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Making Artisan Gelato

Author : Torrance Kopfer
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The word gelato, in Italian, simply means “ice cream,” but its meaning has shifted to define a type of high-end frozen dessert, made with milk, not cream. Gelato also has 35% less air whipped into it than ice cream, heightening its rich mouthfeel without tipping the scales. Gelato, in all its luxury, is simple to make at home with a standard ice-cream maker. Making Artisan Gelato, following on the heels of Making Artisan Chocolates, will offer 45+ recipes and flavor variations for exquisite frozen desserts, made from all-natural ingredients available at any grocery store or farmer’s market. From pureeing and straining fruit to tempering egg yolks for a creamy base, the gelato-making techniques included in Making Artisan Gelato ensure quality concoctions. Recipe flavors run the gamut—nuts, spices, chocolate, fruit, herbs, and more—with novel flavor pairings that go beyond your standard-issue fare.


Author : Adriano di Petrillo
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Gelato is not simply the Italian word for ice cream. 'A good gelato should be rich in flavour but you shouldn't feel full even after you've eaten a pint of it. Trust me!' So says Adriano di Petrillo, owner of Dri Dri, the fashionable London-based gelateria. Authentic Italian gelato is made with milk rather than cream, so it's much lighter and significantly lower in fat. Gelato is made by a process called 'mantecazione', where it is frozen and churned very slowly so it doesn't absorb too much air. This achieves a creamy texture without the fat. Gelato is surprisingly easy to make at home with a domestic ice cream maker. Try Adriano's simple recipes for Vanilla, Coffee, Bitter Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and TiramisA'. Also included are recipes for fresh and fruity sorbets and granitas, including Green Apple and Mixed Berries. Suggestions for delicious ways to serve your creations include Bitter Chocolate Gelato with Cherry Compote; Lemon Gelato with Brioche; and Almond Gelato drowned with hot espresso. Ideas for gelato-based drinks include Italian classics such as a Rossini (strawberry sorbet with Prosecco) and Sgroppino (lemon gelato blended with vodka or Prosecco). Adriano di Petrillo was born in Parma, Italy, and before launching Dri Dri in July 2010, he lived in New York and managed Art Partner, a leading talent agency for fashion photography and styling. He could never find a good gelato outside of Italy, so he opened his two London Dri Dri stores in the fashionable districts of Portobello Road and Chelsea.

Gelato Fiasco

Author : Joshua Davis
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Joshua Davis and Bruno Tropeano, two guys right out of college, felt that something was amiss. People in Maine created some of the best of everything in the world — higher education, ships, television doctors, winter boots. But the gelato of which they dreamt could not be found here in Maine, or anywhere else in the United States. Josh and Bruno sensed both a responsibility and an opportunity and set off to rediscover the lost art. Imagining a long-forgotten Red Spoon Society of superior gelato artisans, they learned the techniques and practices of the old masters of gelato. They used those techniques as a foundation for creating an even better gelato experience: make lots of creative flavors for discerning guests, serve them in a way that invites discovery and delight, and never compromise on quality. In 2007, the doors to their first gelato store opened. Josh and Bruno named it Gelato Fiasco as a hedge against trend-pursuers, treasure hunters, and impostors, for only a true food lover, guided by his or her own sense of adventure, would dare enter a store with that name. And as they loved it, they would share with their families and friends, who would share with theirs. Gelato Fiasco is a book brimming with humor, Maine values, mouth-watering color photographs, and, most importantly, delicious recipes (out of 1500 in the “flavor vault” the book will include 100 or so) for making your own gelato at home, plus recipes sauces, cones, and other treats to enjoy with your gelato.

Gelato and Gourmet Frozen Desserts A Professional Learning Guide

Author : Luciano Ferrari
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This textbook offers a large number of classical and modern recipes to manufacture gourmet Gelato, Sorbet, Sherbet, Ice Cream, Water Ice and Frozen Custard. The mission of this work is to introduce and to direct with a very practical yet professional approach all those who would like to open a frozen dessert business or the frozen dessert professionals who are looking for good ideas to offer their customers. The recipes are completed by useful garnish tips that refer to the comprehensive garnish recipe chapter. Through a very easy-to-read recipe layout, with dosage expressed both in metric and in US Standard System, the operator is taken from the ingredient list to the mixing directions all the way to the manufacturing tips so to make sure he gets all the necessary information to create the most outstanding and authentic frozen dessert concoctions. All recipes have been individually tested to guarantee the result and are formulated according to the most user's friendly technical methods.

The Everything Ice Cream Gelato and Frozen Desserts Cookbook

Author : Susan Whetzel
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Make any day sweeter—with the luscious taste of homemade ice cream! Have you been searching for creative new ways to enjoy ice cream? With this delightful collection of recipes, you can craft flavor-infused ice cream anytime. Whether it's a twist on plain vanilla bean or an artisan flavor like Fresh Fig Gelato, The Everything Ice Cream, Gelato, and Frozen Desserts Cookbook includes recipes for hundreds of cold delights, including: Ice cream, ice milk, and frozen yogurt Sherbets and sorbets Italian gelato and other international frozen desserts Vegan and sugar-free frozen desserts If you're an ice cream aficionado, dig in to this ultimate guide to homemade frozen desserts. It's packed full of delicious, creamy recipes your entire family will love to scoop up!

Gelato Shop Business Plan

Author : BizPlanDB
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This is a complete business plan for a Gelato Shop. Each of our plans follows a 7 chapter format: Chapter 1 - Executive Summary - This part of the business plan provides an introduction for the business, showcases how much money is sought for the company, and acts as a guideline for reading the rest of the business plan. Chapter 2 - Financing Summary - The second section of the business plan showcases how you intend to use the financing for your business, how much of the business is owned by the Owners, who sits on the board of directors, and how the business could be sold in the future. Chapter 3 - Products and Services - This section of the business plan showcases the products/services that you are selling coupled with other aspects of your business operations. Chapter 4 - Market Analysis - This is one of the most important sections of your business plan. Each of our plans includes complete industry research specific to the business, an economic analysis regarding the general economy, a customer profile, and a competitive analysis. Chapter 5 - Marketing Plan - Your marketing plan will showcase to potential investors or banks how you intend to properly attract customers to your business. We provide an in depth analysis of how you can use your marketing plan in order to drive sales. Chapter 6 - Personnel Summary - Here, we showcase the organizational structure of your business coupled with the headcount and salaries of your employees. Chapter 7 - Financial Plan - This is the most important part of your business plan. Here, we provide a three year profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, sensitivity analysis, breakeven analysis, and business ratios.

From the Window of Gelato

Author : Jaideep Singh Chadha
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Society is woven by strands of people who inhabit it, it's culture, traditions and by it's politics. All these would collectively fail to hold it together had there been no stories to bind them. Most of them were real. These were stories which were narrated down generations, over a bonfire, sipping rum, toddy or whatever else they liked to drink. Gelato Ice Cream and Coffee parlor is like a roadside room with a view. It is located in Sector 8 in the heart of, Chandigarh, an otherwise sleepy city of India. The stories in this book are generated from the parlor itself and with passing time, these will be talked about as stories from Chandigarh. Thus S.P.S. Oberoi,Gullu, Priya Rajvansh, Sam Panwar, Raja the langoor, Angry Sad and Sad Sad come alive as the book progresses.


Author : Pamela Sheldon Johns
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The perfect treat for a hot summer day, homemade gelato and its fruit-based cousins, sorbetti and granite, are easy to make and richer than ordinary ice creams and sherbets, yet less fattening. Pamela Sheldon Johns provides 50 recipes for gelato and other icy desserts, along with tasty accompaniments. Including sumptuous ice cream photos and a visual tour of Italy's famed gelaterie, GELATO! reveals the secrets of great gelato making for anyone longing for the sweet tastes of Italy. A beautifully photographed primer on making authentic Italian gelato using a home ice cream maker. Hardcover edition sold more than 30,000 copies. ReviewsListed as one of the 10 best cookbooks for summer with two recipes and images on 6/1/08

Gelato Messina

Author : Nick Palumbo
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‘Ice-cream is exquisite – what a pity it isn’t illegal.’ VOLTAIRE Since opening in Sydney in 2002 Gelato Messina has set the benchmark for gelato in Australia. Their aim is simple: to create the best ice cream using only the freshest ingredients and to make everything from scratch. Gelato Messina take their gelato seriously, and the results can be seen in the fabulous and crazy creations that are displayed in their shop window every day. Gelato Messina, the book, provides detailed instructions for creating the best possible gelato, with a comprehensive ‘basics’ section, covering core ingredients, balancing and composition, and equipment and method, which will radically change the way you think about making gelato. The recipes – which include instructions for both domestic and professional methods – feature gelatos made from traditional cream, yoghurt or dairy-free fruit bases, with flavours ranging from the more traditional – such as Fior di Latte, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Chocolate and lemon – to the playful and innovative styles – such as Baklava; Elvis, the Fat Years; Rosso Antico and Marmalade; Apple Pie; Prosciutto e Melone; and Nacho Libre – that made this Sydney establishment so famous. Gelato Messina isn’t just different, it’s out of this world. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nick Palumbo’s family hail from Messina in Sicily. After making gelato out of a factory under the name Gelativo, Nick decided to open a small gelato shop in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. Once the individual flavours had been perfected, Nick and his team went on to invent the elaborate and wonderful flavour creations that his store is now so famous for. In 2011 he opened an ice cream lab, which is responsible for the ice cream works of art and single serve cakes that fill Gelato Messina’s shop windows. Nick is also the official chef for the Carpigiani Gelato University in Australia and New Zealand, in addition to holding tasting classes at his Sydney shop.

The Amorino Guide to Gelato

Author : Stéphan Lagorce
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The Comprehensive Guide for Any Gelato Lover or Frozen Dessert Afficionado! Learn the ins and outs of gelato, sorbet, and ice cream from the masters: how it's made, how to create different flavors and aesthetics, and more. Combining sweet flavors and scents with the smoothness of ice cream, fruits with the freshness of sorbets, choosing the best ingredients and the most natural; this is the passion of Amorino. Included within this book are dozens of recipes for different types of frozen desserts and delicious accompaniments, such as chocolate and caramel sauces, as well as instructions to take your recipes to the next level by making them beautiful and ornate, adding embellishments, and more. Ice cream is the delectation of the moment, the whim of pleasure, a pure delicacy. Let yourself be guided by your taste buds into deliciousness with The Amorino Guide to Gelato.

Italian Artisanal Gelato According to Donata Panciera

Author : Donata Panciera
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This volume is the indispensable and trusty friend of gelato makers that helps them to create and make gelato of excellence. The technique explained is a schematic and simple manner takes into account both the products and the places where gelato makers may be working. The 130 recipes are a panorama of top quality artisanal gelato.

Love Gelato

Author : Jenna Evans Welch
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"After her mother dies, Lina travels to Italy where she discovers her mothers's journal and sets off on an adventure to unearth her mother's secrets"--

Italian Gelato Coloring Book

Author : Andrea Mangone
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100+ Unique Images. Enjoy beautiful gelato with this relaxing coloring book from Andrea Mangone. Our coloring book is a wonderful way to show your love of italian gelato. You get to color a variety of fun gelato, including chocolate, stracciatella, pistachio and fruit taste. You can color each gelato with realistic colors or use whichever colors you choose!

Excavations at the Mola Di Monte Gelato

Author : Timothy W. Potter
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As part of a long-term survey of southern Etruria, the site of Monte Gelato, about 30 km north of Rome, was excavated from 1986-90. An exceptionally rich stratigraphy provided excavators with a detailed occupation narrative. An Augustan villa where dormice were eaten and eels kept as pets was abandoned in the early 3rd century AD. Sporadic settlements on the `frontier zone' of Lombard incursions were succeeded by the establishment of a fortified ecclesiastical centre and papal estate in the 9th century AD. Two major issues shaped the project design: firstly the chronology of the abandonment of Roman villas and the move to fortified castelli and secondly, the cycles of isolation from and linkage to Rome which continue to affect this beautiful area of Italy.

Love Other Detours

Author : Jenna Evans Welch
File Size : 79.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Set in the far-off and beautiful countrysides of Italy and Ireland, Jenna Evans Welch’s New York Times bestselling romances about life, love, and the true meaning behind the word family are now together in one charming package. From Italy to Ireland, love can be found anywhere.... Travel to beautiful Tuscany with Lina who, still grieving her mother’s death, is forced to spend time with a father she never knew. But Lina isn’t in the mood for Italy’s famous sunshine or fairy-tale landscape. All Lina wants to do is go back home...until she’s given a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy. Suddenly, Lina is uncovering a world of magic and romance. It’s a world that inspires her, along with the ever so charming Ren, to follow in her mother’s footsteps and uncover a secret that has been kept for far too long—a secret that will change everything Lina thought to be true. In the green hills of Ireland, Lina’s best friend Addie is just trying to make it through her aunt’s over-the-top destination wedding, hoping that she can stop thinking about the one thing she did that left her miserable and heartbroken—and threatens her future. But her brother, Ian, isn’t about to let her forget. But when Addie discovers an unusual guidebook, Ireland for the Heartbroken, their travel plans change. Soon, Addie finds herself on a whirlwind tour of the Emerald Isle with Ian and his Irish-accented friend, Rowan. And as the trio journeys through magical forests and past countless castles, Addie hopes her guidebook will heal not only her broken heart, but also her shattered relationship with her brother. No matter where Lina and Addie’s travels take them, one thing is true: romance and adventure are on the horizon.

The Art of Making Gelato

Author : Morgan Morano
File Size : 59.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Forget ice cream! Impress your dinner guests with unique flavors, and indulge in fabulous recipes and luxurious desserts that you can make at home with Gelato & Sorbetos. Discover where these two icy desserts originated, and the techniques and tools that you need to make this delicious treat at home. Gelato is churned more slowly and frozen at a slightly warmer temperature. The slow churning incorporates less air, so the gelato is denser. The higher freezing temperature means that the gelato stays silkier and softer. Dairy-free and egg-free, sorbets are made from fruit juice or flavored water and simple syrup. They're churned like ice cream to give them a soft and snowy texture. Join authors Francesco Realmutto and Salvatore Potestio as they share 50 recipes for gelato and sorbeto. Enjoy traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to tiramisu, biscotti, mascarpone, hazelnut, and pistachio—even olive oil gelato!

Gelupo Gelato

Author : Jacob Kenedy
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Gelato has a special place in the hearts of Italians of all ages - it surprises, delights, comforts and nurtures. But perhaps the most wonderful thing about gelato is how easily it can be made at home, needing little more than milk and sugar. Gelupo Gelato presents a rainbow spectrum of gelati: from fruity Yoghurt & Lemongrass, Lime Sherbet or Peach and Blood Orange to creamy Marron Glacé, Bacio, Chocolate & Whisky or Espresso. There are also recipes for profiteroles, cones and brioche buns to serve your ice cream in and the only chocolate sauce you'll ever need, as well as a guide to pairing flavours.With a simply beautiful design and charming illustrations, this is the perfect book for every ice cream lover (which, let's face it, is everyone).

Gelato Sisterhood on the Amalfi Shore

Author : Chantal Kelly
File Size : 83.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Warmed by the brilliant Campania sun and thelemon-scented breeze off shimmering Mediterraneanwaters,the Amalfi Coast has been seducing travelers since Roman times. Lush terraced mountainsides brimming with grape vines and olive groves tumble down to meet the sea. Sunwashed pastel buildings clinging to vertical cliffs, ancient timeworn villages, and secluded beaches beckon at every hairpin turn.Chantal Kelly takes the reader along on an unforgettable tour of the Amalfi Coast as she expertly guides a small group of women where blue horizons stretch endlessly and legend and romance abound.Intriguing towns are brought to life with humorous anecdotes and insights. Enchanting moments leap off the pages and into your heart asthe women learn to cook traditional dishes, indulge in the incomparable regional food and drink, succumb to the siren song of stunning handmade ceramics, and admire Italy's most attractive feature-the gorgeous, flirty men!Informative and practical, filled with Chantal's personal stories and delicious recipes, this book will mesmerize anyone who's ever been tempted by the undeniable charms of Italy.

The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato Sorbetto

Author : Frederick W. Pearce
File Size : 88.44 MB
Format : PDF
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Collects gelato and sorbetto recipes from the award-winning chain while sharing advice on how to create personalized flavor combinations, including Chocolate Guinness, Hazelnut Biscotti, and Grapefruit Campari.

Ice Cream Cookbook

Author : Louise Davidson
File Size : 61.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Beat the summer heat with homemade ice cream and other frozen treats with or without an ice cream maker! ***BLACK & WHITE EDITION*** Make the best ice cream, sherbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt with easy to prepare recipes. All recipes come with two sets of directions: 1) the same recipe to prepare with an ice cream maker2) the same recipe to prepare without an ice cream maker! A collection of old-fashioned, classic, unexpected, simple, and advanced recipes for ice cream, gelato, sherbet, and frozen yogurt recipes that you can prepare for any occasion in advance! Whisk up a whimsical treat for your family and friends. They will love it! Nothing is better than homemade ice cream cone anytime of the year. Inside this cookbook, you'll find: Ice Cream Recipes Including: -Pecan and Maple Syrup Ice Cream-Classic Vanilla Ice Cream-Blueberry Ice Cream-Classic Chocolate Ice Cream-Rum and Raisin Ice Cream-Chocolate Covered Almond Ice Cream-Salted Caramel Ice Cream-Papaya and Passion Fruit Ice Cream-Old Fashioned Coffee Ice Cream-Graham Crackers and Honey Ice Cream-Rocky Road Ice Cream Gelato Recipes like: -Creamy Pistachio Gelato-Nutella Gelato-Biscotti Gelato-Toasted Butter Pecan Gelato-Pineapple and Coconut Gelato Sherbet Recipes such As: -Chocolate Sherbet-Pineapple and Coconut Sherbet-Orange Sherbet-Raspberry Sherbet-Lime Sherbet Frozen Yogurt Recipes like: -Kiwi Frozen Yogurt-Vanilla Frozen Yogurt-Strawberry Frozen Yogurt-Blueberry Frozen Yogurt-Mango Frozen Yogurt All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, cooking and preparation times, number of servings, 2 sets of easy to follow step-by-step instructions to make the recipes with or without an ice cream maker, and nutrition facts per serving. Let's makes some ice cream! Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download! Note: this cookbook has no images, you can see the images in the Kindle version that is included when you purchase this book.