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Theories of Globalization

Author : Barrie Axford
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Theories of Globalization offers students and scholars a comprehensive and critical introduction to the concept of globalization. Barrie Axford expertly guides readers through the full range of perspectives on the topic, from international political economy to geography, global anthropology to cultural and communication studies. In so doing he draws out the common threads between competing theories, as well as pinpointing the problems that challenge our understanding of globalization. Key terms such as 'globalism' and 'globality' are carefully explained and central themes like capitalism, governance, culture and history explored in full. In assessing the contribution made by globalization theory, Axford's account also sheds new light on several crucial current issues. These range from the changing shape of democracy and citizen engagement with governance, to issues surrounding 'just war' and humane intervention, and problems relating to empire and post-colonialism. This wide-ranging and detailed new book will be essential reading for students and scholars of international politics, sociology and any area where the concept of globalization is discussed and disputed.


Author : Eleonore Kofman
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Globalization and the related issues of power and identity are central concerns in international studies, whether viewed from a political, economic, spatial or human perspective. The fully updated second edition of this major collection brings together a multi-disciplinary group of international scholars to interrogate globalization in theory and practice. Gender, identity, citizenship, migration, issues related to the state, and economic and technological change, are analyzed in depth. Several of the authors have revised their chapters from the earlier edition and others have provided completely new contributions in key areas such as the internet, social movements, environmental security and world cities. Two new introductory chapters written by the editors outline the theory and practice of international relations and political geography at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Several further chapters highlight different aspects of inequality which have become central to the globalization debate. Book jacket.

Globalization Theory

Author : Habibul Haque Khondker
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Globalization State Identity Difference

Author : E. Fuat Keyman
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In Globalization, State, Identity/Difference E. Fuat Keyman develops the argument that an expanded understanding of critical theory can act as a first order theorizing about the dynamics and structure of the international system. He attempts to put critical social theory into service as theoretical pluralism by discussing and reflecting upon critical discourses of international relations and focusing on both the similarities and differences among them. He then puts them into constructive criticism, and extrapolates important insights from each as necessary compents of a more adequate theorization of international relations. Within this structure Keyman is able to discuss three of the most important concepts in international relations theory: production, state and cultural identity, and to critically analyze the theories of globalization, state and identity/difference which both inform and constitute the field of critical theory of international relations.

The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies

Author : Victor Faessel
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The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies provides an overview of the emerging field of global studies. Since the end of the Cold War, globalization has been reshaping the modern world, and an array of new scholarship has risen to make sense of it in its various transnational manifestations-including economic, social, cultural, ideological, technological, environmental, and in new communications. The editors--Mark Juergensmeyer, Saskia Sassen, and Manfred Steger--are recognized authorities in this emerging field and have gathered an esteemed cast of contributors to discuss various aspects in the field through a broad range of approaches. Several essays focus on the emergence of the field and its historical antecedents. Other essays explore analytic and conceptual approaches to teaching and research in global studies, and the largest section will deal with the subject matter of global studies, challenges from diasporas and pandemics to the global city and the emergence of a transnational capitalist class. The final two sections feature essays that take a critical view of globalization from diverse perspectives and essays on global citizenship-the ideas and institutions that guide an emerging global civil society. This Handbook focuses on global studies more than on the phenomenon of globalization itself, though the various aspects of globalization are central to understanding how the field is currently being shaped.

Cosmopolitan Spaces

Author : Chris Rumford
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Cosmopolitan Spaces: Europe, Globalization, Theory endeavors a highly innovative reading of both globalization theory and contemporary European transformations. Interpreting cosmopolitanism as a politics of space, Rumford positions his analysis at the intersection of two exciting currents in contemporary social science research: the ‘spatial turn’ in the social sciences and the renewed interest in cosmopolitanism. Rumford elaborates a completely new theoretical framework for understanding the contemporary social and political transformation of Europe, and takes issue with many aspects of the globalization-inspired accounts of Europeanization which remain blind to the spatial dimensions of change. In addition to its compelling reading of cosmopolitanism, Cosmopolitan Spaces: Europe, Globalization, Theory, offers a provocative critique for thinking about Europe in terms of Empire, and advances the startling claim that Europe should be considered ‘postwestern’.

The Follies of Globalisation Theory

Author : Justin Rosenberg
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The Follies of Globalisation Theory is an erudite and lively critique arguing that fashionable preoccupations with spatiality have generated deep intellectual confusions that stand in the way of a clear understanding of the modern world. And he shows how these confusions ultimately condemn globalisation theorists to a peculiar and quixotic stance: the more clearly they attempt to articulate their arguments, the more equivocal and evasive those arguments become, yielding at best the intellectual equivalent of an architectural folly.

Magical Logic Globalization Conspiracy Theory and the Shoah

Author : Mark Weitzman
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Discusses the role of antisemitism in right-wing extremism, focusing on American neo-Nazis like David Duke. Antisemitism is at the center of the extreme right's critique of the modern world. Among the latest propagandistic themes are anti-globalism, ecology, and anti-Americanism, and the Jews are blamed for all the associated problems. The neo-Nazis have formed an alliance with radical Islamists against the USA and its alleged controller, Israel. They espouse Holocaust denial, as exemplified by Iran's hosting of a conference in 2006 on that topic. The Internet is a very effective propaganda tool for such institutions as the Institute for Historical Review, which has shifted its emphasis from Holocaust denial to the theme of Jewish/Zionist world domination. Radical leftists have also been attracted to the anti-Zionism of Islamists and rightists. Extremist Internet sites have increased from only one in 1995 to 8,500 to date, and they use their mainstream status to increase social acceptability for antisemitism. Advocates using 21st-century tools, like the Internet, to fight 21st-century antisemitism.

Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization

Author : Brendan Cantwell
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The book will appeal to anyone trying to make sense of contemporary higher education.

Globalization and Regime Change

Author : Robin Alison Remington
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This timely book examines post-communist developments in Russia, central Europe, and the Balkans, emphasizing foreign and security policies and their domestic linkages. Framed around the concepts of globalization and regime change, the rich set of case studies traces the repercussions for politicians and institutions forced to adjust to the disappearance of the “East” from the cold war’s East-West polarity. The contributors explore how each country has grappled with such questions as how to change from one party to many, how to create viable market economies, and how to restructure security alliances. They conclude by considering the prospects for further regime change from democracies to hybrid systems and the implications for the future of the European Union.

Industrialisation and Globalisation

Author : John Weiss
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In a refreshingly accessible style John Weiss presents a survey of industrialization in developing countries since 1945, as well as a study of the predominant theories of industrial growth in the Third World. This authoritative text analyzes: * the possibility of different paths to industrialization * the dominant neoclassical view and the challenges to this orthodoxy * the importance of small scale industry * the priority of technological change to industrialization. At a time when globalization is becoming an increasingly controversial phenomenon, this book offers a powerful argument that despite potential difficulties with market access, integration with the world market offers developing countries the opportunity for future growth via industrialization.

Cultural Transformations and Globalization

Author : Alexander M Ervin
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Change is the most significant factor of contemporary society and humanity s past. This book represents the first substantial attempt since the 1970s to synthesize and critique sociocultural change theories in anthropology and relate them to trends in the social and physical sciences. It emphasizes the most recent contributions especially complexity and emergence theory, social movements, network analysis, and globalization. Ervin presents a rich legacy of theories and case studies accessible to both the established scholar and the beginning student. He considers how theories and insights can inform policy as humanity faces crises of globalization.Key Features of the Text Designed for scholars and students seeking a comprehensive analysis of the relation between anthropological theory and practice. Assesses big questions facing the social sciences: Do cultures and societies change or is it really individuals, families, and social networks? Are there prime movers of change environment, technology, economics, ideas, powerful leaders, or cultural contacts? Are there structures embedded within changes and changes built into structures? Original contribution of the book is the integration of sociological and anthropological theories, including networks, social movements, complexity, world systems, etc. Online appendices include resources for students on applied and practice anthropology."

A Theory of Defensive Skill based Innovation and Globalization

Author : Mathias Thoenig
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Globalization Theory

Author : Anthony McGrew
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This is the fourth volume in the highly acclaimed Global Transformations series. It follows in the footsteps of Global Transformations, The Global Transformations Reader and Governing Globalization. All these volumes have been widely adopted in courses on globalization and global governance across the world, and Globalization Theory will find a place alongside these texts. This book focuses on elucidating leading theoretical approaches to understanding and explaining globalization, in both its current form and potential future shapes. It is divided into two parts: the first examines competing explanatory theories of globalization in its contemporary form, and the second looks at competing prescriptions for the future of globalization. The book's contributors are world-renowned experts in their field, including : Chris Brown, Alex Callinicos ,Michael Doyle, David Held, G. John Ikenberry, Andrew Kuper, Anthony McGrew, Layna Mosley, Thomas Pogge, Thomas Risse, Saskia Sassen and John Tomlinson. This book is designed for courses on globalization and global governance at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. It will be of interest to students in politics, international relations, social geography, and sociology.

Economic Theory and Globalization

Author : Thomas Hoerber
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What do the economic theories of thought-leaders in economics, such as Smith, Keynes, Marx and Schumpeter, tell us about globalisation in the twenty-first century? Great economic theories have provided a narrative of how society should work in all its aspects, and can offer renewed usefulness for today's society. Each economic theory is presented for easy access, readability and simplicity; explaining the criticism a particular theory poses against its own contemporary environment, such as the poverty produced by Manchester capitalism in Marx, and then applying those historical lessons to our current time. Should some economic theories be left sitting on a shelf, safely without any impact on us, or do some great economic ideas still have something to contribute to the grand quest for a more just society in its many interpretations?

Globalization and Literature

Author : Suman Gupta
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This book presents a state-of-the-art overview of the relationship between globalization studies and literature and literary studies, and the bearing that they have on each other. It engages with the manner in which globalization is thematized in literary works, examines the relationship between globalization theory and literary theory, and discusses the impact of globalization processes on the production and reception of literary texts. Suman Gupta argues that, while literature has registered globalization processes in relevant ways, there has been a missed articulation between globalization studies and literary studies. Examples are given of some of the ways in which this slippage is now being addressed and may be taken forward, taking up such themes as the manner in which anti-globalization protests and world cities have figured in literary works; the ways in which theories of postmodernism and postcolonialism, familiar in literary studies, have diverged from and converged with globalization studies; and how industries to do with the circulation of literature are becoming globalized. This book is intended for university-level students and teachers, researchers, and other informed readers with an interest in the above issues, and serves as both a survey of the field and an intervention within it.

Opening Up the Globalization Process

Author : Nibal Khaled Bourisly
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Author : Professor Roland Robertson
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A stimulating appraisal of a crucial contemporary theme, this comprehensive analysis of globalizaton offers a distinctively cultural perspective on the social theory of the contemporary world. This perspective considers the world as a whole, going beyond conventional distinctions between the global and the local and between the universal and the particular. Its cultural approach emphasizes the political and economic significance of shifting conceptions of, and forms of participation in, an increasingly compressed world. At the same time the book shows why culture has become a globally contested issue - why, for example, competing conceptions of 'world order' have political and economic consequences.

The Globalization of World Politics

Author : John Baylis
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Now in its fourth edition, this title has been fully revised and updated in the light of recent developments in world politics, with new chapters on the changing nature of war, human security, and international ethics.

Growth Inequality and Globalization

Author : Aghion Philippe
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Two of the world's leading economists discuss fundamental issues of inequality and economic growth.