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Go Where There Is No Path

Author : Christopher Gray
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For all who dare to go off the beaten track, this is the inspirational, power-packed playbook for transforming your life and your world—from a young, Black social entrepreneur whose dorm-room tech startup has helped millions pay for college and access unprecedented opportunity. Gray, the son of a single working mother who had him at age fourteen, grew up in deep poverty in Birmingham, Alabama. An academic star, he had every qualification for attending a top college—except for the financial means. Desperate, Gray headed off the beaten path, searching online to apply for every scholarship he could find. His hustle resulted in awards of 1.3 million dollars and became his call to action to help other students win their own “schollys.” It inspired him to start up Scholly, an app that matches college applicants with millions of dollars in outside scholarships that often go unclaimed. When he was a senior at Drexel University, he appeared on Shark Tank as CEO of Scholly. In the most heated fight in the show’s history, the sharks challenged Gray as to whether his app was a charity or a profitable business. Both, he insisted, proposing a new paradigm for social entrepreneurship and netting deals from Lori Grenier and Daymond John. At the time Scholly’s subscriber base was 90,000 users. Today the app has 4 million subscribers who have won scholarships totaling more than $100 million. Meanwhile, Gray—without help from the mostly all-white boy’s club of Silicon Valley—has emerged as a tech startup superhero now tackling the crisis of student debt with innovative, unrivaled strategies. Gray’s premise is that when you lead with the good—confronting issues such as poverty and racism—the money will follow. His story is proof that when you develop a mindset for success, you turn disadvantages into gold. And when you create opportunities for others, you enrich the marketplace for yourself too. Gray shows us, we can carve out new paths to better days and leave trails for others.

Do Not Go where the Path May Lead Go Instead where There is No Path and Leave a Trail

Author : Score Your Goal
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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dot Grid Journal

Author : M. O. Mercantile Designs
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This journal features 100 dot grid pages to inspire creative journaling of all kinds. It can be used with bullet-style journaling which is a simple organizational method which uses small icons to represent daily tasks and how they are to be handled. Bullet-style journaling has expanded to include ideas for mood, habit and weight tracking as well. Dot grids provide structure with flexibility to develop your own creative style.

52 Weeks

Author : T. Mohn
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A quote for each of the fifty-two weeks by renowned spiritual icons of our world will lead you on an inspirational journey through your life as it currently is and will whisk you straight to your destiny! Your journey will be individual, exciting, meaningful, inspirational, and intuitive. The inspiring, tailored explanations contained in each quote analysis will leave you wondering where the adventure might take you next. Fifty-two mini journeys, when taken in succession, will lead to a larger transformative process. This unique process is designed to empower and encourage clarification of your individual truths, gifts, and talents. The transformation will happen right before your eyes but will be so fun and fulfilling that you may want to do it again!

African Centred Management Education

Author : David N. Abdulai
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In African-Centred Management Education, Professor Abdulai looks critically at the failings of management education in Africa and how that has impacted growth and development efforts, especially at this critical stage in the continent’s positive growth and development trajectory. He concludes that Africa’s current positive economic growth cannot be sustained without a significant contribution from its human capital. He adds that, the outstanding economic record of Asian economies in recent decades dramatically illustrates how important human capital is to growth. These countries lacking natural resources and importing practically all their energy requirements have grown rapidly by relying on a well-trained, educated and conscientious workforce. Professor Abdulai believes that Africa, too, can sustain its current growth and development by effectively combining its abundant natural resources with its human capital to attain its economic development, but this will require an African cadre of well-trained managers at the helm of both private and public sector institutions. For this to become a reality, management education in Africa will have to play a significant role, but the author argues that it cannot be effective by continually mimicking the West in the programmes it delivers. It must come up with innovative and relevant pedagogy that will address the special challenges that the continent faces and deliver an African-centred management education. As well as pointing to the failures of management education in Africa, Abdulai offers suggestions as to how to make management education really contribute to the education of Africans, in order to sustain current and future development.

Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author : Flower Notebook QUOTES LOVER
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JUST FOR YOU CLEAN SPIRIT! A Premium 120 pages Lined Notebook With Unique Cover ! A Beautiful gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthdays or anytime! Or why not ? a special notebook just for you, because ... You Deserve it, take our experience a solution for your daily notes and knock knock knock, open your Door its Us :)

Do Not Go where the Path May Lead Go Instead where There is No Path and Leave a Trail Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author : Mickey's Journals
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This artful Let this journal/notebook with a motivational quote inspire you as you write your thoughts, record your dreams, reflect on your goals, and relax with your thoughts at the end of a busy day. You might want to use it to record class assignments, keep a to-do list, or write down anything you don't want to forget. Journal is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack so you can carry it with you and write when you want. Product Description: 6 x 9 120 lined pages Uniquely designed matte finish cover Creme lined interior paper We have lots of great journals and notebooks, so be sure to check out our other listings by clicking on the "Author Name" link just below the title of this journal. Ideas On How To Use This Planner: student gift teacher gift present for a friend

The Wisdom of Ping

Author : Penny Georgiou
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Author :
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Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail Notebook

Author : Pop Quotes Notebook
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This Journal/ Notebook is perfect gift for someone special in your life. -15.24x 22.86 Cm (6"X 9") 100 Pages Cover: Tough matte paperback. Binding: Secure professional trade paperback binding, i.e. it's built to last; pages won't fall out after a few months of use. Makes the Perfect Gift Surprise someone special in your life and make them smile. Good Luck and Happy Journaling.

Household Words

Author :
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COME and GO off the Beaten Grammaticalization Path

Author : Maud Devos
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This edition brings together some lesser known grammaticalization paths travelled by ‘come’ and ‘go’ in familiar and less familiar languages. No single book volume has been dedicated to the topic of grammatical targets different from tense and aspect so far. This study will increase our insight in grammaticalization processes in general as they force us to rethink certain aspects of grammaticalization.

The Adventures of Benton Carson

Author : Charles E. Morgan, III
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Enjoy this collection of six action-packed short stories featuring Jimmy Carson (Operative Three) and Brains Benton (Operative X). This edition includes three previously unpublished tales. It also includes the story of how Brains and Jimmy met and the holiday favorite, "Christmas Eve in Crestwood."

Fermentation on Wheels

Author : Tara Whitsitt
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An enlightening and delicious road adventure/cookbook from the young woman the New York Times dubbed "the Johnny Appleseed of Pickling." Three years ago, food activist Tara Whitsitt had a dream: to take to the road in a converted school bus and spread the gospel of kombucha, kimchi, and kefir nationwide. She would bring her microbe-dense delicacies, her expertise, and her generosity to food communities across the country. Her motto: Tasty food belongs to everyone. In a 1986 International Harvester bus-turned-fermentation-lab, Tara took off from Eugene, Oregon, teaching her skills to curious attendees, hosting potlucks, and sampling the seasonal produce of each stop on her tour. The project accrued a following, and she gave it a name: Fermentation on Wheels. Through her winning stories, illustrations, photographs, and fifty recipes, Fermentation on Wheels tracks the two-year. twenty-thousand mile journey that made Tara into a known apostle of outrageously delicious, creative, healthy, and sustainable fermented flavors--from sourdough to sauerkraut to wild berry wines. A practical and delectable cookbook, Fermentation on Wheels is also an inspiring celebration of how food traditions (and starter cultures) can bring people together, pollinate their minds, and change their lives for the better.

One More Play

Author : Dr. James M Perdue
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At age sixteen, James grew-up fast when his father died. He played baseball in high school and received a college scholarship. Concerned about his mother and brothers, he hoped his athletic talent would lead to a financially successful professional baseball career. Then, one day, while playing a pick-up football game, James was seriously injured and diagnosed a quadriplegic. He asked the doctor, “How bad is it?” The doctor responded, “Bad enough. You’ll never walk again and possibly not move from the neck down.” Thankfully, God placed James within a family that didn’t accept such advice. After years of hard work, fortitude, and perseverance, he was able to return to college. After completing his bachelor’s degree, it took him three years to land a teaching contract. Prospective employers saw the wheelchair not the applicant. As an educator, James received teaching and coaching awards. Confident, he decided to return to college. After completing his doctoral degree in May 2011, James became a motivational speaker encouraging other people to triumph over tragedies. He knows all of this would not have been possible without God in his life, his family’s support, and his personal values – the desire to succeed in life and overcome adversities.

Reports of State Trials

Author : Great Britain. State Trials Committee
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Long Path Of Marriage CEO Won t Let Her Go

Author : Yi Bai
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Everyone said that she was the most vicious woman, breaking up her sister and Hua Minghao, replacing her sister and marrying into a famous Hua family. Nonsense! If she didn't have the little sister White Lotus as a demon, would she have been able to marry into the Hua family? She handed the prepared divorce agreement to the man and said angrily, "Hua Minghao, I'll see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow!" Hearing this, the man domineeringly broke the agreement. Kneeling on the durian, he said in an exceptionally straightforward manner, "We won't part ways. Wife, we won't part ways!"

An Authentic and Comprehensive History of Buffalo

Author : William Ketchum
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Mathematics for Economists with Applications

Author : James Bergin
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Mathematics for Economists with Applications provides detailed coverage of the mathematical techniques essential for undergraduate and introductory graduate work in economics, business and finance. Beginning with linear algebra and matrix theory, the book develops the techniques of univariate and multivariate calculus used in economics, proceeding to discuss the theory of optimization in detail. Integration, differential and difference equations are considered in subsequent chapters. Uniquely, the book also features a discussion of statistics and probability, including a study of the key distributions and their role in hypothesis testing. Throughout the text, large numbers of new and insightful examples and an extensive use of graphs explain and motivate the material. Each chapter develops from an elementary level and builds to more advanced topics, providing logical progression for the student, and enabling instructors to prescribe material to the required level of the course. With coverage substantial in depth as well as breadth, and including a companion website at, containing exercises related to the worked examples from each chapter of the book, Mathematics for Economists with Applications contains everything needed to understand and apply the mathematical methods and practices fundamental to the study of economics.

Do Not Go Where the Path May Lead Go Instead Where There Is No Path and Leave a Trail Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author : Mark First Denmark
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A unique, fashionable, motivational paper notebook with a soft cover in which you can write down your goals, tasks and dreams to achieve. In the middle of 110 white, empty, unsaved pages, waiting for your ideas. Write them down and get down to work. On the first white page the text - This notebook belongs to . Specifications: Cover Finish: Matte Dimensions: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Interior: Blank, White Paper, Unlined Pages: 110 An excellent notebook for writing down everyday motivating thoughts that you can realize, if not today, it's for sure tomorrow. But why wait? Perfect as a gift for a person who wants to make their plans, motivating to everyday work. You can mobilise it. This notebook with a motivational quote will be used as a notebook for school, and who knows, maybe it will be a great gift idea for teachers. Perfect for personal use, or for your whole office. Get yours today!