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GNU Octave Manual Version 3

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Essential MATLAB and Octave

Author : Jesus Rogel-Salazar
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Learn Two Popular Programming Languages in a Single Volume Widely used by scientists and engineers, well-established MATLAB® and open-source Octave are similar software programs providing excellent capabilities for data analysis, visualization, and more. By means of straightforward explanations and examples from different areas in mathematics, engineering, finance, and physics, Essential MATLAB and Octave explains how MATLAB and Octave are powerful tools applicable to a variety of problems. This text provides an introduction that reveals basic structures and syntax, demonstrates the use of functions and procedures, outlines availability in various platforms, and highlights the most important elements for both programs. Effectively Implement Models and Prototypes Using Computational Models This text requires no prior knowledge. Self-contained, it allows the reader to use the material whenever needed rather than follow a particular order. Compatible with both languages, the book material incorporates commands and structures that allow the reader to gain a greater awareness of MATLAB and Octave, write their own code, and implement their scripts and programs within a variety of applicable fields. It is always made clear when particular examples apply only to MATLAB or only to Octave, allowing the book to be used flexibly depending on readers’ requirements. Includes brief, simple code that works in both MATLAB and Octave Provides exercise sections at the end of each chapter Introduces framed examples and discussions with a scientific twist Exercises are provided at the end of each chapter Essential MATLAB and Octave offers an introductory course in MATLAB and Octave programming and is an authoritative resource for students in physics, mathematics, statistics, engineering, and any other subjects that require the use of computers to solve numerical problems.

A Student s Guide to the Study Practice and Tools of Modern Mathematics

Author : Donald Bindner
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A Student’s Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics provides an accessible introduction to the world of mathematics. It offers tips on how to study and write mathematics as well as how to use various mathematical tools, from LaTeX and Beamer to Mathematica® and MapleTM to MATLAB® and R. Along with a color insert, the text includes exercises and challenges to stimulate creativity and improve problem solving abilities. The first section of the book covers issues pertaining to studying mathematics. The authors explain how to write mathematical proofs and papers, how to perform mathematical research, and how to give mathematical presentations. The second section focuses on the use of mathematical tools for mathematical typesetting, generating data, finding patterns, and much more. The text describes how to compose a LaTeX file, give a presentation using Beamer, create mathematical diagrams, use computer algebra systems, and display ideas on a web page. The authors cover both popular commercial software programs and free and open source software, such as Linux and R. Showing how to use technology to understand mathematics, this guide supports students on their way to becoming professional mathematicians. For beginning mathematics students, it helps them study for tests and write papers. As time progresses, the book aids them in performing advanced activities, such as computer programming, typesetting, and research.

GNU Octave

Author : John W. Eaton
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This reference manual is the definitive guide to the GNU Scientific Library (GSL), a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. The manual documents over 1,000 mathematical routines needed for solving problems in science and engineering. - This third edition has been updated for version 1.12 (January 2009). It features numerous corrections, new examples and function descriptions including routines for nonsymmetric and generalised eigensystems, basis splines and Mathieu functions. The GPG key used to sign the GSL source is included in the manual, allowing you to check downloaded files for security. - The authors of this manual are the original developers of the GNU Scientific Library.

Underwater Robots

Author : Gianluca Antonelli
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A classic in underwater robotics. One of the first volumes in the “Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics” series, it has been a bestseller through the previous three editions. Fifteen years after the publication of the first edition, the fourth edition comes to print. The book addresses the main control aspects in underwater manipulation tasks. With respect to the third edition, it has been revised, extended and some concepts better clustered. The mathematical model with significant impact on the control strategy is discussed. The problem of controlling a 6-degrees-of-freedoms autonomous underwater vehicle is investigated and a survey of fault detection/tolerant strategies for unmanned underwater vehicles is provided. Inverse kinematics, dynamic and interaction control for underwater vehicle-manipulator systems are then discussed. The code used to generate most of the numerical simulations is made available and briefly discussed.

Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave

Author : Alfio Quarteroni
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This textbook is an introduction to Scientific Computing, in which several numerical methods for the computer-based solution of certain classes of mathematical problems are illustrated. The authors show how to compute the zeros, the extrema, and the integrals of continuous functions, solve linear systems, approximate functions using polynomials and construct accurate approximations for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations. To make the format concrete and appealing, the programming environments Matlab and Octave are adopted as faithful companions. The book contains the solutions to several problems posed in exercises and examples, often originating from important applications. At the end of each chapter, a specific section is devoted to subjects which were not addressed in the book and contains bibliographical references for a more comprehensive treatment of the material. From the review: ".... This carefully written textbook, the third English edition, contains substantial new developments on the numerical solution of differential equations. It is typeset in a two-color design and is written in a style suited for readers who have mathematics, natural sciences, computer sciences or economics as a background and who are interested in a well-organized introduction to the subject." Roberto Plato (Siegen), Zentralblatt MATH 1205.65002.

The Gnu Octave 3 8 Reference Manual Part 2 2

Author : John W Eaton
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This manual is the definitive guide to GNU Octave, an interactive environment for numerical computation. GNU Octave provides a convenient command-line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems using vectors and matrices. This updated edition of the manual covers version 3.8.2 of GNU Octave, and includes documentation for new features such as the new graphical userinterface, sparse matrices, linear programming and computational geometry. GNU Octave is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). As GNU Octave became such a big project over the years, we had to split this reference manual in two parts that are two seperate physical books. To keep it consistent with our digital manual, the references and page numbers cover both physical books as it were one. Therefore please note that you probably want to have both parts.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Automation Technology for Off road Equipment 2004

Author : Qin Zhang
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Cooperative Databases and Applications 99

Author : Yanchun Zhang
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Wollongong, Australia March 27 - 28, 1999