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From Canonical Criticism to Ecumenical Exegesis

Author : Peter-Ben Smit
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From Canonical Criticism to Ecumenical Exegesis? considers five distinct approaches to canonical criticism (of Brevard S. Childs, James A. Sanders, Peter Stuhlmacher, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, and the Amsterdam School of exegesis) and combines this with ideas from ecumenical hermeneutics and intercultural theology.

From Canonical Criticism to Ecumenical Exegesis

Author : Peter-Ben Smit
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"From Canonical Criticism to Ecumenical Exegesis?" considers five distinct approaches to canonical criticism (of Brevard S. Childs, James A. Sanders, Peter Stuhlmacher, Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, and the Amsterdam School of exegesis) and combines this with ideas from ecumenical hermeneutics and intercultural theology.

Old Catholic Theology

Author : Peter-Ben Smit
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Old Catholic theology is the theology that is characteristic of the Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht. This contribution outlines the main characteristics of and influences on Old Catholic theology, and outlines the extant ecumenical relationships of the Old Catholic Churches.

An African Pentecostal Hermeneutics

Author : Marius Nel
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The face of African Christianity is becoming Pentecostal. African Pentecostalism is a diverse movement, but its collective interest in baptism in the Spirit and the result of Pentecost in daily living binds it together. Pentecostals read the Bible with the expectation that the Spirit who inspired the authors will again inspire them to hear it as God's word. They emphasize the experiential, at times at the cost of proper doctrine and practice. This book sketches an African hermeneutic that provides guidance to a diverse movement with many faces, and serves as corrective for doctrine and practice in the face of some excesses and abuses (especially in some parts of the neo-Pentecostal movement). African Pentecostalism's contribution to the hermeneutical debate is described before three points are discussed that define it: the centrality of the Holy Spirit in reading the Bible, the eschatological lens that Pentecostals use when they read the Bible, and the faith community as normative for the interpretation of the Bible.

Masculinity and the Bible

Author : Peter-Ben Smit
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Most characters in the Bible are men, yet they are hardly analysed as such. Masculinity and the Bible provides the first comprehensive survey of approaches that remedy this situation. These are studies that utilize insights from the field of masculinity studies to further biblical studies. The volume offers a representative overview of both fields and presents a new exegesis of a well-known biblical text (Mark 6) to show how this approach leads to new insights.

Theological Exegesis in the Canonical Context

Author : Chen Xun
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Modern Christian theology has been problematic with the schism between the Bible and theology, and between biblical studies and systematic theology. Brevard Springs Childs is one of those biblical scholars who dismiss this «iron curtain» separating the two disciplines. Theological Exegesis in the Canonical Context: Brevard Springs Childs's Methodology of Biblical Theology analyzes Childs's concept of theological exegesis in the biblical canons. Childs disregards negative influences of the historical-critical method by establishing canon-based theological exegesis that leads into confessional biblical theology. He demonstrates forcefully the inadequacies of the historical-critical method in practicing biblical theology. His canonical approach establishes post-critical Christian biblical theology and works within the traditional framework of faith seeking understanding. Childs's biblical theology has a double task: descriptive and constructive, the former connects biblical theology with exegesis, the latter with dogmatics. He uses a comprehensive model that combines a thematic investigation of the essential theological contents of the Bible with a systematic analysis of the contents of the Christian faith. Childs's theological exegesis in the canonical context offers a new interpretation in the modern history of Christian theology.

Verbum Domini and the Complementarity of Exegesis and Theology

Author : Scott Carl
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In Verbum Domini, his 2010 apostolic exhortation, Pope Benedict XVI challenged the church to keep theology firmly rooted in the study of Scripture. The essays collected here respond thoughtfully and concretely to that charge, together demonstrating that exegesis is essential to the theological task and to faith for scholars, students, and the broader Church. This is the inaugural volume of the Catholic Theological Formation series, published under the auspices of the Monsignor Jerome D. Quinn Institute of Biblical Studies at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity. Contributors Kelly Anderson Scott Carl Denis Farkasfalvy, O.Cist. Pablo Gadenz Mary Healy Michael Magee Francis Martin Brant Pitre Stephen Ryan, O.P. James Swetnam, S.J. Christian D. Washburn Peter S. Williamson

A Handbook to the Exegesis of the New Testament

Author : Stanley E. Porter
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This handbook provides a substantial theoretical and practical guide to the multi-faceted discipline of exegesis of the New Testament. It offers succinct and well-informed essays, with plenty of bibliography, written by experts in their respective fields. The handbook will serve well as a textbook, as well as a reference book to the major tools and topics in the area. This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details.

Studies in Canonical Criticism

Author : Robert W. Wall
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As one of the leading figures in New Testament studies, Robert W. Wall has continually focused on the function of the New Testament as a "canonical” or authoritative collection of writings, reflecting not only the content and essence of the Church's emerging faith, but also the life to that community of followers of Jesus who eventually became widely known as “Christians.” In the vein of his defining work, The New Testament as Canon: A Reader in Canonical Criticism, Wall now reflects upon his more recent body of study. Always emphasizing 'canonical conversation', Wall had collected and revised some of his most important essays of the last two decades, including Unity of Luke and Acts (2010), The Unifying Theology of the Catholic Epistles (2003-13) and Images of Church in John's Revelation (2015). Completed by a new essay on the canonical approach to the Paratext of Hebrews, and with vital "introductory notes" for each chapter that highlight both Wall's revisions and his response to critical reception, this book is yet one more asset in Wall's continuing pursuit of the canonical function of the church's Scriptures.

Biblical Exegesis Third Edition

Author : John H. Hayes
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John Hayes and Carl Holladay have thoroughly revised and expanded this best-selling textbook, adding new chapters on emerging methods of interpretation and the use of computer technology for exegesis. All bibliographies have been updated, and Scripture has been converted to the NRSV. This new edition retains the features of the early editions: a minimum of technical terms, solid introductory guidelines in exegetical methods, and a valuable presentation of exegetical theory and practice. It is ideal for general introductory exegesis courses, introductions to the Old and New Testaments, and introduction to preaching, as well as for pastors and lay leaders.