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From Reel to Deal

Author : Dov S-S Simens
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From screenwriting & budgeting to marketing, Simens provides encyclopedic, precise, & creative instruction for putting your vision up on the screen.

From Reel to Disc

Author : Dr Thomas Gunn
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The Launceston Film Society prides itself on being the largest film society in Australia with a membership in excess of 1500 people. Its beginnings though were a little less ostentatious. It is this story that has been researched and written by Launceston historian Dr Thomas Gunn in the new book From Reel to Disc. Commissioned by the Film Society, Dr Gunn soon encountered a major stumbling point: no-one seemed to know when the Society actually started. It was fortunate that many years ago a member of the committee had given the original minute book to the Launceston Library. This was to provide the foundation for the initial research which was then carefully developed through oral histories and further research. The idea of a film society was not new; a number existed at various times in Launceston. It was the Launceston Adult Education Film Society, established in 1958, that was to continue and exists today as the Launceston Film Society. The Society has survived a number of challenges and changes in our world: the introduction of television, of coloured television and of the video recorder. But only just. These were innovations that were the death knell of many film societies world-wide and indeed threatened the film and cinema industry itself. It is not exactly known how many films have been shown by the Society. In the early days it was one a month. Today they show over 40 films a year, each with four screenings at Village Cinemas. The films shown originate from around the globe and have covered numerous subjects and many genres.

The Filmmaker s Handbook

Author : Steven Ascher
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The fifth edition of the authoritative guide to producing, directing, shooting, editing, and distributing your video or film. Whether you aspire to be a great filmmaker yourself or are looking for movie gifts, this comprehensive guide to filmmaking is the first step in turning a hobby into a career. Widely acknowledged as the “bible” of video and film production, and used in courses around the world, The Filmmaker’s Handbook is now updated with the latest advances in HD and digital formats. For students and teachers, professionals and novices, this indispensable handbook covers all aspects of movie making. • Techniques for making dramatic features, documentaries, corporate, broadcast, and experimental videos and films • Shooting with DSLRs, video, film, and digital cinema cameras • In-depth coverage of lenses, lighting, sound recording, editing, and mixing • Understanding HDR, RAW, Log, 4K, UHD, and other formats • The business aspects of funding and producing your project • Getting your movie shown in theaters, on television, streaming services, and online

Business Plans for Filmmakers

Author : John W. Cones
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The practical and legal aspects of writing a business plan for a film venture can be daunting to navigate without a firm grasp of know-how. With this in mind, John W. Cones's Business Plans for Filmmakers arms independent movie-makers and students with everything they need to successfully tackle the confusing intersection of law, business, and art when creating a business plan for a movie. This pragmatic volume offers plenty of examples and strategies for success, sharing straightforward insight into some of the toughest challenges independent filmmakers face when encountering these documents. With simple yet thorough detail and clarity, Cones outlines the legal requirements affecting movie proposals, including ways to evaluate the necessity for a business plan or a securities disclosure document, as well as the legal definition of "an active investor." Also addressed are the numerous subjects filmmakers and students must consider before a film offering, including the efficacy of a business plan to fund the development, production, and distribution phases of a film; common elements of fraud of which fledgling filmmakers should beware; the intricacies of revenue sharing; and how to render financial projections. Cones also imparts useful distinctions between such industry terms as "company financing" versus "project financing," along with many others. This bookalso includes in-depth guidance through the murky paths of investor analysis and key strategies to find and attract parties interested in financing film. Drawing upon his many years as a securities and entertainment attorney, and his experiences advising independent film producers, Cones offers the tools necessary not only to understand investors' motivations but also to use that knowledge to the filmmaker's advantage. Also provided are perceptive studies of the investment vehicles commonly used in business plans seeking investors, with analysis of each method's pros and cons. Throughout the volume, Cones uses sample plans to offer a real-world grasp of the intricacies of the business. In the business of this art, knowledge is power. Business Plans for Filmmakers dispels the myths and misinformation circulating among filmmakers to provide accurate and useful advice.

Music Classification Systems

Author : Mark McKnight
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This volume is designed to introduce the principles of music classification to beginning music catalogers, as well as to non-specialist catalogers, and those who only occasionally deal with music materials. It will surely relieve the stress level for general catalogers by providing practical guidelines as well as clarifying and explaining the most commonly used classification systems in the United States—the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), the Library of Congress Classification (LCC), and the Alpha-Numeric System for Classification of Recordings (ANSCR).

Bibliographic Index

Author :
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Cinematic Game Secrets for Creative Directors and Producers

Author : Rich Newman
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Cinematography for Games covers the space between the game and film industries by pointing out the most relevant cinematic techniques in today's hottest games, and including interviews with the game industry's greatest luminaries (including Will Wright: Sims legend, Harvey Smith, legendary game Deus Ex, Warren Spector creator of one of the original game companies, Origin). The convergence of games and film is a widely discussed and debated topic in the game industry. Many major publishers, along with some high-profile directors (John Woo, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Tony Scott) are exploring the middle ground between the industries. This book introduces game producers and directors to the tried and true techniques cinematographers have relied on for years. Game developers learn how to create compelling video games by: developing quality stories and characters; visualizing scenes within the game through the eyes of a cinematographer; using tried and true film industry methods for casting, voice-over, direction, and production. The book will also feature screen shots from some of today's hottest titles that illustrate key cinematic concepts, as well as advice from successful game industry professionals already using these techniques.

The 100 Greatest Rock n Roll Songs Ever

Author : Avram Mednick
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Writing The 100 Greatest Rock'n'Roll Songs Ever was a labor of love. Written while on Sabbatical leave from my day job, it is one listener's snapshot of the genre, from the mid-'50's to the present, filtered through my personal life experiences. My purpose for writing this book was to acknowledge the major role that the music has played in my life. My wish for the reader is to stimulate memories of your own favorite songs and of the rock'n'roll vernacular and experiences shared by many of us.

It Sounds Like Fun

Author : Edward F. Dolan
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Information for selecting and using tape recorders and stereo equipment.

Reel to Real by Reel

Author : Chris Callaway
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Books that blend explorations of pop music with a coming-of-age memoir have become bestsellers for authors like Nick Hornby and Chuck Klosterman. I take the concept one step further in my proposed book, "Reel to Real by Reel," which features uncut interviews--collected during my days as a music journalist. As the interviews are arranged in chronological order, the book offers two unique reading experiences at once: a look at the uncensored thoughts of touring musicians; and the life story of the author who conducted the interviews: a music fan since birth, a performing musician in his own right, a Christian who often struggles with questions about faith, and an OCD sufferer who finds some relief in music. • Robyn Hitchcock • Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze) • Mike Peters (the Alarm) • Charlie Gillingham (Counting Crows) • Buddy Cage (Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Stir Fried) • Bruce Cockburn • Sean Kelly (the Samples) • Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love) • Tim Finn • Dug Pinnick (King's X) • Alex Lifeson (Rush) • Matt Slocum (Sixpence None the Richer) • Neil Finn (Crowded House) • Michael Sweet (Stryper) • Steve Taylor • Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) • Ray Davies (the Kinks) • Jon Auer (the Posies)