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Women and Gender Perspectives in the Military

Author : Robert Egnell
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Women and Gender Perspectives in the Military compares the integration of women, gender perspectives, and the women, peace, and security agenda into the armed forces of eight countries plus NATO and United Nations peacekeeping operations. This book brings a much-needed crossnational analysis of how militaries have or have not improved gender balance, what has worked and what has not, and who have been the agents for change. The country cases examined are Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and South Africa. Despite increased opportunities for women in the militaries of many countries and wider recognition of the value of including gender perspectives to enhance operational effectiveness, progress has encountered roadblocks even nearly twenty years after United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 kicked off the women, peace, and security agenda. Robert Egnell, Mayesha Alam, and the contributors to this volume conclude that there is no single model for change that can be applied to every country, but the comparative findings reveal many policy-relevant lessons while advancing scholarship about women and gendered perspectives in the military.

Gender Perspectives in Development

Author : E. I. Temba
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Gender Perspectives in Nineteenth century Ireland

Author : Margaret Kelleher
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Central to literary, social and political writings of nineteenth-century Ireland are arguments regarding men and women's 'proper' sphere. This pioneering volume examines the significance of gender in shaping public and private life during a century of complex and changing power relations. The interdisciplinary character of the collection ensures a rich variety of perspectives. Contributors explore the roles assigned to men and women in political, social and religious institutions and highlight the consequences of these roles. Investigations of the extent to which gender influenced key historical events such as the Great Irish Famine, the 1848 Rising and the Fenian Movement are among the many original insights offered by the volume. Essays range through the central discourses of nineteenth, century Ireland, from political economy and education, to literature and journalism. In an important extension of the literary canon, many neglected writers of the period are restored to attention.


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Arguing that the women's movement has largely bypassed museums, Gender Perspectives presents the professional experiences and personal reflections of thirty-five contributors from a range of cultural institutions and universities.

Gendering Post socialist Transition

Author : Krasimira Daskalova
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Gendering Post-Socialist Transition presents economic, political, social, and cultural effects and traces of system changes in the lives of women and men after 1989 in 11 countries of Central and Southeastern Europe. The contributions by nine research teams from different countries look into the meaning of these changes for the relationships between men and women, for gender roles and representations, and for the development of normative discourses about femininity and masculinity. With respect to gender relations, these case studies deal with changing values and mentalities in transformation and once again show that poverty, social exclusion, nationalism, social systems, and healthcare systems all have a profound gendered dimension. (Series: ERSTE Foundation Series - Vol. 1)

Global Exchanges and Gender Perspectives in Africa

Author : Jean-Bernard Ouédraogo
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The global perspectives adopted in this volume by the authors, from different academic disciplines and social experiences, ought not to be locked in sterile linearity which within process of globalisation would fail to perceive, the irreversible opening up of the worlds of the south. There is the need within the framework of the analyses presented here, to quite cogently define the sense of the notion of the market. The market here does not refer to saving or the localised exchange of goods, a perspective which is imposed by normative perceptions. In fact, a strictly materialistic reading of exchange would be included, since every social practice and interaction implies a communitarian transaction; meanwhile the exchange system under study here broadens to root out the obligation of the maximisation of mercantile profit from the cycle of exchange. Trade here would have a meaning closer to those of old, one of human interaction, in a way that one could also refer to 'bon commerce' between humans. In one way, trade places itself at the heart of social exchanges, included the power of money, and is carried along by a multitude of social interactions. The reader is called upon to take into account the major mercantile formations of the social trade system, the market society, without forgetting the diversity of exchange routes as well as the varying modalities of social construction, at the margins and within market logics - those of implicit value in trade between humans - which the texts herein also seek to review. The age-old project of restructuring the domestic economy, the market society as it has developed in the West, - whence it has set out to conquer the whole wide world - places at the very centre of the current capitalist expansion the challenge of imperatively reshaping gender identity, inter alia, in market relations.

Use of mobile phones by the rural poor gender perspectives from selected Asian countries

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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Mobile phones have been shown (though not uniformly) to positively contribute in various ways to rural development, from reducing information asymmetry, improving functional networks, to increasing access to services and finance. Yet a digital gender divide exists. When contrasted with the fact that women compromise 43% of the worlds’ agricultural labor force, this digital gender divide can inhibit rural development. There is substantial exploration of the digital gender divide in the literatur e. Yet the answers to questions regarding differential access and use of information and communication technologies are mostly inconclusive. This study tries identify the information needs of the rural poor with gender dissagregated statistics.

Postcolonial and Gender Perspectives in Irish Studies

Author : Marisol Morales Ladrón
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This book represents an attempt to tackle questions related to fragmented and often conflicting ideologies within Irish studies. Although a collective outcome, with contributions in English and Spanish, its unifying concern has been the appliance of postcolonial and gender perspectives to the analysis of Irish literature (prose, drama and verse) and cinema, as well as to the aesthetic production of both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Along the volume, while some authors have chosen to delve into the broad theoretical debate concerning the position of Irish studies within postcolonial and feminist theories, others offer detailed examinations of specific literary pieces and authors that fit in this panorama. All in all, the chapters are wide and diverse enough to trace a spatial and temporal map of the evolution of these paradigms within contemporary Irish studies, North and South of the border.

Gender Perspectives and Gender Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis

Author : Rania Antonopoulos
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With the full effects of the Great Recession still unfolding, this collection of essays analyses the gendered economic impacts of the crisis. The volume, from an international set of contributors, argues that gender-differentiated economic roles and responsibilities within households and markets can potentially influence the ways in which men and women are affected in times of economic crisis. Looking at the economy through a gender lens, the contributors investigate the antecedents and consequences of the ongoing crisis as well as the recovery policies adopted in selected countries. There are case studies devoted to Latin America, transition economies, China, India, South Africa, Turkey, and the USA. Topics examined include unemployment, the job-creation potential of fiscal expansion, the behavioral response of individuals whose households have experienced loss of income, social protection initiatives, food security and the environment, shedding of jobs in export-led sectors, and lessons learned thus far. From these timely contributions, students, scholars, and policymakers are certain to better understand the theoretical and empirical linkages between gender equality and macroeconomic policy in times of crisis.

Questions of Gender

Author : Dina L. Anselmi
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Questions of Gender is a text/reader featuring readings on various topics related to the intersection of Gender Studies and Psychology, designed specifically for an undergraduate audience. With coverage of such key topics as Defining Sex and Gender, Cross Cultural Perspective on Gender, Gender Identity, Gender and Relationships, the text can either be used as a main text or a supplementary reader. Questions of Gender includes many challenging primary sources written by important gender scholars, and each piece is framed by useful pedagogy (introductory essays, review questions, reflection questions, chapter summaries, key terms) to aid in student comprehension. Among the contributors are the following notable male and female gender scholars: Anne Fausto-Sterling, Janet Hyde, David Buss, Kay Deaux, Patricia Hill-Collins, Kenneth Dion, Alice Eagly, Michael Kaufman & Harry Brod, Susan Fiske, Rhoda Unger, and many more.

Working Out Gender

Author : Margaret Walsh
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Working out Gender brings together leading scholars and young researchers to examine the various ways in which gender is currently being used in labour history. Having been a dynamic and contentious category of historical analysis since the mid 1980s gender continues to incite much debate. This volume seeks a more informed view about labour history both by advancing the position of women and making their lives central to learning and by examining men as gendered persons and discussing the social construction of masculinity. A broad perspective of labour history is scrutinised on both sides of the Atlantic, though the emphasis is given to European experiences. Themes examined include work and workplace activities, the working classes, masculinity and politics, and the timespan ranges from the eighteenth century to recent times.

Amartya Sen s Work and Ideas

Author : Bina Agarwal
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This unique volume is the first to examine Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's ideas through the lens of gender. His humanitarian approach to economics has been crucial to the development of several aspects of feminist economics and gender analysis. This book outlines the range and usefulness of his work for gender analysis while also exploring some of its silences and implicit assumptions. The result is a collection of groundbreaking and insightful essays which cover major topics in Sen's work, such as the capability approach, justice, freedom, social choice, agency, missing women and development and well-being. Perspectives have been drawn from both developing and developed countries, with most of the authors applying Sen's concepts to cultural, geographic and historical contexts which differ from his original applications. Significant highlights include a wide-ranging conversation between the book's editors and Sen on many aspects of his work, and an essay by Sen himself on why he is disinclined to provide a definitive list of capabilities. These essays were previously published in Feminist Economics.

Gender in International Relations

Author : J. Ann Tickner
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Engendered insecurities : feminist perspectives on international relations - Man, the state, and war : gendered perspectives on National security - Three models of man : gendered perspectives on global economic security - Man over nature : gendered perspectives on ecological security - Toward a nongendered perspective on global security.

Perspectives on Gender in Post 1945 German Literature

Author : Georgina Paul
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Masculinist and feminist worldviews in post-1945 German literature, and the possibility of a dynamic reconceptualization of human subjectivity.

International Perspectives on Gender and Mathematics Education

Author : Olof Steinthorsdottir
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Why a book on gender issues in mathematics in the 21st century? Several factors have influenced the undertaking of this project by the editors. First, an international volume focusing on gender and mathematics has not appeared since publication of papers emerging from the 1996 International Congress on Mathematical Education (Keitel, 1998). Surely it was time for an updated look at this critical area of mathematics education. Second, we have had lively discussion and working groups on gender issues at conferences of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education [PME] for the past four years, sessions at which stimulating and groundbreaking research has been discussed by participants from many different countries. Some publication seemed essential to share this new knowledge emerging from a wider variety of countries and from different cultural perspectives. Third, some western countries such as Australia and the USA have experienced in recent years a focus on the “boy problem,” with an underlying assumption that issues of females and mathematics have been solved and are no longer worthy of interest. Thus it seemed timely to look more closely at the issue of gender and mathematics internationally. When the idea for this volume first emerged, invitations were issued to those regularly attending the working and discussion groups at PME. Potential authors were charged to focus on gender issues in mathematics and were given wide scope to hone in on the issues that were central to their own research efforts, or were in receipt or in need of close attention in their own national or regional contexts.

New Perspectives on Gender and Migration

Author : Nicola Piper
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This book discusses recent theoretical and empirical developments in international migration from a gender perspective. Its main objective is to analyse the diversification and stratification of gendered migratory streams with regard to skill level, labour market integration, and legal status. In turn a migrant’s position in relation to these axes influences access to entitlements and rights. Conceptually, the book builds upon the recent shift in scholarly research on migration, with women-centred research shifting more toward the analysis of gender. Migration is now viewed as a gendered phenomenon that requires more sophisticated theoretical and analytical tools than sex as a dichotomous variable. Theoretical formulations of gender as relational, and as spatially and temporally contextual have begun to inform gendered analyses of migration. The contributions to this book elaborate in more detail the broader social factors that influence migrating women’s and men’s roles, access to resources, facilities and services. Empirically, all major regions are discussed, pointing to common trends such as the increasing significance of the regionalization of migration flows as well as some noteworthy differences.

Critical Perspectives on Sexual Harassment and Gender Violence

Author : Bridey Heing
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While awareness of sexual harassment and gender-based violence has increased in recent years, there is still much debate about what constitutes harassment, what motivates gender violence, and how best to combat both issues. The impact of this particular kind of aggression is real; it impacts the ability of women and other victims to go to school or work safely, and leaves many either dead or forced to live with long-term emotional or physical effects. This book explores the many facets of the conversation surrounding sexual harassment and gender violence, so that students understand the causes, forms, and impact of these two interconnected issues.

Black Theology Essays on Gender Perspectives

Author : Dwight N. Hopkins
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What do African American men have to do with gender? In this collection of riveting and wide-ranging essays, Dwight N. Hopkins draws on over thirty-five years of wrestling with these questions. Too often gender is seen as a "woman's only" discussion. But in reality, men have a gender too. Some say it is biological; others claim it has to do with socialization. Hopkins's career has focused on defining what a black American man is, and how he builds bridges of support and engagement with women. Hopkins's research as a theologian, and his experiences, substantiate that the importance of religious viewpoints, principled values, and future hope remain key to any successful creation of a new African American male and new healthy male-female interactions.

Gender Equality and Education from International and Comparative Perspectives

Author : David Baker
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Investigates the often controversial relationship between gender, equality and education from international and comparative perspectives. This volume also investigates whether gender equality in education is really being achieved in schools around the world or not.

Victim Perpetrator or What Else

Author : Doris Bühler-Niederberger
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This volume maps the ways that children and young people are considered victims or perpetrators by their societies and consequently the ways that their societies react. The chapters analyse a variety of phenomena in different countries of the Global North and South.