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Gaia and the Fate of Midas

Author : Richard Krooth
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Richard Krooth has much practical experience in issues invoked in this book, having worked for environmental preservation his entire adult life. This volume illustrates his concerns for humanity and all living things, as well as his commitment to put the current planetary crisis into the context of its historical setting. He is also the author, editor, and contributor to numerous books.

Darwin s Walk and The Last Wave

Author : Richard Krooth
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This book describes the reasons humankind may be facing its last moments on Planet Earth. The author follows the trajectory of the evolution of humans and how it has had a widespread effect on Earth’s environment. The book concludes with a look into what the future may hold for humans.

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti Imperialism

Author : Immanuel Ness
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The Palgrave Encyclopedia Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism objectively presents the prominent themes, epochal events, theoretical explanations, and historical accounts of imperialism from 1776 to the present. It is the most historically and academically comprehensive examination of the subject to date.

The Organization of Transport

Author : Massimo Moraglio
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Over the past ten years, the study of mobility has demonstrated groundbreaking approaches and new research patterns. These investigations criticize the concept of mobility itself, suggesting the need to merge transport and communication research, and to approach the topic with novel instruments and new methodologies. Following the debates on the role of users in shaping transport technology, new mobility research includes debates from sociology, planning, economy, geography, history, and anthropology. This edited volume examines how users, policy-makers, and industrial managers have organized and continue to organize mobility, with a particularly attention to Europe, North America, and Asia. Taking a long-term and comparative perspective, the volume brings together thirteen chapters from the fields of urban studies, history, cultural studies, and geography. Covering a variety of countries and regions, these chapters investigate how various actors have shaped transport systems, creating models of mobility that differ along a number of dimensions, including public vs. private ownership and operation as well as individual vs. collective forms of transportation. The contributions also examine the extent to which initial models have created path dependencies in terms of technology, physical infrastructure, urban development, and cultural and behavioral preferences that limit subsequent choices.

The Midas Touch

Author : Mark Daniels
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This authoritative and fascinating introduction to the legends of history will reintroduce readers to the cyclopes, Minotaur and centaurs of the Ancient Greeks, as well as shedding light on the wider world of mythology. The Midas Touch includes a stunning array of fascinating tales and gets to grips with the ancient stories of Aboriginal, Sumerian, Egyptian, Mesoamerican, Maori, Greek, Roman, Indian, Norse and Japanese cultures, encompassing legends from the most diverse societies and the most ancient cultures from across the globe. In a concise yet comprehensive format, The Midas Touch is a wonderful evocation of the hugely entertaining stories and characters of mythology.

Pindar s Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina

Author : Anne Pippin Burnett
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This book consists of individual studies of the poet Pindar's eleven odes for the victors of the athletic contests on the island of Aigina. Anne Pippin Burnett addresses questions of mythic self-presentation, as well as Pindar's techniques for unifying his audience and leading it into a shared experience of inspired success.

Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea Part I

Author : Angela Carpenter
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This volume offers a review of oil inputs to the Mediterranean Sea from sources such as shipping, and offshore exploration and exploitation activities. It discusses international measures to prepare for, respond to, and prevent oil pollution incidents, as well as the international legal framework and agencies with a role in pollution prevention and responses. It includes chapters on modeling the fate of oil pollution, oil spill response, and oil spill beaching probability, and presents data from a range of sources, including historic data on shipping accidents and oil exploration and exploitation activities, satellite and remote sensing data, and numerical modelling data, to provide an overview of oil pollution over several years. Topics covered include modelling of oil slicks in the eastern and western Mediterranean basins, oil exploration and exploitation activities in the waters of the Levantine Basin (Eastern Mediterranean), and signatures to and ratification of the Barcelona Convention and its Protocols, for example. Together with the companion volume Oil Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea: Part II - National Case Studies, it addresses both national and international measures in the region, making it of relevance to the agencies and government bodies tasked with remediating or preventing oil pollution, as well as policymakers and practitioners in the fields of shipping, ports and terminals, oil extraction and marine management. It provides researchers with essential reference material on tools and techniques for monitoring oil pollution, and serves as a valuable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of marine oil pollution.

The Music of Reason

Author : Michael Davis
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In recent years, the field of cognitive psychology has begun to explore the rootedness of rational thinking in subrational inspiration, insight, or instinct—a kind of prediscursive hunch that leaps ahead and guides rational thought before the reasoning human being is even aware of it. In The Music of Reason, Michael Davis shows that this "musical" quality of thinking is something that leading philosophers have long been aware of and explored with great depth and subtlety. Focusing on the work of three thinkers traditionally viewed as among the most poetic of philosophers—Rousseau, Nietzsche, and Plato—Davis reveals the complex and profound ways in which they each plumbed the depths of reason's "prerational" foundations. Davis first examines Rousseau's Essay on the Origins of Languages: Where Something Is Said About Melody and Musical Imitation and Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy Out of the Spirit of Music to demonstrate that revealing the truth, or achieving individual enlightenment, requires poetic techniques such as irony, indirection, and ambiguity. How philosophers say things is as worthy of our attention as what they say. Turning to Plato's Lesser Hippias, Davis then reconsiders the relation between truth-telling and lying, finding the Platonic dialogue to be an artful synthesis of music and reason. The "ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry" that Plato placed near the core of this thinking suggests a tension between the rational (scientific) and the nonrational (poetic), or between the true and the beautiful—the one clear and definite, the other allusive and musical. Contemplating language in Rousseau, the Dionysian in Nietzsche, and playfulness in Plato, The Music of Reason explores how what we might initially perceive as irrational and so antithetical to reason is, in fact, constitutive of it.

A Dictionary of Classical Greek Quotations

Author : Marinos Yeroulanos
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'Human wisdom is of little or no value', wrote Plato in his Apology. And yet the ancient Greeks, including Plato himself, more than any other people of antiquity were fascinated by the pursuit of the wisdom they called philosophia. That search for knowledge involved an extensive use of maxims and quotations, as we can see from those expressions of Homer prefaced by the phrase 'as people say'. Homer, the Seven Sages and the Pre-Socratic philosophers are still extensively quoted in all the major western languages. Yet for all their popularity, until now there has been no single resource to which interested readers might turn. This unique reference book offers one of the most comprehensive selections of Greek quotations ever committed to print. With its English text matched by the original Greek, the volume collects 7500 entries, ranging from the archaic period to late antiquity, and across philosophy, drama, poetry, history, science and medicine, each indexed with key words to enable fast sourcing. Together, these selections provide an incomparable insight into the glories of Greek civilization.


Author : Surazeus Astarius
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Takomiad of Surazeus - Goddess of Takoma presents 125,667 lines of verse in 2,590 poems, lyrics, ballads, sonnets, dramatic monologues, eulogies, hymns, and epigrams written by Surazeus 1984 to 1992.

Simon Schuster Super Crossword Puzzle Dictionary And Reference Book

Author : Seth Godin
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Lists more than 200,000 words organized by letter count and synonym, and provides a reference section with lists of awards, important figures, records, and events in a variety of fields

The Renaissance Nude

Author : Thomas Kren
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A gloriously illustrated examination of the origins and development of the nude as an artistic subject in Renaissance Europe Reflecting an era when Europe looked to both the classical past and a global future, this volume explores the emergence and acceptance of the nude as an artistic subject. It engages with the numerous and complex connotations of the human body in more than 250 artworks by the greatest masters of the Renaissance. Paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, and book illustrations reveal private, sometimes shocking, preoccupations as well as surprising public beliefs—the Age of Humanism from an entirely new perspective. This book presents works by Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, and Martin Schongauer in the north and Donatello, Raphael, and Giorgione in the south; it also introduces names that deserve to be known better. A publication this rich in scholarship could only be produced by a variety of expert scholars; the sixteen contributors are preeminent in their fields and wide-ranging in their knowledge and curiosity. The structure of the volume—essays alternating with shorter texts on individual artworks—permits studies both broad and granular. From the religious to the magical and the poetic to the erotic, encompassing male and female, infancy, youth, and old age, The Renaissance Nude examines in a profound way what it is to be human.

The Odes of Pindar

Author : Pindar
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Author : Pindar
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Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World

Author : David Sacks
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Discusses the people, places and events found in over 2,000 years of Greek civilization.

The Works of Xenophon Hellenica

Author : Xenophon
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Z is for Zeus

Author : Helen L. Wilbur
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Whose face launched a thousand ships? Who dropped an apple to win a race? What creature has the head of a woman, the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and always wakes up on the wrong side of the bed? The Oracle knows and so will young readers after they encounter the strange creatures, exotic gods, and exciting stories in Z is for Zeus: A Greek Mythology Alphabet. Human endeavors are often at odds with the whims and the will and the ways of the gods. Although they're up in Olympus without any cares, they just can't stop meddling in human affairs. Helen Wilbur, who wrote the lively M is for Meow: A Cat Alphabet, brings the same wit and wisdom to explaining Greek mythology. Colorful, entertaining artwork from Victor Juhasz, the illustrator behind D is for Democracy and R is for Rhyme, keeps pace with the lively subject matter.Former librarian Helen L. Wilbur has been enchanted with Greek mythology all her life. She has a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago and a master's degree in library science from Columbia University. Helen also authored M is for Meow: A Cat Alphabet. She lives in New York City. Victor Juhasz's clients include TIME, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Warner Books. He also illustrated D is for Democracy: A Citizen's Alphabet; R is for Rhyme: A Poetry Alphabet; Everyone Counts: A Citizen's Number Book; and H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet. He lives in the New York Berkshires region.

Brush Up Your Mythology

Author : Michael Macrone
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Greek and Roman tales are more popular and influential than ever and can be seen in all aspects of our modern culture. Brush up Your Mythology! takes an irreverent look at those gods and spirits whose myths and legends have become commonplace today. Chaos, Mother Earth, and Cupid appear, along with the origins of the days of the week and an alphabetical listing of all the important gods and goddesses. Black-and-white illustrations further enliven this terrific reference book.

The Greek Islands

Author : Fodor's
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Fodor's Exploring The Greek IslandsPraise for Fodor's Exploring Guides "Authoritatively written and superbly presented...Worthy reading before, during, or after a trip." -- Philadelphia Inquirer "Absolutely gorgeous. Fun, colorful, and sophisticated." -- Chicago Tribune Fodor's Exploring Guides are the most up-to-date, full-color guidebooks available. Covering destinations around the world, these guides are loaded with photos, essays on culture and history, descriptions of sights, and practical information. Full-color photos make these great guides to buy if you're still planning your itinerary (let the photos help you choose!), and they are perfect companions to general guidebooks, like Fodor's Gold Guides. What to SeeExtraordinary coverage of history and culture Itineraries, walks and excursions, on and off the beaten path Architecture and art Where to Stay Quick tips in every price range Where to Eat Savvy picks for all budgets The Basics Getting there and getting around When to go, what to pack

Mythology Greek and Roman

Author : Robert J. Gula
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