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Ghostly Tales of the Unexpected

Author : Simon Entwistle
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Award winning tour guide Simon Entwistle presents a selection of his most famous Lancashire ghost stories along with the most popular of his modern stories in this spooky collection of legendary tales from haunted houses and spooky halls.

Ghosts Demons the Unexpected

Author : Victor Sharpe
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Real Ghost Stories

Author : Carole Somerville
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Whether or not you believe in ghosts, you've likely shown interest at some time in your life in a ghostly tale or two. Or you may have found yourself looking twice at a photograph where a ghostly figure cannot be explained. Some buildings and places seem to attract ghostly presences which have explanations. Other hauntings are mysterious and cannot be explained. This book is an amalgamation of my "Haunted" series. Part 1 will take you on a tour of some of the most haunted castles, inns and mansions in the UK. Part 2 looks at the different types of ghosts and hauntings with more true ghost story examples. Read about haunted theatres, castles, underground bunkers and buried streets in Part 3 and more spooky tales are included in Part 4. Drawn from literary and internet sources, local records and folk legends as well as personal visits and interviews, this is a chilly collection of some hauntingly romantic, some gruesome and other eerie tales of ghosts, ghouls and animal spirits that walk the Earth So, turn out the light, snuggle up by the fire and get ready to read some spine-chilling ghostly tales of the unexpected.

True Ghostly Tales

Author : Vivian Campbell
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Five true short stories about ghosts and paranormal activity as experienced by paranormal investigator Vivian Campbell. As these chilling and entertaining true tales attest, denizens of the spirit world flock to Vivian no matter where she is, making their ghostly presence known in eerie—and often amusing—ways. From disembodied high-heeled footsteps click-clacking down the hallway to a possessed portrait with piercing white eyes jealously glaring at her, these stories vividly recount five of Vivian’s strangest encounters with the earthbound undead. For as long as she can remember, Vivian has been able to sense spirits and tune in to all kinds of paranormal phenomena. She has met with unearthly houseguests in every place she has called home, including the much-loved and creepy Florida house that she lives in to this day. Five generations of Vivian’s family have resided in the old house—always knowing that they shared it with spirits. For more true tales of ghostly experiences, look for Vivian Campbell’s book, Stalked by Spirits.

Ghostly Tales of Iowa

Author : Ruth D Hein
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Iowa's folklore is rich in stories of the uncanny and spine-tingling. Since pioneer days, there have been tales of unexplained hovering lights, footsteps that no one visible made and shadows haunting forests and caves. In Ghostly Tales of Iowa, you'll encounter benevolent spirits who enjoy company and sometimes tease the flesh-and-bone residents who share their homes. There are also stories of spirits that prefer solitary existence or have business to finish before they will have rest. Some stories will make you laugh; others will make you wonder. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this collection of ghost stories is sure to entertain.

Le Fanu s Ghostly Tales

Author : Sheridan Le Fanu
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Containing a collection of short tales and novellas, Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales highlights all of the literary attributes that helped Irish-born writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu achieve a remarkable level of fame during his lifetime. Remembered as a master of the classic ghost story, Le Fanu skillfully sets the scene and then gradually ratchets up the suspense, making for a deliciously tense read.

The Ghostly Tales of Connecticut

Author : Ellie O'Ryan
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Ghost stories from America's Nutmeg State have never been so creepy, fun, and full of mystery! Connecticut's haunted history and local legends come to life--even when the main players are dead. Discover the headless horseman of Canton, learn about the witches of Nineveh Falls, and come see about a pirate's curse. Dive into this spooky chapter book for suspenseful tales of bumps in the night, paranormal investigations, and the unexplained; just be sure to keep the light on.

The Ghostly Tales of New England

Author : Carie Juettner
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Ghost Stories from America's first colonies have never been so creepy, fun, and full of mystery! New England's haunted Yankee history comes to life--even when the main players are dead. Meet the Mad Doctor who lurks in the White Mountains, learn what really happened at Spooner Well, and tread among the spirits in Mystic Seaport. Dive into this spooky chapter book for suspenseful tales of bumps in the night, paranormal investigations, and the unexplained; just be sure to keep the light on.

Forgotten Ghost Tales and Legends of the Old West

Author : Robert F. (Bob) Turpin
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If ghostly apparitions, frightening superstitions, strange phenomenon, mysterious unexplained happenings, dreams that wake you in the middle of the night in a cold sweat intrigue you, then this book is for you. “Forgotten Ghosts and Legends of the Old West” has it all. If you are an adventurous soul who enjoys reading a good ghost tale, these exciting accounts should more than fill the bill and leave you wanting more of the same.

The Stoneground Ghost Tales

Author : E. G. Swain
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Though a cleric by trade, E. G. Swain achieved his greatest acclaim via the publication of this chilling collection of ghost stories. Featuring a heavily autobiographical narrator, the eccentric but kindly Reverend Batchel, all nine tales are set in a parish in the gloomy marshes of England's eastern Fenlands.

True Ghosts 3

Author : David Godwin
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Amidst the rustle of silken garments, an old woman in black appears to those near death at a Nevada hospital. A desperate swimmer on the verge of drowning is pulled to safety by a fair-haired young man—whom she later discovers is her long-deceased uncle. And a hooded specter without a face terrorizes a family, forcing them to flee from their home. Since 1948, FATE magazine has published true eyewitness accounts from ordinary people who've had extraordinary run-ins with the inhabitants of the spirit realm. This bone-chilling collection of true paranormal encounters, dating back to the early 1900s, brings you dozens of compelling stories of ghosts and haunted places, time-bending vortexes, and divine guidance from beyond. Ghostly Apparitions Messages from the Dead Dream Visitations Near-Death & Out-of-Body Experiences Haunted Places Vortexes, Time Slips & Portals Poltergeist Activity

Chasing Graveyard Ghosts

Author : Melba Goodwyn
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Vampires, voodoo queens, aliens, and clown ghosts—what secrets are buried in forgotten graveyards and hidden along corpse roads? Take a bone-chilling tour of haunted graveyards and unhallowed ground. Paranormal investigator Melba Goodwyn explores the weird phenomena, ghostly legends, and freakish folklore associated with these resting grounds of the dead: vengeful ghosts, malevolent red-eyed orbs, graveyard statues that come to life, even phantom cemeteries.... Along with true stories of her own hair-raising experiences, she offers insights into graveyard ghosts and guardians, spirited statues, bizarre tombstone inscriptions, portals linking other dimensions, and ghost roads along ley lines. Goodwyn also shares practical advice-and necessary precautions-for anyone wishing to investigate haunted graveyards on their own.


Author : Hans Holzer
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From the renowned parapsychologist. “The holy grail of his work . . . from Hollywood to the White House to Amityville and beyond . . . fascinating insights” (Knight of Angels). Join paranormal expert and storyteller extraordinaire Hans Holzer as he explores ghostly manifestations of every variety and delves into the true nature of “the other side.” In this groundbreaking book—featuring eye-opening photographs of ghostly apparitions and visitations—Holzer presents hundreds of case histories, tips on interpreting sounds and other signals from the beyond, and more.

Ghosts of Afghanistan

Author : Jonathan Steele
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“Fine modern history . . . [Steele] demolishes some Western myths about Afghanistan that betray short memories and government spin.” —The Economist A masterful blend of graphic reporting, illuminating interviews, and insightful analysis. Ghosts of Afghanistan is the first account of Afghanistan’s turbulent recent history by an independent eyewitness. Jonathan Steele, an award-winning journalist and commentator, has covered the country since his first visit there as a reporter in 1981. In Ghosts of Afghanistan, he turns a spotlight on the numerous myths about Afghanistan that have bedeviled foreign policy-makers and driven them to repeat earlier mistakes. Steele has conducted numerous interviews with ordinary Afghans, two of the country’s Communist presidents, senior Soviet occupation officials, as well as Taliban leaders, Western diplomats, NATO advisers, and United Nations negotiators. Steele cautions that military victory will elude the West just as it eluded the Kremlin. Showing how and why Soviet efforts to negotiate an end to the war came to nothing, he explains how negotiations today could put a stop to the tragedies of civil war and foreign intervention that have afflicted Afghanistan for three decades. “In this original look at the West’s obsession with Afghanistan the ghosts include, of course, the inevitable innocents who fall in war but also the public myths, official lies and inconvenient truths that lie behind so much of the bloodshed there.” —Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker “Steele has covered events in Afghanistan for many years, and he skewers with palpable glee the myths and half-truths that are peddled by politicians, generals, official spokesmen, and too many commentators.” —The Observer

Real Ghosts Restless Spirits and Haunted Places

Author : Brad Steiger
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The culmination of Brad Steiger’s 50 years of paranormal research, this book is a bold telling of true ghost stories and firstperson encounters with the supernatural. Arranged topically, it covers every sort of ghost and haunting: poltergeists, shadow beings, and phantoms alongside haunted apartments, hotels, and trains. From ghosts that still haunt Ohio’s State Reformatory, otherwise known as Shawshank, to Abe Lincoln’s regular consultation with mediums, this compendium delves into the true scary stories from both historical documents and personal accounts. In its 30 chapters, spirits represented include the good (“Ghosts that Saved Lives”), the bad (“Invisible Home Wreckers”), and the ugly (“Demonic Spirits That Whisper Commands to Kill”). The book goes on to unearth the ghastly goingson and macabre manifestations at haunted places such as museums, churches, graveyards, restaurants, and sacred sites while also instructing how to perform a cleansing ritual to rid a home of unwanted spectral visitors. This second edition is updated to include new stories and compelling evidence of both the existence of ghosts and proof of hauntings that will entertain, induce chills, and make the doubtful believe.

Beautiful Ghosts

Author : Eliot Pattison
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In an earlier time, Shan Tao Yun was an Inspector stationed in Beijing. But he lost his position, his family and his freedom when he ran afoul of a powerful figure high in the Chinese government. Released unofficially from the work camp to which he'd been sentenced, Shan has been living in remote mountains of Tibet with a group of outlawed Buddhist monks. Without status, official identity, or the freedom to return to his former home in Beijing, Shan finds himself in the midst of a baffling series of events. During a ceremony meant to rededicate an ancient and long destroyed monastery, Shan stumbles across evidence of a recent murder in the ruins. Now Shan is being torn between some officials who want his help to search the ruins while others want him to disappear back into the mountains - with one group holding out the tantalizing prospect of once again seeing the son from whom Shan has been separated for many years. In a baffling situation where nothing is what it appears to be, where the FBI, high ranking Beijing officials, the long hidden monks, and the almost forgotten history of the region all pull him in different directions, Shan finds his devotion to the truth sorely tested. Traveling from Tibet to Beijing to the U.S., he must find the links between murder on two continents, a high profile art theft, and an enigmatic, long-missing figure from history Eliot Pattison's Beautiful Ghosts.

The Case for Ghosts

Author : J. Allan Danelek
File Size : 77.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offers an objective analysis of hauntings, the ghost psyche, spirit communication, and spirit guides, providing amazing insights into a phenomenon that has fascinated humankind for centuries. Original. 20,000 first printing.

The Ghosts of Fort Washita

Author : Robert F. (Bob) Turpin
File Size : 44.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Ghosts of Fort Washita tells about paranormal activity in Fort Washita, Oklahoma: You’ll read about the ghost of a young woman that appears twice a year (early spring and early fall), the floating head of a young soldier searching for his body, the ghost of a young mother searching for her baby, and a pretty Indian girl who offers to lead someone to a cache of lost gold.

Chasing Ghosts

Author : Jim Koepke
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The assassination of President Kennedy is known as the acrime of the century.a It is one of the greatest mysteries of all time. What could one man do to find the truth? You will be surprised by the answer. Jim Koepke interviewed dozens of people from the Kennedy/Johnson/Nixon era, including Directors of the CIA, Intelligence Operatives, Organized Crime Figures, and Military Officers. Koepkeas research even led him to the Watergate figure known as aDeep Throat.a The information Koepke found is stunning and will encourage the reader to give considerable thought to these historical events.

Ghosts across Kentucky

Author : William Montell
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"Lynwood Montell has collected ghost tales all over the state of Kentucky, from coal mining settlements to river landings, from highways to battlefields. He presents these suspense-filled stories just as he first heard or read them: as bona fide personal experiences or as events witnessed by family members or friends. There are over 250 stories in Ghosts across Kentucky that are set in specific places and times. They include tales of graveyards, haunted dormitories, animal ghosts, and vanishing hitchhikers. Montell describes weird lights, unexplained sounds, felt presences, and disappearing apparitions. Phantom workmen, fallen soldiers, young lovers, and executed criminals appear in these pages, along with the living who chance upon them. Though the focus is on the stories themselves, Montell also includes a chapter explaining our fascination with the supernatural and the deep truths these storytelling traditions reveal about our lives and our pasts.William Lynwood Montell, emeritus professor of folk studies at Western Kentucky University, is the author of several books, including Killings."