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Gandhi s Ascetic Activism

Author : Veena R. Howard
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Discusses Gandhi’s creative use of ascetic practice, particularly his practice of celibacy, for nonviolent activism.

Ascetic Activism

Author : Veena Rami Howard
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Beacons of Dharma

Author : Christopher Patrick Miller
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Today’s globalized society faces some of humanity’s most unprecedented social and environmental challenges. Presenting new and insightful approaches to a range of these challenges, the timely volume before you draws upon individual cases of exemplary leadership from the world’s Dharma traditions—Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism. The volume's authors refer to such exemplary leaders as “beacons of Dharma,” highlighting the ways in which each figure, via their inspirational life work, provide us with illuminating perspectives as we continue to confront cases of grave injustice and needless suffering in the world. Taking on difficult contemporary issues such as climate change, racial and gender inequality, industrial agriculture and animal rights, fair access to healthcare and education, and other such pressing concerns, Beacons of Dharma offers a promising and much needed contribution to our global remedial discussions. Seeking to help solve and alleviate such social and environmental issues, each of the chapters in the volume invites contemplation, inspires action, and offers a freshly invigorating source of hope.

Gandhi and Rajchandra

Author : Uma Majmudar
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Most people around the world know Mahatma Gandhi, but only a few know about "Shrimad Rajchandra"--the key faith-figure behind the "making of the Mahatma." This book introduces and explores the teachings of the figure Gandhi himself acknowledged as his foremost spiritual mentor, exemplary guide, and refuge in spiritual crisis. --Sulekh C. Jain, author of An Ahimsa Crisis You Decide

Gandhi s Dharma

Author : Koneru Ramakrishna Rao
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When asked about his message to the world, the Mahatma famously said, ‘My life is my message.’ In him there was no room for contradiction between thought and action. His life in its totality is a series of experiments to convert dharma, moral principles, into karma, practices in action. Gandhi believed that development is a dialectical process stemming from the antinomy of two aspects latent within every individual—the brute and the divine. While the former represents instinct-driven behaviour, the latter is one’s true self, which is altruistic. Gandhi described this process in different fields, most of which are relevant even today. Gandhi’s Dharma is an overview of Mahatma Gandhi—his person, philosophy, and practices. The author asserts that the basic principles governing Gandhi’s thoughts—satya, ahimsa, and sarvodaya—are not relics of the past. Nor are his thoughts an obsolete list of rules. Gandhi’s ideas are dynamic principles perpetually in the making, perfectly adaptable to contemporary life.

Gandhi s Social Philosophy Perspective and Relevance

Author : Birendranath Ganguli
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Gandhi and the Present Global Crisis

Author : Ramashray Roy
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Fighting with Gandhi

Author : Mark Juergensmeyer
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A guide to resolving conflicts; a practical insight into how to bring Gandhi's philosophy into everyday life. One can be a fighter without being violent. A brief exploration on the thinking of other greats, such as Freud and Marx, Fighting with Gandhi allows one to enter into a personal journey with the greatest thinking of our time.

Gandhi Marg

Author :
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Gandhi and His Ashrams

Author : Mark Thomson
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Study on the views of Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948, Indian statesman, on rural development propaged in his ashramas.

The Gandhi Ashram from Phoenix to Sevagram

Author : Mark Thomson
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Nonviolence Consumption and Community Among Ancient Indian Ascetics

Author : Gail Hinich Sutherland
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Advocating vegetarianism according to Buddhism and Jainism.

Recasting the Dream

Author : Thomas F. Jackson
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Metaphysical Foundation of Mahatma Gandhi s Thought

Author : Surendra Verma
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Development of Indian Culture Vedas to Gandhi

Author : Lakshmaṇaśāstrī Jośī
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Socio cultural Dynamics of Indian Asceticism

Author : Shalini Shekhawat
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Gandhi and the Nonconformists

Author : James D. Hunt
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This Book Is About Gandhi`S Contact With Christianity And The Letters Influence On His Political Activity.

Gandhi and Godse

Author : Koenraad Elst
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Mahatma Gandhi and Hindu Christian Dialogue

Author : Nirmal Minz
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The Pacific World

Author :
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