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The Divorce Workbook for Teens

Author : Lisa Schab
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It's tough being a teen even in the best of circumstances, but when parents divorce teens are faced with an additional set of practical and emotional issues. This book gives them everything they need to get through their parents' divorce and keep it from taking a long-term emotional toll. Teens learn how to: cope with the grief, fear, and anger that accompany divorce; adjust to having two homes and changes in financial status; assert their right to be teens, to separate from their parents' problems, and to love both parents; not get caught in the middle of battling parents; understand that the divorce is not their fault and overcome feelings of guilt. Research tells us that teenagers in single-parent families and in blended families are 3 times more likely to need psychological help and that boys are more likely to become aggressive and girls are more likely to experience depression as a result of divorce. While this sounds like a grim picture, it's important to remember that there is help and that divorce need not leave a painful legacy. The Divorce Workbook for Teens helps teenagers come through their parent's divorce emotionally and psychologically intact.

We The People s Guide to Divorce

Author : Ira Distenfield
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How to Make the Right Decision Every Time

Author : Karen Jensen Salisbury
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MAKE TOUGH CHOICES WITHFAITH AND CONFIDENCE. We all have to make decisions, big and small, every day. Sometimes those decisionsare life changing, and we can become paralyzed in the process. We wonder: “WHAT DOES GOD WANT ME TO DO? HOW CAN I KNOW HISWILL? WHAT IF I MAKE THE WRONG CHOICE?” How to Make the Right Decision Every Time reveals biblical and practical keysto help you find direction, uncover your purpose, discover God’s will, and getit right every time. With biblical wisdom and successful examples of everydaypeople, this book will empower you to: LEARN HOW GOD DESIRES TO GUIDE YOUEVERY DAY THROUGH HIS WORD DISCOVER PRACTICAL WAYS TO APPLY GOD’SPRINCIPLES FOR MAKING DECISIONS REMOVE THE PRESSURE AND FEAROF MAKING WRONG CHOICES You can turn apprehension to action, master the art ofdecision making, and approach life confidently every day.

MoneySmart Divorce

Author : Esther M. Berger
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Explains how women can protect themselves financially during the divorce process, and covers such topics as property allocation, alimony, child support, lawyers, and retirement

37 Things I Wish I d Known Before My Divorce

Author : F. Baras; NB Feuer; L. Prowitt
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Whether you’re just thinking about getting divorced, somewhere right in the thick of it, or working through post-divorce issues, this simple guide—full of great tips, lists and how-to’s—will help you emotionally and practically. 37 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Divorce is the result of countless hours of training, personal and professional experience, research, and collaboration. Carry it with you while you navigate this sometimes painful and exasperating, sometimes hopeful and energizing, life transition.

Making Divorce Work

Author : Diana Mercer
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Eight essential keys to resolving conflict and rebuilding your life. This unique and empowering guide gives divorcing couples the skills to manage their divorce successfully, handle the legal and emotional issues harmoniously, and redefine and preserve the positive elements of their relationship. Informed by eight mediation concepts developed and used by the authors in their practice, the process outlined in this book will allow divorcing couples to deal rationally with the issues rather than allowing fear, anger, and grief to dictate their actions. Making Divorce Work leads couples to experience divorce as a celebration of the end of a relationship that served them well and provides the tools to deal with virtually every aspect of divorce-from money and custody to grieving and pain-to be proud of the way they handled their divorce and to start their new lives from a better place. Watch a Video

The Empowered Woman S Guide to Divorce

Author : Jill Murray PsyD
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Every woman considering divorce, or in the midst of a divorce, should be empowered to make intelligent, well-thought-out choices for herself, and for her children. In The Empowered Womans Guide to Divorce, noted psychotherapist Dr. Jill A. Murray and noted attorney Adam R. Dodge guide you through the key decisions involved in the divorce process, from making the initial decision to end your marriage, to going through the legal and emotional steps of divorce, and the challenges you may face in the aftermath. In this eye-opening and compassionate guide, youll learn: To assess how your relationship has affected your body. What you and your children deserve in your lives. The seven legal rules of divorce. To evaluate your legal and financial options. Secrets of navigating the obstacle course in the courtroom. How to tell your children you and your husband are divorcing. Ways to help your children cope with the new reality of alternating between two single-parent households. How to deal with custody and visitation issues. To manage emotions such as anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Strategies for healthy co-parenting with your ex. How to ease back into dating post-divorce. If youre going through a breakup, youre not alone. Forty to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. The Empowered Womans Guide to Divorce shares the voices of real women experiencing the same messy, confusing, and at times, exciting milestones. In clear and easy-to-read language, it helps you answer every question you didnt know you had about divorce until now.

God Didn t Do It He Only Signed Off On It

Author : Christiana I. Chineme
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As humans, things happen to us sometimes that we cannot fully understand. We desire to explain them when from human perspective there's no explanation that really exists. Our perplexion at things of that nature are not just about when they happen to us but also the things we witness in the world around us. They oftentimes shake the foundations of our faith in God to the core. But as much as not knowing hurts, at no time should our reaction be to accuse God for things we don't understand. Rather, we should know that God is not always the architect of all our problems and that He might not always save us from people that live to harm us or bless us the way we want because we take a stand with Him. His promise however is one thing and that is that He'll work it all out for HIS OWN ENDS even the wicked for a day of disaster Proverbs 16:4b. However your pain occurred, God's declared intentions are that He'll use all of your problems any which way they present to work out His will for your life. The deaths of some of the people that went before us is proof that for reasons best known to Him, God at times chooses not to deliver people that take a stand with Him. And it's not because He hated such people but because of what He already planned to use the situation for.

Expand Your Capacity to Love A Guide to Making Correct Choices and Right Decisions

Author : Earle Josiah
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Divorce and Remarriage

Author : Sheila Sims
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Divorce and Remarriage is one of the ways in which God delivers His people from their past mistakes. You see, Jesus died so we wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of our sins for the rest of our lives. His Blood has cleansed us from our sins, including our past mistakes. Remarriage is practiced in the New Testament Satan arranges marriages too, so discover why people get divorced If you've been separated for years, find out what the Bible says to do about getting remarried Adultery is not the unpardonable sin-it can be forgiven Should you wait until your ex-spouse dies before you get remarried It's not your choice to remain single for the rest of your life Why remarried Christians shouldn't be put out of the church There's no recession in the Kingdom of God Find out where Extra money comes from Learn how to pray and get results Gain knowledge for raising your step-children and your own children together"

Divorce in Connecticut

Author : Reneé Bauer
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Providing accurate and objective information to help make the right decisions during a divorce in Connecticut, this guide provides answers to 360 queries such as What is the mediation process in Connecticut and is it required? How quickly can one get a divorce? Who decides who gets the cars, the pets, and the house? What actions might influence child custody? How are bills divided and paid during the divorce? How much will a divorce cost? and Will a spouse have to pay some or all attorney fees? Structured in a question-and-answer format, this divorce handbook provides clear and concise responses to help build confidence and give the peace of mind needed to meet the challenges of a divorce proceeding.

Marriages Families and Relationships Making Choices in a Diverse Society

Author : Mary Ann Lamanna
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This bestselling text on marriages, families, and relationships combines a rigorous scholarly and applied approach with a unique theme especially relevant to today’s dynamic global environment: Making choices in a diverse society. The text achieves an excellent balance between the sociological, or ecological and family systems theoretical perspectives, while including extensive coverage of family dynamics and interpersonal relationships. The authors use an engaging presentation to create a highly readable text that offers insightful perspectives on the diversity of our modern society, including different ethnic traditions and family forms. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Making the Right Decision

Author : Felecia Little
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This book is about my personalized road trip to aid in the campaign of President Barack Obama Jr. to become the forty-fourth president of the United States. It is a book that explain how it was my childhood wish to live in the white house. Because of the color of my skin my mother told me it could not be done. My reply to her was that someday a person of color will occupy the white house along with his family. My wish came true on Nov.4, 2008 when Senator Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States. I explains how I began my journey from my comfortable Caribbean environment to contribute to this historical day. I talk about how I used a bus pass to travel the country and living a very frugal lifestyle to encourage people to vote for President Obama. I mention in the book some of the people I met, and I share their stories with my readers. I talk about even though people were concerned about the two wars and a downhill economy, their relationships with their partners was also very important. I talk about how I was asked numerous times how my husband allowed me to be on the road for so many months by myself. I talk about how I entered a female homeless shelter. I point out that I worked two jobs to get back on the campaign trail. I talk about how my husbands love and support encouraged me as I travelled on my journey by myself. I also talk about what made our relationship so strong after taking this 18 month road trip.

The Handbook of Divorce Mediation

Author : L. Marlow
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Mediation, as a procedure to assist couples in dealing with the problems incident to their separation and divorce, is still relatively new in the United States. For the would-be practitioner, that poses certain problems. Divorce mediation cannot provide a long history of generally accepted procedures. Nor is there even a body of information to which would-be practitioners can turn for instruction or guidance. And, of course, there are no established schools that can train or prepare a practitioner to do this work. To make matters worse, the situation is likely to remain in this state for some time to come. Given this fact, it was felt that it would be useful for practitioners (even for those already engaged in divorce mediation) to have a handbook which would trace a typical mediation from its inception to its conclusion and which would provide them with the substantive informa tion they need to know in order to do divorce mediation. It is hoped that this handbook will fill this need. Having said that, however, it must be acknowledged that the purpose of this book is very much beyond that. Until now, divorce mediation in the United States has been shaped principally by such books as O. J. Coogler's Structured Mediation in Divorce Settlements: A Handbook for Marital Mediators, 1 and John Haynes' Divorce Mediation: 2 A Practical Guide for Therapists and Counselors.

Divorce in Wisconsin

Author : Linda Vanden Heuvel
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Providing accurate and objective information to help make the right decisions during a divorce in Wisconsin, this guide provides answers to 360 queries such as What is the mediation process in Wisconsin and is it required? How quickly can one get a divorce? Who decides who gets the cars, the pets, and the house? What actions might influence child custody? How are bills divided and paid during the divorce? How much will a divorce cost? and Will a spouse have to pay some or all attorney fees? Structured in a question-and-answer format, this divorce handbook provides clear and concise responses to help build confidence and give the peace of mind needed to meet the challenges of a divorce proceeding in the state of Wisconsin.

Losing My Religion

Author : Ria Barna
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We all own a very special key. It is the key that unlocks all that we are and all that we could ever want and dream of wanting. Access to this key is so simple, yet we make it so hard. This key is always there, waiting for us to use it to unlock our treasure chest and to release the power within it. We all want so badly to be the winner of the big lottery, but little do we know we already are the winner. We think winning the lottery will give us the power to do what we want with our lives. If we only knew that all the power is already within us. They say that in the last days the hearts of many men will fail because of fear. Our hearts fail every time we make a decision based in fear, instead of believing to trust what is in our hearts. Our heart is each and everyones very own treasure chest that is open every time we choose to believe what is in it. Now if the key to all our happiness is in our treasure chest, which lies within our heart, wouldnt it make sense that our number one priority in life would be to discover our heart and what lies within it? Every time we make a decision aligned with our heart, we tap into our power and release a potent and invisible energy into the world. This energy in turn orchestrates the universe to reflect back into our lives that ultimately leads us to fulfill our purpose. We must believe that all of lifes experiences, situations, and relationships are there to take us on a great journey. A journey that creates opportunities for self-discovery and that promotes self-growth and awareness. One experience of life is death. However, it is not death in the physical sense, but in a spiritual sense. It is dying to who we thought we were and dying to what we thought we believed and to how we defined ourselves. A lot of what we thought really isnt even our own thoughts. They are actually thoughts we adopted from others. They are thoughts and beliefs imposed on us by others, beginning right down to when we were babies. In this process to self-discovery, we must cut off the junk we gathered in life that are not our own in order to become in alignment to who we are. God is the very essence of lifethe life within us and the life outside us. As we continue the path of self-discovery, happiness is sure to follow. The compass that should aid us in our journey is called bliss. Following our bliss is the key to what is in your heart and ultimately to be one with God. The key to our fulfillment in life is not to create separation between who God is and who we are. We are one with God. We are cocreators with God, and we have the power to create whatever we want.

Arousing Love

Author : M. H. Strom
File Size : 67.22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Zach is falling for Joanna even when he finds out she’s only fifteen. He knows she's too young but he has never felt like this about anybody before—she’s funny and sweet and flirty and free and the most beautiful girl he has ever known. Joanna is swept away by her feelings for Zach as they grow increasingly passionate. It's like God has whispered in her heart Zach is the one for her. Can it be true love when you're only fifteen?

Divorce in Illinois

Author : Steven Peskind
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Providing accurate and objective information to help make the right decisions during a divorce in Illinois, this guide provides answers to 360 queries such as: What is the mediation process in Illinois and is it required? How quickly can one get a divorce? Who decides who gets the cars, the pets, and the house? What actions might influence child custody? How are bills divided and paid during the divorce? How much will a divorce cost? Will a spouse have to pay some or all attorney fees? Structured in a question-and-answer format, this divorce handbook provides clear and concise responses to help build confidence and give the peace of mind needed to meet the challenges of a divorce proceeding.

20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now

Author : Ray LeVitre
File Size : 60.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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You're in control of Your Retirement Future Inside are twenty major financial decisions which could profoundly impact your lifestyle over the next forty years. For many retirees, these decisions come as a surprise and must be made hastily without proper consultation. But by reading the expert, commission-free advice in this book, you'll learn how to manage your assets and prepare for the best possible retirement. Do I have enough money to retire now? How will I cover my medical expenses during retirement? When should I begin taking Social Security? How much should I invest in stocks, bonds, and cash? What criteria should I use to identify the best investments? Should I cancel my life insurance policy? Should I pay off my mortgage at retirement? Ray E. LeVitre is a Certified Financial Planner with nearly twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, working for Fidelity, CitiCorp, Mutual of New York, and Merrill Lynch before starting his own firm. He has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Money magazine, Newsweek, and Kiplinger's. A fee-only advisor, Ray does not receive commission from any product or service he recommends. Visit

Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce

Author : Paula Hall
File Size : 47.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Children of all ages can be devastated by the news that their parents are splitting up. Even those who have been living in a highly conflictual situation are often shocked by their parents' final decision to separate. For most children, separation means major changes to family life and often losing a parent. The long-term impacts of divorce are now widely recognised with increasing chances of problems at school, criminal behaviour, problems in their own relationships and mental illness. This guide will provide you with clear advice and guidance on how to minimise the impact of your relationship breakdown on your children. Including: - An explanation of the age-specific issues that children face when they find out their family is breaking up - Professional comment, stories and quotes from children - Checklists and case studies Acknowledging the personal difficulties faced by the adult who has made the decision to leave, as well as the adult who feels they are being abandoned, this sensitive, accessible guide is a must for all parents going through divorce or separation who are concerned for their children.