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Glimpses in in the Dark

Author : Kieran Marsden
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A collection of stories, each a glimpse into the dark. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR GLIMPSES IN THE DARK: CLARKS DEMISE (a mans last day of sanity) TOTALITARIAN (Fascism has taken Britain) DELUSION DETECTIVE (A writer loses touch with reality) PRINCE PIERRE (A bullied women's fantasy almost comes true LITTLE BROTHER (To join a gang, he must risk everything) PROJECT PURE ( A man must escape humanity to discover humanity) THE CAGE (Welcome to the worlds worst prison) EVIL SMILES (A murderous triangle of love) A CURIOUS CONFESSION (A teenager discovers love and he might be a psychopath) IT BEGINS WITH WATER (Two friends contend with nuclear apocalypse) FREEDOM? (A vlogger blurs the lines of liberty) WHERE THE WONDER LIES (A heartbroken man discovers a cult) HOLE 19 (Teenagers discover evil in the woods) LOVE AND HATE (A skinhead falls in love with an immigrant) CLASSES APART (A woman discovers real meaning)

The Brief Life of Flowers

Author : Fiona Stafford
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The beauty of flowers is well known, inspiring creative minds from Botticelli to Beatrix Potter. But they've also played a key part in forming the past, and may shape our future. Roses and thistles have served as symbols of monarchs, dynasties and nations. We wear poppies to remember the First World War, but it was the elderflower that treated its wounded soldiers. A rose might mend a broken heart, and sunflowers may just save our planet. At once enchanting and intriguing, The Brief Life of Flowers reveals how even the most ordinary of flowers have extraordinary stories to tell.

The White Banner

Author :
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Darkness In Shadows

Author : Allan Walsh
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Are you afraid of the dark? You should be! Corporal Jackson's been assigned a new post on a top-secret project and keeping him in the dark might just kill him. It's hard to hide things from the Russians though. They know about the machine and they want one... but some secrets should stay hidden. Darkness in Shadows is a sci-fi horror by Allan Walsh. If you like heart-thumping short stories, hair-raising concepts, and scary twists on reality, this monstrous tale will have you jumping at shadows. Wrap your fingers around a copy today!

Exhibiting Authenticity

Author : David Phillips
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The book contains detailed accounts of evidence of art attribution, and how this is weighed in scholarly judgements and when art comes to court; of the transformations through ageing and treatment and of the framing of experience.

The Loved and the Lost

Author : William Ross Wallace
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General Catalogue of the Public Library of Detroit Mich

Author : Detroit Public Library
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Glimpse A New World

Author : HJLawson
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Step through the door, and get a Glimpse into a new world. This thrilling anthology includes twenty-two stories, written by some of today’s most talented authors. Be tempted and fascinated with peeks into worlds of Ghosts, Vampires, and Fantasy, to Crime and Science Fiction. Many of these short stories are brand new, penned just for Glimpse, and features bestselling authors Michael Anderle, (The Kurtherian Gambit series), Sarah Dalton (The Blemishedl) and Kindle Scout winner Debbie Cassidy,(Sleeping Gods Series), plus nineteen more cutting edge authors enamored with telling stories and sharing them with YOU. Get a Glimpse… and be captivated.

Just A Glimpse

Author : Harrison S. Mungal
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When a missionary becomes a victim of depression -author Harrison Mungal suffered from depression as a result of the death of his co-worker and friend, while living in Croatia for two years. It came as a serious blow to the mind, and he found it difficult to cope. Harrison is a man of passion who enjoys supporting individuals who may be in distress, however when his time came, he almost fell apart. For over one year he refused to draw from his source of strength, as he felt his source of strength was responsible. He had a pain no medicine in the world could cure. The battle between grief and depression struck him down. He became like the walls of Jericho and began to crumble. He returned back to Canada from Croatia and began to fight a different type of war. A war between himself and depression; after a period of time, he went back to his source of strength and was taken into a spiritual journey which brought him out of his predicament. He had a glimpse of power which transformed his life to support those who are suffering with the same or similar issues. "Life is like a vapour, one minute you see it and another minute it's gone". This book tells the story of a heart that was broken as a result of the death of a friend. The author shares about the strength of a wife and the power of belief. The book gives the reader hope that is built on ones spirituality. "Just A Glimpse".. will change your life for a lifetime, expresses the importance of hope. A glimpse of hope brings strength and strength will transform a life to live. The depth of hope is explored which brought victory. "As we capture a glimpse, we will develop a desire to become witnesses, knowing that God is able to do the impossible."

General Catalogue of the Books Except Fiction French and German in the Public Library of Detroit Mich

Author : Detroit Public Library
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