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Genesis Of A Music

Author : Harry Partch
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Among the few truly experimental composers in our cultural history, Harry Partch's life (1901–1974) and music embody most completely the quintessential American rootlessness, isolation, pre-civilized cult of experience, and dichotomy of practical invention and transcendental visions. Having lived mostly in the remote deserts of Arizona and New Mexico with no access to formal training, Partch naturally created theatrical ritualistic works incorporating Indian chants, Japanese kabuki and Noh, Polynesian microtones, Balinese gamelan, Greek tragedy, dance, mime, and sardonic commentary on Hollywood and commercial pop music of modern civilization. First published in 1949, Genesis of a Music is the manifesto of Partch's radical compositional practice and instruments (which owe nothing to the 300-year-old European tradition of Western music.) He contrasts Abstract and Corporeal music, proclaiming the latter as the vital, emotionally tactile form derived from the spoken word (like Greek, Chinese, Arabic, and Indian musics) and surveys the history of world music at length from this perspective. Parts II, III, and IV explain Partch's theories of scales, intonation, and instrument construction with copious acoustical and mathematical documentation. Anyone with a musically creative attitude, whether or not familiar with traditional music theory, will find this book revelatory.

Stravinsky s Piano

Author : Graham Griffiths
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An unprecedented exploration of Stravinsky's use of the piano as the genesis of all his music - Russian, neoclassical and serial.

The Complete Guide to the Music of Genesis

Author : Chris Welch
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These definitive guides to the music of history's hottest bands examine every recorded song in each artist's catalog from the start to the end of their careers. All books have 8-page color photo sections and are shaped like a CD box, designed to fit alongside your CD collection.

Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music

Author : Sølvi Ystad
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval, CMMR 2008 - Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2008. The 21 revised full papers presented were specially reviewed and corrected for this proceedings volume. CMMR 2008 seeks to enlarge upon the Sense of Sounds-concept by taking into account the musical structure as a whole. More precisely, the workshop will have as its theme Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music. The purpose is hereby to establish rigorous research alliances between computer and engineering sciences (information retrieval, programming, acoustics, signal processing) and areas within the humanities (in particular perception, cognition, musicology, philosophy), as well as to globally address the notion of sound meaning and its implications in music, modeling and retrieval.

Bitter Music

Author : Harry Partch
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Now in paper for the first time, Bitter Music is a generous volume of writings by one of the twentieth century's great musical iconoclasts. Rejecting the equal temperament and concert traditions that have dominated western music, Harry Partch adopted the pure intervals of just intonation and devised a 43-tone-to-the-octave scale, which in turn forced him into inventing numerous musical instruments. His compositions realize his ideal of a corporeal music that unites music, dance, and theater. Winner of the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award, Bitter Music includes two journals kept by Partch, one while wandering the West Coast during the Depression and the other while hiking the rugged northern California coastline. It also includes essays and discussions by Partch of his own compositions, as well as librettos and scenarios for six major narrative/dramatic compositions.

Unplayed Melodies

Author : Marc Perlman
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The gamelan music of Central Java is one of the world's great orchestral traditions. Its rich sonic texture is not based on Western-style harmony or counterpoint, but revolves around a single melody. The nature of that melody, however, is puzzling. In this book, Marc Perlman uses this puzzle as a key to both the art of the gamelan and the nature of musical knowledge in general. Some Javanese musicians have suggested that the gamelan’s central melody is inaudible, an implicit or "inner" melody. Yet even musicians who agree on its existence may disagree about its shape. Drawing on the insights of Java’s most respected musicians, Perlman shows how irregularities in the relationships between the melodic parts have suggested the existence of "unplayed melodies." To clarify the differences between these implicit-melody concepts, Unplayed Melodies tells the stories behind their formulation, identifying each as the creative contribution of an individual musician in a postcolonial context (sometimes in response to Western ethnomusicological theories). But these stories also contain evidence of the general cognitive processes through which musicians find new ways to conceptualize their music. Perlman’s inquiry into these processes illuminates not only the gamelan’s polyphonic art, but also the very sources of creative thinking about music.

Neoclassicism in Music

Author : Scott Messing
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This historical and critical study of neoclassicism in music, covers the genesis of the concept in France in the 1870s through to the Schoenberg/Stravinsky polemic. It provides a broad cultural context for the investigation of its origins and then looks in turn at Wagner and the French reaction to him; Saint-Saens, d'Indy, Debussy, Ravel and their French contemporaries; Germany and France in the decade which includes the World War I, with special reference to Thomas Mann and Ferrucio Busoni, and to Jean Cocteau and the New Simplicity; and Igor Stravinsky, the composer most frequently cited in connection with this term.

Genesis The Complete Guide to their Music

Author : Chris Welch
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The indispensable consumers' guide to the music of Genesis, one of the most commercially successful rock bands of the 1980s. An album by album, track by track rundown of the music of Genesis, including special sections detailing the work of members Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel. The guide features:An album by album analysisA full discography, from the earliest Johnathan King recordings, through the Gabriel years, to their final recordings as a trio.Details of when and where the music was recordedA special section concerning compilation, archive, reissue and bootleg releasesSixteen pages of full-colour images

Black Women Composers

Author : Mildred Denby Green
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Modernism and Music

Author : Daniel Albright
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If in earlier eras music may have seemed slow to respond to advances in other artistic media, during the modernist age it asserted itself in the vanguard. Modernism and Music provides a rich selection of texts on this moment, some translated into English for the first time. It offers not only important statements by composers and critics, but also musical speculations by poets, novelists, philosophers, and others-all of which combine with Daniel Albright's extensive, interlinked commentary to place modernist music in the full context of intellectual and cultural history.

Musical Signification

Author : Eero Tarasti
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Author : Ben Johnston
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Texas Genesis

Author : Travis Holland (Musician)
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Peter Gabriel From Genesis to Growing Up

Author : Sarah Hill
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Ever since Peter Gabriel fronted progressive rock band Genesis, from the late 1960s until the mid 1970s, journalists and academics alike have noted the importance of Gabriel's contribution to popular music. His influence became especially significant when he embarked on a solo career in the late 1970s. Gabriel secured his place in the annals of popular music history through his poignant recordings, innovative music videos, groundbreaking live performances, the establishment of WOMAD (the World of Music and Dance) and the Real World record label (as a forum for musicians from around the world to be heard, recorded and promoted) and for his political agenda (including links to a variety of political initiatives including the Artists Against Apartheid Project, Amnesty International and the Human Rights Now tour). In addition, Gabriel is known as a sensitive, articulate and critical performer whose music reflects an innate curiosity and deep intellectual commitment. This collection documents and critically explores the most central themes found in Gabriel's work. These are divided into three important conceptual areas arising from Gabriel's activity as a songwriter and recording artist, performer and activist: 'Identity and Representation', 'Politics and Power' and 'Production and Performance'.

Expression in Pop rock Music

Author : Lori Burns
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First published in 2000

Music Society Education

Author : Christopher Small
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Cited by Soundpost as "remarkable and revolutionary" upon its publication in 1977, Music, Society, Education has become a classic in the study of music as a social force. Christopher Small sets out to examine the social implications of Western classical music, effects that until recently have been largely ignored or dismissed by most musicologists. He strives to view the Western musical tradition "through the mirror of these other musics [Balinese and African] as it were from the outside, and in so doing to learn something of the inner unspoken nature of Western culture as a whole." As series co-editor Robert Walser writes, "By pointing to the complicity of Western culture with Western imperialism, Small challenges us to create a future that is more humane than the past. And by writing a book that enables us to rethink so fundamentally our involvements with music, he teaches us how we might get there."

The Musical Genesis of Felix Mendelssohn s Paulus

Author : Siegwart Reichwald
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Felix Mendelssohn is one of the most celebrated figures of the early Romantic period. As a composer of sacred texts, he is chiefly remembered today for the oratorios Paulus (1836) and Elijah (1846). In this groundbreaking study, Siegwart Reichwald offers a meticulous analysis of Paulus, beginning with a general overview of the oratorio traditions of the early nineteenth century. He details the phases of the compositional process of Paulus as well as principles governing its development. Numerous musical examples, figures, and tables accompany the text. This thorough treatment of Paulus, while shedding light on Mendelssohn's approach to the oratorio and to sacred music in general, will be of interest to students of musicology.

The Genesis of Harmony

Author : Hugh Carleton
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Listen to Classic Rock Exploring a Musical Genre

Author : Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith
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Listen to Classic Rock! Exploring a Musical Genre provides an overview of this diverse and complex musical genre for scholars of classic rock and curious novices alike, with a focus on 50 must-hear musicians, songwriters, bands, and albums. • Explains classic rock composition and songwriting techniques as well as studio production values • Considers the vast array of classic rock styles as well the diversity of artists who recorded classic rock • Includes often overlooked contributors to classic rock such as Jim Croce, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, and The Ventures as well as overlooked subgenres such as soft rock • Covers rock and roll's precursors that helped give rise to classic rock as well as how classic rock has continued as a popular music genre from the late 1970s into the present • Offers historical context of the development of classic rock, discussing its lasting impact on popular culture and its legacy

The Origins of Music

Author : Nils Lennart Wallin
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The book can be viewed as representing the birth of evolutionarybiomusicology.