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German Motorcycles in World War II

Author : Stefan Knittel
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Covers the different types and variations of German motorcycles used in WWII.

German Motorcycles of World War II

Author : Tony L. Oliver
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German Military Vehicles of World War II

Author : Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage
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This volume presents a cross-section of the most common transport vehicles produced and used by the German army. Tanks plus auxiliary vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, vans, ambulances, trucks and tractors made it possible for the troops to keep moving. These lightly armored or unarmored vehicles—aka “soft skins”—operated behind the front lines, maintaining supply lines, connecting armies with their home bases, and ultimately determining the outcome of battle. Beginning with the development of military vehicles in the early 1930s, this volume discusses the ways in which this new technology influenced and, to some extent, facilitated Hitler’s program of rearmament. Nomenclature, standard equipment, camouflage and the combat roles of the various vehicles are thoroughly examined. Individual vehicle types are arranged and discussed by the following classifications: cars and motorcycles; trucks and tractors; half-tracks and wheeled combat vehicles. Accompanied by well-researched, detailed line drawings, each section deals with a number of individual vehicles, describing their design, manufacture and specific use.

BMW Motorcycles in World War II R12 R75

Author : Janusz Piekalkiewicz
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Over 220 photos show the various R12 and R75 types in various combat roles on all war fronts.

Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht

Author : Horst Hinrichsen
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Covers the various types of motorcycles used by the Wehrmacht during WWII.

Horses of the German Army in World War II

Author : Paul Louis Johnson
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Volumes have been written on the equipment of the German Army of World War II, including tanks, trucks, motorcycles, weapons, and personal equipment, but little has been written on the horses that made up 80% of its transportation. Horses pulled everything an army needed in the field by wagon or on its back and more horses were used in World War II than in any other war in history. This book includes text from the U.S. Army Military History Institute publication MS #P-090. The participants of this study were among the most knowledgeable the German army could provide, and their conclusions constitute a critique of what probably was the last mass use of horses in warfare. If one really means to understand the performance and tactics of the Wehrmacht in World War II, one must understand the horse and its logistic requirements. Also, this book presents one of the most comprehensive photo collections of the men and equipment of the horse-mounted troops.

Military Motorcycles

Author : Michael Green
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Discusses the history and use of military motorcycles, highlighting specific models and their roles in various battles.

German Fighting Vehicles of World War II in Focus

Author : Ray Merriam
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Merriam Press Armored Warfare 4. Second Edition (2014). Pictorial of 320 B&W and color photos of German tanks, self-propelled guns, armored cars, personnel cars, half-tracks, trucks and motorcycles of World War II. Includes photos of Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Panzerkampfwagen II, Panzerkampfwagen III, BMW motorcycle, Zundapp motorcycle, B.IV demolition vehicle, Lorraine Schlepper (SdKfz 135/1), Grosstraktor I, II, and III, Neubaufahrzeuge, VK3001(P), PzKpfw E.100, SdKfz 303 “Goliath," Maus, SdKfz 250/7, 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 (SdKfz 4/1), SdKfz 251/1, SdKfz 6/2 halftrack, SdKfz 261, Kfz 2, Kfz 15, Kfz 69, Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbar," Elefant, SdKfz 233, SdKfz 234, SdKfz 223, SdKfz 232, SdKfz 263, SdKfz 221, SdKfz 222, SdKfz 231, Kleines Kettenkrad NSU (SdKfz 2), Flammpanzer II, Munitionsträger "Hummel," Jagdtiger, and more.

BMW Motorcycles

Author : Doug Mitchel
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Everything you want to know about forty of the most iconic BMW motorcycles. BMW Motorcycles offers history and photography on forty of the most iconic motorcycles built by Germany's leading motorcycle manufacturer: BMW. From the preâ??World War II BMWs that defined performance in that era, to the Earles-forked machines that offered the perfect platform for mounting a Steib sidecar, to the "flying bricks," to the GS (Gelände Sport) series that launched a dual-sport revolution, right up to today's world-class superbikes. All of BMW's bike families are coveredâ??the side-valve machines from the preâ??World War II years, the early overhead-valve performance bikes, the postwar Airheads and Oilheads, the three-cylinder, four-cylinder, and six-cylinder touring bikes, the early pushrod singles, the modern overhead-cam singles, the latest parallel twins, and inline-four cylinder sport bikes. From the first model, the R32 that launched BMW's motorcycle dynasty, to the latest (and fastest) model, the World Super Bike dominating S1000RR, this book captures nearly a century of motorcycling excellence with thorough information and stunning, full-color photography.

Armored Bears Volume Two

Author : Veterans of the 3rd Panzer Division
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First major treatment of the 3rd Panzer Division in English Covers the division's battle on the Eastern Front from 1943 through the end of the war The division had nearly 50 Knight's Cross winners by the end of the war Numerous photos of soldiers and their tanks Based on the daily logs of the division and recollections of its commanders and soldiers

Bmw R 75

Author : Lukasz Gladysiak
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Rommel and the Secret War in North Africa 1941 1943

Author : Janusz Piekalkiewicz
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In this new book, Janusz Piekalkiewicz chronicles the British Secret Inteligence Service (SIS) and the "Ultra" secret, and its effect on the campaign in North Africa during the Secon World War. On the German side, Rommel also knew the use of intercepted enemy messages - an awareness that the British were able to gain only much too late and after many sacrifices. The decoding of Rommel's radio messages, which were coded using the "Enigma" cipher machine, provided the British command with unawaited possibilities, which are described for the first time. These behind the scenes activities are depicted here on a day-to-day basis. Before this background, many decisions by the British high command in the Near East in their battle against the "Desert Fox" are now understood for the first time. The fact that many of Rommel's operations described as strokes of genius in military history were only possible thanks to the constant information from his surveillance company, was learned by the British leadership only on July 10, 1942; during the previous night, units of the Australian 9th Division had made a bold move and captured the German Intelligence Long Range Reconnaissance Company 621 at Tel el Eisa. It had been Rommel's ear in the enemy's camp. Its elimination can be regarded as the real turning point in the North American Janusz Piekalkiewicz (1925-1988) was a world-renowned author on many aspects of World War II history. Over 30 of his books are in print including BMW Motorcycles in World War II, and The German 88 Gun in Combat, from Schiffer Military History.

New Zealand Infantryman vs German Motorcycle Soldier

Author : David Greentree
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In April 1941, as Churchill strove to counter the German threat to the Balkans, New Zealand troops were hastily committed to combat in the wake of the German invasion of Greece where they would face off against the German Kradschützen – motorcycle troops. Examining three major encounters in detail with the help of maps and contemporary photographs, this lively study shows how the New Zealanders used all their courage and ingenuity to counter the mobile and well-trained motorcycle forces opposing them in the mountains and plains of Greece and Crete. Featuring specially commissioned artwork and drawing upon first-hand accounts, this exciting account pits New Zealand's infantrymen against Germany's motorcycle troops at the height of World War II in the Mediterranean theatre, assessing the origins, doctrine and combat performance of both sides.

The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles

Author : Ian Falloon
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The Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles offers a thorough year-by-year guide to every production machine ever built by Germany’s leading motorcycle manufacturer. From the first model, the 1923 R32 that launched BMW's motorcycle dynasty, to the latest (and fastest) superbike, the S1000RR, this book captures nearly a century of motorcycling excellence in a combination of historic and contemporary photos. Technical specs are provided for each model. This comprehensive review covers all of BMW's bike families: The side-valve machines from the early years The early overhead-valve performance bikes The modern Airheads and Oilheads The four-cylinder and six-cylinder touring bikes The early pushrod singles The modern overhead-cam singles The latest parallel twins, and inline-four cylinder sport bikes Among them, you'll find all the classic bikes—pre-World War II BMWs like the R5 that defined performance in that era; the military R12 that carried the Wehrmacht as it blitzkrieged its way across Europe; the Earles-forked R69S that offered the perfect platform for mounting a Steib sidecar; the R90S café racer; the K1 “flying brick”; and the GS (Gelände Sport) series that launched a dual-sport revolution right up to today’s world-class S100RR and retro-inspired R nine T. Like the other titles in Motorbooks' Complete Book series, this guide to BMW's motorcycle output offers the most complete reference to the subject available.

Scouts Out

Author : Robert Edwards
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Scouts Out is the definitive account of German armored reconnaissance in World War II, essential for historians, armor buffs, collectors, modelers, and wargamers. The first extensive treatment of the subject in English, it features: • Profiles of the armored reconnaissance vehicles that performed vital functions for the Third Reich's war machine • Capsule histories of the reconnaissance elements of panzer and mechanized infantry divisions, including those of the Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe • Firsthand accounts from reconnaissance soldiers • Hundreds of photos, the majority of which have never been published before • Color illustrations of uniforms and insignia

German Army Manuals of World War Ii

Author : Charles Lemons
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Tip of the Spear

Author : Robert J. Edwards
File Size : 55.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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During World War II, German armored reconnaissance laid the groundwork--often through small-unit actions--for the stunning tank and infantry operations that made the German military famous. Robert Edwards's follow-up to Scouts Out, the first extensive treatment of the subject in English, focuses on the battles and personalities found in ranks of the Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, and other divisions.

World War II Trucks and Tanks

Author : John Norris
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Many thousands of different types of vehicles were used by the armies during the Second World War for various roles, including the fighting vehicles such as armoured cars and tanks. Today these are very popular with enthusiasts who restore these historic vehicles to their pristine state and attend specialist gatherings around the country and across Europe. This interest extends to America where there are many owners of historic vehicles. This book sets out to introduce some of the better known examples of these preserved vehicles and also some of those which are not so well known. This range includes trucks to keep the armies supplied, ambulances, motorcycles, armoured cars and of course the impressive range of tanks from the smallest to some of the largest. Some vehicles are so rare that examples have been recreated using original designs and together with the original vehicles their history is told in this book. From jeeps to tanks, landrovers to ambulances, this is the perfect book for recreating, restoring and exploring the history of these vehicles that were vital to the war effort.

World War II in Focus Volume 3 Mechanized Warfare Part 2

Author : Ray Merriam
File Size : 78.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Merriam Press World War II In Focus Volume 3. First Edition (2013). Over 1,000 photos and images! The third volume in the World War II In Focus series is the first covering only German mechanized and armored warfare. This volume is an extensive pictorial on the military vehicles of the German armed forces during the Second World War, including light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, amphibious vehicles, self-propelled guns, half-tracks, prime movers, tractors, trucks, tank transporters, recovery vehicles, support vehicles, scout cars, armored cars, motorcycles, experimental and specialized types, captured vehicles, and equipment, as well as the campaigns, operations, and battles, and the armored and mechanized troops and their commanders. This volume contains 1,025 photos (933 in B&W, 85 in color, plus 7 drawings and illustrations).

World War II Wehrmacht Vehicles

Author : Jan Suermondt
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The restoration and display of historic military vehicles is a hobby that has grown enormously in Britain and elsewhere since the 1980s. In this companion volume to World War II Allied Vehicles, photographer Jan Suermondt offers a gallery of close-up studies of German army tanks, trucks, half-tracks, motorbikes, armored vehicles and guns for the information and pleasure of military historians, restorers, modelers and enthusiasts alike. Highlights include Panzer II and III tanks, a variety of half-tracks, Hetzer, BMW R12 and R35 motorcycles, artillery pieces and unusual support items such as radio trucks and a field kitchen.