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Gestalt Graphology

Author : Felix Klein
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Founder of the National Society for Graphology, Felix Klein began his study of graphology in his birthplace, Vienna, Austria, at the age of thirteen. He was a practicing graphologist all of his life and lectured and gave seminars throughout the United States and in Canada, England, Germany, Israel and Mexico. Mr. Klein came to the United States in 1940 after spending six months each in the concentration camps at Dachau and Buchenwald. While in those camps he formulated his theory of directional pressure as a result of studying changes in the handwriting of his fellow inmates. Mr. Klein did extensive work in personnel selection for major companies and banks, vocational guidance, and individual analyses, as well as forensic document examination for such entities as the U.N., AT&T, and a major political figure in Ghana, Africa. It was probably as a teacher that Felix was most known and loved. He held classes and offered correspondence courses in all levels of graphology: elementary, intermediate, advanced, Master Research, and Psychology for Graphologists. Wherever Felix spoke, his warm, caring personality and his naturalness and keen sense of humor generated enthusiastic responses from young and old alike.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Handwriting Analysis 2nd Edition

Author : Sheila Lowe
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It's all there in black and white The most popular book on this amazing discipline, this volume shows readers how to analyze almost any handwriting sample and understand the special characteristics of the writer's personality. Drawing upon 30 years of experience as a professional graphologist, Sheila Lowe clearly explains what every squiggle and dot says about a person. From Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Smits to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, this new edition is filled with hundreds of real examples of handwriting to illustrate how handwriting indicates a person's most basic and intimate traits. --Hundreds of new handwriting examples --Up-to-the-minute information about graphology computer programs --Fascinating anecdotes about graphology's role in criminal justice

Signature for Success

Author : Arlyn Imberman
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In Signature for Success, Imberman shares analysis techniques for readers to gain better insight into themselves, co-workers, and their family and thus create, improve, and understand their relationships. This useful volume even includes handwriting samples and analysis of the famous, infamous, and everyday people.

Handwriting Decoded Scientifically

Author : Rajesh Kothari
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Learn handwriting analysis precisely and correctly. This book helps a reader to understand the traits, personality, inherent skill and quality, strengths and weaknesses from just looking at one’s handwriting. Even more, the reader can also learn to read someone’s emotions, feelings, thinking patterns, the present state of mind, this is the uniqueness of the book. This book is ideal for the person who is interested to learn or understand · Personality analysis, · Human Psychology · Handwriting science, · Signature makeover, This book is for all the individuals however, it is also beneficial to some professionals like Human resource, career counsellor, Teachers and mentors, life coach, motivational speaker, some medical professionals like Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, who has to deal with human behaviours and psychology. “Handwriting Decoded Scientifically” is a book on the science of handwriting that is also called Handwriting Analysis and Graphology. In this book, Graphologist, Rajesh Kothari, has given an insight into detail of Graphology including various aspects of handwriting such as pressure, slant, size, margin, stroke, connections, baseline, traits, stacking of traits and many more. This book is designed in a way that readers get in-depth knowledge about handwriting and learn how to analyze the personality and character of the person. This book is divided into several modules to make it easier to understand and learn graphology. Even, for a better understanding of the reader, in this book, various handwriting samples have been given to give practical knowledge. Module 1: Inside detail: Basics of handwriting analysis/ graphology, grapho-therapy, signature makeover including its several applications that can be useful for personal and professional life. · Handwriting zone · Slants · Concept of Paper · Margin The remaining elements of the handwriting are covered in other modules of the book. This one is the best complete package for beginners to learn the science of handwriting and how to read anyone’s personality without meeting or asking a single question. After reading this book if you have any query please feel free to contact us.

You re Certifiable

Author : Lee Naftali
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700 PATHS TO A JOB YOU LOVE Are you established in a career but feeling the need for a change? Interested in starting your own business and looking for an alternative to the more traditional enterprises? Graduating from college (or high school) and wondering what to do now? If you are searching for an offbeat, soul-satisfying profession that offers more than just a paycheck, enrolling in a certification program could be the perfect first step to finding the job that is made for you. You're Certifiable is packed with more than 700 ideas for alternative careers as well as all the information that you need to embark on your chosen field, such as: * Holistic health: from acupressure to hypnotherapy * Crafts: From violin making to glassblowing * Art and design: from museum studies to Feng Shui * Working with animals: from horse training to pet grooming * Outdoor pursuits: from diving to hot-air balloon piloting * Food and drink: from beer brewing to cake decorating The first-ever comprehensive directory of certification programs throughout the country, You're Certifiable provides the essentials on how to get certified in the career of your choice, how long it will take, how much it costs, and what to expect once you start working. Lee and Joel Naftali have gathered all the tools you need to find your perfect niche in the professional world.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Handwriting Analysis

Author : Sheila R. Lowe
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An updated manual explains how to use handwriting analysis to understand an individual's character, personal values, love issues, and career ambitions, offering hundreds of real-life handwriting samples to illuminate how handwriting reflects each person's most important traits. Original.

Huber and Headrick s Handwriting Identification

Author : Heidi H. Harralson
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"Forensic document examination is the study of physical evidence and physical evidence cannot lie. Only its interpretation can err. Only the failure to find it, or to hear its true testimony can deprive it of its value."—Roy Huber This is a comprehensive update of Huber and Headrick's seminal work on handwriting examination. New coverage includes a review of forensic handwriting examination research, handwriting analysis training and proficiency, revised methods and procedures, an updated listing and clarification of terminology and electronic signatures, the analysis of digitized handwriting, and other related technological advances. The book includes updated photographs, several added illustrations, and advances in techniques based on the scientific research conducted in the area over the last 20 years. Features of the new edition include: The latest on electronic signatures, digital handwriting, automated handwriting verification, and the many advances in technology and research over the last two decades An overview of the fundamentals of handwriting examination with updated discussion of the intrinsic and extrinsic variables associated with handwriting identification A review of the criticism of handwriting expert opinions and methodology, addressing both the strengths and scientific limitations of the area Fully revised while remaining true to the spirit and approach of original authors Roy Huber and A. M. Headrick Addition of nearly 200 new references and new glossary terms representing advances in research and methods. With extensive photographs to help clearly illustrate concepts, Huber and Headrick’s Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals, Second Edition serves as an invaluable reference to law libraries, practicing document examiners, forensic and criminal justice students, and every lawyer handling cases in which the authenticity of handwriting and documents might be disputed.

Handwriting Psychology

Author : Dr. Helmut Ploog
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If you find yourself called on to judge people on a regular basis, you need all the tools at your disposal to do your job right. Handwriting psychology offers one practical method for helping you learn what you need to learn about your subject quickly. Whether you are a teacher, psychologist or manager, you can benefit from the guidance of Dr. Helmut Ploog, a handwriting expert. Learn what the size and width of handwriting can reveal about a person, as well as what more muted features—such as slant, spacing, and direction of lines—can make clear. Written in plain English, this guidebook presents pithy explanations of handwriting movements, which may be angular or round, long or short, heavy or light, high or deep below the base line. It also offers analyses of the handwriting of many well-known people, including Charles Darwin, Anne Frank, Paul Getty, Allen Ginsberg, Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo, Somerset Maugham, Pablo Picasso, Pope Benedict, Vladimir Putin, Maurice Ravel, Carl Rogers, and Susan Sontag. Handwriting Psychology should never be used by itself to judge someone, but it can serve as an essential tool to make and confirm observations that could change your life, your career, and your approach to life.

Reading Between the Lines

Author : Sheila Lowe
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If you have ever wondered what the squiggles and strokes in a line of ink say about personality, or if you are a handwriting professional who learned the "trait-stroke" method, Reading Between the Lines, Decoding Handwriting, will introduce you to a new way to look at handwriting and understand personality. The gestalt method versus trait-stroke is the difference between viewing an object under a microscope that offers a very small field of vision, and a telescope that shows the bigger picture. One is not better than the other, they simply appeal to different thinking styles. Trait-stroke analysts are more comfortable with an atomistic step-by-step approach, building up a picture of personality one stroke at a time. Gestaltists are more conceptual thinkers who look at space, form, and movement, learning to recognize the whole personality at a glance.

The Green River Serial Killer

Author : Pennie Morehead
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This first book by Pennie Morehead chronicles the life of Judith, the wife of Gary Ridgway, the infamous serial killer of more than 48 women. It contains 112 original photographs and letters, many published here for the first time, and reveal the relationship between Gary and his unsuspecting wife, Judith, who was living some of the happiest years of her life while married to a killer. Ms. Morehead also gives an in depth analysis of Gary's handwritten letters from a professional graphologist point of view. As of this date, despite the diligence of many investigators on this case in locating the victims of the Green River Serial Killer, there remain several bodies of those victims that still need to be discovered.

eForensics and Investigations for Everyone

Author : Eamon P. Doherty and Joel Liebesfeld
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This book discusses a variety of topics such as cell phone seizure and examination, electrical fire investigation, potential vulnerabilities when using historic electrical devices, interpersonal conduct in the Middle East, Russia, and the USA, intellectual property theft, spy cases, and various motivations for crime in a manner that everyone can understand. We also discuss various test equipment and software used for collecting evidence from both physical evidence and invisible radio frequency artifacts. We also discuss electronic equipment that is used to destroy various documents as well as both human and automated processes used to reconstruct small shreds of paper. We discuss real cases regarding document reconstruction such as the American Embassy in Iran and the recently discovered East German (secret police) Stasi shredded records. We also discuss the Hanssen spying case using a PDA and low tech techniques such as the dead drop. Lastly, Jeff Marsh, a brilliant man who became disabled due to an unfortunate accident, demonstrates with the help of Dr. Doherty, various devices such as clocks and mustard jars with concealed purposes that may be used by undercover surveillance professionals or private investigators in a variety of settings, once proper approval is given. Jeff also discusses recreation and conversation as a means of exercising our intellect and informally learning from other people.

Personality Anxiety Disorders How they may be reflected in handwriting and other important topics

Author : Sheila Lowe
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The material in this volume is based on articles and a series of talks presented to members of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation by the late Israeli psychologist/graphologist, Dr. Ze’ev Bar-Av. I co-presented papers with him at several handwriting analysis conferences, and when he asked me to help him with the lecture series, I was pleased to accept. I provided most of the demonstrative handwriting samples and edited the material. After Dr. Bar-Av’s untimely death, I compiled and further edited and expanded this important material to preserve and make it available for handwriting professionals.

Decoding Your Dad

Author : Ruth Brayer
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Fathers are an eternal mystery to their daughters. Author and researcher Victoria Secunda wrote, "Fathers were on some level an eternal question mark," and Psychologist Dr. Bob Schacht believes that most people never achieve an eye-to-eye-relationship with their fathers. Whether your father was nurturing, self-involved or uninvolved, getting a handle on his strengths and vulnerabilities will give you a more balanced perspective and help you resolve longstanding issues. Decoding your Dad will help you move forward with Your life and stop ending up with another guy who's a psychological duplicate of your father. Decoding your Dad is not just a book for daughters! Author Meg Meeker, addressing the father, says: "You are her first love Every relationship she has with a man will be filtered through her relationship with you." If you're a father, understanding what makes your daughter tick can help you raise a stronger more successful daughter and strengthen the relationship the two of you share. As a revolutionary tool for both daughters and fathers, Decoding Your Dad is a fascinating, thought-provoking handbook guaranteed to enhance the most seminal relationship of a daughter's-and a father's-life.

Tantra Vidy

Author : Oscar Marcel Hinze
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This contans two dissertations on (1) Understanding Archaic Astronomy and (2) Permenides and the Tantric Yoga. of these the first dissertation concerns with the understanding of Archaic Astronomy from the stand-point of a psychologist of perception, trained in Astronomy. The author deals with the psychology of Perception and the seven Lotus-flowers of the Kundalini Yoga-by elucidating the study of Arthur Avalon, giving parallels in other traditions, while presenting a comperativestudy on its bearing on Astronomy according to Ptolemy.The study throws new light on Parmenides and his dictrine clearing away the mist of misunderstanding in Western Philosophy.

Script and Scribble

Author : Kitty Burns Florey
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"A witty and readable (and fetchingly illustrated and glossed) excursion through the history of handwriting." —The Wall Street Journal Let a self-confessed "penmanship nut" take you on a tour of the strange and beautiful world of handwriting. Since her Catholic school days learning the Palmer Method, Kitty Burns Florey has been in love with handwriting, and can't imagine a world where schools forego handwriting drills in favor of teaching something called keyboarding. In this "winsome mix of memoir and call to arms" (Chicago Tribune), Florey weaves together the evolution of writing implements and scripts, pen-collecting societies, the golden age of American penmanship, and the growth in popularity of handwriting analysis, and asks the question: Is writing by hand really no longer necessary in today's busy world? "Charmingly composed and handsomely presented," Script & Scribble traces the history of penmanship to the importance of writing by hand in an increasingly digital age (The Boston Globe).

Handwriting Analysis Registry 1992 1993

Author : Dianalynn Clayton
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Improve Your Life With Graphotherapy Making positive changes that stick

Author : Sheila Lowe
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Does it feel as though your life is stuck on hold? Do you keep making the same mistakes in relationships and jobs? You can't seem to get organized? Graphotherapy may help you unblock what is holding you back. A program of handwriting exercises and affirmations done to music, graphotherapy is not a magic cure-all, but current research suggests this combination of activities helps make changes to the brain and anchor them in place.

Handwriting Secrets Revealed

Author : Doc Grayson
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The book describes the various ways that handwriting analysis can be used by individuals to help them in their job, family, recreation, and business success.


Author : Annette Poizner
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Faced with challenging economic times, contemporary clinicians require assessment tools which can accelerate the therapeutic process and facilitate brief psychotherapy. This text introduces graphology, or handwriting analysis, which has been used clinically in Europe for decades alongside other projective techniques. In Clinical Graphology: An Interpretive Manual for Mental Health Practitioners, this clinical application becomes accessible. The text provides a compelling rationale for the clinical evaluation of handwriting and demonstrates how therapists can access rich personal data by examining clients’ graphic behaviors. The text is designed to systematically present clinical graphology in theory and practice. A review of the literature demonstrates that the clinical use of graphology is consistent with the tenets of clinical practice. Graphological interpretive theory is presented in detail, providing a theoretical understanding of those graphic features which are meaningful indices of psychological phenomena. In this context, the inherent congruity between graphological and psychological theory is explored. Diverse handwriting samples, including many of contemporary public figures, illustrate graphic phenomena while demonstrating and encouraging the graphologist’s unique type of visual acuity. To facilitate the reader’s ability to synthesize graphic traits into a holistic personality profile, an interpretive schedule is provided which summarizes graphic indices and their interpretations. A method of assessing handwritings is provided which permits a degree of standardization and so facilitates research. Using this text, readers can integrate graphological theory and cultivate interpretive skills. Providing a comprehensive treatment of the psychology of handwriting, this volume includes a discussion of caveats which guide the clinical use of graphology as well as research considerations and guidelines for sharing graphological findings with clients. To date, clinicians in North America remain unaware of the merits of graphology usage although they continue to seek out methods of assessment which will facilitate their clinical efforts. This volume will demonstrate graphology as a tool which can be applied by those with virtually any theoretical orientation or practice model, speaking to the interests of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, vocational counselors, pastoral counselors, and naturopaths, and paraprofessionals.

Putting Psychology in its Place

Author : Graham Richards
File Size : 29.69 MB
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The third edition of Putting Psychology In Its Place builds on the previous two editions, introducing the history of Psychology and placing the discipline within a historical context. It aims both to answer and raise questions about the role of Psychology in modern society, by critically examining issues such as how Psychology developed, why psychoanalysis had such an impact and how the discipline has changed to deal with contemporary social issues such as religion, race and gender. This new third edition contains two completely new chapters: "Emotion: The Problem or the Whole Point?" and "Funding and Institutional Factors." An expanded epilogue has also been added which incorporates a discussion of the conceptual issues raised in the book and the volume now corresponds with the new BPS requirements for undergraduate courses. Other chapters, including those on Psychology and the Brain, Social Psychology and the Psychology of Madness, as well as those on gender, religion and race, have been substantially revised. Putting Psychology In Its Place is imaginatively written and accessible to all. It is an invaluable introductory text for undergraduate students of the history of Psychology and will also appeal to postgraduates, academics and anyone interested in Psychology or the history of science.