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Show Stopper A First Responder Romantic Comedy

Author : BJ Harvey
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The first time they meet it’s by chance. The second is surely a coincidence. The’s either destiny or he’s a stalker. She has a thing against men in uniform. In her experience, they play hard, lie harder. He has a thing for feisty brunette women with a backbone and a smart mouth. She’s fiercely independent and wants better for herself. He loves helping people so much it’s literally his job. Worst case scenario, they crash and burn. Lucky for Renee, Marco has a hose, he knows how to use it, and he happens to love putting out all kinds of fires; real or otherwise. *** USA Today Bestselling Author BJ Harvey brings you Show Stopper - Book 1 in a new spin-off to the Cook Brothers rom com series featuring first responders in Chicago who are fighting the good fight and also finding love at the same time. Set in the same world as the Bliss, Game, and Cook Brothers series before it.

Boot Hill Bride

Author : Lauri Robinson
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Howard (Hog) Quinter is hell bent on getting The Majestic, the finest hotel and restaurant west of the Mississippi, open by May 1st. The last thing he needs is interference from his family, but that's exactly what he gets when Ma Quinter strikes one brisk morning. Sound asleep, Howard rolls over to discover a lovely young woman lying beside him, however, standing at the foot of the bed are his mother, the girl's father, and a blubbering preacher reading wedding nuptials. Randilynn Fulton runs from a forced marriage to be with her aunt in Dodge City, only to discover Aunt Corrine is one of Danny J's brothel girls. If she stays, Randi may become one as well, which would damage her father's chance at running for the Governor's seat. But it gets worse when she finds herself in the middle of what she ran from—a shotgun wedding, and she's the bride.

Past into Present

Author : Stacy F. Roth
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First-person interpretation--the portrayal of historical characters through interactive dramatization or roleplaying--is an effective, albeit controversial, method used to bring history to life at museums, historic sites, and other public venues. Stacy Roth examines the techniques of first-person interpretation to identify those that have been most effective with audiences while allowing interpreters to maintain historical fidelity. Past into Present focuses on first-person interpretation's most challenging form: the unscripted, spontaneous, conversational approach employed in "living history" environments such as Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, Conner Prairie in Indiana, and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. While acknowledging that a wide range of methods can touch audiences effectively, Roth identifies a core set of practices that combine positive communication techniques, classic interpretive philosophy, and time-tested learning theories to promote audience enjoyment, provoke thought and inquiry, convey important messages and themes, and relate to individual visitor interests. She offers numerous examples of conversation and demonstration strategies, visitor behavior profiles, and suggestions for depicting conflict and controversy, and she provides useful character development guidelines, interpretive training advice, and recommendations for adapting first-person interpretation for diverse audiences.

A Healing Place

Author : Kathryn Atwood
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Real-world advice for caregivers of grieving children?from the founder of the nationally acclaimed, non-profit organization Kate?s Club. Kate?s Club is dedicated to empowering children and teens who have lost loved ones. Based on its founder?s down-to-earth philosophy on how to handle grief, A Healing Place aims to help parents cope with the realities and daily struggles grieving children face in a forthright, compassionate manner. The book is written from Kate?s own personal experiences after having lost, at the age of 12, her mother to breast cancer, as well as featuring experiences of the many families she has encountered through Kate?s Club. Chapter topics include: ? Embracing, not erasing memories ? Giving the child a voice ? How caregivers can be strong role models ? Handling transitions and traditions

Journey to Freedom

Author : Klaudia Zec Djuranic
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KLAUDIA DJURANIC born January 30th, 1944 in Crneloza, Pula, Croatia. Parents Ivan and Fumica Zec. Her siblings Marija, Dema, Nada, Nevija still living, reside in Croatia and two brothers Luciano and August living in Canada.Klaudias husband Josip predeceased in 1981 at the age of 41 yrs old, leaving Klaudia with 3 children Robert, Roger and Carolyn. Struggling to manage a career and raise children, Klaudia had to overcome various medical conditions throughout her life, but through adversity and strong will, beat all odds living to the age of 62. She managed to get her R.N and worked as a nurse at the Holy Cross hospital (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) for 15 yrs into which she had to take early retirement due to going on oxygen, klaudia did not sit idol for one moment. She started to write a fi ctional Biography about a young womens journey from Croatia to Canada to make a better life for herself. Klaudia is a true example of a strong willed and compassionate woman who fought through trials and tribulation to set a path for other young women to challenge themselves to choose their own destiny for the freedom of speech, independence, and self worth.

Outrun the Night

Author : Elizabeth Brockie
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Kathryn Lansfield has lost a jet, she's lost her memory, and she's lost her job. She's been told that she is going to lose her life. Because, when the bullet that has stolen her memories moves, she will die. With an Apache shaman as her guide, Kathy journeys to her childhood home, to remember who, and what, she was. Traveling against time, she is gripped by a sense of urgency to find the reason she was shot. Her emerging memories are bittersweet; a home that became a house, long ago love with the Apache that seems to have been tainted by betrayal, the death of her beloved brother, Henry, in a war she had forgotten. There's also the problem of the bullet that seems to have been delivered by the least likely suspect. Is her wounded mind deceiving her?

Growing Readers

Author : Kathy Collins
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Primary-grade teachers face an important challenge: teaching children how to read while enabling them to build good habits so they fall in love with reading. Many teachers find the independent reading workshop to be the component of reading instruction that meets this challenge because it makes it possible to teach the reading skills and strategies children need and guides them toward independence, intention, and joy as readers. In Growing Readers, Kathy Collins helps teachers plan for independent reading workshops in their own classrooms. She describes the structure of the independent reading workshop and other components of a balanced literacy program that work together to ensure young students grow into strong, well-rounded readers. Kathy outlines a sequence of possible units of study for a yearlong curriculum. Chapters are devoted to the individual units of study and include a sample curriculum as well as examples of mini-lessons and reading conferences. There are also four “Getting Ready” sections that suggest some behind-the-scenes work teachers can do to prepare for the units. Topics explored in these units include: print and comprehension strategies; reading in genres such as poetry and nonfiction; connecting in-school reading and out-of-school reading; developing the strategies and habits of lifelong readers. A series of planning sheets and management tips are presented throughout to help ensure smooth implementation. We want our students to learn to read, and we want them to love to read. To do this we need to lay a foundation on which children build rich and purposeful reading lives that extend beyond the school day. The ideas found in Growing Readers create the kind of primary classrooms where that happens.

Literature by doing responding to poetry essays drama and short stories

Author : Susan Jane Tchudi
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Sell Yourself First

Author : Thomas A. Freese
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Today more than ever, the biggest thing that separates you from your competitors is you. According to Thomas A. Freese, whose Question-Based Selling system has been adopted and implemented by thousands of salespeople in companies all over the world, YOU are the biggest differentiator between you and your competitors. Given the current business climate, sellers should no longer count on their product or service to sell itself because their toughest competitors are out there with similar products they claim are better. Instead, it's more likely that in closely contested sales, the decision will come down to whichever salesperson offers the best service, is the most responsive, or displays any number of other highly intangible attributes, such as credibility, expertise, helpfulness, and integrity. The challenge for sellers is to convey these qualities in a way that promises value to customers. Freese explains how to maximize a value proposition and ultimately win more sales through strategies that include: ? managing conversational dynamics ? influencing the customer's buying criteria ? justifying costs ? creating curiosity about your product

The Big Influence of Small Things

Author : Brett Blair
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Anyone who has done children's sermons will sooner or later hear from someone that I learn more from the children's sermon than I do from the real sermon. And indeed, the truths of scripture are so simple that even a child can understand them. So it's no accident that children's sermons have become a central part of the worship service in many churches.Brett Blair and Tim Carpenter offer a year's worth of object lessons that engage children and impart profound lessons for all ages. Two sermons are provided for each Sunday in Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary, one based on the Second Lesson and one based on the Gospel. The messages are structured in two parts: the lesson uses an object to draw out active responses from children, then the application connects that object to the assigned scripture reading. Each message includes a clear statement of its exegetical aim.

Sweet Giselle

Author : Karen Williams
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Giselle thinks she has the perfect life. Her fine and sexy husband, Giovanni, is obsessed with his perfect wife and gives her whatever her heart desires. Giselle thinks her husband can do no wrong. What she doesn't know is that his lucrative adult film company is not as legit as it seems, and Giovanni's seedy dealings put his precious wife in danger. Giselle is kidnapped by a vicious drug dealer named Bryce, who is hell bent on revenge after his sister comes up missing and he believes Giovanni is responsible. Bryce takes the thing he knows Giovanni treasures most. He plans to torture Giselle, but instead he finds himself falling in love with her. He reveals the truth about Giovanni and the news pushes her right into Bryce's arms. Giovanni wages a war against Bryce and anyone close to him, leaving several dead bodies in his wake. Now that he has his wife back, Giovanni thinks things can return to the way they were. Giselle, however, can't get Bryce out of her system, and continues to see him behind Giovanni's back. As the war between these two men heats up again, Giselle has to decide if being with the man she loves is worth risking her life.

Video Sourcebook

Author : Thomson Gale
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From classroom aids to corporate training programs, technical resources to self-help guides, children's features to documentaries, theatrical releases to straight-to-video movies, The Video Source Book continues its comprehensive coverage of the wide universe of video offerings with more than 130,000 complete program listings, encompassing more than 160,000 videos. All listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry provides a description of the program and information on obtaining the title. Six indexes -- alternate title, subject, credits, awards, special formats and program distributors -- help speed research.

Human Development

Author :
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Transactional Analysis Journal

Author :
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Human Instincts Everyday Life and the Brain Specific behaviors in response to instincts or feelings

Author : Richard H. Wills
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Investment Advisor

Author :
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The Education of a CD ROM Publisher

Author : Chris Andrews
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High Caliber Holiday Mills Boon Love Inspired Suspense First Responders Book 3

Author : Susan Sleeman
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Ask and Tell Revisited

Author : Lois A. Makoid
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Warriors of Fire

Author : Tom Zambrano
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Young firefighters were forced to become hardened veterans almost overnight when serving in New York City during the politically charged decades of the 1960's and 1970's. The day-to-day dangers we firefighters endured together produced the highest degree of bonding that one can imagine. As "family," we shared the love, and laughter, as well as the tears of each other's personal tragedies. This book also tells how we, as firefighters, shared in the anguish felt by the innocent victims and their families. Fighting accidental fires was a tough enough job, but the embattled firefighters of our city's ghettos had to put up with the politically motivated burnings of buildings on the campuses of some of New York City's most prestigious colleges and universities in the name of civil disobedience. Add to that the rapid expansion of the drug culture, the sexual revolution, the Vietnam War protests, and race riots, and you have a pretty good idea of what the New York City Fire Department was up against. "All I can say is Wow! I love reading and I usually go in for the lighter reads, but a friend recommended this book. It held my attention from beginning to end. I will not spoil it for others, you have to read this. It will make you cry and laugh! It will certainly give you a greater appreciation for firemen all over the country. The author of this book obviously loved his job as a firefighter, and his writing seems to come right from his heart. Thank God for all you firefighters out there." - Thomas R. Allocca from Naperville, Illinois USA (January 15th, 2004).