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Genesis of the Cosmos

Author : Paul A. LaViolette
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Provides compelling evidence that creation myths from the dawn of civilization correspond to cutting edge astronomical discoveries • Exposes the contradictions in current cosmological theory and offers a scientific basis for the ancient myths and esoteric lore that encode a theory of continuous creation • By the scientist who was the first to disprove the Big Bang theory on the basis of observational data Recent developments in theoretical physics, including systems theory and chaos theory, are challenging long-held mechanistic views of the universe. Many thinkers have speculated that the remnants of an ancient science survive today in mythology and esoteric lore, but until now the scientific basis for this belief has remained cloaked in mystery. Paul LaViolette reveals the remarkable parallels between the cutting edge of scientific thought and creation myths from the dawn of civilization. With a scientific sophistication rare among mythologists, LaViolette deciphers the forgotten cosmology of ancient lore in a groundbreaking scientific tour de force. In direct, nontechnical language, he shows how these myths encode a theory of cosmology in which matter is continually growing from seeds of order that emerge spontaneously from the surrounding subquantum chaos. Exposing the contradictions that bedevil the big bang theory, LaViolette offers both the specialist and the general reader a controversial and highly stimulating critique of prevailing misconceptions about the seldom-questioned superiority of modern science over ancient cosmology. By restoring and reanimating this ancient scientific worldview, Genesis of the Cosmos leads us beyond the restrictive metaphors of modern science and into a new science for the 21st century.

Genesis and Cosmos

Author : Adam Rasmussen
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In Genesis and Cosmos Adam Rasmussen examines how Basil and Origen addressed scientific problems in their interpretations of Genesis 1: namely, the nature of matter, the super-heavenly water, and astrology.

A Twisted History Genesis and the Cosmos

Author : Charles N. Pope
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In January of 2016, Mike Brown, the discoverer of Sedna and other dwarf planets beyond Neptune and Pluto, made the stunning announcement that at least one full size planet (dubbed “Planet 9”) is still waiting to be detected in our outer solar system. Astronomers and Astrophysicists have embarked upon an intensive five-year program to scour the heavens in search of this missing corner piece to the solar system puzzle. In honor of that non-trivial pursuit, “A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos” has been freshly edited and greatly expanded. It is not only a trusty bird dog to the epic scavenger hunt that is “Mission Planet 9,” but your companion in exploring the mysteries of the larger Milky Way Galaxy as well. The central figure of the Book of Genesis is not a mighty hunter (of men or beasts), but a mild-mannered cultivator of human relations and the celestial arts. It is not Nimrod, but Abraham who is reckoned as deserving of twelve entire chapters (Genesis 12 -23) and portions of two others (Genesis 24-25). He is curiously commanded to look toward the heavens and hunt for stars. In extra-Biblical tradition, Abraham is more specifically identified as the leading astronomer of his Age. With this in mind, an interpretation of the Torah from the perspective of Cosmology takes on renewed focus and significance, and especially in light of recent events. In the Book of Genesis, stargazer Abraham has a Nemesis named Abimelech. Adam is cursed with the company of an older, wiser and higher Serpent. Even more tellingly, Jacob (likened by his son Joseph to the Sun) wrestles with his slightly older, reddish and surly twin (Dwarf Sun) brother Esau. Twins are quite prominent and considered special in the Bible and Myth. Astrophysicists have also recently determined that multiple star systems predominate in our galactic neighborhood, and a number of young, developing star systems of this type are now being studied in detail. What we have not suspected is that our own solar system begun as a binary. In retrospect, it perhaps should have been intuitively obvious. There is two of everything! There are two gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn. There are two nearly identical other gas planets with extensive damage, Neptune and Uranus. There are two nearly identical rocky planets, Earth and Venus. There are two heavily damaged rocky planets, Mercury and Mars. There may even be the remains of two proto-planetary disks, those being the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt. How many more clues do we really need? Mike Brown and his colleagues are looking for a planet (and maybe two), but are more likely to rediscover our solar system’s missing stunted twin instead. Let’s just go ahead and dub it “Brown’s Dwarf.”

The Ethos of the Cosmos

Author : William P. Brown
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This groundbreaking work investigates how the various pictures of creation found in Scripture helped shape the ancient faith community's moral character. Bringing together the fields of biblical studies and ethics, William Brown demonstrates how certain creation traditions of the Old and New Testaments were developed from the community's moral imagination for the purpose of forming and preserving both Israel's and the early church's identity in the world.

Phenomenology of Space and Time

Author : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
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This book celebrates the investigative power of phenomenology to explore the phenomenological sense of space and time in conjunction with the phenomenology of intentionality, the invisible, the sacred, and the mystical. It examines the course of life through its ontopoietic genesis, opening the cosmic sphere to logos. The work also explores, on the one hand, the intellectual drive to locate our cosmic position in the universe and, on the other, the pull toward the infinite. It intertwines science and its grounding principles with imagination in order to make sense of the infinite. This work is the first of a two-part work that contains papers presented at the 62nd International Congress of Phenomenology, The Forces of the Cosmos and the Ontopoietic Genesis of Life, held in Paris, France, August 2012. It features the work of scholars in such diverse disciplines as biology, anthropology, pedagogy, and psychology who philosophically investigate the cosmic origins of beingness. Coverage in this first part includes: Toward a New Enlightenment: Metaphysics as Philosophy of Life, Transformation in Phenomenology: Husserl and Tymieniecka, Biologically Organized Quantum Vacuum and the Cosmic Origin of Cellular Life, Plotinus "Enneads" and Self-Creation, The Creative Potential of Humor, Transcendental Morphology – A Phenomenological Interpretation of Human and Non-Human Cosmos, and Cognition and Emotion: From Dichotomy to Ambiguity. ​

Creation and Cosmos The Literal Values of Genesis

Author : Garrison Clifford Gibson
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There are many questions that intelligent people have about the Bible, science and evolution theory. Finding intelligent answers is difficult. The problem is that specialization is required in the sciences, in philosophy and theology, so people tend to pick one and disregard the others. There aren't so many people that consider all three fields with much depth of understanding. I made a try at that and wrote a book that is free to download. It is not only difficult to understand all three fields, it is difficult to select what should be written about, and difficult to write well. I didn't by any means cover everything; there is lots to cover.

The Truth of Myth

Author : Tok Thompson
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"To the student of myth: This book attempts to provide a concise overview of the theoretical approaches to studying mythology, both in theory and in everyday life. Whether one is interested in a particular myth or mythic tradition, or understanding comparative mythology more broadly, or even the subject and overview of mythology as a whole, this text attempts to present a clear and understandable introduction to some of the best tried and true approaches, as well as to address some of the perennial problems and points of confusion. To embark on the study of myth is to join a noisy chorus of scholars, both present and past, in attempting to divine the meaning of some of the most important, intriguing, and at times puzzling narratives that humankind has ever crafted. We hope this text will help provide you with the theoretical background and tools to allow for a rich, full study of mythology in all its myriad forms. To the teacher of myth: Myth has been the source of a great deal of theoretical disagreement and confusion as well. We have tried to address some of the controversies by appealing to a close and careful consideration of the data, which at times helps keep lofty theorizing firmly anchored in the real world. Additionally, we have tried to present a historical background to the study of myth, which should also help illuminate the close relationships between a society, and that society's views of myth. Mythology does not occur without people: it is only with a strong grounding in the study of humankind that we can hope to make progress in our understanding. Where doubt within the scholarly community has arisen, we have tried to pay attention to both sides of the debates. The resulting text is intended to be a detailed, yet engaging, introduction to the study of world mythology, and a scholarly counterweight to popular, unscientific views. Our experience in teaching myth is that the most vexing issues stem from the several strained if not contradictory connotations that the term myth carries. Is myth archaic, or is it part of all societies and thus modern as well? Is it part of religion and/or science, or does it contrast with these? Most vexingly, does myth designate falsehood, or the highest forms of truth-those that form the core, guiding principles of particular societies' engagements of the cosmos and life within it? There is also the double signification of the term mythology, which points to both an academic tradition and the object studied by that tradition. Our view is that while such antinomies are unlikely to be resolved in the foreseeable future, much can be gained by locating and identifying them and by attempting to understand how and why they have emerged. We hope that this approach not only lends clarity to the topic of myth, but also serves to energize the study to which we now turn"--

The Formation of Genesis 1 11

Author : David M. Carr
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There is general agreement in the field of Biblical studies that study of the formation of the Pentateuch is in disarray. David M. Carr turns to the Genesis Primeval History, Genesis 1-11, to offer models for the formation of Pentateuchal texts that may have traction within this fractious context. Building on two centuries of historical study of Genesis 1-11, this book provides new support for the older theory that the bulk of Genesis 1-11 was created out of a combination of two originally separate source strata: a Priestly source and an earlier non-Priestly source that was used to supplement the Priestly framework. Though this overall approach contradicts some recent attempts to replace such source models with theories of post-Priestly scribal expansion, Carr does find evidence of multiple layers of scribal revision in the non-P and P sources, from the expansion of an early independent non-Priestly primeval history with a flood narrative and related materials to a limited set of identifiable layers of Priestly material that culminate in the P-like redaction of the whole. This book synthesizes prior scholarship to show how both the P and non-Priestly strata of Genesis also emerged out of a complex interaction by Judean scribes with non-biblical literary traditions, particularly with Mesopotamian textual traditions about primeval origins. The Formation of Genesis 1-11 makes a significant contribution to scholarship on one of the most important texts in the Hebrew Bible and will influence models for the formation of the Hebrew Bible as a whole.

The Dental Cosmos

Author : J. D. White
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General Physiology Or Physiological Theory of Cosmos

Author : Camilo Calleja
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On Genesis On Genesis A refutation of the manichees Unfinished literal commentary on Genesis The literal meaning of Genesis

Author : Augustin ((saint ;)
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The pulpit commentary ed by H D M Spence and J S Exell nT

Author : Henry Donald Maurice Spence-Jones
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The Genesis of Evil

Author : Samuel Cox
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44th Congress of the International Astronautical Federation

Author :
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Author : Eric Charles Rolls
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Eric Rolls, author of the much loved They All Ran Wildand A Million Wild Acres,has explained Australia as no one else could. An exciting story of natural events and scientific discovery, Australia- A Biographytakes us from the infinity of creation to the detail of Australia's land, plants and animals.

The Rational Non mystical Cosmos

Author : George Francis Gillette
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The Genesis of the Church

Author : Henry COTTERILL (successively Bishop of Grahamstown and of Edinburgh.)
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The Genesis of the Church

Author : Henry Cotterill
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Paradise Canzoniere Eclogues Studies The genesis and growth of the Commedia Estimates contemporary and later Dante as an observer and traveller Portraits of Dante L Envoi

Author : Dante Alighieri
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Judaism s Bible The Book of Genesis pt 1

Author : Shlomo Zalman Elazer Grafstein
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