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Sterling Dictionary of Idioms

Author : Vijaya Kumar
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Meaning and appropriate usage of idioms, provides carefully written examples, relying on simplicity and clarity.

American Engineer Car Builder and Railroad Journal

Author :
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On My Way to School

Author : Mark Weakland
File Size : 80.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How do I get to school? While lots of students hop on a bus, On My Way to School explores some alternative methods used by kids around the world, including trains, subways, bikes, and boats. It's a transportation treat for young readers, narrated in 1st-person by a fellow student and accompanied by bright, full-color illustrations. The Capstone Interactive edition comes with simultaneous access for every student in your school and includes read aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists.

Report of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Master Car builders Association

Author : Master Car-Builders' Association
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Inquiry Into Freight Car Shortages

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Special Subcommittee on Investigations
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The Davenport Daughters

Author : Betty Kerss Groezinger
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In 1983, during the heart of the Cold War era, the government has failed to stop the powerful Brotherhood, whose goal is a New World Order. Josh Davenport, G-2 agent and spy, has been recruited by the President to stop the Brotherhood from taking control of the United States. Six years ago when Davenport’s cover was blown, he disappeared and was presumed dead. In an effort to force him into the open, the Brotherhood kidnaps his daughters and grandchildren, and Davenport comes back from the dead with a vengeance. In a gripping action-packed spy thriller, suspense builds as Davenport’s new mission takes him from Scotland to Texas to a ghost town in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. It’s a race against time as Davenport fights to save his family from the Brotherhood’s sadistic killer and stop the takeover. But, can he live long enough to do this? Caught in a whirlwind of conspiracy and espionage, there has never been a time when Davenport could resign. Deep in his heart, what he really wants is to go home to his family, but he knows that just a dream.


Author : Dawn DiPrince
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Some students are just not comfortable with sharing intimate details about their thoughts, feelings, and lives— at least, not with others in a class or group. Unjournaling, Second Edition is brimming with playful writing prompts that are entirely impersonal, easing the way for hesitant writers while still offering creative challenges for those who are more experienced. This edition updates existing prompts while introducing 50 brand new ones. It includes sample responses— a helpful tool for anyone who gets stuck with a topic and wants to see how it can be done! Two examples of the 250 writing prompts include: • Somebody’s sitting behind you on the bus. You hear only one side of an odd cell phone conversation, but it is intriguing and alarms you. What do you hear? • Igor could hardly wait to get his new special license plates for his car. He paid extra for these plates: BIM- BB1. Explain the meaning behind this very special license plate. Suited for seventh grade to adulthood, Unjournaling is a flexible, varied, interesting, and, most of all, fun approach to creative writing.

Din Din Book of No Nonsense Poetry 1

Author : Diane Sytarchuk-Kent
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Here is a book of easy reading poetry that is meant for everyone's pleasure especially someone who likes a good rhyme. More importantly it has a bonus of having social stories in the margins of all the pages of poetry to help a developmentally challenged child understand what is in the text of the poem. Diane has found that social stories are very helpful in teaching her autistic child to understand concepts he may not otherwise be able to understand. These pictures and corresponding text would be a good way to pass on social skills to people like her child. She has found that social skills are at the very root and basis of a meaningful life and help enrich the learning experience. This has helped her child to understand difficult concepts and has worked well in conjunction with the medicine he takes from a well recognized physician. She wants to make as much of this new language as she can. This is her first book and hopefully the first of many.

Freight Car Supply

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce. Subcommittee on Freight Car Shortage
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Considers S. 1789, S. 1811, and S. 1812, to amend the Interstate Commerce Commission Act to authorize the ICC to affix certain fees relating to movements of railroad company owned boxcars. Focuses on need to expand and stabilize boxcar availability. June 1 and 2 hearings were held in Kansas City, Kansas.

The Detective Club ESL EFL Version with Audio

Author : Qiliang Feng
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This is Book 9, Collection I, of the Million-Word Reading Project (MWRP) readers. It is suitable for learners with a basic vocabulary of 1,500 words. Million-Word Reading Project (MWRP) is a reading project for ESL/EFL learners at the elementary level (with a basic vocabulary of 1,500 words). In two years, for about fifteen minutes each day, an ESL/EFL learner can read one million words, and reach the upper-intermediate level, gaining a vocabulary of about 3,500 words and a large number of expressions. Text Information Readability | 85.3 Total word count | 31945 Words beyond 1500 | 1802 Unknown word percentage (%) | 5.64 Unknown headword occurrence | 4.53 Unknown words that occur 5 times or more | 76 Unknown words that occur 2 times or more | 208 Synopsis Three girls and two boys who live in Tenth Street have formed the Tenth Street Reading Circle. They read detective mystery stories together. One day, Betty Bliss suggests forming a detective club. They will call themselves Tenth Street Yard, after the London Scotland Yard, and Betty will be Superintendent. At first, the two boys do not think girls can do good detecting, so they laugh at them and refuse to join the club. But after they have solved several cases successfully, the boys begin to admire the girls and want to join the club. After that, they succeed in solving a number of cases. The original stories are written by Ellis Parker Butler (1869-1937), famous American humorist, author of more than 30 books and more than 2,000 stories and essays.