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Globalization Growth and Marginalization

Author : A.S. Bhalla
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Globalization is defined in economic terms to mean freer flows of trade, foreign direct investment and finance, and liberalization of trade and investment policies. Impacts of globalization and information technology are examined in terms of growth and productivity, poverty and income distribution, and employment. Experiences of Africa, East and Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Latin America in the era of globalization are discussed. It is argued that benefits of freer trade and capital flows need to be managed carefully in order to minimise the costs and maximise gains.

Globalization Marginalization and Development

Author : Mansoob Murshed
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This excellent new book contains contributions from a number of leading experts and is the result of the UNU/WIDER project on globalization and low-income countries. The discussion focuses in on how to harness globalization for the benefit of present day marginalized countries and enhance their meaningful participation in the globalization process. Vital reading for students and academics interested in development economics, this collection will also prove an invaluable tool for policy-makers.

Marginalisation in China

Author : Bin Wu
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Economic transition in China has witnessed (re)centralization of resources from the margin to the core in economic, social and political senses. This book employs a marginalization lens to reveal, delineate and better understand the processes, patterns, trends, multiple dimensions and dynamics of the phenomenon, and the consequences and implications for development and well-being in the country. Bringing together a wide range of domestic and international experts and disciplinary perspectives, the book combines empirical research and conceptual analysis to provide an insightful overview of China's recent development. It contributes to the debate over marginalization and its interactions with globalization and transition in China, and has significance for various domestic and international policy arenas in respect of tackling marginalization, poverty and social exclusion effectively while striving for the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals in China and beyond.

Globalization Marginalization and Growth in Emerging Market Economies

Author : Grzegorz W. Kołodko
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Globalization Marginalization and Development

Author : Syed Mansoob Murshed
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Globalization Marginalization and Conflict

Author : Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš
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This book looks at marginality from a less conventional perspective by analyzing complex social, cultural, political and economic relations between the aspects of globalization and various forms of marginalization. It focuses specifically on the conflict potential that results from the globalization-driven inequality and marginalization of many segments of societies. This view is further illustrated in sections on border regions, identity issues, minorities and poverty. The book gives a comprehensive but in-depth analysis of the various aspects of the relations between globalization, marginalization and conflict issues, based on a number of case studies and regions worldwide. It shows how the same issues of globalization and marginalization manifest themselves in different ways under different circumstance, obviously requiring different solutions. Based on original research, this book provides new insights on the globalization-marginalization relations and a good resource to academics, scientists and students in various fields of social, political science and humanities.

Globalization Liberalization and Africa s Marginalization

Author : Severine Mushambampale Rugumamu
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Examines the likely implications of the emerging world order on African economies and societies.

Globalization and Marginality in Geographical Space

Author : Heikki Jussila
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This title was first published in 2001. An examination of globalization and marginality in geographical space. It discusses the issue of marginalization and the effects that economic globalization have on marginal and critical regions from the point of view of politics and policies and the shift from economic to social issues of development. The aim of the book is to provide an overview of the globalization issues, and yet keep a close connection to practical examples of what, where and how globalization and deregulation effect marginal areas. The book is divided into four main parts, which address: effects of globalization; policies and politics of change; from economic to social issues; and summary and conclusions.

Alternative Development

Author : Cathrine Brun
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This book brings together a collection of essays that discuss alternative development and its relevance for local/global processes of marginalization and change in the Global South. Alternative development questions who the producers of development knowledges and practices are, and aims at decentring development and geographical knowledge from the Anglo-American centre and the Global North. It involves resistance to dominant political-economic processes in order to further the possibilities for non-exploitative and just forms of development. By discussing how to unravel marginalization and voice change through alternative methods, actors and concepts, the book provides useful guidance on understanding the relationship between theory and practice. The main strength of the book is that it calls for a central role for alternative development in the current development discourse, most notably related to justice, rights, globalization, forced migration, conflict and climate change. The book provides new ways of engaging with alternative development thinking and making development alternatives relevant.

Marginalization in Globalizing Delhi Issues of Land Livelihoods and Health

Author : Sanghmitra S. Acharya
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This book analyses how developmental projects in a globalizing Delhi have brought about neglect, exclusion and alienation of certain sections of population, while benefiting others. It discusses the physical, economic and social displacement of people in the city in recent times, which has deprived them of their lands, livelihoods and access to health care. In Delhi and the National Capital Region, beyond the obvious and apparent image of wide roads, flyovers, the metro rail network, high-rises and glittering malls, globalization has brought about skewed and uneven development. A growing middle class and a significant group of an extremely rich section of population steer the ways in which development strategies are planned and implemented. Furthermore, with government control reducing as is inevitable and consistent with a neoliberal policy framework, private players have entered not only the consumer goods sector, but also basic goods and services such as agriculture, health and education. This book explores the effects of such processes, with a specific focus on equity, on the marginalized sections of population in a globalizing megacity. It addresses the themes of land, livelihoods and health as overarching, drawing upon their interlinkages. It traces the changes in the growth of the city in context of these themes and draws inferences from their interconnectedness to examine the current situation of development in Delhi.