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The Girl in Alfred Hitchcock s Shower

Author : Robert Graysmith
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Marli Renfro was Janet Leigh's body double in the Hitchcock classic Psycho. When she disappeared, it was believed she was the victim of a serial killer. It was a mystery that took decades to solve-and a crime that could only have happened in Hollywood.

Alfred Hitchcock s Vertigo and the Hermeneutic Spiral

Author : Robert J. Belton
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This book offers a new approach to film studies by showing how our brains use our interpretations of various other films in order to understand Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Borrowing from behavioral psychology, cognitive science and philosophy, author Robert J. Belton seeks to explain differences of critical opinion as inevitable. The book begins by introducing the hermeneutic spiral, a cognitive processing model that categorizes responses to Vertigo’s meaning, ranging from wide consensus to wild speculations of critical “outliers.” Belton then provides an overview of the film, arguing that different interpreters literally see and attend to different things. The fourth chapter builds on this conclusion, arguing that because people see different things, one can force the production of new meanings by deliberately drawing attention to unusual comparisons. The latter chapters outline a number of such comparisons—including avant-garde films and the works of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch—to shed new light on the meanings of Vertigo.

Focus On 100 Most Popular United States National Film Registry Films

Author : Wikipedia contributors
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Hollywood Unknowns

Author : Anthony Slide
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Extras, bit players, and stand-ins have been a part of the film industry almost from its conception. On a personal and a professional level, their stories are told in Hollywood Unknowns, the first history devoted to extras from the silent era through the present. Hollywood Unknowns discusses the relationship of the extra to the star, the lowly position in which extras were held, the poor working conditions and wages, and the sexual exploitation of many of the hardworking women striving for a place in Hollywood society. Though mainly anonymous, many are identified by name and, for perhaps the first time, receive equal billing with the stars. And Hollywood Unknowns does not forget the bit players, stand-ins, and doubles, who work alongside the extras facing many of the same privations. Celebrity extras, silent stars who ended their days as extras, or members of various ethnic groups—all gain a deserved luster in acclaimed film writer Anthony Slide’s prose. Chapters document the lives and work of extras from the 1890s to the present. Slide also treats such subjects as the Hollywood Studio Club, Central Casting, the extras in popular literature, and the efforts at unionization through the Screen Actors Guild from the 1930s onwards. Slide chronicles events such as John Barrymore’s walking off set in the middle of the day so the extras could earn another day’s wages, and Cecil B. DeMille’s masterful organizing of casts of thousands in films such as Cleopatra. Through personal interviews, oral histories, and the use of newly available archival material, Slide reveals in Hollywood Unknowns the story of the men, women, and even animals that completed the scenes on the silver screen.

Zodiac Unmasked

Author : Robert Graysmith
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Robert Graysmith reveals the true identity of Zodiac—America's most elusive serial killer. Between December 1968 and October 1969 a hooded serial killer called Zodiac terrorized San Francisco. Claiming responsibility for thirty-seven murders, he manipulated the media with warnings, dares, and bizarre cryptograms that baffled FBI code-breakers. Then as suddenly as the murders began, Zodiac disappeared into the Bay Area fog. After painstaking investigation and more than thirty years of research, Robert Graysmith finally exposes Zodiac’s true identity. With overwhelming evidence he reveals the twisted private life that led to the crimes, and provides startling theories as to why they stopped. America’s greatest unsolved mystery has finally been solved. INCLUDES PHOTOS AND A COMPLETE REPRODUCTION OF ZODIAC’S LETTERS

Psycho in the Shower

Author : Philip J. Skerry
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"With this book, Philip Skerry makes an ambitious and largely successful effort to restore perspective to the debate that has swirled around Psycho since Hitchcock first ripped back the shower curtain of our expectations in 1960 and plunged his knife into the collective cinematic consciousness." - John Baxter, Film International Psycho in the Shower is a multi-dimensional study of Psycho's astonishing shower scene. Philip J. Skerry shows how it may be the most significant and influential film scene of all and substantiates this claim by providing chapters on the evolution of the scene in Hitchcock's career, with particular focus on his methods for creating suspense and terror in the audience. In tracing the evolution of the shower scene, the author discusses and analyzes many films (both Hitchcockian and otherwise) that lead up to Psycho. The book places the shower scene in the cultural and social contexts of American popular culture of the 1950s and 1960s, arguing that it helped to create a revolution in both sensibility and cinematic style. Several unique dimensions help to set this study apart from other books on Psycho and Hitchcock: extensive and detailed interviews with people who worked on the film, including star Janet Leigh and screenwriter Joseph Stefano (the last significant interviews before their deaths); a close study of Hitchcock's employment of mise en scene and montage in the scenes leading up to the famous shower murder; a shot by shot analysis of the scene itself and a discussion of the numerous controversies surrounding it; and a provocative and insightful account of the writing of the book itself, which provides a unique look at the author's creative process. The book culminates with examples of how the shower scene has become embedded in the matrix of contemporary culture and the remarkable ways in which the scene affected people on first viewing.

Grimm Pictures

Author : Walter Rankin
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Though Grimm’s Fairy Tales was published about 200 years ago, the revered collection of folk stories remains one of the most iconic pieces of children’s literature and has had significant influence in modern pop culture. This work examines the many ways that recent films have employed archetypal images, themes, symbols, and structural elements that originated in the most well-known Grimm fairy tales. The author draws similarities between the cannibalistic symbolism of the Grimm brothers’ Little Red Cap and the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs and reveals Faustian parallels between Rumpelstiltskin and the 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby. Each of eight chapters reveals a similar pairing, and film stills and illustrations are featured throughout the work.

Behind Every Great Man

Author : Marlene Wagman-Geller
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Who Said Men Get to Monopolize the Glory? Discover the Little Known Women Who Have Put the World's Alpha Males on the Map. From ancient times to the present, men have gotten most of the good ink. Yet standing just outside the spotlight are the extraordinary, and overlooked, wives and companions who are just as instrumental in shaping the destinies of their famous—and infamous—men. This witty, illuminating book reveals the remarkable stories of forty captivating females, from Constance Lloyd (Mrs. Oscar Wilde) to Carolyn Adams (Mrs. Jerry Garcia), who have stood behind their legendary partners and helped to humanize them, often at the cost of their own careers, reputations, and happiness. Through fame and its attendant ills—alcoholism, infidelity, mental illness, divorce, and even attempted murder—these powerful women quietly propelled their men to the top and changed the course of history. Meet the Untold Half of History, Including: •Alma Reville (Mrs. Alfred Hitchcock) •Elena Diakonova (Mrs. Salvador Dali) •Winifred Madikizela (Mrs. Nelson Mandela) •Ann Charteris (Mrs. Ian Fleming, a.k.a. Mrs. James Bond) •Ruth Alpern (Mrs. Bernie Maddoff) And 35 more!

Perspectives on Alfred Hitchcock

Author : David Boyd
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One of the esteemed Hollywood directors and large influence on successive generation of American directors, Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) receives much attention. In the modern world, his films have particularly attracted the attention of feminist, political, and post-modernist critics. This collection of essays on the director and his work is divided into two main sections. Section one overviews Hitchcock's life, work, and general structural aspects of his film-making. Part two offers essays focusing on many of the more important films including Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest, and Rear Window.

The Art of Alfred Hitchcock

Author : Donald Spoto
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A detailed film-by-film analysis of the British-born director's work, from 1935's Thirty-nine Steps to 1976's Family Plot, examining his technique and recurring concerns and assessing his achievement

The Shower Scene in Hitchcock s Psycho

Author : Philip J. Skerry
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This study places the shower scene in Hitchcock's Psycho within its cinematic, sociological and critical contexts. It locates the film within the personal and professional experiences of the author. The methodology depends upon a melding of first person narration with a close analysis of the film's mise en scene and montage, as these techniques evolve in Hitchcock's oeuvre and culminate in the shower scene.

The Woman Who Was Not All There

Author : Paula Sharp
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Winner of the prestigious Joe Savago New Voice Award of the Quality Paperback Book Club, this impressive first novel presents a warm portrait of women's lives in small-town America.


Author : George Perry
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Alfred Hitchcock

Author : Gene D. Phillips
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Focuses on the career and achievements of the director who envisioned a new kind of thriller.

British Horror Cinema

Author : Steve Chibnall
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The horror film is now one of the most popular and talked about film genres and yet, outside of the Hammer studio, very little has been written about British horror. Going beyond Hammer, the book investigates a wealth of horror filmmaking in Britain from early chillers like The Ghoul and Dark Eyes of London to acknowledged classics such as Peeping Tom and The Wicker Man.

Alfred Hitchcock s tales to be read with caution

Author : Eleanor Sullivan
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Love Signs and You

Author : Skye Alexander
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An analysis of the astrology of romance features elaborate illustrations and coverage of such areas as the celestial and historical influences on sex appeal, how to find an ideal astrological match, the planetary profiles for more than ninety famous couples, and the astrological influences that were at play for each of the sun signs during the past century.


Author : Janet Leigh
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The Bates Motel. The ominous house on the hill. The shower. . . . Few movies have proven as enduringly fascinating to audiences, film buffs, and moviemakers as Hitchcock's horrific 1960 shocker Psycho. This book offers the complete, colorful account of the production, shooting, and aftermath of this mesmerizing, electrifying film. 50 photos.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Stories to be Read with the Lights on

Author : Alfred Hitchcock
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The master of mystery presents tales of suspense and horror written by various authors since the 1950's

Art Theory A Very Short Introduction

Author : Cynthia Freeland
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In today's art world many strange, even shocking, things qualify as art. In this Very Short Introduction Cynthia Freeland explains why innovation and controversy are valued in the arts, weaving together philosophy and art theory with many fascinating examples. She discusses blood, beauty, culture, money, museums, sex, and politics, clarifying contemporary and historical accounts of the nature, function, and interpretation of the arts. Freeland also propels us into the future by surveying cutting-edge web sites, alongside the latest research on the brain's role in perceiving art. This clear, provocative book engages with the big debates surrounding our responses to art and is an invaluable introduction to anyone interested in thinking about art. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.