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Global Mental Health

Author : Vikram Patel
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This is the definitive textbook on global mental health, an emerging priority discipline within global health, which places priority on improving mental health and achieving equity in mental health for all people worldwide.

Global Mental Health

Author : Sabine Bährer-Kohler
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This international survey defines mental health as a basic human right, and tracks the emergence of mental health prevention and promotion as a global priority. Locating mental illness within a cycle of negative causes and effects affecting human quality of life, the editors identify modern policy barriers to promotion/prevention initiatives, particularly the favoring of the biomedical health model by major stakeholders. The book’s selection of successful programs from diverse countries displays a lifespan approach, emphasizing the centrality of interdisciplinary educational settings in providing primary and secondary prevention and promotion interventions, and the ongoing fight against missing financial investigations, discrimination and stigma. Together, these papers make a forceful argument for rights- based responses to worldwide mental health needs as part of the commitment toward global human rights and long-term development goals. Included in the coverage: · Mental health priorities around the world. · Social determinants of mental health. · Mental health and stigma: aspects of anti-stigma interventions. · Promoting social and emotional wellbeing and responding to mental health problems in schools. · The promotion and delivery of mental health services in primary care settings. · Economic evaluation of mental health promotion and mental illness prevention. Bringing to the fore public health concerns that are too often marginalized, Global Mental Health is necessary reading for health professionals, health and clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, medical sociologists, and policymakers.

Essentials of Global Mental Health

Author : Samuel O. Okpaku
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Defines an approach to mental healthcare focused on achieving international equity in coverage, options and outcomes.

Decolonizing Global Mental Health

Author : China Mills
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Decolonizing Global Mental Health is a book that maps a strange irony. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Movement for Global Mental Health are calling to ‘scale up’ access to psychological and psychiatric treatments globally, particularly within the global South. Simultaneously, in the global North, psychiatry and its often chemical treatments are coming under increased criticism (from both those who take the medication and those in the position to prescribe it). The book argues that it is imperative to explore what counts as evidence within Global Mental Health, and seeks to de-familiarize current ‘Western’ conceptions of psychology and psychiatry using postcolonial theory. It leads us to wonder whether we should call for equality in global access to psychiatry, whether everyone should have the right to a psychotropic citizenship and whether mental health can, or should, be global. As such, it is ideal reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as researchers in the fields of critical psychology and psychiatry, social and health psychology, cultural studies, public health and social work.

Global Mental Health Ethics

Author : Allen R. Dyer
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This volume addresses gaps in the existing literature of global mental health by focusing on the ethical considerations that are implicit in discussions of health policy. In line with trends in clinical education around the world today, this text is explicitly designed to draw out the principles and values by which programs can be designed and policy decisions enacted. It presents an ethical lens for understanding right and wrong in conditions of scarcity and crisis, and the common controversies that lead to conflict. Additionally, a focus on the mental health response in “post-conflict” settings, provides guidance for real-world matters facing clinicians and humanitarian workers today. Global Mental Health Ethics fills a crucial gap for students in psychiatry, psychology, addictions, public health, geriatric medicine, social work, nursing, humanitarian response, and other disciplines.

Global Mental Health

Author : Brandon A Kohrt
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While there is increasing political interest in research and policy-making for global mental health, there remain major gaps in the education of students in health fields for understanding the complexities of diverse mental health conditions. Drawing on the experience of many well-known experts in this area, this book uses engaging narratives to illustrate that mental illnesses are not only problems experienced by individuals but must also be understood and treated at the social and cultural levels. The book -includes discussion of traditional versus biomedical beliefs about mental illness, the role of culture in mental illness, intersections between religion and mental health, intersections of mind and body, and access to health care; -is ideal for courses on global mental health in psychology, public health, and anthropology departments and other health-related programs.

Global Mental Health and Psychotherapy

Author : Dan J. Stein
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Global Mental Health and Psychotherapy: Adapting Psychotherapy for Middle- and Low-Income Countries takes a detailed look at how psychotherapies can be adapted and implemented in low- and middle-income countries, while also illuminating the challenges and how to overcome them. The book addresses the conceptual framework underlying global mental health and psychotherapy, focusing on the importance of task-shifting, a common-elements approach, rigorous supervision, and the scaling up of psychotherapies. Specific psychotherapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and collaborative care are given in-depth coverage, as is working with special populations, such as children and adolescents, pregnant women, refugees, and the elderly. In addition, treatment strategies for common disorders, such as depression, anxiety and stress, and substance abuse are covered, as are strategies for more severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia. Provides adapted psychotherapy strategies for low- and middle-income countries Looks at special considerations for particular disorders and populations Covers the treatment of both common and severe mental health problems Focuses on task-shifting, a common-elements approach and scaling of psychotherapies Addresses cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and schema therapy

Textbook of Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery A Companion Guide for Field and Clinical Care of Traumatized People Worldwide

Author : Richard F. Mollica
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Routledge Handbook of Global Mental Health Nursing

Author : Edilma Yearwood
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Awarded second place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. "I welcome, at long last, a book on global mental health targeted to nurses, the front-line health worker for billions of people around the world. The roles that nurses can, and should, play in mental health care are diverse and this book addresses both well-trod as well as emerging concerns across the continuum of care from promotion to prevention to treatment. Importantly, at the heart of this diversity is the foundation of compassion and care, the hallmark of the nursing profession." – Vikram Patel, Professor of International Mental Health and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow in Clinical Science, Centre for Global Mental Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK Psychiatric disorders have consistently been identified as serious and significant global burdens of disease, yet meeting the needs of people in mental distress has not often been a priority in health care. This important reference work sets out the knowledge base for understanding the state of mental health care globally, and translating that into effective practice. The Handbook provides a historical and contemporary context of mental health care, identifies and discusses evidence-based standards of care and strategies for mental health promotion and explores the need to deliver care from interdisciplinary and community-based models, placing these imperatives within a human rights and empowerment framework. It is made up of four core sections which look at: Key and emerging issues that affect global mental health practice and research, including the social context of health; Evidence-based health promotion strategies for major areas of practice internationally; A range of country studies, reflecting different problems and approaches to mental health and mental health care internationally; and What constitutes empowering practice. The only comprehensive work looking at global perspectives on mental health nursing, this is an invaluable reference for all students, academics and professionals involved in mental health research with an interest in global or cross-cultural issues.

21st Century Global Mental Health

Author : Eliot Sorel
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21st Century Global Mental Health is a textbook for graduate public health students, educators, and practitioners in low-, middle- and high-income countries (LAMIC, HIC). This volume addresses populations global mental health, progress made to date and challenges remaining, in context, along with public health and primary care; focuses on the increasing prevalence of mental disorders among NCDs; the fragmentation of health systems; and the pervasive and persistent stigma and discrimination against mental illnesses and against the mentally ill at the highest policy levels affecting access, equity, quality and care outcomes.

The Palgrave Handbook of Sociocultural Perspectives on Global Mental Health

Author : Ross G. White
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This handbook incisively explores challenges and opportunities that exist in efforts aimed at addressing inequities in mental health provision across the globe. Drawing on various disciplines across the humanities, psychology, and social sciences it charts the emergence of Global Mental Health as a field of study. It critically reflects on efforts and interventions being made to globalize mental health policies, and discusses key themes relevant for understanding and supporting the mental health needs of people living in diverse socio-economical and cultural environments. Over three rich sections, the handbook critically engages with Global Mental Health discourses. To help guide future efforts to support mental health and wellbeing in different parts of the world, the third section of the handbook consists of case studies of innovative mental health policy and practice, which are presented from a variety of different perspectives. This seminal handbook will appeal to a transnational community of post-graduate students, academics and practitioners, from global health to transcultural psychiatry and medical anthropology. It will be also of interest to researchers and clinical practitioners, policy makers and non-governmental organisations involved in cross-cultural mental health work.

The Movement for Global Mental Health

Author : Claudia Lang
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In this volume, prominent anthropologists, public health physicians, and psychiatrists respond sympathetically but critically to the Movement for Global Mental Health (MGMH), which seeks to export psychiatry throughout the world. They question some of its fundamental assumptions: the idea that "mental disorders" can clearly be identified; that they are primarily of biological origin; that the world is currently facing an "epidemic" of them; that the most appropriate treatments for them normally involve psycho-pharmaceutical drugs; and that local or indigenous therapies are of little interest or importance for treating them. Instead, the contributors argue that labeling mental suffering as "illness" or "disorder" is often highly problematic; that the countries of South and Southeast Asia have abundant, though non- psychiatric, resources for dealing with it; that its causes are often social and biographical; and that many non-pharmacological therapies are effective for dealing with it. In short, they advocate a thoroughgoing mental health pluralism.

Global Mental Health Trials

Author : Graham Thornicroft
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Brings together many of the world's leading researchers active in the fields of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in low- and medium-resource counties and settings related to improving mental health care to present clear and practical information about how to conduct such trials.

Ethics for Global Mental Health

Author : Elena Cherepanov
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Ethics for Global Mental Health examines the limitations of current normative approaches to global mental health (GMH) work and argues for a values-based framework that prioritizes accountability and contextual relevance of humanitarian and profession-specific values. It cautions against using aspirational ideals as operational guidance. Chapters are organized around challenges arising in humanitarian research, disaster relief, post-conflict recovery, fieldwork, and refugee resettlement and are designed to equip readers with strategies for resolving professional dilemmas and negotiating conflicting priorities. Also included is a sample training curriculum as well as case studies and exercises that help professionals address countertransference and burnout, and recognize ethically questionable practices such as trauma tourism, rescuer fantasy, or savior complex.

Diversity in Global Mental Health

Author : Sabine Bährer-Kohler
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Mental illness occurs in all communities, regardless of social status, gender, race, or culture. Despite this, research in mental health historically has been biased towards Western-centric heterosexual male models of disease. Many models of service have excluded sexual and ethnic minorities and may not have been inclusive of different cultures or spiritual approaches. All of these factors may in turn isolate these communities and thus lead to an increased vulnerability to disease. This brief explores the diversity of cultural, ethnic, social, and gender perspectives on how to achieve better mental health care for societies across the globe. The authors emphasize diversity focusing on lifespan aspects, while weaving in social, racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender perspectives. They further expand their analysis by zeroing in on prominent determinants in global mental health care, including globalization, international migration, specific population idiosyncrasies, climate change, and political context. Finally, it includes novel neurobiological and biomedical approaches to treatment, and a suggestions of how those can be implemented from the perspective of diversity and gender inclusiveness. Diversity in Global Mental Health will be of great interest to experts and researchers in behavioral medicine, as well as practitioners and educators working in global mental health promotion and prevention of mental illness and related fields such as psychology, social policy, and public health.

Global Mental Health and Neuroethics

Author : Dan J. Stein
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Global Mental Health and Neuroethics explores conceptual, ethical and clinical issues that have emerged with the expansion of clinical neuroscience into middle- and low-income countries. Conceptual issues covered include avoiding scientism and skepticism in global mental health, integrating evidence-based and value-based global medicine, and developing a welfarist approach to the practice of global psychiatry. Ethical issues addressed include those raised by developments in neurogenetics, cosmetic psychopharmacology and deep brain stimulation. Perspectives drawing on global mental health and neuroethics are used to explore a number of different clinical disorders and developmental stages, ranging from childhood through to old age. Synthesizes existing work at the intersection of global mental health and neuroethics Presents the work of leading practitioners of global mental health and neuroethics who address clinical issues Looks at clinical decision-making in settings with non-Western values and customs Covers patient empowerment, human rights, cognitive enhancement, and more

Global Mental Health

Author : Javier I Escobar
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Global Mental Health provides an outline of the field of mental health with a particular focus on Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. The book details evidence-based approaches being implemented globally and presents ongoing state of the art research on major mental disorders taking place in Latin America, including work being done on understanding Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and other psychoses. While supporting the initiative for building capacity of care in low income countries, the book warns about some of the potential risks related to the abuse of psychiatry, using examples from the past, focusing on early 20th century Spain.

A Guide to Global Mental Health Practice

Author : Craig L. Katz
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Drawing on the authors’ experience in developing and implementing global mental health programs in crisis and development settings, A Guide to Global Mental Health Practice: Seeing the Unseen is designed for mental health, public health, and primary care professionals new to this emerging area. The guide is organized topically and divided into four sections that move from organizing and delivering global mental health services to clinical practice, and from various settings and populations likely to be encountered to special issues unique to global work. Case studies based around a central scene are threaded throughout the book to convey what global mental health work actually involves. Mental health professionals of all backgrounds, including social workers, nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and psychiatrists, as well as public health professionals and community level medical professionals and mental health advocates will benefit from this engaging primer. It is the book for anyone committed to addressing mental health issues in a low resource or crisis-hit setting, whether international or domestic.

World Mental Health

Author : Robert Desjarlais
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The book is the result of several years of collaboration between experts from more than 19 countries and researchers in the Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. The authors examine key findings on mental illness and mental health services; suicide; substance abuse; the mental health problems of women, children and the elderly; violence; dislocation; and health-related behavior in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. They recommend new actions in mental health services, in public health and public policy, as well as an agenda for research. For all who are interested in the global context of mental health and in development, this very readable volume with its numerous case studies, illustrations and tables will be an invaluable resource.

Social Work and Global Mental Health

Author : Serge Dumont
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This book presents respected experts, researchers, and clinicians providing the latest developments in social work knowledge and research. It discusses the latest in mental health research, information on violence, trauma and resilience, and social policies. Different mental health and social work approaches from around the world are examined in detail, including holistic, ethnopsychiatric, and interventions that place emphasis on recovery, empowerment, and social inclusion. This superb selection of presentations—taken from the 4th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health held in Quebec, Canada in 2004—comprehensively examines the theme of how social work can contribute to the development of a world that values compassion and solidarity. The volume offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, researchers, and others in the field to explore respected experts’ experiences and research which can spark further development of knowledge that can ultimately enrich humanity as a whole. This timely resource springs from the emerging tradition of the sharing of knowledge, an idea now deeply rooted in the international community of social workers in the areas of health and mental health. This volume is extensively referenced and includes figures and tables to clearly detail information. This book is enlightening reading for practitioners, administrators, educators, researchers, and students of social work. This book was published as a special issue of Social Work in Mental Health.