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Fundamentals of Construction Claims

Author : William J. McConnell
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Demystify complicated construction claims with this indispensable guide Given how common complex claims have become in the modern built environment, Fundamentals of Construction Claims: A 9-Step Guide for General Contractors, Subcontractors, Architects and Engineers is an absolutely critical addition to the library of any construction professional. Written by William J. McConnell, PE, JD, MSCE, CDT, a celebrated lawyer, author, engineer, and expert witness, Fundamentals of Construction Claims sets out clear and concrete strategies for developing a construction claim from beginning to end. The author's straightforward 9-Step method helps readers avoid costly dispute resolution fees by: Explaining entitlement requirements for various types of claims, including differing site conditions, added scope, and weather delays Offering procedures for calculating delay impacts through forensic scheduling analysis Defining, in detail, four simple ways to prove damages Throughout, relevant case studies are used to illuminate the principles found within and bring life to the concepts the author introduces.

Fundamentals of Building Contract Management

Author : Thomas E. Uher
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Stripping contracts of their legal mystique and jargon, this reference offers essential information on the entire contract administration process. Divided into three sections, this easy-to-use guide covers potential issues from project inception to finish and includes sample contracts as well as an overview of the most recent statutory legislation. Comprehensive and practical, this handbook is an invaluable tool for both practitioners in the construction industry and students across Australia.

Fundamentals of Patent Law

Author : Matt Fisher
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Shortlisted for the 2008 Young Authors Inner Temple Book Prize This new book provides a comprehensive overview of the topic of patent claim interpretation in the UK and in three other select jurisdictions. It explores territory that has great commercial significance and yet is severely under-explored in existing works. The twin issues of the function of patent law and interpretational analysis of the scope of protection have been recently reconsidered by the House of Lords, and this work not only reviews their recent cases but also looks at how the US, German and Japanese patent systems deal with the complex problems presented in this area. The book provides a balanced approach between practical, academic and theoretical approaches to claim interpretation. In doing so it provides more than a simple case analysis, as it enables the reader to consider the shape that the law should take rather than simply recounting the current position. Its novelty therefore lies in bringing the theoretical elements of the discussion together with the view of the profession charged with creating the patent documentation in the first place and then viewing this in the light of the detailed comparative studies. It is only by considering all of these elements that we begin to see a pathway for the development of the law in this area. This is a work that will be an important source of reference for academics and practitioners working in the field of patent law.

Fundamentals of Stability Theory

Author : John T. Baldwin
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Since their inception, the Perspectives in Logic and Lecture Notes in Logic series have published seminal works by leading logicians. Many of the original books in the series have been unavailable for years, but they are now in print once again. In this volume, the twelfth publication in the Perspectives in Logic series, John T. Baldwin presents an introduction to first order stability theory, organized around the spectrum problem: calculate the number of models a first order theory T has in each uncountable cardinal. The author first lays the groundwork and then moves on to three sections: independence, dependence and prime models, and local dimension theory. The final section returns to the spectrum problem, presenting complete proofs of the Vaught conjecture for ω-stable theories for the first time in book form. The book provides much-needed examples, and emphasizes the connections between abstract stability theory and module theory.

Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals

Author : Marlene A. Maerowitz
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The new edition of Maerowitz and Mauet's Fundamentals of CaliforniaLitigation for Paralegals gives students a complete explanation ofCalifornia specific litigation. Clearly written with the student in mind, thetext makes the material accessible while the accompanying workbook and formsput theory into practice.These features make this text an appealing choice:* offers a complete understanding of the litigation process fromthe time the client walks into the office through trial and post-judgment,including settlements and alternative forms of resolutions* balanced approach neither oversimplifies the litigationprocess, nor clouds the educational course with excessive information* pedagogical aids such as bold-faced terms defined in theglossary; examples; charts and checklists; sample documents; chapter overviewsand summaries; and review questions are featured throughout the text* tailored to the California rules with each chapter referencingthe specific California statute where more information can be found,and California forms included throughout* provides opportunities for the instructor to pick and choose whichareas to emphasize* a workbook on CD accompanies the text and includes five casescenarios based on California law along with associated Judicial Council formsto be used as practical exercises* Instructor's Manual provides answers to the questionsposed in the workbook and book, as well as a test bank of questions thatinclude true-false, short answer and essay questions so that theinstructor can choose the type of test to give. Projects for research andwriting, sample forms, and suggested course outlines are also includedChanges to the Third Edition include:* chapters on motions and discovery tools have been broken down intoseparate sections so that they are both easier for the student to understandand digest, and easier for the instructor to teach* depositions, interrogatories, and document productionhave been included and demurrers, motions to strike, and summaryjudgment have been broken out into separate sections* more information included on litigation management systems andhow to use such systems to index and retrieve documents in large cases* reflects most recent changes in the California rulesThis student-friendly text offers a teachable approach to the subject ofCalifornia litigation. The content is neither oversimplified nor saturatedwith excess information which allows for a smooth introduction.Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals, Third Edition offersa complete understanding of the litigation process, allowing students to walkaway with a firm understanding of the complete picture.

Forms Substance

Author : John I. Spangler (III.)
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Fundamentals of Construction Law

Author : Carina Y. Enhada
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This book is the definitive primer on the subjects which are at the heart of every construction law dispute. Written by highly regarded construction attorney, with 13 chapters which explain the key principles of construction law.

Fundamentals of Construction Law

Author : L. Franklin Elmore
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Outlining the basics of construction law, this guide explains the major principles of construction law in a logical, useful format. A must-have for any lawyer practicing in the area, particularly those new to the field, chapters are written by some of the best and most experienced practitioners in construction law. Covering the subjects at the heart of every construction project and dispute, chapter authors offer critical perspective by explaining the views and roles of key parties, including owner, designer, contractor, and surety. In addition to discussing important contract provisions, other topics include insurance, scheduling, government contracts, defects, damages, and ADR.

Fundamentals of United States Intellectual Property Law Copyright Patent and Trademark

Author : Amanda Reid
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Completely revised and updated, this sixth edition of a well-received desk reference offers in one volume a comprehensive review of United States (US) copyright, patent, and trademark laws. Like its previous editions, the book’s thorough and sophisticated treatment of this complex material escapes the cumbersome overelaboration of a multivolume treatise on the one hand and a superficial “nutshell” on the other. Maintaining the systematic structure that makes it easy for users to zero in on any particular matter, the new edition incorporates the changes that have entered into force since the fifth edition and expertly examines their effects. The three major categories of copyright, patent, and trademark are covered in turn—along with a fourth section on chip protection—with detailed but concise examination and analysis of such issues and topics as the following and much more: • subject matter of protection; • conditions of protection; • registration procedures; • scope of exclusive rights; • transfer of interests; • fair use; • rights in unregistered marks; • protection of computer software, code, and databases; • remedies and defenses; and • procedural issues in infringement actions. The authors examine significant case law, updated for this edition, in the course of their analysis. With its detailed citations and readily accessible and complete subject coverage, this latest edition is sure to retain its usefulness as a quick reference or desk book for intellectual property practitioners, in-house counsel, patent agents, academics, and librarians, as well as for anyone interested in understanding US intellectual property law.

Construction Disputes

Author : Robert F. Cushman
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In compiling the third and entirely revised edition of Construction Disputes: Representing the Contractor, the editors have sought out as specialists in their field: contributing authors who are not only experienced in resolving construction disputes but also known and respected for their expertise in specific critical areas commonly encountered in construction litigation. Although intended primarily to assist attorneys, this book also provides a useful desk reference for anyone whose activities touch on long-term contract matters and gives individual contractors a better understanding of how their actions may affect this increasingly important part of operations.