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Globalization Growth and Governance Towards an Innovative Economy

Author : Jonathan Michie
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This book is about the processes of innovation at the global, national, and corporate levels. It explores the contexts, complexities, and contradictions of innovation from a range of disciplinary perspectives and is divided into three main sections: Globalization and Technology; Innovation and Growth; Governance, Business Performance, and Public Policy. Interdisciplinary and international in its scope this book provides important evidence and arguments on the processes of innovation, and in so doing addresses real challenges for policy-makers, managers, and academics alike. - ;This book is about the processes of innovation at the global, national, and corporate levels. It explores the contexts, complexities, and contradictions of innovation from a range of disciplinary perspectives and is divided into three main sections. In the first on Globalization and Technology, international contributors explore the links between changing systems of production and competitiveness; the impact of new technology and innovation on international labour markets; and the innovation practices of global firms. In the section on Innovation and Growth, a close look is taken at the innovation decisions and activities of individual firms. The evidence in these chapters challenges many assumptions about the nature of competitive behaviour and the co-operative links between firms. In the section on Governance, Business Performance, and Public Policy, the contributors examine the relationship between governance systems and firms' innovation strategies and decisions, assessing the capabilities and characteristics of different models of capitalism. The book concludes with a discussion of the most effective approach to industrial policy in the 'innovative economy'. Interdisciplinary and international in its scope this book provides important evidence and arguments on the processes of innovation and in so doing addresses real challenges for policy-makers, managers, and academics alike. -

Globalization Governance and Growth

Author : Ishrat Husain
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Commodities Governance and Economic Development under Globalization

Author : Machiko Nissanke
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Alfred Maizels' work on commodity trade and prices documented trends in a major area of international economic relations. This book elaborates the ideas in the tradition of Maizels' contributons, and discusses and extends these theories in relation to current problems.

Coping with Globalization

Author : Steve Chan
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This volume probes the interactions between domestic and international political economies, and inquires about their effects in different regional and national contexts. The contributors seek to identify persistent patterns as well as changing trends in regard to these important questions of theory and policy by applying systematic cross-national analyses.

Economic Governance in the Age of Globalization

Author : William K. Tabb
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Rapid growth, reduced poverty, and stable societies: the announced benefits of the world economy celebrated by neoliberal proponents of "the Washington consensus" have failed to materialize. What does this failure mean for future world order and the U.S. role as global hegemon? Addressing this crucial question, William Tabb argues that global economic institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund constitute a nascent international state for which all previous models of sovereignty, accountability and equity are inadequate. Integrating economics and political science, Tabb traces the emergence of this global state from the closing days of World War II and examines its future prospects. Even as the United States will continue to dominate the emerging structures of world governance, Tabb maintains, it will have to change the assumptions behind its championing of classical models of international free trade. A new financial architecture must encompass debt forgiveness, multilateral agreements on investment, and a more inclusive model of growth in the twenty-first century.

Issues in Governance Growth and Globalization in Asia

Author : Tony Cavoli
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This volume is a compilation of important papers relating to the financial, governance and political economy structures of the region, using a variety of methods and topics. Following the Asian crisis and subsequent global financial upheavals, policymakers and academics issued cries for institutional reform at the state and firm level; in many cases, reform was actually implemented rather than simply rhetorical. This volume begins by addressing issues relating to corporate governance within firms located in East Asia and as entities participating in corporate ownership elsewhere. Next, the key issues of globalization are directly addressed, including foreign direct investment into the region, integration among Southeast Asian countries and with the rest of Asia, and multinational enterprise investment strategies in Asia following initial entry decisions. Finally, the macroeconomic policies of state actors, and the effects of economic growth are examined. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview (54 KB). Contents: Introduction and Overview (Tony Cavoli, Siona Listokin and Ramkishen S Rajan); Entrepreneurship and Governance: Convergence in the Ownership and Governance of East Asian Firms (En-Te Chen, Stephen Gray and John Nowland); Asian and Non-Asian Institutional Investors and Proxy Access Proposals (Siona Listokin); Integration and Investment: Post-Foreign Entry Decisions by Global Retailers in Asian and Non-Asian Markets: Like or Unlike? (Sonia Ketkar); Intra-ASEAN FDI Flows and the Role of China and India: Trends and Determinants (Rabin Hattari, Ramkishen S Rajan and Shandre Thangavelu); Extent of Real Financial Integration in Asia: Some Patterns and Stylized Facts (Tony Cavoli); The Global Financial Crisis, Rise of China, and Changes in the Geographical Location of Control of Large Listed Companies (Ron McIver); Macroeconomic Policy: Intervention and Exchange Rate Regime Choice in Asia: Does the US Dollar Still Matter? (Tony Cavoli and Ramkishen S Rajan); Financial Instability Prevention (Andrew Hughes-Hallett, Jan Libich and Petr Stehlik). Readership: Academics, researchers, regulators and policymakers interested in economics, business and public policy in Asia.

Globalization and Development

Author : Arne Bigsten
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The key challenge for achieving sustained development in developing countries relates to quality of domestic governance, which in turn is strongly affected by external interventions. Domestic governance includes politics, policy formulation, institution building and policy implementation. It is important for both international and domestic agents to understand how the interplay between external interventions and domestic governance affects social and economic outcomes. This volume presents a series of studies analysing the links between external interventions and domestic governance in the areas of economic, social and security policy. Key questions that are addressed here include: How do external interventions in economic, social and security areas affect domestic governance in developing countries? Is aid more effective in decentralised systems of government? What are the interactions between external interventions and domestic governance? How can external agents advance domestic governance? Due to its strong focus on external interventions and domestic governance, this book will be of interest to scholars of development studies across the social sciences, in addition to the fields of economics, political science, sociology and geography.


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Globalization in Question

Author : Paul Hirst
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'Globalization' is one of the key concepts of our time. It is used by both the right and the left as the cornerstone of their analysis of the international economy and polity. In both political and academic discussions, the assumption is commonly made that the process of economic globalization is well under way and that this represents a qualitatively new stage in the development of international capitalism. But is there in fact such a thing as a genuinely global economy? Globalization in Question investigates this notion, providing a very different account of the international economy and stressing the possibilities for its continued and extended governance. The new edition of this best-selling text has been thoroughly revised and updated to take into account new issues which have become salient in the period since the first and second editions were published. Several new chapters have been added and others combined or re-written to assess the growing supra-national regionalization of the international economy, the emergence of India and China as new super-powers, and the possibilities for the continued governance of the global system. A new author has been added to strengthen the analytical embrace of the book given the untimely death of Paul Hirst in 2003. Globalization in Question's third edition is a continuing intervention into current discussions about the nature and prospects of globalization. The book has far-reaching implications which will be of interest to students and academics in a number of disciplines including politics, sociology, economics and geography, as well as to journalists and policy-makers.

Globalization and Global Governance

Author : Vincent Cable
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This interdisciplinary study dissects the reality from the hype surrounding global integration - focusing on technology, emerging financial markets and multinational corporate behaviour. Outlining problems in international economic integration, Cable examines the weakness of government structures and the lack of a voice in the WTO for China, Russia and others. He concludes by detailing the conflicting pressures on global rule-making and advocates a possible future architecture of global regulation. The book covers the currency crisis in Southeast Asia and its consequences and ramifications.