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From Kansas to Kenya an Uncommon Road for Wine Lovers

Author : Wayne R. Schreiner
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From Kansas to Kenya: An Uncommon Road for Wine Lovers uses the over forty years of personal experiences and globetrotting travels of the author to suggest how the reader can become his or her own wine authority. He has traveled to more than one hundred countries, including every major and most minor wine-producing nations. Join him along old and new wine roads of the world to enjoy both the simple and exotic tastes of the vine and to share his appreciation of the history and foods that enhance the world's most renowned beverage. The wine world has much more to offer than Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and this book casually introduces the reader to surprisingly affordable yet equally discriminating wine alternatives. Consider the author's recommendations for wine-related travel and wine choices to broaden your own wine knowledge. This practical and equally humorous approach to wine appreciation will both educate and amuse. The reader will gain confidence that their personal wine tasting experiences are the best guide to sensible and pleasurable wine consumption.

Everyday Wonder

Author : Priscilla H. Wilson
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Five patterns emerged as we explored the spirit aspect in our lives. In each of the patterns we have written first a mutual story of a time when we are together. Then individual stories follow from each of us. These may be moments in which we are pushed and pulled; or perhaps a fleeting glance that the ground has shifted beneath us; or verification that change may be coming our way. These are rarely a once only happening. Kaze Gadway and Priscilla H. Wilson

Obama Effect The

Author : Heather E. Harris
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Timely, multidisciplinary analysis of Obama’s presidential campaign, its context, and its impact.

Maisha Kamiri

Author : Lawrence Wa-Kiawai
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Look Up Images in the Classroom

Author : Gwendolyn J. Cooke, PhD
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Too often, the children of the poor do not perceive highly accomplished men and women as realistic role models for themselves. By examining profiles of African American elected officials and other role models in the curriculum presented in Look Up! Images in the Classroom, students may be encouraged to enlarge their visions and embrace the fact that anything the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved. Author Gwendolyn J. Cooke shares the details of Look Up!, a motivational intervention strategy designed to instill pride and foster high academic achievement and socially responsible behavior. It accentuates the positive outcomes of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the civil rights movement. The program exposes economically disadvantaged African American children to appropriate role models through photographic images and selected biographical information of elected officials at each level of government. Lesson plans, hands-on activities, and coordinating website references are included to enhance the students’ learning experiences to show that success is possible through hard work, perseverance, creativity, and clear planning.

The Grand Jihad

Author : Andrew C McCarthy
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The real threat to the United States is not terrorism. The real threat is the sophisticated forces of Islamism, which have collaborated with the American Left not only to undermine U.S. national security, but to shred the fabric of American constitutional democracy—freedom and individual liberty. In The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, bestselling author Andrew C. McCarthy provides a harrowing account of how the global Islamist movement’s jihad involves far more than terrorist attacks, and how it has found the ideal partner in President Barack Obama, whose Islamist sympathies run deep. McCarthy is the former federal prosecutor who convicted the notorious “Blind Sheikh” and other jihadists for waging a terrorist war that included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. In his national bestseller, Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad (Encounter 2008), he explored government’s conscious avoidance of the terrorist threat, which made the nation vulnerable to mass-murder attacks. In The Grand Jihad, he exposes a more insidious peril: government’s active concealment of the Islamist ideology that unabashedly vows to “conquer America.” With the help of witting and unwitting accomplices in and out of government, Islamism doesn’t merely fuel terrorism but spawns America-hating Islamic enclaves in our midst and gradually foists Islam’s repressive law, sharia, on American life. The revolutionary doctrine has made common cause with an ascendant Left that also seeks radical transformation of our constitutional order. The prognosis for liberty could not be more dire.

From Kansas to Kilimanjaro

Author : David A. Emery Phd
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For author Dr. David A. Emery, life has been anything but dull. In this memoir, he narrates some of the highlights of his long and colorful life. He also provides a background of his family tree, which found some of its roots in Kansas. "From Kansas to Kilimanjaro" documents Emery's decisions and their consequences during the international upheaval of World War II. He narrates how, beginning in 1942, he served as an ambulance driver in the American Field Service and became attached to the British Eighth Army's lead tank brigade in North Africa, where he helped save lives and nearly lost his own. Emery tells how he finished his education and became an industrial psychologist and family man. He also discusses how the Cold War brought him back to Africa with his family, where he became involved with the KGB, the CIA, and the FBI. With photos included, this memoir recalls Emery's adventurous spirit and how he found himself involved in humorous and life-threatening adventures: a KGB agent in Africa is outmaneuvered by Marilyn Monroe's curves and how a Bedouin present of an Aphrodite olfactory provided elixir for a lonely soldier. "From Kansas to Kilimanjaro" provides keen insights gleaned from one man's interesting life, but also provides a historical context of the world throughout the years.

Lost Cities Ancient Mysteries of Africa Arabia

Author : David Hatcher Childress
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Join Childress as he discovers forbidden cities in the Empty Quarter of Arabia, 'Atlantean' ruins in Egypt and the Kalahari desert; a mysterious, ancient empire in the Sahara; and more. This is an extraordinary life on the road: across war torn countries Childress searches for King Solomon's Mines, living dinosaurs, the Ark of the Covenant and the solutions to the fantastic mysteries of the past.

Poles Apart

Author : Galen Rowell
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In Poles Apart, Galen Rowell takes us on an exhilarating visual journey to the top and the bottom of the world, using the parallel visions of his camera to reveal the fascinating differences between these polar opposites.

Crucibles of Black Empowerment

Author : Jeffrey Helgeson
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The term “community organizer” was deployed repeatedly against Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign as a way to paint him as an inexperienced politician unfit for the presidency. The implication was that the job of a community organizer wasn’t a serious one, and that it certainly wasn’t on the list of credentials needed for a presidential résumé. In reality, community organizers have played key roles in the political lives of American cities for decades, perhaps never more so than during the 1970s in Chicago, where African Americans laid the groundwork for further empowerment as they organized against segregation, discrimination, and lack of equal access to schools, housing, and jobs. In Crucibles of Black Empowerment, Jeffrey Helgeson recounts the rise of African American political power and activism from the 1930s onward, revealing how it was achieved through community building. His book tells stories of the housewives who organized their neighbors, building tradesmen who used connections with federal officials to create opportunities in a deeply discriminatory employment sector, and the social workers, personnel managers, and journalists who carved out positions in the white-collar workforce. Looking closely at black liberal politics at the neighborhood level in Chicago, Helgeson explains how black Chicagoans built the networks that eventually would overthrow the city’s seemingly invincible political machine.

Barack Obama

Author : Libby Hughes
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Traces the life and times of the senator from Illinois and 2008 Democratic nominee for president through his youth, education, and adult careers as organizer, educator, and politician.

The Finish

Author : Mark Bowden
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From Mark Bowden, the preeminent chronicler of our military and special forces, comes The Finish, a gripping account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. With access to key sources, Bowden takes us inside the rooms where decisions were made and on the ground where the action unfolded. After masterminding the attacks of September 11, 2001, Osama bin Laden managed to vanish. Over the next ten years, as Bowden shows, America found that its war with al Qaeda—a scattered group of individuals who were almost impossible to track—demanded an innovative approach. Step by step, Bowden describes the development of a new tactical strategy to fight this war—the fusion of intel from various agencies and on-the-ground special ops. After thousands of special forces missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the right weapon to go after bin Laden had finally evolved. By Spring 2011, intelligence pointed to a compound in Abbottabad; it was estimated that there was a 50/50 chance that Osama was there. Bowden shows how three strategies were mooted: a drone strike, a precision bombing, or an assault by Navy SEALs. In the end, the President had to make the final decision. It was time for the finish.

The Return of the Tidal Flow of the Middle Passage

Author : Jacob Oluwatayo Adeuyan
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This book is a high profile reference book on the ordeal and ugly situations that befell the African continent; its people; its economy and why it was impossible for the continent to achieve much in the areas of scientific fit, natural development and social backwardness when is to be compared to other continents of the world. African people are never lazy folks as it was erroneously believed and propagated by some nationalities from other places of the world. If history was to be believed, African continent was one of the first places of the world where civilization and technology started even when others from other regions of the world were still looking for what to hold to support their walking exercise. Africa was one of the first fast growing Continent of the world in the acquisition of science and other human related knowledge, the study of solar system and other planets from its God given bank of knowledge. Universities of Timbuktu and Cairo is in a better position to attest to this fact from their records.The turn around of events that choked-up the people of the early generations of the continent began during the escalation of slave trade era. The relationship between an African person and their kings (Obas), the Chiefs and the Nobles on one hand and the down-trodden people that constituted the larger population of the community on the other created an un-level ground that benefited the former than the later. The advantage of absolute respect that the former was enjoying from the lower class was now being used on them when the trade was booming. African culture is a culture that gives absolute respect and honor to the elders and the well-to-do personalities among its community. When the hunting for slaves was at its peak in the West Coast of Africa for example, this class of well-to-do people were the intermediaries between the Oyinbos (white men) and the African slave traders who were then living at cities along the coast.

Barack Obama

Author : Lisa Rogak
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Since delivering his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Barack Obama has been hailed as the clear saviour of not only the Democratic party, but of the integrity of American politics. Despite the fact that he burst onto the national scene seemingly overnight, his name recognition has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. And in November 2008, he was elected the next President of the United States. Barack Obama in His Own Words is a book of quotes from the Illinois Senator that allows those who aren't as familiar with his politics to learn quickly where he stands on abortion, religion, AIDS, his critics, foreign policy, Iraq, the War on Terror, unemployment, gay marriage, and a host of other important issues facing America and the world. Informative and easy to read, this is the perfect potted history for those who donÕ t have time to read the biography of AmericaÕ s first Black President. Lisa Rogak is the author of In His Own Words: Colin Powell and Howard Dean In His Own Words. Her works have been reviewed and otherwise mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Family Circle, and hundreds of other publications. She lives in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Ô I wouldnÕ t run if I didnÕ t think I could win.Õ Ô I donÕ t want people to pretend IÕ m not black or that itÕ s somehow not relevant.Õ

Race 2008

Author : Myra Mendible
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Race 2008: Critical Reflections on an Historic Campaign brings together a diverse group of scholars and activists to examine the gendered politics, images, rhetorical practices, and racial/ethnic conflicts that served as a backdrop to this momentous election. It features perspectives marginalized or ignored by mainstream media and political pundits, thus providing alternative, critical insights on the social dynamics fueling campaign rhetoric, grassroots activism, and intergroup conflicts in 2008 and beyond.

Missy Fundi

Author : Mary Honer
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A maverick from Denmark and a bashful girl from Kansas met at an African market. Andrew Andersen's restless spirit had prompted him to leave home for the U.S. and later to accept an invitation to mission work in Kenya. He built houses, sawmills, bridges, and dams, getting to know the people and their languages. He was called "Bwana Fundi," meaning "Master Craftsman." Vivian Waldron was a shy, strong-minded young lady, and soon, under the flamboyant blooms of the Nandi Flame trees, Andrew proposed. Andrew and Vivian established a family, schools, churches, and mission stations. Their youngest child, Mary, was dubbed "Missy Fundi." She experienced the life of missionary children in Kenya at boarding school, at home, in remote villages, and on vacation safaris. This was amid the natural beauty of the country, the people, and the wildlife, all of which uniquely tempered her for adjustment to life in the U.S.

The Leadership Academy

Author : Can Akdeniz
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Leadership Academy is a stellar collection of successful leadership books by two renowned business writers, Can Akdeniz and Jonas Stark. Collectively, these four books – Cool Boss: Master 11 Qualities of Today’s Greatest Leaders, Happy Company: How to Create a Happy, Trustable and Successful Business, The 9 Routines of Successful People: A Guidebook for Personal Change, and Go Nuts: The Art of Creativity and Innovation – will help you steer both yourself and your company in a more successful direction. As you’ll learn, leadership skills can be developed in some pretty surprising ways – and innovation, positivity, and happiness all play major roles.


Author :
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Obama and the Biracial Factor

Author : Andrew Jolivétte
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Obama and the Biracial Factor is the first book to explore the significance of mixed-race identity as a key factor in the election of President Obama and examines the sociological and political relationship between race, power, and public policy in the United States.

Understanding American Government Alternate Edition

Author : Susan Welch
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UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is highly respected and trusted for its attention to research and issues of diversity, as well as for its award-winning team of authors. The ALTERNATE EDITION of this bestseller offers a more concise option for those instructors who do not require the policy chapters. While covering the foundations and features of American government, this text also moves beyond the nuts and bolts to explain why and how important features of government have evolved, their impact on government and individuals, and why these features are controversial (if they are) and worth learning. More than just narrating facts and current issues, UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT leaves students with an understanding of the why, so their knowledge can be applied long after the course is completed. UNDERSTANDING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is a three-time winner of the American Government Textbook Award for the Best Treatment of Women in Politics, by the Women’s Caucus for Political Science. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.