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Ghosts of the West Country

Author : Keith B. Poole
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The West Country

Author : Derek Parker
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A Wanderer in the West Country

Author : Ernest William Lunn Martin
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In the West Country

Author : Francis A. Knight
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Reproduction of the original: In the West Country by Francis A. Knight

Paranormal in the West Country

Author : Michael Williams
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Ghosts Carrying Coffin

Author : Hu Mei
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"My life is not complete, I was born and my mother died.""In order to protect me, my grandmother died, my uncle died, and my father disappeared."It wasn't until the end that I realized it was all because.

The Folklore Superstitions and Legends of Birmingham and the West Midlands

Author : Richard S. Brown
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The West Country Trilogy

Author : Tim Pears
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The collected trilogy of Tim Pears's spellbinding chronicle of love, exile and belonging in a world on the brink of change THE HORSEMAN A beautiful, hypnotic pastoral novel reminiscent of Thomas Hardy, about an unexpected friendship between two children, set in Devon in 1911 'A novel that is as moving and profound as it is evocative of the landscape and period' Observer THE WANDERERS Two teenagers, bound by love yet divided by fate, forge separate paths in pre-First World War Devon and Cornwall 'Goodness, Tim Pears writes beautifully ... The descriptions of rural life, executed with painterly exactness, are a constant delight. The prose really sings' Mail on Sunday THE REDEEMED A love divided. A world torn in two. A return. A redemption. 'Exemplary, a feat of perception and description that earns him a place among a pantheon that stretches from Thomas Hardy to Flora Thompson' Guardian

The West Country

Author : Robert Alfred John Walling
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The West Country

Author : John Payne
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The English West Country is a land of exceptional landscapes: many miles of wild, unspoilt coastline and vast expanses of wild moorland; great cities such as Exeter, Plymouth, Bath and Bristol; and market towns, villages and hamlets. Farming, mining, quarrying, fishing and trade are the traditional industries of the counties of Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. On one level, the West Country is the most English of all English regions, home of clotted cream, thatch, church spires, folksong, hobby horses and Cecil Sharp. Yet the area was trading with Mediterranean Europe before the Romans. For many years Bristol was the centre of the slave trade, and many of its great mansions were built on the proceeds of slavery. Great swathes of land in Dorset, Wiltshire and Devon are still used by the military and are off-bounds to visitors. And within the West Country is the special case of Celtic Cornwall, and the even more remote Isles of Scilly. People lived in the West Country long before Britain, or England, were invented. From the great stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire to the menhirs of Cornwall, and the wealth of prehistoric remains on the Isles of Scilly, this has always been an inhabited landscape, crafted by men and women working closely with nature and natural forces. John Payne explores this culturally rich and varied region, revealing many facets of its distinctive and much-loved identity.

American Indian Ghost Stories of the West

Author : Antonio Garcez
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The FIRST book written of ghost encounters of American Indians written by an American Indian! These are not second hand accounts, but are personal experiences told to the author by present day individuals who have witnessed spirits, and horrific hauntings throughout the southwest states of Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. Each page will offer the reader a journey of personal exploration into the spiritually sacred and privileged world known only to Native Americans. AMERICAN INDIAN GHOST STORIES OF THE WEST is unlike any other book. Make no mistake, this first of its kind book is definitely unlike no other!

The West Country Winery

Author : Lizzie Lovell
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Adjusting to West Country life may take more than she bargained for... __________ A comedic state-of-the-nation tale for fans of Katie Fforde, Jenny Colgan and Phillipa Ashley. __________ Chrissie loves her London life and job as an events manager. She loves her loyal lodger and cleaner Melina (sharp as a tack), and her daughters Scarlet (loud, vegan, activist) and Ruby (quiet, musician, boffin). She even loves her husband Rob, despite him deciding to cycle across Africa. For a year. But life as the only responsible adult has left Chrissie stressed and overworked, so much so that she is almost relieved when her mum calls her home to Devon to help with the struggling family vineyard. Almost. Chrissie gives herself a year: if she can make it through until then, maybe they can celebrate as a family with their own fizz? But adjusting to West Country life may take more than she bargained for...

Beliefs and the Dead in Reformation England

Author : Peter Marshall
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This is the first comprehensive study of one of the most important aspects of the Reformation in England: its impact on the status of the dead. Protestant reformers insisted vehemently that between heaven and hell there was no 'middle place' of purgatory where the souls of the departed could be assisted by the prayers of those still living on earth. This was no remote theological proposition, but a revolutionary doctrine affecting the lives of all sixteenth-century English people, and the ways in which their Church and society were organized. This book illuminates the (sometimes ambivalent) attitudes towards the dead to be discerned in pre-Reformation religious culture, and traces (up to about 1630) the uncertain progress of the 'reformation of the dead' attempted by Protestant authorities, as they sought both to stamp out traditional rituals and to provide the replacements acceptable in an increasingly fragmented religious world. It also provides detailed surveys of Protestant perceptions of the afterlife, of the cultural meanings of the appearance of ghosts, and of the patterns of commemoration and memory which became characteristic of post-Reformation England. Together these topics constitute an important case-study in the nature and tempo of the English Reformation as an agent of social and cultural transformation. The book speaks directly to the central concerns of current Reformation scholarship, addressing questions posed by 'revisionist' historians about the vibrancy and resilience of traditional religious culture, and by 'post-revisionists' about the penetration of reformed ideas. Dr Marshall demonstrates not only that the dead can be regarded as a significant 'marker' of religious and cultural change, but that a persistent concern with their status did a great deal to fashion the distinctive appearance of the English Reformation as a whole, and to create its peculiarities and contradictory impulses.

The West Country as a Literary Invention

Author : Simon Trezise
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Is the 'West Country' on the map or in the mind? Is it the south-west peninsula of Britain or a semi-mythical country offering a home for those in pursuit of the romance of wrecking, smuggling and a rural Golden Age? This book investigates these questions in the context of the relationship between place and writing, discussing Thomas Hardy's Wessex; R.D. Blackmore's Exmoor and Lorna Doone; Charles Kingsley, whose Westward Ho!, became a Devon place-name, Sabine Baring-Gould of Dartmoor and recorder and inventor of West Country folk-tales; Parson Hawker of Morwenstowe, an inventor of the Cornish King Arthur.

Ghost Hunter s Guide to California s Wine Country

Author : Dwyer, Jeff
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Johnny Kingdom s West Country Tales

Author : Johnny Kingdom
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There are few people better acquainted with the West Country than Johnny Kingdom. His knowledge of local wildlife is second to none, but he's also a fount of knowledge when it comes to all the old stories that get passed down from generation to generation. West Country Tales is a charming collection of these local myths and legends, interwoven with many more anecdotes from Johnny himself and his forbears and friends. The atmospheric West Country landscape lends itself perfectly to dramatic tales of eerie hauntings and ghostly happenings, daring smugglers and dashing highwaymen, and many have heard of - or might even have seen - the modern-day legend that is the Beast of Exmoor. But what about the Flying Fish of Exmoor, a slippery catch of Johnny's that sailed up and over a bridge into the back seat of a passing open-top car, never to be seen again? Gently humorous and wonderfully evocative, it's only a matter of time before some of Johnny's own tales weave their way into West Country lore.

Ghosts of Kilrush

Author : Joe Riley
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"Ghosts of Kilrush" is the heartfelt memoir of a young English boy, abandoned by his father in small town in western Ireland, who was raised as a beloved son by an Irish family who treated him as their own. Riley takes a look back as he affectionately recalls the many colorful characters who influenced his childhood.

Devon Ghost Tales

Author : Janet Dowling
File Size : 58.95 MB
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These spooky ghost tales from one of Britain’s most ancient counties are vividly retold by local storyteller Janet Dowling. Their origins lost in the oral tradition, these stories are as eerie and mysterious as the windswept moorland, wild shorelines and rugged landscapes from which they derive. Here you will find stories of a voice beyond the grave, a ghost on the pivot between heaven and hell, and the spectres of Viking princes on moonlit roads. Richly illustrated by Vicky Jocher with original drawings, these atmospheric tales are perfect for reading aloud in front of a roaring fire or alone under the covers on dark, stormy nights.

Ghosts of the Wild West

Author : Nancy Roberts
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Once deemed the "custodian of the twilight zone" by Southern Living, celebrated storyteller and ghost hunter Nancy Roberts returns to familiar subject matter in this newly expanded edition of her Ghosts of the Wild West, a finalist for the Spur Award of the Western Writers of America in its original edition. In these seventeen ghostly tales—including five new stories—Roberts expertly guides readers through eerie encounters and harrowing hauntings across Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and the Dakotas. Along the way her accounts intersect with the lives (and afterlives) of legendary figures such as Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, and Doc Holliday. Roberts also justifies the fascination among ghost hunters, folklorists, and interested tourists with notoriously haunted locales such as Deadwood, Tombstone, and Abilene through her tales of paranormal legends linked to these gunslinger towns synonymous with violence and vice in Western lore. But not all of these encounters feature frightening specters or wandering souls. Roberts also details episodes of animal spirits, protective presences, and supernatural healings. Forever destined to be associated with adventure, romance, and risk taking, the Wild West of yore still haunts the American imagination. Roberts reminds us here that our imaginations aren't the only places where restless ghosts still roam.

The Supernatural Omnibus

Author : Montague Summers
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Contained within this book is a collection of haunting and diabolical tales assembled by the learned Catholic witch-hunter, Augustius Montague Summers. A thrilling and spine-chilling compendium sure to appeal to those who enjoy reading a spooky tale by candle-light, The Supernatural Omnibus is one of the most infamous of its kind and is well deserving a place amongst any collection of dastardly literature. The sections of this book include: Malefic Hauntings: Mixed Types, Haunting and Disease, From Beyond the Grave, The Undead Dead, The Dead Return, In Love or Passion, A Vow Fulfilled, A Soul From Purgatory, Shadow Destiny, Black Magic, Satanism, Witchcraft, Contracts with the Demon, The Vampire, The Warewolf, Possession, Obsession, and Voodoo. Augustus Montague Summers (1880 - 1948) was an English author and clergyman, most remembered for his studies in witchcraft and for his translation of the notorious witch hunter's manual, the Malleus Maleficarum. Originally published in 1931, we are proud to republish this antique text now complete with a new introductory biography of the author.