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Inventing Future Cities

Author : Michael Batty
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How we can invent—but not predict—the future of cities. We cannot predict future cities, but we can invent them. Cities are largely unpredictable because they are complex systems that are more like organisms than machines. Neither the laws of economics nor the laws of mechanics apply; cities are the product of countless individual and collective decisions that do not conform to any grand plan. They are the product of our inventions; they evolve. In Inventing Future Cities, Michael Batty explores what we need to understand about cities in order to invent their future. Batty outlines certain themes—principles—that apply to all cities. He investigates not the invention of artifacts but inventive processes. Today form is becoming ever more divorced from function; information networks now shape the traditional functions of cities as places of exchange and innovation. By the end of this century, most of the world's population will live in cities, large or small, sometimes contiguous, and always connected; in an urbanized world, it will be increasingly difficult to define a city by its physical boundaries. Batty discusses the coming great transition from a world with few cities to a world of all cities; argues that future cities will be defined as clusters in a hierarchy; describes the future “high-frequency,” real-time streaming city; considers urban sprawl and urban renewal; and maps the waves of technological change, which grow ever more intense and lead to continuous innovation—an unending process of creative destruction out of which future cities will emerge.

Designing Future Cities for Wellbeing

Author : Christopher T. Boyko
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Designing Future Cities for Wellbeing draws on original research that brings together dimensions of cities we know have a bearing on our health and wellbeing – including transportation, housing, energy, and foodways – and illustrates the role of design in delivering cities in the future that can enhance our health and wellbeing. It aims to demonstrate that cities are a complex interplay of these various dimensions that both shape and are shaped by existing and emerging city structures, governance, design, and planning. Explaining how to consider these interconnecting dimensions in the way in which professionals and citizens think about and design the city for future generations’ health and wellbeing, therefore, is key. The chapters draw on UK case and research examples and make comparison to international cities and examples. This book will be of great interest to researchers and students in planning, public policy, public health, and design.

Future Cities New Economy and Shared City Prosperity Driven by Technological Innovations

Author : Lei Guo
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This publication delivers an interdisciplinary approach from professionals and scholars working in government, the United Nations, academia, scientific research, and private sector. The purpose of this publication is (1) to raise awareness on new technological innovations and how these changes affect urban infrastructure and the quality of living of urban dwellers; (2) to enhance collective knowledge on different user cases of new technologies in cities and the potential benefits and risks; and (3) to call for collaboration and collective actions from all cities to smartly use and govern new tech solutions for a safer, more inclusive, and more prosperous urban environment. The launch of this publication coincided with the 10th World Urban Forum (WUF10), Abu Dhabi, 2020. Principal authors: Michael Keith, Jian Gao, Tao Zhou, Quanhui Liu, Hui Zeng, Mingxiao Zhao, Baolin Cao, Gerhard Schmitt, Jaideep Gupte, Saiful Ridwan, Harrison Simotwo, Pietro Visetti, Keli Zhu, Hongshan Zhang, Shudong Cui, Yifan Li, He Jia, George Economides, Zhiyong Fu, Peter Scupelli, Jiajun Xu, Xinyue Wu, Haishan Wu, Lei Yin, Shantian Cheng, Deyi Wu, and Bingnan Yin

Future Forms and Design For Sustainable Cities

Author : Mike Jenks
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Concentrating on the planning and design of cities, the three sections take a logical route through the discussion from the broad considerations at regional and city scale, to the larger city at high and lower densities through to design considerations on the smaller block scale. Key design issues such as access to facilities, access for sunlight, life cycle analyses, and the impact of communications on urban design are tackled, and in conclusion, the research is compared to large scale design examples that have been proposed and/or implemented over the past decade to give a vision for the future that might be achievable.

Biotechnology and Future Cities

Author : Zaheer Allam
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This book explores how biotechnology can lead to the reimagination of cities. In a time where the increasing adoption of technology by cities is leading to unsustainable environmental and economic concerns, biotechnology has enabled new ways of envisioning data and energy storage. Zaheer Allam thus revisits the popular concept of Smart Cities -and its associated Internet of Things (IoT) to explore how the biological sciences, coupled with technology, can be applied to cities; and in doing so, create living urban organisms on an unprecedented scale. This new concept will open up exciting avenues to providing novel solutions for climate change mitigation. The book goes on to address various potential concerns and discusses what regulatory frameworks would be needed to safely implement such a concept. It will be a useful tool for planners, policy makers and engineers as well as for researchers with in interest in the future of our cities.

Future Cities All That Matters

Author : Camilla Ween
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In Future Cities: All that Matters Camilla Ween will outline the challenges of meeting the anticipated growth of world cities over the next few decades. By 2030 it is predicted that between 80-90 % of the world's population will be living in cities, in several countries this will be 100%; Singapore is already classified as having a 100% urban population. There will be many cities with populations of over 20 million. The infrastructure required to support these cities will be a massive challenge for city planners and governments. Never in the history of civilisation has the need to deliver so much been so urgent - and with dwindling world resources. Tackling the challenges will be further complicated by pressure to develop solutions that are sustainable and include climate change mitigation measures. Some advocate geo-engineering - the large-scale engineering and manipulation of the world's environment e.g. ocean fertilisation to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, as the answer to tackling climate change. Others see this as a doomsday scenario and believe the solution lies in behaviour adaptation, changing the way we live and making do with less. Despite the difficulties, the book will chart how some cities are already tackling the problems, policies that are emerging to meet these challenges and will highlight innovations that are currently being explored.

Mental Health In Our Future Cities

Author : David Goldberg
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Across the world, cities are becoming larger, as populations drift from the country into urban areas. At the same time, the mentally ill are leaving the mental hospitals and new forms of care are being found in the community. The best ways in which services for the mentally ill can be organized in the community is still a matter for debate, and as cities become larger problems may become greater.; This text compares mental health services in London with those in Amsterdam, Baltimore, Bangalore, Copenhagen, Kobe, Madison, Porto Alegre, Sydney, Teheran and Verona. It describes arrangements that work in practice, and includes some of the ideas and practices in mental health services.

Values and Functions for Future Cities

Author : Giulio Mondini
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This book features a selection of the best papers presented at two SIEV seminars held in Venice, Italy, in September 2017 and 2018, in the context of the Urbanpromo Green events. Bringing together experts from a diverse range of fields – economics, appraisal, architecture, energy, urban planning, sociology, and the decision sciences – and government representatives, the seminars encouraged reflections on the role of future cites in terms of sustainable development, with a particular focus on improving collective and individual well-being. The book provides a multidisciplinary approach to contemporary green urban agendas and urban sustainability, and addresses the demand for policies and strategies to strengthen resilience through concrete measures to reduce energy consumption, mitigate pollution, promote social inclusion and create urban identity.

Future of the city

Author : DIFA Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG.
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Future City Architecture for Optimal Living

Author : Stamatina Th. Rassia
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This book offers a wealth of interdisciplinary approaches to urbanization strategies in architecture centered on growing concerns about the future of cities and their impacts on essential elements of architectural optimization, livability, energy consumption and sustainability. It portrays the urban condition in architectural terms, as well as the living condition in human terms, both of which can be optimized by mathematical modeling as well as mathematical calculation and assessment. Special features include: • new research on the construction of future cities and smart cities • discussions of sustainability and new technologies designed to advance ideas to future city developments Graduate students and researchers in architecture, engineering, mathematical modeling, and building physics will be engaged by the contributions written by eminent international experts from a variety of disciplines including architecture, engineering, modeling, optimization, and related fields.