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The Journey from Milk to Meat

Author : Jim Crews
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The Journey From Milk to Meat, a Guide to Growth in the Christian Life, is an outgrowth of class lessons prepared by Pastor Jim which he has used in helping new Christians get started in the Christian life. It can be used as a self-study text or as a self-contained textbook for a class setting. This book is a deposit of learnings, teachings, wisdom, insights, life experience and passion for a dedicated disciple of Jesus Christ. May you be encouraged and challenged to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus as Savior and Lord as you read this work on Discipleship. Martin (Marty) H. Dupree, Evangelism Team Leader Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Pastor Jim Crews has been helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ for nearly fifty years. He has a wealth of insight into Scripture and how it applies in our daily walk with God. His book will inspire, encourage, and challenge you to press on in your Christian life and growth. Read and be blessed. Dr. Rick Via, Missionary/Evangelist/Author One of eight siblings, Dr. Jim Crews was born and reared on a dairy farm in Rockingham County, NC. He received a Th.B degree in Theology from Piedmont Baptist College, a Master's in English from Virginia State University, and a doctorate in Christian Ministry from Southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies. He taught Secondary English for thirty years while pastoring two SBC churches. He continues to pastor and serves as president of Jim Crews Ministries, Inc. He and his wife Dorothy are the parents of three adult children and nine grandchildren.

Protein and Energy Supply for High Production of Milk and Meat

Author : Yong Zhou
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Protein and Energy Supply for High Production of Milk and Meat covers the proceedings of a Symposium of the Committee on Agricultural Problems of the Economic Commission for Europe and the Food and Agriculture Organization. The book presents studies that are relevant in producing more milk and meat products. The text presents 10 papers that discuss the advances in understanding the significance of rumen fermentation; protein/energy relationships in the intermediary metabolism of ruminants; and protein/energy relationships in the practical feeding of dairy and fattening cattle. The book will be of great use to researchers and professionals concerned with procuring more cattle products.

From Milk to Meat

Author : Adam Field
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Are you tired of being told what you want to hear? Do you want to hear what you need to hear? Do you want the unhindered truth? A diet of deserts won't leave you healthy. We desperately need what will make us strong for the days ahead. These devotionals are packed with the nutrition that every disciple needs in order to face all that life throws at us. None of these writings are the infallible word of God and must not be read more than the Bible. These devotionals can supplement, challenge and equip you to align with God on this journey of following Christ. As Paul hoped that the Corinthian church would grow from milk to meat (1 Corinthian 3:2-3), so it is my desire for all that I come in contact with to grow in their faith so that we are ready for the return of the Lord. No one can fill your lamp but you. You can know God as much as you want to. Let these devotionals challenge you to grow in the Lord. Let them inspire you to quote the scripture more than anyone else! Challenge yourself! Grow in your walk with the Lord!

Ecological Study of the Role of Highly Processed Milk Meat and Vegetable Oil in Prostate Cancer Causation

Author : Carl Norgauer
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The transition from locally-produced, whole foods to distant-produced, fractioned foods marks food consumption patterns in the United States and other developed nations. Chief risk factors for prostate cancer - milk, meat and vegetable oils were examined to determine how modern processing of these foods has impacted the incidence of prostate cancer. Food consumption patterns in six nations with consistently low prostate cancer mortality were compared with seven nations with consistently high cancer mortality. Several of the low prostate cancer mortality nations included in this study have primitive food processing technology while all the high prostate cancer mortality nations have advanced refining and food fractionating technology. World Health Organization (WHO) mortality data for 1980-1995 were correlated with Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) food consumption data for 1995. Milk consumption statistics are weakly supportive of the hypothesis that the effect of milk processing is important in prostate cancer etiology (p

Milk Culture in Eurasia

Author : Masahiro Hirata
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The invention of milking and milk use created a new mode of subsistence called pastoralism. On rangelands across Eurasia, pastoralists subsist by extensive animal husbandry and by processing their animals’ milk. Based on the author’s fieldwork over more than two decades, this book details the processing systems and uses of milk observed in pastoralist and farm households in West Asia, South Asia, North Asia, Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau, and Europe and the Caucasus. Milk culture in each region is characterized by its processing technology and use of milk, and characteristics common to wider geographical spheres are identified. Inclusion of case studies from the literature expands the continent-wide perspective and provides further indications of how milk culture developed and diffused historically. The inferences drawn are expressed in the author’s monogenesis–bipolarization hypothesis of Eurasian milk culture, that milking and milk processing had a single center of origin in West Asia, and that the technology involved the spread from there across the continent, developing distinct characteristics in northern and southern spheres. Finally, because milk culture underpins pastoralism as a mode of subsistence, the typology and theory of pastoralism are re-examined from the standpoint of milk culture.

Home Economics Research Report

Author :
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Milk and Meat from the Camel

Author : Omar Abdulkadir Sh. Abdurahman
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Milk for Babes Strong Meat for Grown Ups

Author : Raul N Wallace
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In his book, Milk for Babes, Strong Meat for Grown-Ups, Raul N. Wallace highlights a plurality of life's ups and downs and carefully examines them from a Biblical perspective. He invites readers to take, drink, and eat to their heart's content of the Word of God that is shared within its pages. Readers will find very little commentary on Scriptures presented on account of the author's belief that what God's Word has to say about life's challenges far outweighs whatever minuscule input he has to contribute. Regardless of where readers fall along the spectrum of spiritual growth and maturity, they will sense an invisible presence of someone letting them know they are not alone. If readers are babes in Christ, they will find spiritual milk. If they are mature believers, they will find spiritual meat. "Through a unique book of spiritual teaching and biblical insight, the author shares truth from God's Word that will inspire and motivate believers to grow in their spiritual lives, whether they are new believers or seasoned followers of the faith. With excellent wisdom, encouragement for daily life, and revelatory advice, Milk for Babes, Strong Meat for Grown-Ups is a powerful collection of practical and spiritual steps for Christians to grow in their relationship with God." Editor, Salem Author Services "I truly enjoyed reading Milk for Babes, Strong Meat for Grown-Ups. I love the way it flows as an everyday conversation. The Scriptures substantiate each topic. I love the repetition method of "Have a drink or take a bite" and "Pause-Listen-Reflect." It allows readers to identify whether to drink milk or eat meat, and possibly see where they are in their Christian walk. I also enjoyed the old adages incorporated with the slangs of the day." Vertell T. Godbolt, Pastor/Pastor's Wife, Retired Educator and Author

Organic meat and milk from ruminants

Author : I. Kyriazakis
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Demand for organically produced animal products has dramatically increased in Europe over recent years. This book reports the outcomes of a conference on the production of Organic Meat and Milk from Ruminants, that was held in Athens in October 2001. The topics presented range from the current and future state of the markets for such products, the legislation associated with their production, the health issues that arise from it and the impact of organic agriculture on farming systems and socio-economic structures. Contributors addressing these topics include leading scientists from Europe, and this book will be of particular interest to researchers, professionals and producers who deal with the challenge of organic meat and milk production from ruminants.

Improving Cattle for Milk Meat and Traction

Author : Ibrahim, H.
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