historical principles

Author : William Grant (Prof. de phonétique.)
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Women s Magazines in Print and New Media

Author : Noliwe Rooks
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This book contributes to our collective understanding of the significance of representations of women and gender in magazines in both their print and online forms. The essays are authored by scholars, writers and cultural producers in fields such as art, film and visual studies, literature, critical race studies, communications, broadcast and print journalism, history, and women and gender studies. Taken as a whole, the volume offers historical breadth and perspectives that are transnational and cross-racial on women in magazines and digital media in a variety of ways. It examines how women are represented, how women have created and produced magazines and how women make meaning of themselves and their world using magazines as key sources of information.