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Geometry of Defining Relations in Groups

Author : A.Yu. Ol'shanskii
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Geometric Group Theory Down Under

Author : John Cossey
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The series is aimed specifically at publishing peer reviewed reviews and contributions presented at workshops and conferences. Each volume is associated with a particular conference, symposium or workshop. These events cover various topics within pure and applied mathematics and provide up-to-date coverage of new developments, methods and applications.

Geometric Group Theory

Author : Cornelia Druţu
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The key idea in geometric group theory is to study infinite groups by endowing them with a metric and treating them as geometric spaces. This applies to many groups naturally appearing in topology, geometry, and algebra, such as fundamental groups of manifolds, groups of matrices with integer coefficients, etc. The primary focus of this book is to cover the foundations of geometric group theory, including coarse topology, ultralimits and asymptotic cones, hyperbolic groups, isoperimetric inequalities, growth of groups, amenability, Kazhdan's Property (T) and the Haagerup property, as well as their characterizations in terms of group actions on median spaces and spaces with walls. The book contains proofs of several fundamental results of geometric group theory, such as Gromov's theorem on groups of polynomial growth, Tits's alternative, Stallings's theorem on ends of groups, Dunwoody's accessibility theorem, the Mostow Rigidity Theorem, and quasiisometric rigidity theorems of Tukia and Schwartz. This is the first book in which geometric group theory is presented in a form accessible to advanced graduate students and young research mathematicians. It fills a big gap in the literature and will be used by researchers in geometric group theory and its applications.

Geometric Group Theory

Author : Mladen Bestvina
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Geometric group theory refers to the study of discrete groups using tools from topology, geometry, dynamics and analysis. The field is evolving very rapidly and the present volume provides an introduction to and overview of various topics which have played critical roles in this evolution. The book contains lecture notes from courses given at the Park City Math Institute on Geometric Group Theory. The institute consists of a set of intensive short courses offered by leaders in the field, designed to introduce students to exciting, current research in mathematics. These lectures do not duplicate standard courses available elsewhere. The courses begin at an introductory level suitable for graduate students and lead up to currently active topics of research. The articles in this volume include introductions to CAT(0) cube complexes and groups, to modern small cancellation theory, to isometry groups of general CAT(0) spaces, and a discussion of nilpotent genus in the context of mapping class groups and CAT(0) groups. One course surveys quasi-isometric rigidity, others contain an exploration of the geometry of Outer space, of actions of arithmetic groups, lectures on lattices and locally symmetric spaces, on marked length spectra and on expander graphs, Property tau and approximate groups. This book is a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers interested in geometric group theory. Titles in this series are co-published with the Institute for Advanced Study/Park City Mathematics Institute. Members of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) receive a 20% discount from list price.

Relatively Hyperbolic Groups

Author : Denis V. Osin
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In this paper we obtain an isoperimetric characterization of relatively hyperbolicity of a groups with respect to a collection of subgroups. This allows us to apply classical combinatorial methods related to van Kampen diagrams to obtain relative analogues of some well-known algebraic and geometric properties of ordinary hyperbolic groups. We also introduce and study the notion of a relatively quasi-convex subgroup of a relatively hyperbolic group and solve some natural algorithmic problems.

Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory

Author : Sean Cleary
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This volume grew out of two AMS conferences held at Columbia University (New York, NY) and the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) and presents articles on a wide variety of topics in group theory. Readers will find a variety of contributions, including a collection of over 170 open problems in combinatorial group theory, three excellent survey papers (on boundaries of hyperbolic groups, on fixed points of free group automorphisms, and on groups of automorphisms of compact Riemann surfaces), and several original research papers that represent the diversity of current trends in combinatorial and geometric group theory. The book is an excellent reference source for graduate students and research mathematicians interested in various aspects of group theory.

Infinite Groups Geometric Combinatorial and Dynamical Aspects

Author : Laurent Bartholdi
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This book offers a panorama of recent advances in the theory of infinite groups. It contains survey papers contributed by leading specialists in group theory and other areas of mathematics. Topics include amenable groups, Kaehler groups, automorphism groups of rooted trees, rigidity, C*-algebras, random walks on groups, pro-p groups, Burnside groups, parafree groups, and Fuchsian groups. The accent is put on strong connections between group theory and other areas of mathematics.

Rigidity in Dynamics and Geometry

Author : Marc Burger
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This volume of proceedings is an offspring of the special semester Ergodic Theory, Geometric Rigidity and Number Theory which was held at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge, UK, from Jan uary until July, 2000. Beside the activities during the semester, there were workshops held in January, March and July, the first being of introductory nature with five short courses delivered over a week. Although the quality of the workshops was excellent throughout the semester, the idea of these proceedings came about during the March workshop, which is hence more prominently represented, The format of the volume has undergone many changes, but what has remained untouched is the enthusiasm of the contributors since the onset of the project: suffice it to say that even though only two months elapsed between the time we contacted the potential authors and the deadline to submit the papers, the deadline was respected in the vast majority of the cases. The scope of the papers is not completely uniform throughout the volume, although there are some points in common. We asked the authors to write papers keeping in mind the idea that they should be accessible to students. At the same time, we wanted the papers not to be a summary of results that appeared somewhere else.

The Concise Handbook of Algebra

Author : Aleksandr Vasilʹevich Mikhalev
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Provides a succinct, but thorough treatment of algebra. In a collection that spans about 150 sections, organized in 9 chapters, algebraists are provided with a standard knowledge set for their areas of expertise.

Groups Languages and Geometry

Author : Robert H. Gilman
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This volume contains the proceedings of the AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Geometric Group Theory and Computer Science held at Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA). The conference was devoted to computational aspects of geometric group theory, a relatively young area of research which has grown out of an influx of ideas from topology and computer science into combinatorial group theory. The book reflects recent progress in this interesting new field. Included are articles about insights from computer experiments, applications of formal language theory, decision problems, and complexity problems. There is also a survey of open questions in combinatorial group theory. The volume will interest group theorists, topologists, and experts in automata and language theory.