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Germany 1945

Author : Dagmar Barnouw
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“Packed with carefully chosen photos . . . this book is a moving reminder of the material and moral devastation left behind by Nazi Germany.” ―Rudy Koshar, University of Wisconsin–Madison The Allied forces that entered Germany at the close of World War II were looking for remorse and open admissions of guilt from the Germans. Instead, they saw arrogance, servility, and a population thoroughly brainwashed by Nazis. But photos from the period tell a more complex story. In fact, Dagmar Barnouw argues that postwar Allied and German photography holds many possible clues for understanding the recent German past. A significant addition to the scholarship on postwar German culture and political identity, this book makes an important contribution to the current discussion of German memory. “Provocative, brilliant, and unsettling.” —Washington Times “[Barnouw’s] thoughtful analysis of a large assortment of photographs . . . allows Barnouw to look at how and not just what people saw, and to bring that perspective into conversation with the historical debates about the war’s end in Germany.” —Journal of Contemporary History) “[Barnouw’s] work shows that perspective plays a key role both in photography and in trying to master Germany’s past. [F]ascinating.” —Library Journal

Germany 1945

Author : Richard Bessel
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In 1945, Germany experienced the greatest outburst of deadly violence that the world has ever seen. Germany 1945 examines the country's emergence from the most terrible catastrophe in modern history. When the Second World War ended, millions had been murdered; survivors had lost their families; cities and towns had been reduced to rubble and were littered with corpses. Yet people lived on, and began rebuilding their lives in the most inauspicious of circumstances. Bombing, military casualties, territorial loss, economic collapse and the processes of denazification gave Germans a deep sense of their own victimhood, which would become central to how they emerged from the trauma of total defeat, turned their backs on the Third Reich and its crimes, and focused on a transition to relative peace. Germany's return to humanity and prosperity is the hinge on which Europe's twentieth century turned. For years we have concentrated on how Europe slid into tyranny, violence, war and genocide; this book describes how humanity began to get back out.

Politics and Popular Opinion in East Germany 1945 68

Author : Mark Allinson
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This groundbreaking work examines East Germany's postwar development from the defeat of Nazism to the stabilization of a new socialist state by 1968. Using a wide range of often previously unexamined contemporary documents, the book investigates how ordinary East Germans experienced this extraordinary political and social upheaval, and how central policy decisions were translated into the reality of everyday life in the provinces.

American Policy and the Reconstruction of West Germany 1945 1955

Author : Jeffry M. Diefendorf
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This volume of essays by German and American historians discusses key issues of US policy toward Germany in the decade following World War II.

Germany 1945 1990

Author : J?rgen Weber
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This book offers lively description and convincing interpretation of the most significant events, cruces and ongoing themes in German history from the end of the Second World War up to the present. The chronologies that accompany each chapter record the most important dates, facts and names occurring in the narrative. Jurgen Weber's text supplies the reader with a combination of vivid descriptive history, easily absorbed chronology, and a reliable reference work for the parallel lives of the two Germanies, a product of the Cold War. Weber describes in a clear and reader-friendly manner the history of Germany since 1945. The narrative begins with the period of the allied occupation and progresses through the diverse developments in East and West Germany up to the Federal Republic of today. The most important events, cruces and ongoing themes of the last fifty years are not only succinctly and vividly presented and interpreted, they are also placed in the context of international political developments. Each chapter is accompanied by a chronology featuring the most significant dates and facts relating to the period it covers. The last chapter gives a summary of what happened after 1990 and on present and future political problems of German reunification.

Jews in Post Holocaust Germany 1945 1953

Author : Jay Howard Geller
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This is the story of the reemergence of the Jewish community in Germany after its near total destruction during the Holocaust. In western Germany, the community needed to overcome deep cultural, religious, and political differences before uniting. In eastern Germany, the small Jewish community struggled against communist opposition. After coalescing, both Jewish communities, largely isolated by the international Jewish community, looked to German political leaders and the two German governments for support. Through relationships with key German leaders, they achieved stability by 1953, when West Germany agreed to pay reparations to Israel and to individual Holocaust survivors and East Germany experienced a wave of antisemitic purges. Using archival materials from the Jewish communities of East and West Germany as well as governmental and political party records, Geller elucidates the reestablishment of organized Jewish life in Germany and the Jews' critical ties to political leaders.

Germany 1945 1949

Author : Manfred Malzahn
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The period 1945-1949 is generally acknowledged as a critical period for the German people and their collective history. But it did not, Manfred Malzahn argues, lead inevitably to the construction of the Berlin Wall. As in 1989, so in 1945 the German people were prepared to break away from established patterns, to reassess, if need be, what it meant to be German. Then, as now, Germans East and West wanted order and stability; food, shelter, clothing and work. Using numerous documents from the immediate post-war years, Malzahn rescues the period from the burden of selective hindsight and nostalgia that has obscured the contemporary situation. The documents, which have been fully annotated, reflect life at all levels from politics to fashion, and contain both Allied and German viewpoints. They are bound together by an emphasis on communication, on Allied/German interaction, and on the Germans' dialogue with their past and expressions of their aspirations.

Poland Germany 1945 2007

Author : Witold M. Góralski
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Writers and Politics in Germany 1945 2008

Author : K. Stuart Parkes
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A comprehensive survey of German literary writers' political writing and involvement since 1945.

Religion and the Secular in Eastern Germany 1945 to the Present

Author : Esther Peperkamp
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The most common explanations view either the socialist past or larger scale processes of modernization to be the cause of eastern German secularization. The volume attempts to discover historically variable reconfigurations of religion and the secular at the local level.