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From the Red Tees

Author : Celeste Palermo
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For those women who lack experience, getting into the swing"" of golf no longer needs to be scary or stressful. ""From the Red Tees"" is the book currently missing from bookstore shelves, pro shops, and golf stores. It is packed with need-to-know tips, basic golf etiquette, the rules of the game, and humorous stories and golf anecdotes. Aspiring golfers will appreciate the wealth of information written for women by a woman who's been over par and out of bounds on many occasions.""


Author : Oliver E. Cathey Jr.
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Oliver Cathey, AKA Rick Limmer, retired from a 40 year career as an Operations Research Analyst to play golf at PGA West in La Quinta, CA. Rick believes that a little levity makes for an easy read and makes technical points stick a little easier in your head. In this, his second book about golf, Rick writes about the course management skills that can immediately cut 10 strokes off the scores of high handicap golfers. If you’re a high handicap golfer, this book will show you how going for bogey will get you bogey when going for par gets you doubles and triples. It will show you how to stay out of trouble and how to get out cleanly when you get in trouble anyway. This book will not fi x your swing. It’s aimed at fi xing your game. The author’s Bogey Golfer Solution is demonstrated by examples on two famous golf courses at PGA West, the Arnold Palmer course you see on TV during the Humana Classic and on the PGA West Stadium course that people come from all over the world to play.

Hey Tiger You Need to Move Your Mark Back

Author : Steve Scott
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Experience the thrill, twenty-five years later, of Steve Scott's epic finals match against Tiger Woods in the 1996 United States Amateur Championship! In August of ‘96, Steve Scott went head to head against Tiger Woods at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club in the finals of the US Amateur Championship. Five thousand three hundred forty-five players whittled down to two. Scott found himself a surprising 5-up after the first 18, but at hole 35 Tiger squared the grueling match with an improbable 40-foot birdie putt. With the result coming down to the last hole, the difference in the outcome actually came earlier, when Scott reminded Woods to move his mark back to its rightful place on hole 34. Had Scott not done the morally correct thing, Tiger would have been penalized and, in turn, not have won three straight U.S. Amateur Championships (something not even the great Jack Nicklaus or legendary Bobby Jones had done), forever changing the course of Tiger’s career and golf history. In Hey, Tiger—You Need to Move Your Mark Back, Scott teams up with esteemed storyteller Tripp Bowden to explain, twenty-five years later, what led to that life-changing moment and to describe, in his own words, the exhilaration of that ‘96 U. S. Amateur Championship and how it ultimately changed golf history and the two competitors' lives. Forever. Hey Tiger—You Need to Move Your Mark Back is a story for the ages for golf fans looking for an unlikely new perspective on the greatest game in the world.

Finding Ti Ming Tem Po

Author : Mark Button
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Who controls every bounce, gust of wind and subtle break on the golf course? Its Ti Ming and Tem Po, the mystical golf gods, of course! Ti Ming and Tem Po are the guardians of the game. They know all, see all and control the fate of everything in golf. Those who dishonor or disbelieve in the golf gods do so at their own peril. In the first book from Texas golf writer Mark Button, Finding Ti Ming & Tem Po, Legend of the golf gods, believers young and old benefit from their trust in the golf gods. Disguised as small wooden statues, Ti Ming and Tem Po come alive in the dream world and teach their students to love, respect and master the game. All the while, the golf gods impart the life lessons and virtues the game instills, such as confidence, honesty, judgment, respect and perseverance. Their amazing journey touches the lives of many. Among them are Jack, a curious young boy seeking confidence; Anna, a cocky tomboy with a strained relationship with her father; and Tommy, a once-promising amateur golfer whose life is derailed by bad decisions. With the help of Ti Ming and Tem Po, things change dramatically for all who believe. Good fortunes on the golf course await all who believe, including you. If you believe in Ti Ming and Tem Po, anything is possible. Long live the golf gods! Visit for more information.

Golfing the Virginias

Author : Armstrong, Robert
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Biggs on Finance Economics and the Stock Market

Author : Barton Biggs
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Released to the public for the first time, writings by the incomparable Barton Biggs Long considered one of the best brains on Wall Street, Barton Biggs acquired the stature of a legend within his lifetime. Among his many coups, he accurately called the rise and fall of the dot-com market, and was an energetic promoter of emerging markets, including China, well before American businesses began flocking there—and he made vast fortunes for his clients, in the process. But, as this fascinating book confirms, it wasn't Biggs's genius as a market analyst and hedge fund manager alone that made him special. The product of a keen and broad-ranging intellect in full command of his subjects—and the English language—the letters compiled in this volume leave no doubt that Barton Biggs was one of the most interesting observers of Wall Street, the financial world, and the human comedy, ever to set pen to paper. Released from Morgan Stanley's archives and made public for the first time, the letters compiled in this volume add new luster to Biggs's reputation as a first-class finance author Address the most essential aspects of high-frequency trading, from formulation of ideas to performance evaluation Shares Biggs's fascinating insights and uncannily accurate predictions about an array of economic and financial topics, liberally peppered with historical references and wry humor Organized thematically, the letters showcase Barton Biggs's observations on finance, economics and the stock market, from 1980 to 2003


Author : A. Garth Fisher
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Written to help people understand, play and enjoy the game of golf at any level.

Annual Reports of the Officers of State of the State of Indiana Administrative Officers Trustees and Superintendents of the Several Benevolent and Reformatory Institutions

Author : Indiana
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House documents

Author :
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Annual Reports of the Officers of State of the State of Indiana

Author : Indiana
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