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Getting Beyond Better

Author : Roger L. Martin
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Who drives transformation in society? How do they do it? In this compelling book, strategy guru Roger L. Martin and Skoll Foundation President and CEO Sally R. Osberg describe how social entrepreneurs target systems that exist in a stable but unjust equilibrium and transform them into entirely new, superior, and sustainable equilibria. All of these leaders--call them disrupters, visionaries, or changemakers--develop, build, and scale their solutions in ways that bring about the truly revolutionary change that makes the world a fairer and better place. The book begins with a probing and useful theory of social entrepreneurship, moving through history to illuminate what it is, how it works, and the nature of its role in modern society. The authors then set out a framework for understanding how successful social entrepreneuars actually go about producing transformative change. There are four key stages: understanding the world; envisioning a new future; building a model for change; and scaling the solution. With both depth and nuance, Martin and Osberg offer rich examples and personal stories and share lessons and tools invaluable to anyone who aspires to drive positive change, whatever the context. Getting Beyond Better sets forth a bold new framework, demonstrating how and why meaningful change actually happens in the world and providing concrete lessons and a practical model for businesses, policymakers, civil society organizations, and individuals who seek to transform our world for good.

Frugal Innovation

Author : Yasser Bhatti
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In light of growing discourse on 'frugal innovation', this book offers novel approaches to innovation based on extensive empirical research. The study complements a decade of scholarly attention on frugal innovation by taking a research-based approach to innovation in resource-scarce and complex institutional contexts. The findings suggest that concepts such as frugal, reverse, jugaad, social, grassroots and inclusive innovation in fact represent heterogeneous assemblies of innovation for social, environmental and economic value. The conceptual framework invites attention to more plural sources and elements in the study of models of innovation to inspire further research in the fields of strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic sociology and development studies. The design framework offers models, metrics and competencies for practitioners and policymakers to identify, evaluate and design frugal innovations. The comprehensive view of frugal innovation demonstrates how firms can implement globally competitive strategies by pursuing innovation for humanity to improve lives for everyone, everywhere.


Author : Cass R. Sunstein
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Two experts in business and psychology describe the detrimental effect that groupthink has on decision-making and explain how to combine ideas from management and social sciences to help improve problem-solving through non-deliberative decision-making. 20,000 first printing.

Beyond Good Enough

Author : Fred Moore
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Is Your Life “Good Enough”?Most of us live our lives and conduct our businesses at the “Good Enough” level, we do things just good enough to get by. Fred Moore is an expert when it comes to productivity & goal setting, he will share some simple techniques to help you get things done faster and easier than ever before.You'll learn how to set goals, how to increase your productivity and how to take your business and your life Beyond Good Enough.You'll learn: -How to create, define & execute your goals -Some creative ways to stay motivated -To not only work smarter but harder -Never FAIL again (oh yeah, you heard me) -Discover what is holding you back

Hindu Koh Wanderings and Wild Sport on and Beyond the Himalayas

Author : Donald Macintyre
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The Shore Beyond Good and Evil

Author : Hideyuki Takano
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Hideyuki Takano takes us on a journey into the Wa State at the very heart of the 'Golden Triangle' - a remote land with a headhunting past, traditional hilltribes, drugs and guerrilla warfare. This book follows his 7-months in a traditional Wa mountain village, his participation in the complete cycle of opium cultivation and gives insights into a way of life molded by opium and ethnic conflict. As readers are drawn into the life of the Wa, Takano is increasingly drawn into opium dependence, unwittingly becoming a part of this intriguing story. His experiences bring home the stark reality of life on a "Shore Beyond Good and Evil."

Moving Beyond Sectarianism

Author : Joseph Liechty
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A six-year research project of the Irish School of Ecumenics concerned with Christianities and sectarianism in Northern Ireland, and offering a detailed analysis of sectarian dynamics.

Beyond Codependency

Author : Melody Beattie
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In simple, straightforward terms, Beattie takes you into the territory beyond codependency, into the realm of recovery and relapse, family-of-origin work and relationships, surrender and spirituality. You're learning to let go, to live your life free of the grip of someone else's problems. And yet you find you've just started on the long journey of recovery. Let Melody Beattie, author of the classic Codependent No More, help you along your way. A guided tour past the pitfalls of recovery, Beyond Codependency is dedicated to those struggling to master the art of self-care. It is a book about what to do once the pain has stopped and you've begun to suspect that you have a life to live. It is about what happens next.In simple, straightforward terms, Beattie takes you into the territory beyond codependency, into the realm of recovery and relapse, family-of-origin work and relationships, surrender and spirituality. With personal stories, hard-won insights, and activities, her book teaches the lessons of dealing with shame, growing in self-esteem, overcoming deprivation, and getting past fatal attractions long enough to find relationships that work.

Getting Beyond Race

Author : Richard Payne
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In Getting Beyond Race, Richard Payne takes the practical approach that race relations are ultimately about ordinary people interacting with each other. Payne argues that confrontation, blaming, and dwelling on failure in race relations are not as productive as adopting a positive view and looking at individual success stories. Drawing from his own experience of having lived with different racial groups and hundreds of conversations with Americans from all walks of life and racial backgrounds, he writes about those who are helping to reduce the significance of race in society and through their actions are creating models of behavior for America's future.Payne covers topics from how race is an artificial concept created for social purposes to race in the military, interracial marriages and adoptions, affirmative action, and the effects of generational change and immigration on racial attitudes in America. Instead of looking at questions of race simply in terms of black-white relations, he expands his discussion to include Latinos, Asians, and other people of color. Moreover, Payne contends that the very concept of race is being weakened by fundamental changes throughout many facets of American culture. This book looks forward and offers concrete suggestions for getting beyond race.

Produce News

Author :
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The World

Author : Albert Low
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As director of the Montreal Zen Center for the past fifteen years, Albert Low has helped others work through these koans. In this book he provides contemporary and lively commentaries which serve to make the Mumonkan available to all readers and relevant to their everyday lives. He draws upon his own thirty years of practice, half of which has been spent as a teacher, to show how the Mumonkan can be a gateway to spiritual life.

Getting Better Value in Health Care

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Budget
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Getting Beyond interesting

Author : Olga M. Nesi
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"This book provides a detailed plan and ready-to-use lessons for teaching appeal terms and Book Hook writing to students"--

Beyond Practical Virtue

Author : Joel A. Johnson
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"Johnson examines the worth of liberal democracy and the question of cultural development by looking at novels by James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain, and William Dean Howells. Using the fictions to explore the richness of everyday life, he offers new insight into the relationship between the state and the individual"--Provided by publisher.

Moving Beyond Boundaries

Author : Carole Boyce-Davies
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The Homiletic Monthly

Author :
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Printers Ink

Author :
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The Southern Lumberman

Author :
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Moving Beyond Icebreakers

Author : Stanley Pollack
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Moving Beyond Icebreakers contains 440 pages packed with insight and ideas about building community, engaging students in learning, and making meetings work. It describes an innovative meeting format and documents over 300 interactive exercises (not just "icebreakers") that enable readers to: * Achieve group goals * Build relationships * Resolve group problems * Teach, lead, motivate, and inspire The first 130 pages describe how to use "icebreakers" and other interactive methods to help group members make decisions, create new ideas, solve problems, resolve conflicts, and understand new concepts. In these pages you will find a five-part meeting structure that you can use to become an expert facilitator, following an approach that engages both youth and adults in meeting the group's goals. You will also find detailed agendas, lesson plans, and scenarios that show how this approach works in the real world. Table of contents: * Why use interactive methods? * Working into interaction * Coping with resistance and fear of failure * The interactive meeting format * Interactive exercises (name exercises, warm-up questions, five-minute springboard exercises, fifteen-minute springboard exercises, in-your-chair springboard exercises, tag-style springboard exercises, springboard exercises for groups both large and small, the rest of the springboard exercises, work-station exercises, evaluation exercises).

Demystifying Job Development

Author : David Hoff
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