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Growth by Accident Death by Planning

Author : Church Health LLC
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It is a familiar experience. A congregation that had been growing in numbers and spiritual vitality reaches a plateau and then begins to decline. Most of the time, the plateau occurs long before the church arrives at the optimum number of members it hoped to attract. What has happened here? Why does growth slow down, stop, and then decline? The real question to ask, says Bob Whitesel, is why the church grew in the first place. Most of the time young, growing churches make a series of decisions based not upon careful planning and analysis, but rather upon necessity and intuition. Thus these decisions are not planned strategies, but strategies that often occur by accident, owing their genesis to circumstance. These unplanned strategic decisions are driven not by knowledge, but often simply by the church's environment. When that growth slows, these same churches begin to engage in more careful planning. The problem is that this planning so often ignores the considerations and decisions that led to the church's growth to begin with. The result is stagnation and eventual decline. In the plain, direct style that is his hallmark, Whitesel lays out where churches go wrong in their planning for growth and how they can correct themselves. He does so by looking at three related phenomena: first, the factors that cause initial growth; second, the erroneous decisions that lead to getting stuck on the plateau; and finally, corrective steps that churches can take to regain growth and vitality.

Simple Prayer

Author : Rachel Larkin
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Do you desire a more fulfilling prayer life? Rachel has discovered a simpler way to pray - a way that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary divine encounters. Having an amazing prayer life is not for the famous Christians. It’s for all of us, ordinary people who are seeking the extraordinary. You will discover: How simple and effective prayer can be. How you can see God turn up in your normal everyday life. How you can pray when life is tough so that you keep going and not give up. The steps to create your personal prayer growth plan. How prayer journaling can transform your relationship with God. How to get from fig tree praying to mountain moving praying! The secret of keeping prayer simple - 3 ways of talking with God that will ignite a spark in your Christian walk

Pastoral Leadership is

Author : Dave Earley
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Pastoral Leadership Is . . . presents in dozens of brief yet powerful chapters a practical, Bible-based, and highly readable guide to leading the local church. This guidebook to the great adventure of being a pastor follows the directions God gave Moses in order to effectively shepherd Israel: Pray, Teach and Preach, Lead and Multiply. Believing the western world has traded the biblical model of pastoral leadership in favor of a traditional one, author Dave Earley writes to encourage pastors to become the spiritual warriors, missional leaders, and multiplying mentors God calls them to be. Each compelling entry is set up to finish the sentence that begins with the book’s title. For example, Pastoral Leadership Is . . . “Abandoning Your Life to the Call of God,” “Following Paul’s Example in Praying for Your Flock,” “Cooperating with the Holy Spirit,” “Leading a Church Full of Leaders,” “Resolving Conflict,” and more. Expecting a revolution, Earley says, “Instead of letting traditional church culture tell you who a pastor is and what he is to do, let God tell you through the Bible.”

How to Pray

Author : Dr. Ronnie Floyd
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Since he committed to begin every day in prayer, pastor Ronnie Floyd's life, family and his ministry have been revolutionized by the power therein. In this book, Floyd invites believers to join him in "Prayer 101," an introduction to a life-long journey of intimacy with God.

8 Habits for Growth

Author : Darryl Dash
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Don’t just do the right actions. Build habits—and watch your life be transformed. Many books try to help you do the right actions. But the real key to life transformation—for yourself and then for others—is building habits that become part of your life. Because habits don’t just dictate what you do. They reflect who you are. In 8 Habits for Growth, Darryl Dash wants to show you the eight long-term practices—all very doable—that will lead to permanent growth if you incorporate them into your life. You’ll learn why it’s important to: Make time Rest Read or listen to the Bible Pray Pursue worship and community in a church Care for your body Simplify your spiritual life Build a rule of life Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight. But it does happen, slowly, as you build God’s habits into your life. So what are you waiting for? Start your new habits today and let God transform who you are . . . and who you can become.

Glow th Pray It Plan It Do It

Author : Angelica Williams
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1. Glow'th is the process of glowing while growing! This unique planner is designed to gracefully, take one from a place of loss or uncertainty to a place of clarity, restoration, recovery, and freedom.

Face to Face Praying the Scriptures for Spiritual Growth

Author : Kenneth Boa
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This is a guide for praying Scripture back to God, organized into two parts: a daily growth guide that takes the reader through three months of daily affirmations on the Attributes of God, The Works of God, My Relationship to God, The Character I want to Cultivate, and My Relationships to Others

Faith Growth and Success

Author : Thami J. Khalil
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Many, including believers, confine faith and religion practice to rituals and actions focused on the hereafter. By doing this, they may overlook the fact that the growth and success of Islam in particular could not go through centuries, cultures changes, without using leadership and management principles embedded in its teachings. Surats of Coran, Hadiths of the Prophet Mohamed (saas), and bibliographies of early leaders of Islam are full of concepts such as time management, quality management, people management, message design, excellence in execution, etc. The cultural distance between these centuries old concepts and modern management and leadership approaches is much smaller than one may imagine. These concepts and examples of their effective applications are available in open sources, accessible to everybody from all ages. Similar concepts are nowadays taught in Master of Business Administration or in expensive corporate management courses. This makes the distance from success and growth very small for those who recognise these concepts as early as possible in the practice of their faith and religion and apply them in their daily lives. Thami J. Khalil unfolds the power of some Islamic leadership and management concepts, and directs his readers toward their importance as key factors for personal success and growth.

How to do Mission Action Planning

Author : Mike Chew
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How to Do Mission Action Planning (SPCK, 2009) was the first book to appear on the MAP process, at a time when it was beginning to have a significant impact. In this fully revised and expanded edition, the authors offer further critical evaluation and theological reflection, by drawing on the experiences of people who have been using the MAP process in different contexts from their own: Fr Damian Feeney, parish priest and Catholic Missioner of Lichfield diocese Canon David Banbury, leader of Parish Mission Support, Blackburn diocese The Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith, Bishop of St Albans Dr Stephen Hance, Canon Missioner of Southwark diocese Linda Rayner, the United Reformed Church co-ordinator for Fresh Expressions ‘This is a rare book – a refreshing meditation on planning for mission – and one that is rooted in spirituality. As the authors show, the church and its mission arise from our vision of God. And once that vision has been realised, churches are able to become more intentional about their mission. Our vocation to share God’s love is not an option or an afterthought. It is the heart and soul of our faith. Mission – and our planning of it – should not fill us with fear or foreboding. Rather, as the authors argue, the call to share God’s love can be evermore meaningful, even as mission becomes more methodical.’ The Very Revd Prof. Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford ‘This is a must-read for anyone using MAP. The rich theological reflection, the detailed unpacking of the 4 MAP phases and the learning offered by the 5 guest practitioners add up to an impressive offering. This book enables good questions to be asked, overflows with wise reflection and contains oodles of practical examples, ideas and resources. I commend it to all local church leaders who are seeking to discern how best to translate the prayer ‘your kingdom come’ into appropriate church and congregational action.’ John Dunnett, General Director, CPAS 'This timely revision is honest, well researched and carefully put together - an important contribution to the necessary change of culture required in today's Church.' Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn

Small Changes for a Better Life Growth and Study Guide

Author : Elizabeth George
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In this study guide that complements the book Small Changes for a Better Life, bestselling author Elizabeth George presents God's guidelines for knowing His kind of success in every area of life. Each lesson gives practical guidance, specific scriptures for encouragement, and small steps to take that will help women increase the joy, fulfillment, and effectiveness of each day. Formerly titled God's Wisdom for a Woman's Life Growth & Study Guide